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  1. I know you don't. Your 4000 posts are totally irrelevant to what's really going on inside Lotro so no one would believe otherwise anyways. You really need a new hobby...
  2. I can bring up or point out any message I want. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making Lotro players so uncomfortable that they can't talk out in the open. I'm not using him to validate anything. I mentioned him to show you that a great member of the community ( the real Lotro community, not ex bitter players in this forum) agrees that you are very bitter and can't be swayed so we should ignore you and enjoy our time in game. Which is exactly what Lotro players are doing. I didn't say you aren't allowed to talk about it, I said you can't stop talking about it. So anyone who says a positive thing about the game in your eyes is worthless. Same thing happened on official forums when Sapience and his minions were in charge and now that you are not worried about sapience, you are doing it to everyone else. Such hypocrisy... It's not a store horse, it's the new horse from the Fall festival. I'm looking forward to the festival activities more than rewards but they keep creating new items so of course I will be happy. There is a lot of gameplay going on, such as my kin is running every single instance to complete deeds and challenges aside from daily Pela/Osgiliath runs and helping out new players and we're having lots of fun. I'm sorry these are just hazy memories to you. I don't even have to explain anything. You keep on hating the game. I'll entertain myself with the messages from people who are calling you out for being asswipes. It doesn't even matter to me, I see you all for who you really are but there are lots of others who hate your guts but won't speak up. I told them the same thing, stop coming to this forum. When the love is gone, you gotta axe it.
  3. That's exactly what I'm doing. You bitches on the other hand, are here every single day. Talking about a game that you don't like or play. It's just a bizarre fetish. However, you morons are too far gone and can't be helped. Talking with you is like shitting over a pile of shit. Enjoy spending your lives obsessing over a video game and talking about it. I loved the part when your solution was "where is the ignore button pls my butt is hurting so bad". I will be playing Lotro in the meantime. You know, the game that made love to you then never called you back.
  4. Keep them coming baby! The more you throw names out there without having any argument, the better you prove my point. And to reply the pm's that I'm receiving: Yes, it is quite weird to see how these people keep going on biting legs of people who are not hating the game. You mentioned just because someone doesn't like the game, that makes them a hater. I didn't say that but I will say this: Just because someone doesn't hate the game, that doesn't make them Turbine employees. Geez, you people are too trashy for anyone to handle. No wonder many solid posters have disappeared from this place. But please keep the hate coming. My friends will collect them and read them when they are taking a shit.
  5. Not what I said at all. You keep on twisting my words however you like because you have no argument. I don't keep coming here at all. In fact, a friend of mine showed me the latest posts here while holding back his laughter. Otherwise I would never come back here again. You have been hating Loturbine for how many years now? And why do you keep posting about a game that you don't even like or play? I would assume that when Sapience and Kate was fired, this would be all over but no. You will always find something to whine about. I get the sense that people are proud to have over 6000 posts on a forum that's aimed at hating on a small game company. It's an impressive achievement but not for the reasons you would like. Turbine should be proud to have such a powerful impact on people that they keep thinking about them long after they stopped playing. Luckily, everyone sees this forum as a toxic waste ground that it is and if you are hoping the latest actions of Frelorn will bring many people over here, you are a delusional pothead. My main is op as it is, I have no reason to max out everything. Nobody in a pug would care if you have maxed out your weapons. I will check out the new area and BB. Before all that, I will enjoy the Halloween festival. The new horse looks great.
