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  1. Netherlands recalls defective masks imported from China nothing suspect about any of this... i am sure they are sincere with efforts to assist. 🤧 🤢 🤮
  2. just a regular flu season bro... nothing unusual about that interview at all... and no media jumping up and down over the WHO's early stances on person to person transmission, or social gathering, or travel... though i suspect a nice super cut is on its way soon, highlighting this. also, again pointing to: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-23/china-s-mobile-carriers-lose-15-million-users-as-virus-bites https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/03/24/21-million-chinese-cellphone-users-disappear-in-three-months-of-pandemic/ the Bloomberg article updated too 21 million as well.
  3. sure thing Doro... while you hand-wave nonsense.... i'll provide some additional interesting observations about China: from the vid above: the 21 million cell phone drop is interesting, as is the Wuhan Lab job application looking to study the molecular mechanism for Ebola and SARS to co-exist in bats.
  4. and then there is the question of reinfection... what percentage of the recovered are actually immune? additionally what if the virus does cause secondary health risks, or permanent damage and someone who recovers the first time, isn't so lucky when reinfected? regardless testing is not at 100% saturation in every country and tests do not produce 100% accurate results, so for now we have reports and we are still basically watching surge points. so comparisons have limitations.
  5. China to the rescue!!! Coronavirus tests Spain purchased from China fail to detect positive cases 30% sensitivity tests unreliable. 80% is the industry standard? seems 100% certainty when it comes to tests, no one is there yet.
  6. math on fatality rate seems off... 578 of 11,658 is not 81.1%, (rather 4.9579687768% or almost 5% of UK infected are dying...) so they are using a more sensational calculation. additionally US is currently at 1.4449278134%, or 1.5% of infected die. on March 11 Italy was reporting 12,462 cases & 827 deaths. 20 days is April first. looks like the less than 20 days is gonna be about right. the first week of April will be a pretty interesting dynamic to watch. big bills like rent coming due, etc. it is one thing to evict a small number of people, what happens across the globe defaulting happens en masse? will there be another dynamic shift in news cycles?
  7. highlighting something i found rather interesting recently. Amy Klobuchars husband contracted China Syndrome very recently and she has been doing interviews making a claim that he was coughing up blood. now is this for dramatic effect, or is she telling the truth? i'd lean that this would not be something you'd lie about: and true to form, she says almost identical talking points in the retelling of this story that starts around the 3:15 mark here: i point to this because what i have seen in cases that take off, is all sorts of weirdness that shows rather atypical behavior. vomiting blood doesn't really seem typical for cold and flu virus's. neither does fitful body tremors: and with the recent Hantavirus popping up, doesn't help with clarity having another "animal" potentially confusing the data. the genetic mapping data from this virus really needs to be examined and exposed. why are there so many instances of people feeling fine, or having minor symptoms, that all of a sudden turn dramatic? what is this virus doing to RNA (potentially DNA) at the molecular level? seems important if testing data is to be truly reliable and not potentially misleading.
  8. ah yes, nervous Amy: the snow queen: i have more to say regarding Amy, but i'll put it in the Covid thread...
  9. maybe hiding for a week was the best idea... and when will Joe be announcing his female VP pick?
  10. how bout one that jumped from animal (bat) to animal (pangolin) to human in a wet market in Wuhan & one that broke containment in a lab in Wuhan? again this plays to the uncertainty about asymptomatic spread via air, vs via skin shedding. and both scenarios plausibly being contagious without symptoms. either carriers need masks... or everyone does. and the whole interplay between the World Health organization and China since end of December, up to the present. if this is only natures "fury" i would agree. atypical behavior from traditional corona-viruses to something more like a retro-virus, or hybrid behavior is just the kind of mad scientist conspiracy stuff one would expect from lab cooking, or a country that clones pandas back from extinction, or has gene editing babies controversy hanging over their collective heads. it may only be natures fury. time will tell. and fortunately that won't take forever. even with China covering things up early on.
  11. assuming what is being transmitted via air is even the same thing... what the face masks are for. does this new brand of "sickness" have multiple vectors of transmission? or is there more than one strain in circulation? has anyone considered 2 strains of "Wuhan" virus in circulation? here we are almost 4 months later & what is known still seems rather fuzzy. Chinese doctors to first encounter it, said it was "SARS" like. which again plays to face masks being important. but again, this assumes only some characteristics. its the parts that aren't SARS "like" that has me asking questions. ... you seem certain. cure, no cure... it would be my guess this happens regardless. some people are addicted to order:
  12. i never said you did... well if you want to get into the subject of release control valves... an interesting study on what was done then Vs. what is done now. got programing? it is an amazing phenomena to witness. actually i didn't have Blexit, or Kanye in mind. if you have something to suggest... spit it out. as long as people of color have immunity from racism & it is solely a white persons disease... feel free to completely ignore things like "Han" Chinese and what they did to Koreans, Japanese & other Asian populations... never mind their intentions for the rest of the planet... and we can additionally ignore Chinese regimes current operations in African countries. or all the other non white tribal feuds strewn across the history of the globe. tribalism benefits the in-group almost universally to the detriment of the out-group. history is also replete with those on all spectrum of the compass trying to enact solutions too. something deceptive in the human psyche that sees absolution via, "washing ones hands" of a stain. regardless, scape-goating Trump... will fail.
