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  1. Hey all. Been away from this forum for a very long time and thought I would look it up to see if it was still here. Pleasantly surprised to find many familiar names still writing. Wishing everyone a very lovely Holiday Season, and happy gaming - wherever it is you may be playing. Cheers to all!
  2. Had the pleasure of seeing Michael C Hall in "Lazarus" off Broadway over my holiday trip to New York in December, and this morning I went to send someone a message about the reviews it had gotten since they were asking me about the show... I didn't connect the dots on why the sudden interest about the play from my friend's e-mail until I went online and discovered Bowie passed on yesterday... feeling pretty sad. His music and his art was always a big favorite in my life. R.I.P David Bowie
  3. You seem to be confusing my views and then accusing me of claiming something I did not. I never said the vast majority of gun owners blow people away. I said very clearly I believe the vast majority hold a certain mindset. You got issues with me making a generalization based on my experience with criminals. Yet just like you, criminals are not the only people I know with guns. That aside, to further clarify, it is my view that people who buy, own, and especially the ones with CCDW rights to carry them do so because they predicate the need to have them to begin with on a certain set of beliefs in the first place --- beliefs which when put to the test, have proven all too often lead to deaths. You call all that bullshit. OK. No worries, that makes little difference to me. I know what I see, and what I see is people in this country sticking their heads up their asses on this issue because they are so busy upholding their "god given right" to be Johnny-Law when it suits them. Call it bullshit again. Stats DO speak for themselves - this country has more shootings on a given day that any nation in the world, it doesn't need to be 25K a day for my point to be made. Furthermore, considering the government ban making it illegal for the CDC to even research the impact of gun violence on communities for well over a decade now, fuck knows what the numbers really are at this point. You cannot limit gun violence to just death from guns, which are bad enough. There are a plethora of other issues at work around this, which represent a systemic problem in all communities where guns surface. All this said, nice chatting with ya'll I am outta here for holiday trip. Be well.
  4. I think the rate of shootings in this country speaks for itself.
  5. Not sure I get the ouija board reference exactly.... also not sure how social services work in UK, as here it is a pretty broad range of work. Mine has been limited in child and adult protective services, drug rehabilitation programs, and victim services advocacy through the district attorney's office. The jurisdiction for all these programs cross with law enforcement collaboration, and yes do frequently mean we are talking about dealing people that have been abused or injured by others that have engaged in illegal and criminal behavior. There are many other areas of services. To assume gun owners do not need the services themselves is rather short sighted however. I have worked with many a family who lost a child for example, to a father or mother that owned a gun. That parent was also in need of help, despite believing themselves "responsible." Such people rarely ever assume s/he has done anything wrong or other than exercising his/her constitutional right, so the issue is not what you or I or the NRA deem responsible, but how the owner him/herself thinks of it - which is what is at the heart of the problem with the idea of owning and using guns as a private citizen in the first place here, an attitude in Americans you yourself above basically discussed as being problematic.
  6. So your issue is my using the terms " vast majority" because you have "some US friends that own guns." Call BS all you like. Doesn't change my experience over this many years or my view. That you seem so offended by it is your problem. Fact remains, encouraging people to use their guns in this country IS NOT the answer to an already huge gun problem.
  7. Heh. Yes actually, I should be dead considering I have been shot on the job, but was fortunate enough to have not been fatally injured. As for the rest of your comments, they are off the mark. If you have not worked in a field where you have to deal with these types of people on a regular basis, you won't exactly have the same frame of reference. Disagree if you will. Doesn't change anything for me.
  8. Call it BS all you like. That is my experience on the job.
  9. There would not be enough time to explain it to you. And saying that people who carry guns have no intention of using them is an oxymoronic rationalization the NRA is only all too fond of shoving down people's throats here. In my nearly 30 years of working in social services in this country, often in collaboration with law enforcement and community based agencies, I have never once met a "responsible gun owner" as the NRA likes to call them, let alone someone with a CCDW license in particular who wasn't perfectly comfortable with idea of blowing any one, any where, away.
  10. No matter your view of the "right" or perhaps the "wrong" of Americans having constitutionally blessed weapons.... for lack of a better description.... what I find massively idiotic about the article I linked is that in the current climate of mass paranoia and hatred already climbing on a daily basis in THIS country (something which you may think you are already aware of...), it is completely irresponsible to encourage people in this way at this of all times. The huge amount of conflict currently happening seemingly everywhere with police killings in nearly every major city in the US, the coverage on the Planned Parenthood shooting, Black Lives demonstrations and occupations everywhere, now this in San Bernardino (in the wake of over-saturation of media coverage about Paris), ISIS, etc., the freaking nut job TRUMP comments every day.... the LAST thing we need to be doing here, especially if you are in LAW ENFORCEMENT, is to encourage the people to carry their god-given firearms - considering the very obvious mindset of the vast majority of people who carry them, let alone the ones who are only too happy to use them....
  11. R.I.P. http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/12/08/remembering-life-and-legacy-john-trudell-162697
  12. Apparently the level of idiotic "advice" from "experts" has reached new lows in recent days in US... good grief! http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/san-bernardino-shooting/wake-san-bernardino-sheriffs-urge-residents-carry-guns-n476291
  13. ... will keep up with news on it to see
  14. LOL. SO by this I should take it to mean? the game is likely crap...?
  15. With all the nasty current news atm, I find myself going back to listening to some old stuff that just used to make me smile..... god bless Joe Elliott, lol
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