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  1. Cops need better training. In Holland a black man was also arrested and policemen used excessive violence and he died a day later. No strangulation of the neck. Do that and you a) run the risk of killing someone and b ) cause someone to panic forcing you to use even more violence. DUMBEST thing to do, unless you're actually aiming to kill off your suspects. No hitting the head. One wrong blow is enough to cause irreversible brain damage or even death. It is again the DUMBEST thing to do when arresting someone unless you're actually aiming to kill off your suspects. Cuffing should be your pr
  2. Rainothon


    Not too wierd, considering she was CM for Infinite Crisis.
  3. Just a shame they had to lie to their citizens and the whole world about 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq to get the dirty job done.
  4. ​The idea is sympathetic but in practice ends up mostly lining the wrong coffers regardless. I do agree it results in raising the life standards for a portion of the Agricultural communities. And at the same time tend to keep them as such, because without produce there is no trade. Fairtrade won't breed the future leaders of the revolution. ​These countries need a revolution. Not implying one with guillotines or bombbelts. But a thorough overthrow of the ruling class and a redistribution of their wealth and power, followed by a political and economic reform that removes the principles of 'r
  5. Rainothon


    Just a little. LMAO. What a salty bunch.
  6. ​Ask Haïtians how the world's financial aid improved their lives after the quake. Making the third world more attractive to stay in is their responsibility. That is the only way. The change must come from within. Even we aren't able to stop our own richer from becoming richer. And we think we can actually resolve that situation in an entirely different country and culture? I don't think the regimes yonder are going to be applauding us for educating their youth to overthrow their sick corrupt governments though....
  7. ​I laughed out very loudly. This is scary news though: they've apparently planted not only a sense of humor, but a politically incorrect one even, into this 'machine'. That does not bode well.... If this continues, we can say goodbye to humanity. We'll all be cloistered to our PC's in perpetual laughter.
  8. Rainothon


    Aaaaaaaand.. We have a new Community Manager for ArcheAge, someone familiar to folks here: Celestrata. I like her.
  9. Rrrrright. USA has no problems with immigrants at all. They are taking over your 'Land of the Brave'. It will soon me 'El pais del bravos'! Start learning SPANISH! It is your future language! Hue hue hue! First victim? That preposterous ugly haired rich arsehole running for president. What's his name? I don't remember and I don't care, Mex Power is turning him into a rich paria. Olla guapa! I do agree the EU is proving absolutely powerless to handle this. Individual countries refusing to evenly share the load and just letting Italy and Greece suck up all the damage. Disgusting. However your
  10. Rainothon


    My main is on Dahuta. He's safe from merge for now. I have a labor/loyalty points alt on Ezi. I play her to get apex's only. She'll be merged, but only really needs one 16x16. I haven't spent real money on AA since October 2014. The 'alt on other side of ocean' trick really works well for me.
  11. Data? Well. I did look at some data just now, both US and NL, and it seems I was wrong. Yep: the most common way for a father nowadays to become a single father would be indeed to divorce. I didn't see that coming. Still, what struck me was that 80% of single parents are mothers, and of the single dads 4% was widower and of the single moms only 1% was widow. So there are, relatively speaking, a lot more single father widowers than single mother widows. I still think you wouldn't see such a video made for single fathers on mother's day. But it's not really empathic for both sides actually.
  12. Rainothon


    True. At least with a game like ArcheAge, you have a huge sandbox to play in as well. I love it. I have a really good time in ArcheAge actually. But I stay far away from endgame gear and all the gambling around it. I'm the guy that has a great time in Las Vegas without gambling a dime.
  13. Rainothon


    Yeah that is an awesome video. Latest big news on ArcheAge is that some of it's servers will recieve a special unique treatment called 'Evolution'. In less PR BULLSHIT words: low pop servers will be merged. Given how owning land is on of the main reasons to play on a low pop server, and paying for being patron is so much about being able to own land, the shitstorm is real. People on those servers are going to lose their land. And be huddled up with loads of other people, including less scrupulous enterpreneurs (and exploiters and hack users). So they have a theoretic chance of regaining th
  14. ​The injustice against fathers is real. Don't confuse this with male ego's or whatever. There is a reason there aren't as many fathers out there for whom a video such as this could be made. The majority of fathers that raise their children on their own are widowers. The majority of mothers that raise their children on their own are divorced/single. And there is the reason you won't see fathers that raise their children on their own being praised on mother's day. That is one of the days in particular they remember their wife who passed away. A mother's day indeed.
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