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  1. yeah no... Toronto will likely try some solidarity fires shortly. Montreal may also start some solidarity fires. Canada ruffling Chinas feathers only goes about this far... https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/27/canada-consequences-china-huawei-extradition-us-284779 Canada can't even get 2 diplomats returned safely... this country is a joke. that said... foreign money is spent North of the 49th in buying up real estate and laundering money. Canada left wing doesn't have remotely the same kind of funding as its southern counterparts. so that solidarity burning is slow to uptake, if at all. and the powers that be up here don't want to mix social distancing messages. so also chances that messaging will continue in that direction with no property damaged by peaceful protestors looting & burning shit. China will fuck with Canada on its own terms and time. right now you state siders are the bigger prize. cause you actually can do something militarily if China goes in on India and Taiwan. Canada can't do shit. in fact, unwittingly Canada is more likely to do Chinas bidding currently. we would not be the only round eyes collectively guilty of such. ;P
  2. China has not let the virus pandemonium go to waste. China has moved to take away Hong Kong's autonomy the above was only a matter of time, China has legitimate claim to Hong Kong. but if that were simply the only play... it is not. China builds up military air base on Indian border at Ladakh in the Kashmir how many days before the killing begins here? this is China second play and it happened almost in tandem with the move shift in Hong Kong. and now with riots and chaos spreading across the US... how long does Chinas recent testing of the waters with military exercises around Tiawan turn from cold aggression to hot conflict?
  3. Garcia did not run against Katie Hill. he ran against a very heavily endorsed Christy Smith. Katie Hill resigning was just a reason for the election... Christy Smith wasn't getting a naked hair brush from Katie. doesn't seem to be the obvious connection why a different Democrat lost.
  4. and yet he beat Hillary too. lucrative for Amazon a company that fucks the US postal service up the ass and gets away with it, (not to mention Amazon employees.) without some hard data, there is a 50/50 ballpark chance blue NY also rewards her for it. i think she is an idiot. doesn't mean i am convinced she is going away anytime soon. and their districts will likely re-elect them as well. Rashida is almost a guarantee. could be his last name? until i can find some actual voter registration turn-out data, hard to say exactly why, unlike the more recent clear backlash to the Northham gun bans in Virginia that flipped the vote to Republican. you have any incite into why this district flipped? is there a clear candidate for the switch? i am unaware of one in the District 25 case, demographics aside. hey man, if wishes were reality... currently i'd be hoping for the mother of all tsunamis... but if i am honest, all the fun i had back in 2016 (even Trump seemed to enjoy it more) is kinda a fraction of that currently. and i am seeing that reflected elsewhere. i got my nose up a pretty large cross section, rather than hug boxing a circle jerk. there are hard core blue wave believers as well. if you can't see the billions in Chinese money behind that... or the fact that a HUGE bulk of social media figures from 2016 are flat out de-platformed. it isn't just Milo that is gone, not remotely. & Trump is still just "monitoring" the situation. the only thing i see is a fight tooth and nail down to the finish, which is not guaranteed until it is over. thanks for that really fucking obvious insight. this is me saying no shit. tribalism will never die out and you are a little naive to think it will. there are altruistic benefits to in group out group dynamics. it isn't 100% downside all the time. but plenty of white folk think that, and they will get squarely fucked in the ass as reward. take that to the bank. it wasn't severe. dumb yes. assumptive, definitely. but severe? not really. he has said far worse..
  5. not bullshit. they wanted to give the opportunity to open worlds as well because the reality on the 10 remaining worlds changed when those 18 servers closed. it WAS free for a brief time. why it continued to be free beyond that period... well the leaving open repeat transfers for failed item movement... seems to be the window they are either unable to close, or lack the time budget to do so. managed to find the time to add a fee for storage though, so on that motive, yeah bullshit. don't expect them to ever give explanation of why they can't leave the repeated storage movement as security against failed item transfers off closed servers... but stop the ability for non character movement storage shuffling on live. regardless, its free use was never intended to be an unlimited ability, rather just a security against failed item transfers, as repeat attempts worked to get them moved over without needing an employee to manually move shit. avoiding needing employee intervention for every failed item transfer is probably why it stays open to this day... though only SSG could confirm that. now the question you need to be asking is what happens if i pay and an item transfer fails? get them thinking about actually having to use employees to fix, or perhaps charge backs from digital monetary providers, etc.