  13. i am sure all the black people attacking them will stop now. because you know... this is purely a problem caused by Trump and his supporters. why is it these incidents happen predominantly in BLUE STATES? or is it simply there aren't enough Asians in Red States... maybe they need to be strengthened with some more diversity. how much is mapped and known of this virus? (China commanded early samples being studied by Doctors be turned over to government offices or destroyed, a curious move to say the least.) what if the virus is spreading via asymptomatic viral shedding? why is it assumed the Wuhan Virus has only one stage? Herpes (2 stage) is also a virus, once caught, it never goes away. what if the long term effects, don't actually provide immunity? or there are byproducts of infection? how much is actually known regarding this virus? also Trump hasn't made any action yet. until he does, could be nothing more than an A/B test, for data. he also signaled a pardon for: which i would honestly rather see happen first... but on that front, nothing yet either.
  14. noted. fair enough. however... back to my gas-lighting point... up here in Canada there was a media surge on a report of a Muslim women getting harassed in a supermarket. the story was ramping up and the typical media gas-lighting over treatment of Muslims was about to take off. turns out both women in the said altercation were Muslim, just one was Shia and the other Sunni. the story sank like a pallet of granite bricks. so yeah i hear the media regurgitating China-Regime talking points, but... how many actual incidents are even occurring? are the incidents in fact actual Trump supporters attacking, (and not some other conflict altogether? ((gang related? inter-Asian conflict? family conflicts? etc.) ) how many actual confirmable incidents are happening, if any? because the hoax claims aren't something new with regard to defaming, or framing the racial narrative. if a White House staffer actually used the term, "Kung Flu" you think producing the name of the said person would be easy... not so: indeed. this one has some translation: doesn't include troops response, but it is basically "praise" and "thanks" to "Great Leader." not a rare happening either: for a purview into the Chinese propaganda machine at work, just use the search terms, "Xi Jinping inspects" and then go look at any commentary that follows.
  15. then you missed the point i was making. that whole bit about outsourcing (workers and factories)... or the other elephant in the room... Han chauvinism. you have Han Chinese and then 55 other Chinese "minorities"... mostly thanks to the Han. and the video of the wet market i posted... it was really tame, relatively speaking. didn't really showcase the live animals in tiny cages from every continent in very close proximity. which is a big factor in the continued risk of new mega diseases/virus's. i've seen some phootage that is just sad really... i'm no animal rights activist by any means, but this stuff was hard to watch. and that is stupid. again, not my target. this however: the actual regime in power... tell me you can't watch ^that^ and know this goes way beyond, "it's just a different culture." no. bringing supply chains (manufacturing, production) back inside western countries and hiring locally. anything else will contribute to insecurity the next time this happens. tariffs remaining in place, (maybe some new ones as well.) an actual bill isn't necessary. continuing to shine a light on the extreme practices of this regime, without bucking to propaganda from. watching how China finances (even outright laundering money) in western markets, causing inflation, shortages, etc. that also needs to stop. here in Vancouver, we've started taxing all the empty properties, which post expo 86 really started to kick real estate up. but more needs to be done.
  16. apparently pretty broken... Tulsi Gabbard Suspends Campaign, Endorses Joe Biden now that Bernie brand is not as big a draw as it was in 2016. is he sticking around ceremoniously? Joe Biden is the nominee.
  17. no they won't. rather China is running counter narratives on how they are the Exemplars on how a Country handles this new virus... whilst also playing the race card, that identifying geography for the virus flash point: Wuhan Wet Markets is racist and/or xenophobic... so i think it is time to highlight the: Timeline: The early days of China's coronavirus outbreak and cover-up and i will highlight a couple things from the timeline above: - Dr Li Wenliang raises the alarm December 30 2019 dies from Virus. How early signs of the coronavirus were spotted, spread and throttled in China & WHO can't forget! this tweet on January 14, 2020: the first case outside China showed up a day before this tweet, in Thailand. China didn't start hard locking things down until January 23. so the window of December 10 - January 23 the Wuhan flashpoint had open travel of who can say how many potential "SARS like, but much more infectious" carriers were spreading it, and not just in China: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-italy-sweatshop-insight-idUSBRE9BS04D20131229 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/02/italys-biggest-chinese-community-clashes-with-police-near-florence so yeah, i will call it a Chinese Virus. it is the responsible thing to do. "who said that" "i'm not sure the persons name" "say the term again" "a person at the Whitehouse used the term Kung Flu" "Kung Flu?" "Kung Flu." this virus is spiking... will this racial focus by the chronically out of touch media play on when hospitals start to run out of beds and ventilators? been waiting for a point to insert this, but there are definitely Asians who agree with Trump! i am fine with China wanting to clean up THEIR mess. but... the narrative shift is interesting, the timeline of when this all started... https://connectamericas.com/content/how-did-concept-outsourcing-begin https://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/data-mine/2014/12/11/outsourcing-to-china-cost-us-32-million-jobs-since-2001 the vassals lining up to pay fealty to an openly Socialist Empire and all the agents who have been long and slow marching all this time looking to make bank. some of them outright getting paid directly from. i would be perfectly fine with China cleaning up THEIR mess, but i don't suspect that is what is actually happening. pity what is happening very recently in Serbia because the EU dropped the ball. and just because of all the lefts repeated hurling of Racist and Xenophobe, let me introduce some new terms: Sinocentrism & Sinicization a huge deal for Japan and Korea of the past & more recently Tibet and Tiawan... don't ever let anyone play the shame game over Wuhan and/or Chinese Virus with you. it is important to point to the flash point for this & this fight needs to happen now.
