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  1. Maybe I missed it, but I feel like trololo posts aren't complete until this one creeps in.
  2. Which begs the question, why not do that in the first place? Y'know, other than that whole, opportunity-for-self-promotion-thing.
  3. I recommend removing the link to the Lotro Lorebook on the forums list, as it was discontinued with the recent forum revamp.
  4. I'd actually be really interested in seeing him try to pull that off, considering it's a copy of his post on the forums, practically verbatim. (zoom: )
  5. I espcially like the part where he says that if you were offended by his behavior, that's your fault for "taking" offense, not his fault for knowingly doing something people would find offensive. Gonna go out on a limb and suggest it's called "taking offense" because you're assuming an offensive stance in response to an attack. Y'know, as opposed to a defensive stance. Insults are subjective? NO WAI! That makes them totally justifiable and socially acceptable, right? This is like walking into an NAACP meeting and going, "You guys are all a bunch of niggers!" and when everyone cries foul, responding with, "Ha ha, you're all so predictable! Jeez it was just a joke, lighten up!" This argument might make sense if you did something like...I dunno, pay for tickets to see Chris Rock and then start complaining about his use of ethnically-based jokes. Last I checked, though, my sub wasn't purchased with the explicit purpose of being the butt of a moderator's joke. OH NO WAIT, this was all self-depracating humor, which somehow miraculously involved the entire community. That's a neat magic trick, innit?
  6. Everything they said was just parroting Sapience's own justification for his actions back on the Lotro forums. It was just a joke. The office said I could. It's a security issue. I was just trying to get people to change their sigs. That's all right out of his own mouth. None of you will be surprised by the fact that those who are left defending his actions can only seem to do so by repeating his own arguments. Everyone else has long since become fed up with him and have moved on to other games or just don't bother to disagree because doing so with the Heaton-bots is simply an exercise in futility. It is unfortunate to see those kinds of people bleed over into other communities, though. I had that sig thread at the Turbine forums subscribed, and got an email notification when the following reply was added. Not surprisingly, it was removed and Sapience locked the thread.
  7. Thanks! Been lurking here and there. Finally got tired of the censorship on Planet Heaton, so here I am. It's a shame to see someone wreak so much havoc on behalf of a game that practically sells itself. Good to see there is still a real community to be found.
  8. For those of you who may have missed it, Lotro recently updated their forums. Part of the update was to get rid of the old character signature generators, which hadn't been working for some time, anyway. Sapience decided the best way to get rid of the old signatures was not to have them reset, as was done with avatars, or to have them replaced with some generic message about broken signatures. No, instead, this is what's at the bottom of posts all over the forums: The sig links to Guild Launch's Dragon Slayer Awards, where Sapience is currently nominated for "Community Manager of the Year." Needless to say, there was anger and confusion abound, and not a small amount of people thought this was actually some sort of grassroots movement to snag Sapience a nice trophy. That was not the case. Those who are interested in reading Sapience's reasons for why, out of all of the practically infinite options he had, Sapience chose to use this opportunity to promote himself, rather than even considering any of the other 3 categories in which The Lord of the Rings Online and its community was nominated, can do so here. However, that's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting this to suggest that, if you find this behavior to be unprofessional, unethical, and perhaps even cheating, you should head over to the appropriate thread at Guild Launch and make yourself heard. Hell do it even if you think he does a bang-up job. I don't care. I'm just trying to get the word out.
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