  6. oh sweet summer child... you think i haven't seen the whole thing, or that it changes anything? https://youtu.be/nbnJ5pTsP6o?t=566 the above is timestamped to include the question & Joes full response. after he says he will "be(at)" Joe Biden, he then spews a delightful bit blather, never really nailing any point home. even in the full clip, most still hear beat. regardless... every time he comes out of the basement... even virtually, it is a gift. not estimating anything. looking at reality: in 2016 88% of Black voters voted Hillary. in 2008 it was 95% with historical Black Turnout for Obama, down 2% in 2012. Joe Biden was Obamas wing man. in spite of everything he has said in the past that was far more racist than this little stupid, "you ain't black gaff." you are slap stupid if you think the Black voter turnout for Biden will be lower, or the same as it was with Hillary. lets just say Trump does shift another 100,000 votes from Blacks into his column... i highly doubt... IT WON"T FUCKING MATTER. that many more than showed up for Hillary will show up for Joe... because Obama. Obama was and is this very woke shit of having the correct set of progressive values. Biden was his wing man. when it comes to Trump... Whites, then Asians, then Hispanics... and then Blacks. focus on where you stand to gain the most. if you plan to win that is. look how fricken close the white vote is to the national average! 1992 Bill Clinton got White folk a little bit excited... even more so than Obama. did not last of course... still national average rides with White people... even with their collective declining enthusiasm and numbers... culture has been on a shifting course since the 60's... it does not shift back overnight. & if it doesn't shift back, but continues. you can kiss America good-bye. China is ready and poised at every opportunity to steal that world placement by continuing to push the shift started in the 60's. this has been building momentum for decades... with foreign intervention, from former USSR... in the past decade China has supplanted that old USSR regime. yes some additional Black folk will vote for Trump... it won't remotely decide this contest though. White voter apathy however, may actually cost Trump the 2020 game. we'll see how long it takes to get this economy back on track. November 2020 may not be enough time with so many things shut down, but that could also hurt the Democrats just as much with soo many extending shelter at home coming from Dem States. the backlash from "you ain't black" will be dwarfed by any backlash to lack of economic security... as time proceeds on, becomes increasingly dependent on reopening. if Democrats continue to message shelter at home and lock-down, that will hurt them more than this you ain't black will ever hurt Biden. have fun LARPing that you care about racism... realistically, the payoff won't matter. i am not estimating anything. nor am i counting on simple "woke" fatigue to be enough to turn back what has been building momentum now for decades.
  7. and that was never its intended use. now you pay. you should have always had to pay. it was only free to acclimate 28 servers into 10. the only promise of remaining free was OFF a closed server. they did leave themselves wiggle room to allow brief free periods at an undisclosed time in the future from open worlds. regardless, what you did was not intended to be free AFTER the consolidation period ended. congratulations on getting away with the dupe as long as you did. consider yourself lucky. if you thought that was the intended design... sucks to be you. maybe they will allow another grace week or two at some near future date, otherwise... transfers cost money, storage, or character. if they ever close more servers, i would expect it to be free again then as well. closed servers should still be free, but i've heard that still doesn't work. maybe SSG now thinks it is just better to force people to re-roll? yet they still hold all that old data? either open closed server transfer for free, or fucking purge that shit! have the balls to tell folk who have character data on the old servers they missed their shot... SSG shit or get off the damn pot. regardless open server transfers... you pay for.
