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  1. ​New LA really is beautiful, they have added a scanevnger hunt (find 50 hidden Karka scattered all over LA) and a new Jumping Puzzle that is really hard and makes you roof-jumping all over new LA. Well done Anet The tweaking of the DPS and condi damage got countered with doubling the world bosses HP, making some of them even more tedious (Golem MK2) and some a real challenge for the causal players (Tequatl) and the niche wb Triple Worm a challenge for the more organized guilds, sure not a boss everyone and his dog can jump in and 1-1-1-1 kill while afk watching Netflix
  2. It's not Pre-order, it's Pre-purchase ... and with a base price of 50$ / 45 € and not giving a release date (yet) all the while only giving very little detail of how much content the expansion will bring, I might be interested in the expansion but will refrain from pre-purchasing something I don't know much about. Like, don't believe the Hype Gimme some info about how much maps, how much new quest content, some info about the fractal masteries, define what you named "challenging group content in HoT" and lemme see more stuff about Elite specializations especially of my main/favorite class the Engineer, so that I can decide if it's worth spending 50$ on it ...
  3. No screenshots but ... Elite:Dangerous on weed is ... like, duude, space is soooo phar out
  4. They changed the Dailies system, you now get a small gift each day you log in, and when you logged in 28 times you get a big reward chest. You don't have to log in every day continously to get to the big chest, it's counting the logins and resets when you claimed the big reward. There's still the daily achievements, but you don't get achievement points for each daily achievement, you get a bulk of 10 AP when you finished the meta achievement of the day, thats three dailes of your choice out of 3 categories PVE/PvP/WvW.
  5. Its their way of making people log in kinda regularly. If you consider the frequency of LS releases, it's not really a problem to log in at least once every few weeks to unlock the episodes, then play them whenever you like. The old system had it that older episodes were locked as soon as new episodes came up. Now if you consider the small price of gems (that you could also get without cash, but with ingame gold-to-gems conversion) it's not that big deal.
  6. LS2 is available permanently. You need to log in when its "live" to get the episode unlocked in your LS panel. If you didn't log in while the episode was "live" you need to purchase it, and you can play it whenever and as often as you like.
  7. For me it was the butchering of the trait lines aka revamp. I'm curious what the new Masteries thing in GW2 will bring. As far as I understood Colin Johansson, in the new areas you will earn Mastery points which you can spend as you like, kinda like how you assign trait points in GW2 right now. He also stated that you will earn these Mastery points with everything you do, ie. exploring, defeating new bosses, etc.And whats the best of all, you earn those mastery points accountwide, so you won't have to grind them out for each of your characters. Sounds great so far, so much better than what Lotro did with the revamp.
  8. ... and especially with this weekends GuildWars 2 sale of 9.99$ as nosam mentioned. You must know that GW2 is Buy-to-Play, you just pay the game ONCE and get everything, all quests and maps and PvP modes. Well, except for the previous Living Story Episodes ... but everything else you find in store is just fluff and not needed to experience the full game. I also like the progression method, you don't neccesarily need to grind gear, and the gear you "need" for endgame can easily be achieved ingame, without ANY money payment. Technically, GW2 is very nice ... you won't find lag comparable to what you sure will experience in LOTRO. Besides, it also looks better and plays more smoothly, especially combat. If you look for an assassin, try the thief ... stealth and backstabbing Want to play Lord of the Rings, there's nothing better than LOTRO. Want to play an MMO, almost everything is better than LOTRO.