  6. This entire forums is bitter old people coming together to express their hatred of Lotro. Lol it's a great achievement to complain about Turbine by following every single update on official forums and bring it here the minute it's posted. Why do you care about the current state of the game let alone whine about CM closing threads over there? Get over it and find something else to obsess about. You hate Lotro, we get it. And if you say you don't hate Lotro but you hate Turbine again, I'll assume you are not even worth my time. Lotro is Turbine. Get over it. I'm getting a lot of PM's from good old users who left this shitty forum like Brokk because of the toxic people. They all agree I should move on like they did because it's not worth posting in "I hate Lotro" forums. I haven't logged in here for almost 3 months but broke that record to reply to drul's amazing assessment. Keep doing what you doing cuz nobody 'over there' cares about this little club of 12 angry men. The game is great, we get new updates, server merges brought many old players including 2 of my rl friends to the game. We have no reason to visit or obsess over forums, the only thing this forum brings is entertainment value. It's a great place to point out and show it to my friends how people like nosam9 posts every minute when something happens in official forums. "Fighting the good fight" nosam9? Rofl. What a shame. What a shame to work your brain to obsess over the dumbest things possible. Please continue. We won't say no to free entertainment
  7. Haha, no need to bait someone who has a smaller brain than fish At this point, there is no explaining to all you Lotro haters so keep up the good fight! I feel sorry for those of you who wish Lotro will die every night before going to bed then wake up disappointed. The game is alive and well. It's not Turbine's problem if some noob got stuck in Moria or other idiots who refuse to adapt and ragequit. Keep checking everyday to see if Lotro has failed yet Goodbye "I hate Lotro forum" lolol. Sad bunch of people.
  8. I meant boring as in low level questing. He complains that leveling is too slow and he can't play group content. Captains are made for group content. Lotro was dying yes but I've seen a noticeable increase in activity compared to last year. I saw more action on little Eldar in a week than megaserver GW2 in terms of endgame activity. GW2 had the same issue of losing players and they made the switch to megaserver on time. Lotro is extremely late but that doesn't mean it's not rising. With a megaserver like population increase, people can more easily play endgame content now. I'm not digging any holes. GW2 was forced to develop and expansion because people were leaving the game. At first they said they would never release and expansion. Players didn't like that. Living story s2 annoyed a lot of people too. Now they don't even release anything. So, it makes a lot more sense to play an mmo with a purpose. Such as Lotro. But you need to set aside your bitter feelings about the game. It's not "dying" or will die anytime soon. But this is a "I wish Lotro will close down" forum so... From the beta forums and few videos, the new class and zone in GW2 is very lackluster. It's not worth 50 dollars in any way, shape or form. But the same thing can be said for all mmo's.
  9. So long story short, you suck at this game. I mean dual boxing two captains to be able to complete landscape content? Then you blame the game for many different reasons. You're playing the most boring class in the game. Try a hunter or champ. You played a low level captain and got bored. You haven't seen anything yet. People won't run Moria 3-mans with you when they are too busy running lvl 100 content. Actually the game is on the rise ever since last producer and dev team got fired. They brought a new team and brought new zones, instances etc. I'm seeing a lot of activity on tiny population Eldar. People are running instances, dailies, trading etc. This game will not fail even if you want it to. Festivals are crowded. World chat is active. We have a new pvmp map in Osgiliath. There are 24v24 raids. It will increase tenfold when everyone on EU transfers to Evernight. I even stopped playing GW2 and started Lotro again. GW2 has nothing to offer now. They don't even roll updates. They destroyed some classes with trait changes and no new dungeons or anything = bleeding players. They changed world bosses and people stopped doing them. Only thing that is going for them is their new expansion which I'm even less excited for than Lotro's Helm's Deep. Lotro is in a great spot imo.
  10. Sap announced the date he was going to get booted but some people were so fed up with his shit that they deliberately got themselves banned without waiting.
  11. Don't share your poop here pls, put it back in your pocket.
  12. Yes, it does. Otherwise I would've said "to everyone who was banned"
  13. Why didn't you wait until Sapience was fired? It's impossible get a ban nowadays, let alone an infraction. You can criticize the game all you want or make fun of turbine apologists over there. New moderator doesn't mind. Is it because you couldn't take their shit anymore and wanted to prevent future headaches?
  14. Yeah man, seems like this kind of development is the norm for all mmos. I have departed from the mmo world and all its drama to single player gaming on pc and ps3. I play a lot of online lan games with my friends tho. Command and Conquer generals zero hour is our favourite pass time for months now
  15. GW2 is stuck in a mud for a good while now. They are not developing any new group content and focusing on soloplay "living story". Sounds familiar? I know GW2 fanboys will say otherwise but the game is in shitty state.
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