  8. every Thursday?!!! here in Vancouver Canada every GODDAMN night at 7 PM for 3-5 minutes they go off.... since like early March... its May 22. this ritual of the idiots can't die in a fire fast enough. should have ended 3 weeks tops. ...and nightly. many things have been exposed. here is hoping enough have learned some valuable lessons as to avoid repeats... those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it. as for the push of the latter... that is some Saul Alinsky 101 in action. "never let a crisis go to waste." that is one thing the world has no shortage of... opportunists.
  9. Biden still gets 90% + of the Black vote regardless. this little gaff might swing the Black vote by a fraction of a percentage point... in total numbers (of less than 13% or 37.6 million total) at best will translate to 376,000 votes (across the whole country) if every Black person in America actually voted and you did not factor out minors. reality is across the whole US this translated to a shift of maybe 30,000 votes, if that... it won't remotely be what breaks Biden... or gets Trump elected for that matter. nor will it be the straw on the camels back in swing states. and until you grasp the ceremonial nature of Bidens run... this won't much matter. folks that vote the left ticket are voting for the correct set of progressive attitudes, not a race, or a person. which is why i am VERY interested to see if Stacey Abrams breaks in and becomes Joes VP pick & if no... will she make a stink if the VP is not a women of color? or like Bernie, swallow the Bullet for the greater party goal. what happens if Joe announces someone like Elizabeth, or Amy? might be August or later before we find out for certain...
  10. oh mercy, it is only May... 6 more months for this to ramp up: like every appearance is a new gift.
  11. in retrospect... i wonder how much this NY happening will come into play in other hot spots globally? AP count: Over 4,300 virus patients sent to NY nursing homes seems to be a factor in Canadas hotspot: Quebec. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/covid-19-quebec-april-12-1.5530217 https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-coroner-health-authorities-and-police-launch-investigations-into/ been a lot of news lately about senior care... or lack thereof.
  12. free transfers was for servers that had closed... and a brief window to allow players to move to the new reality of (at the time) 10 servers. it was never ever intended to be a free storage transfer between active servers. i can begrudge SSG (AKA: formerly Turbine) for many things, but on this... good call. they may at some point allow another brief shuffle on live (open) servers for free. regardless, it is a paid service. making money from server economy opportunists actually gets a round of applause from me. closed server free transfers was the only promise made for the life of the game.
  13. Affluent White Female Liberals everywhere agree! ... i do wonder though if Stacey Abrams will be as big (no i am not referring to her weight) a pushover as Bernie Sanders turned out to be? there are Democrat... forces... pushing her hard as the next best thing. if it does turn into an all white Democrat ticket... i wonder if some will go so quietly into the night? Bernie did, that much is certain.
  14. the thing with Joe Biden is... no one is actually voting "FOR" Biden... rather, they ARE voting for the apparatus that is propping him up. his VP pick will be interesting, as it will likely be the largest factor in getting that large "middle" ground of fence jumpers to actually vote. it is also likely to cause the most shattered nerves (confidence) as well. will this hard push: break through? or will the Democrat Establishment go with something less volatile? or maybe less volatile with bleach?
  15. for every new server SSG opens... they should HAVE TO close 2!!!
  16. California District 25 Democrats feverishly hunt down truck carrying missing ballots. Mike Garcia (R): 80,337 56.05% Christy Smith (D): 62,998 43.95% signs of things to come?
