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  1. I never expected the game to outlast this forum, it seems I underestimated the power of the whales. What will become of the EU forums archive? Many gems like this are found within the archives: http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/en-gilrain-general-discussion-840/267132-celebgil.html Anyways thanks for the good times!
  2. Since the forum is closing down, I am dumping a couple of screenshots from a few years ago. Additionally I would like to thank a certain poster here who showed me some insane exploits even when I had lost interest in exploring. Note, these exploits have been fixed for some time now. I don't know if this exploit had any name but anyways I call it "Skystairs". Behind the Forochel - Angmar passage: Climbing the Endless Stairs from Foundations of Stone: Only to be met by the ceiling... Attempting to climb the Endless Stairs from Zirakzigil, stopped by an invisible wall: Yoloing down from the invisible wall:
  3. You know when they have fucked up and bad when you log in after a long time and notice there is no in-game store anymore lol. Instead they have an external store.
  4. Ay hol up! So yous be tellin me dey gonna sell race changes 25 dollars a pop? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682004-Race-Change-Workes-well-Only-the-Horses-xD
  5. Dorf

    Other MMOs?

    This, there are no non-shit MMOs out there anymore.
  6. Edit: nvm ESO was only f2p for a limited time. Have you tried creating an account first? The client download link is available in your account page; anyways heres the client download link: https://elderscrolls-a.akamaihd.net/products/BNA_Launcher/Install_ESO.exe
  7. Welp, not looking too good: http://lux-hdro.de/hdro-live-anor.php Perhaps splitting the playerbase between two "legendary" servers wasn't such a great idea.
  8. All that you need to know about this turd: For me, this seems to be another desperate attempt to get more subscriptions and generate more store sales with minimum required effort. Link: https://www.lotro.com/en/legendary
  9. Dorf

    Update 23

    lol, remember when seals were supposed to be the ultimate end game currency for all future content?
  10. The sudden jump in difficulty at level 106+ may be caused by this: This looks okay t. Truibin™/SSG™
  11. Only in Lotro™. Just like the goold "old" days, when Turbine™ gave us Guardians a mounted combat skill that could be used to crash other clients.
  12. Also the cemetery is still there in some form and capacity but it has been changed (or the Old Forest around it): As for the swamp next to Old Forest, it remains untouched.
  13. Andrath camp has been moved into the playable area: Southern Ered-Luin has been absolutely devastated (Not pictured: all the new invisible walls): For comparison you can check the screenshots from the same location taken in 2013:
  14. RIP any remaining artistic vision & consistent art style Lotro™ had after the great Frillocaust of 2016. This update just takes it to a whole new level of bad, like Half-Life 2 Cinematic mod levels of bad. Actually the update is infinitely worse compared to the cinematic mod because nobody is forcing you to install it, you just have droves of idiots recommending it. As a reference to those who are not familiar with Half-Life 2 & the Cinematic mod, I have included a comparison shot of vanilla HL2 and cinematic mod below.
  15. Northern Mirkwood & Dale Lands. On the other side of the Forest Gate: Above Mirkwood: To the Beorning Lands: On the top of Caras Tilion: To the Fields of Celduin:
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