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  1. Lots of speculation at this point. You could shake an eight ball and get a more definitive answer as to the direction this new company will take the game. But the encouraging thing is that they are still producing expansions for an old ass game like Everquest. They could have let that slip into maintenance mode long ago considering they also have EQ2. EQ2 is about 12 years old and they still produce expansions for that. I can not speak to how "full" these xpacs are. I can not speak to how responsive the developers are to fans wishes. I can't predict how they would change thi
  2. 1. Rich established storylines. Perhaps something "like" Game of Thrones, Dragonlance, Ravenloft or Forgotten Realms. 2. Deep character development and customization. To the point where having even a single alt is somewhat of a chore but compelling enough where replayability is encouraged, making 2 toons manageable. 3. I'm with Doro on this one. Allow player created content of some type. 4. Raids that are adaptable towards group make up. Bosses that change tactics based on player actions. Almost like AI but not that intensive. 5. Enjoyable busy work for max level
  3. Yeah I've posted similar complaints about that content in several threads. Specifically a place called Woodhurst. Where the only enemy kills were mobs that could be 2 shotted. I actually found the SOA content very engaging, even after completing it on 4 or 5 toons. I always enjoyed the quests in Moria enough though lots of times you had to keep revisiting areas in the same quest chain. The revamp was ok but I only played through it once to realize I didn't like it. SOM had a nice mix of quests. The dwarf in the swamp epic quest was a bit annoying. ROR was the beginning of t
  4. I remember from when my hobbit guardian was on that server. I think Lothirieth was actively trying to help them at that time. They literally slapped the hand trying to feed them.
  5. If that's the case you are not going to like levels 85 to 95. East Rohan wasn't horrible to me but West Rohan maybe me abandon all my alts at level 85. Some advice, stay away from woodhurst at all costs. Imagine a quest line in which there are like 35 loading screens and the questline consists of taking to 3 npcs and one of those npcs has 2 loading screens to reach and 2 loading screens to leave. Southern Rohan I remember there was a barrel carrying quest that was annoying and the quest at Helm's deep carrying something a very long distance on foot. Expect questlines with clicking
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen the human highlighter has returned. LOL The 3 most prominent posters (meaning they are on the leaderboards for posts with 35k and 12k) aren't really trolls. I know some people find them annoying but I don't think they are being malicious. That would be Yula, Nymph and Mrs. Old Dirty Programmer. Of the 3 only Mrs. ODP has ever attacked anyone. God forbid a player asked for an in game guide to Hytbold (at minimum quest text to understand how it operated) and her and her husband came after the woman like rabid dogs. I think they basically said there was no need
  7. Ok so we can finally agree some of this stuff is baiting. These so called fanboys were reported on the regular. They obviously received no infraction because they just kept posting. The only fanboy I can think of that received a ban was old dirty programmer but that was after he flamed turbine for letting hobbits and dwarves into Rohan. I see the Crossbow is still able to post. They never banned him they actually rewarded him with a player council position. While at times I have agreed with Crossbow, he doesn't disguise his trolling at all. And then plays innocent afterwards as
  8. I don't know i just gave you an example of the trolling I saw without using name calling directly. And you pretty much called me a baby. So I'm going to take your advice and ignore the rest of your posts. No insults, no snark. You may think you are smarter than the rest of us and somehow above us correcting our views.
  9. You see that's the trick. They understand direct insults can result in discipline. They generally understand that debunking your entire statement is going to do the trick. Marginalization is a more powerful tool than name calling. It's also a tool to get people to shut up. Thread 1 Concerned Poster: X is wrong with the game. Fanboy: There is nothing wrong with X (spends 20 posts continuing this message against 10 to 15 people who back up the concerned posters claim) Fanboy then starts a separate thread to demonize the concerned poster as a whiner who will never be
  10. I was here a very long time before my ban. At minimum a year. I found this site to be more friendly to those who enjoy group content. Where as the official forums were full of people telling me to basically bugger off. Not just fanboys but the CM at the time, but mostly the rabid fanboys. I think it's important for players to point out the mistakes of the past if you want to move forward. No one is blaming Cordovan specifically for mistakes he did not make. (at least I'm not) I would like to think that my very critical post was well thought out and constructive. Even though I wi
  11. I must say I'm impressed. I think if the previous people in your position had come to speak to this community sooner it would have went a long way saving some of the player bleed. I understand that you can't do anything about what past CM's have done, except maybe take example and not do the things they were notorious for. With all that said I think it is important for you to know as the new CM why a player like myself who dedicated many hours and around $1000 to your game left, came back for about 3 weeks and then came back for about 2 weeks and left for good. It would go a long way
  12. No they could hire some small shitbird studio under the WB umbrella to keep the game going. But they won't give up the rights to an outside agency. Seriously why keep it going? You need to make the argument to keep it going first. Turbine is a mobile games company now with 2 dying MMO's and one in maintenance already for a while now.
  13. Just an FYI it appears Richard moved to my town. I also live in North Attleboro. There's a good chance I might see him grocery shopping, if there are some messages you guys would like the pass along! JK
  14. Yeah I agree with Brrokk try it for yourself. Yeah no private servers for Lotro, no one has dedicated the time. So no time warping. I'm aware of private WOW servers as I play on a WOTLK one. Trust me when I say that I enjoyed the trait system and was devastated when they went to the old World of Warcraft skill tree. Which is why I can't play WOW past WOTLK. I realize how much I miss being able to dip into 2 trees on my shaman where I can heal and dps under the same spec until level 68ish.
  15. This may disappoint some but here goes. So a while after Helm's Deep was released I was trying to buy it with TP. But I accidentally bought ROR with the TP, the fact that it even let me purchase it was a surprise since I owned the legendary version that I bought with real cash. Within 15 minutes of contacting customer service, the TP was back on my account and I was able to not enjoy Helm's Deep. In game GM's. The sell all button claimed me as a victim at level 65. The gm was able to return all the items to my account. Now the bad. I was a victim of the sell all
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