  17. amazingly in many places, exactly the opposite happened. New York and Chris Cuomo being just one of many glaring examples: https://news.yahoo.com/nys-cuomo-criticized-over-highest-145809357.html Cuomo: Nursing homes 'don’t have the right to object' to order requiring admission of COVID-19 patients Canada rises to 12th overall. largest numbers coming from Quebec. Ecuador beginning to get closer to accurate, still missing huge death count from early stages. what is happening in Belgium seems criminal. i haven't heard stories of hospital overcrowding out of Belgium, but it seems like they are letting people die. couple more charts to compare with above: South Korea with 5 in one million dying... Taiwan less than one per million dying. Sweden over 320-ish. with ALL these numbers above... totals are still well below initial modeling. & yet given Taiwans success, it is rather pathetic just how many follow Chinas draconian example. China is still lying & people are still dying. official numbers for China are still under by an enormous magnitude. THE CCP MUST PAY A HEAVY PRICE! EDIT: might as well have this direct in post:
  18. my new normal: *made in china = no buy. *movie theaters = nope. *solicitation of, support for, voting in any and all nationalized business and or parties... especially with a strong stance against China. *strong borders. *strengthening local supply chains, buy and hire local wherever possible. * in my case CANADA FIRST, plus a heavy dose of respect for any western nation that does the same and opting for them as second choice. you get the drift. my biggest concern is when and if the time comes to glass China... ... or at the very least completely cripple Chinas North Sea military capacity... folk like Trump will be too afraid to start a war, or be blamed for. regardless, first nation to bloody Chinas nose real bad; gets a standing ovation from me! one thing i am applauding Sweden for: https://news.yahoo.com/sweden-closes-last-remaining-confucius-142206744.html a majority even if i am not mistaken... messaging on this has been abysmal. did they see the potential for shooting themselves in the foot? whoops i guess. being the good Shepard, isn't such an easy job, especially if you have a wolfs intentions. the inconsistencies haven't helped. the worst thing about momentum, is assuming you have control and can stop at the cliffs edge. how are they going to build confidence in a vaccine, with soo much inconsistent messaging.... or what happened with remdesivir: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-52406261 will the vaccine be an inert form of the virus, or will it boost T cell production? does it even have anything to do with a virus? everyone knows you don't vaccinate someone with an auto-immune disorder with a T-cell booster... well OK not everyone. but folk with sure do! not T cell boost, but inert form of virus? didn't the W.H.O. just say this???: https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/immunity-passports-in-the-context-of-covid-19 can you count how many times they lost control of the messaging? face masks anyone? lets hope everyone Bill Gates surrounds himself with... is loyal. even some of the best laid plans... come undone.
  19. it certainly does make me wonder... sharing this for everyone really. some may know this, but regardless, sharing. you can adjust the timeline data using the cursor i have highlighted in the image below: or as i haven't shown, (i'll leave that for your fun) use the other cursor in image to look at specific period in the past. one point... anything 3 months out is algorithmically flattened. not 100% on this but i think they switch from using daily peaks and lows - to averages. regardless, still interesting data.
  20. contamination may also be a factor here. of test material, test device (especially swabs) and even shit tier labs. regardless, testing has been dicey all over the globe. doesn't help that virus mutations & potential multiple strains may be producing false results. additionally asymptomatic individuals may not have any viral load in the mucous membrane of the throat or nose, because no cough, congestion or sneeze... but the viral load may be increasing in the lungs, lymph nodes, or blood via pulmonary action. IMO swab tests are dicey as fuck, unless a person is fully symptomatic. full blood-work is needed & this is generally not fast. i have never personally known ANYONE to die of ANY flu virus. not just Covid19, any flu. don't think that is a valuable metric however. interesting article, READ HERE: https://www.startribune.com/what-i-learned-during-10-days-of-treating-covid-pneumonia/569857042/?refresh=true the above article kinda deflates the, "this is fake and gay" notion. i do recommend taking a look. all kinds of immune disorder crossovers popping up. this disease is a real doozy. so these below are only effective in symptomatic people: per article; adding pulse oximeters would be a wise addition: one more time cause...
  21. well at least she is finally showing her real colors: was tempting to impose a molotov cocktail in above image... or a broom it could also be her surrogate: goodness knows Joe owes his nomination to Fauxchahontis 100%. and i'd love it to be the snake... another knife in the back of Bernie... but i think it is probably gonna be someone like Stacey Abrams, or Donna Brazile... cause Dems are gonna need an expert if they plan to steal this one.