  9. That ancient languages is one part of the new progression = MASTERIES ! There will also be hang glider flying, allowing you to reach parts of the new maps you can't reach without that mastery ... Engineer gets to wield the Hammer, Necromancer will be able to wield a Greatsword ... I'm curious what the Warrior will get No raising of the level cap. End level will still be 80. New precursors and so also new Legendaries. New PvP mode called Stronghold. New WvW Borderland map, gives new objectives to conquer and defend, which then gives your server new skills (fast travelling through lava for example when you conquered Fire part of the map) ... all in all, sounds great ... in theory They didn't tell release date, nor the price of the expansion. My interest is sparked, I'll see what they will release and hope they don't mess things up. PS: No mentioning of SAB returning
  10. Was logging in a few days ago to check the newest story part they released, but couldn't really be bothered to start ... ran a few dungeons with guildies, muscle memory still works fine so I got bored fast, logged out and headhunted in ED, to make some more progress t'wards the Python. Even if they make some new race, some new profession, some new maps or whatever ... I think I played that game and same old content too long to ever be thrilled again about anything they release. And now I just read about them cutting the price to $9.99 and also double XP for PAX South weekend, when giving details about the "Point of no Return" thing. Guess, I already reached that point of no return, kthxbye
  11. Meh, even if this would be an expansion I must admit I'm not even slightly thrilled Expansion would be worth the name if it would AT LEAST include one new profession and three maps/regions with a lot of content to play. Add a handfull of new dungeons and a few new boss raids. Some new Legendaries. Maybe a new (real) WvW map ... dunno if I would pay more than 20 bucks for something like that. With the current progression model, it would have to be WITHOUT level increase and WITHOUT better gear than ascended. I really don't think GW2 will ever see any new race (i.e. Tengu) as this would need a completely new starter area as well as link to the races/story so far. They couldn't just pop out of the floor to make it work. And if they think expansion = 3-4 living story updates in a bundle would suffice ... nah! For me, the game is stale for too long, lots of people wandered off to other things ... to bring these folks back, that expansion would have to ROCK! And honestly, I don't believe it will meet the expectations ... ... but I wouldn't mind them prooving me wrong PS: In Elite:Dangerous my "homebase" is the Asoora system ... you can get the boy out of Tyria, but you can't get Tyria out of the boy
  12. Sure was the Autocast thing ... and another thing that prevents from auto-logoff is running against something. You can usually see at least one char doing that on the Tequatl map while waiting for the map to fill, at the entrance to the cave where the platinum ore is.
  13. Euro Truck in Space simulator with additional pew pew and trading ... as mentioned above, I get some bang for my bucks playing it casually, but I must admit if you play it a lot more daily than I do you would get bored soon(er)™. I really hope for changes and additions coming to enjoy it for a long time. At least, for me this game is a nice holiday from GW2 that came to bore me too much with the little content it realeased.
  14. ... and after several hours of playing ED I have to agree to some of the mentioned flaws and limits. - Exploration: I only used the Basic Discovery Scanner (BDS) that "finds" planets, stars, etc in unexplored systems within a certain range and when scanning them gives basic data. You can upgrade the BDS and expand the range. You can aditionally get a Detailed Surface Scanner, which gives detailed infos. After scanning them you can sell the data to Universal Cartographics. BUT: after scanning a few systems, there's not really that much great stuff to discover and so this explo effect wears out quick. If you're not that guy who loves to stare at the stars through a telescope for hours/days/months ... well ... its getting boring fast. - Trading: is needed to get a good start, to afford bigger/better ships and equipment and if done right, is highly profitable. Once you found a really good profitable trading route, you make credits quick and get a bigger ship to haul more cargo to get more profit. That said, I'm not that much into economic sims and doing statistics and market analysis when playing a game, reminds me too much of work ... so I accepted the need, but prefer the more combatty stuff. BUT: it's just you, the single space trucker. Your effect on even a local market is small, not to mention bigger areas/multi-systems. And once you got the biggest ship with biggest cargo space, you fly back and forth, buy and sell ... for credits you don't really need any more. You make a million, a billion, a trillion ... but right now, you can't buy a station, own/rule a system. So what to do with the creds, watch them pile up ? - Mining: I just did a sneak peak into that, basically you find a good place to mine, shoot asteroids with a mining laser, collect the bits, refine them, fly to a station and sell them. For credits. Some say it's meditative, others say it's boring. I'm more into pew pew stuff that fights back and is more of a challenge. - Combat: The fights are really nice, give some good challenge. But once you got the Anaconda or Python, and are fully decked out, I guess the fights will get dull. Like, your M1A1 tank against that Mercedes truck / Porsche with machine gun mounted / other M1A1 ... sure, the last fight would be much about the pilots skills, but you know, once you got the M1A1 you can shoot them all and just have to avoid other M1A1s. - Multiplayer: as its now, even if you play the MP mode you can't really interact, like go and do some bountyhunting together. Only one pilot gets the bounty, you can't share the loot, not even send your friend his share. And I've read that even if you are in the same instance of space, you might not see the same enemies as the pilot flying next to you. It's said that stuff like wings and other multiplayer features are coming ... now, it's actually non-existant. - Missions: deliver this data/good frm ore to there, bring me some of this, find me some of that, shoot 4 of these, hunt that guy ... rinse, repeat. Sure will get boring after a while, is really missing some depth and variety. TLDR: As non-beta player, I'm still kinda new to the game and having fun but really see the limitations and the flaws on the horizon. As a casual I might still enjoy the game as it is for a while and hopefully in that time features will be expanded, variety added and especially the multiplayer part had a work-over.
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