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  1. You don't have to be a subscriber to play creepside. I could make the same argument that non-raiders shouldn't be invited to the regular player council since they don't play all aspects of PvE. Same with people that play music, dabble in housing, etc. I would gladly take an expert on creepside over someone who rarely plays PvP in this game, even though they are a subscriber. I suspect that the reason he was kicked off was that it was a convenient excuse to silence someone who criticized the game.
  2. Catfink

    The Witcher 3

    ‚ÄčThe flag where you can't be attacked actually makes it easier for griefers if everyone actually wants to pvp. They can set their flag on so they can't be killed, but can still kill others by running over them. With that being said, GTA online alone is amazing! The sheer amount of stuff you can do means you'll never get bored.
  3. ‚ÄčThis exactly. Leixy routinely provokes all types of players, and seems to get much enjoyment from trolling people. I hope that he behaves better when he is on the council. Also, having played in the moors a fair amount on Brandywine, I find it funny that Yand is on the PvP council when he seems to always go out of his way to avoid fighting the creeps in the PvP zone I just hope that he doesn't somehow have any influence on how the new PvP zone works, or it'll just be a whole lot of NPC's.
  4. I don't watch South Park, but apparently the episode last night completely calls out F2P games. My favorite is the games are "Freemium" with "mium" being latin for not really. It also explains the whales theory. I might actually have to watch this episode after only really liking the Make Love not Warcraft episode from years ago. Kotaku did a story on it here: http://kotaku.com/south-park-craps-all-over-free-to-play-games-1655328455
  5. So for gaming, is it better to have 4 cores at say 3.5 GHz than maybe 8 cores at say 2.8 or 3 GHz? I know I haven't had any problems with my newer generation i5. I don't remember exactly what model it is as I'm not at home, but I believe its the 4690k and it runs LOTRO with no problems except when the servers screw up (which is pretty often).
  6. Moors. Though why people play this game for PvP still baffles me.
  7. Helms Deep beta, when I realized my LM and captain were ruined and that there were not going to be new raids. I came back a month or so ago and started a new account with new characters and I'm just playing everything up to and including moria. I spent $8 on some TP to buy the moria quest pack for 50% off this week. That's the only money I've spent since Rohan so I don't feel too bad, plus I really like Moria. The quest pack also includes the instances so if I can find a few groups for those, it'll be money well enough spent I guess.
  8. Catfink

    TV Shows

    I can't recommend The West Wing enough! I wish our presidents seemed to care as much to be great as Bartlett. I loved it, at least pre season 5. Wasn't as big of a fan once Sorkin left, with the exception of the last season. It's on Netflix so binge watch away!
  9. I very much loved radiance before you could just farm GS for hours to get all your gear. I loved it because it got everyone to run all the instances and the community seemed more alive. On glff instead of seeing all these GS farms after the revamp, there were groups running all the instances. It was quite easy to get into groups. It was just sad seeing great instances like FG and Forges not being run at all.
  10. If you think the pvp in lotro is good and it's the reason you subscribe to the game, you really ought to give ESO a chance. The pvp seems pretty fantastic so far.
  11. Yes, you can have one heavy armor piece, one medium armor piece, and the rest light armor pieces so you'll gain experience for all 3. However, you'll gain more light armor experience because you are wearing more. Also, I have read that leggings and chestpieces cause you to gain more xp for those types, but I don't know if that is true.
  12. Gold in ESO is not the same as lotro. There is no silver or copper in ESO so it seems like a lot, but it's not as much as it seems. I had a few thousand gold the last weekend I believe and I only got to level 9.
  13. That's true. I only invested points into making gathering easier. I didn't feel the need to add points to actual crafting. Also this link shows 107 skill points in game just from skyshards. Once leveling and points from quests are taken into account that a lot of points. So definitely not a problem at later levels. Link here: http://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/comments/21lkq9/320_skyshards_500_lorebooks_1300_builds_teso_life/
  14. That's where we differ. I like that there are tough choices because that means those of us that put points into crafting will actually get rewarded for it. Also, I at times found myself with extra skill points even after putting a couple unto crafting, so I didn't encounter your problem.
  15. According to PTS players, there are more than enough skill points to get everything. Also, there are bound to be skills you wouldn't use, so putting some points into crafting shouldn't hurt. I like that you need to specifically build for crafting. That means it's not like lotro where it's super easy for anyone to max a craft. It means those that build for it are likely to be pretty in demand.
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