  22. and what were they saying about face masks 8 weeks ago? how long before that were they claiming no human to human transmission? and now they are saying it is unlikely manufactured in a lab. i wonder how long it will take for this latest narrative to fall? it is amazing how history is either memory-holed, or met with blind eyes. the recent situation with H5N1 that is well documented... The Reemergent 1977 H1N1 Strain and the Gain-of-Function Debate Scientists Brace for Media Storm Around Controversial Flu Studies this particular group of folk (who just so happen to be invested in things like remdesivir) can only cover their collective asses so long. regardless, the constantly shifting narrative in addition to the obfuscation of making the focus racism and xenophobia to deflect away from China... IS 100% to blame for the response around the entire globe. only Singapore & Taiwan (i guess Hong Kong as well) managed to dodge this early & South Korea (initially caught off guard) adapted quickly, but they already had the mechanisms in place. additionally maybe freaking out & wasting time over this: wasn't the best use of funds and focus... and the predictive models employed have all been off by a considerable margin. have the UK done anything at ports of entry yet, to either restrict, or competently screen entry? again most western countries have failed here. maybe intuitively the west collectively KNOWS the dangers of openly spying on its citizenry. also, if developers can't SELL user data, there is no profit motive. do you honestly blindly trust these companies to not recoup their expense & hope to make profit on the venture? again this will require massive regulation to avoid. funding is also a big question and right now globally Governments are printing money and increasing the national debt while simultaneously devaluing the currency. ... i hate to say it, but right now with Covid19 about to massively spike in cheap labor and manufacturing source countries like Mexico and India... India was a hopeful alternative to Chinas cheap global manufacturing dominance... will actually long term help as big money player, "OUTS" are about to collapse as well. they are gonna have to spend on the infrastructure, or die out. ... anyway Cos, if you effectively wanted to see Apps deployed faster, you needed to start the griping for such back in early January (at the latest.) if you could just point to your post history where that happened... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ if you wanted clout, you would have started right at the tail end of SARS 2003... like Singapore & Taiwan did. consolation... look at that SARS 2003 chart. Toronto Canada got hit as well... Canada learned nothing from it. we are still fumbling the ball here. most western countries are. also sad are the numbers following Chinas example. HUGE mistake!
  23. Tiawan, Singapore & South Korea did not have contact tracing for SARS 2003. those countries developed it after getting hit hard back then. it did not happen overnight for them either. and once again, the App is not the only component, but having that synced with hospitals, government agencies and businesses. blue tooth GPS tracking is already a part of most cell phone and personal device tech. a simple tracking App on its own will do nothing if it isn't networked across a region with multiple agencies AND businesses. how would this go over if it tracked people with AIDS? where they went, (bath houses, minutes long stops on some remote park trail... who was also in a 2 meter vicinity with them for about the same amount of time? maybe even with a public figure. how much time did George Michel spend in park restrooms? politicians? & this tracking profile... potential employers can access, or insurance companies, etc. don't assume it will only be benevolent parties only intending to help who access this info. you may assume every encounter you had in the past 2 weeks is entirely innocent. what if someone contextualizes it differently than you? this is not something you want to rush, or it will most assuredly bite you in the ass down the road. altruistic thinking may have the frog carry the scorpion across the river, but mutual death is no guarantee they both reach the other side. take a little time and make sure this APP isn't a scorpion in nature, just hitching a ride.
  24. the simulation is breaking... July 13 2003 Episode of the Dead Zone titled, "Plague" notice the episodes cure... Dec.31 2019: 27 confirmed cases - no death reported Jan.19 2020: 219 confirmed cases - 3 dead Jan.25 2020: 1,350 confirmed cases - 41 dead Feb.1 2020: 11,946 confirmed cases - 259 dead Feb.13 2020: 60,328 confirmed cases - 1,370 dead Mar.7 2020: 102,133 confirmed cases - 3,488 dead Mar.27 2020: 527,839 confirmed cases - 23,674 dead Apr.3 2020: 1,010,000 confirmed cases - 51,577 dead Apr.10 2020: 1,560,000 confirmed cases - 95,039 dead Apr.16 2020: 2,030,000 confirmed cases - 136,320 dead Apr.29 2020: 3,050,000 confirmed cases - 216,563 dead May 5 2020: 3,540,000 confirmed cases - 250,977 dead
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