  18. heh. January 31 2020 which was all Trump really. as far as the functions day to day and actions of this Taskforce... until recent press conferences, that is indeed really hard to tell exactly what they do. ;) so are you trying to say... because EU is like one border-less country... i can't take Germany, France or Spain in isolation? i specifically mentioned Germany, but if you treat all EU countries like one... that number is then MUCH MUCH MUCH higher. might even surpass China's totals, which is the point of origin... unless your on the left, or actually China... in which case talking about point of origin, or flash point is not allowed. as for actual travel... France (globally #1) leads the US, but the US is ahead of Germany, so not sure this correlation holds water based on actual travel. let me guess... quality of life... Y/N? what other factors? concentration of people makes sense. Iran density isn't anywhere near Germany though, yet hit much harder... and "Northern" Italy jumping out like it did... why? me... i'd be curious to track travel from Wuhan Province in China... and i would track that data 3 months prior to first official reports. they tracked similar things in the past, like with the traveling of AIDS patients. should be well within the realms of capabilities with current technology.
  19. you know this little image you posted here: only Hong Kong and Singapore have been aggressive with Quarantine. regardless that chart just shows the rough doubling factor every 4 days in action with no quarantine controls. South Korea is the only one very recently bilking the trend. why is the 3rd most populous country (US) with 4.24% of the worlds population behind Germany the 19th most populous with only 1.07% of the worlds people? ... or Iran which has (or had) similar numbers to Germany. ...
  20. you sure you don't want to change your answer to lack of testing? and you could probably do with looking up "per capita" and while your at it... maybe get Brits (in general) to get this silly notion of "Herd Immunity" after recovering from infection... cause that is a rather losing strategy if you ask me. viruses mutate over time. one cold recovery will never provide immunity for the cold virus. but from video above, it does look like they are looking for any opportunity to pounce Boris, regardless of what he does.
  21. tell me... how come the US infection rate per capita is much lower than in the EU? ... oh that is where you are very wrong. time unfolding is going to serve you and the rest of the gas-lighters a very full portion of crow.
  22. it is right in front of your face, but you don't see it. Donald Trump is notorious for going off on "riffs" and breaking from what it says on the teleprompter. if you watch closely and are familiar with his style you can see he almost does it a couple times, but stops himself and sticks to the speech. i don't know what his record is for sticking with a teleprompted speech but this last address was clocked at 9m 30s. that might be a record. also this is state if the union style address, given live, so no extra takes. unless i have missed something; it seems issues boil down to this: "there will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings" needed a clarification. & "these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo. but various other things as we get approval... anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing. these restrictions will not apply to the United Kingdom." also got clarified after: "very important for all countries & businesses to know that trade will in no way be affected by the 30-day restriction on travel from Europe. The restriction stops people not goods." did i miss anything else? again... 9 and a half minutes of reading from a teleprompter is not his style, not to mention maintaining a serious tone & it is live... these clarifications seem rather something someone pedantic would get hung up on. even professional teleprompter readers have issues sometimes: you know... i think i'll point something else out that is right in front of everyones face, but certain types seem to miss it, regardless. member back when Trump was getting Impeached? well 8 days before that whole process concluded with his acquittal in the Senate... Trump set up a Coronavirus task force on January 29 2020 (that had been meeting daily since January 24 2020): https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-presidents-coronavirus-task-force/ and tweeted out pics: and then CNN was quick to point out: because for some reason unless healthcare and disease specialist are "Not White" somehow this equals yet another form of mismanagement of the crisis. as does the newer Xenophobic label of "Wuhan" and or "Chinese" the attacks are non stop. how many times is Fauci going to have to correct the rabid media who are more concerned running narratives of Trumps slow... inadequate response, or outright mismanagement because it is not the party they are beholden to in charge? or the constant critic Trump running his own narrative that undermines the process: ... ... ... the perpetual media gas-lighting. plan as day. and slap-heads like yourself regurgitating it like gospel. so yeah...
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