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  1. Bohemond

    US Elections 2020

    Aussie here, and have been following US politics much more closely since Trump first started running. Never thought much of him before. Always found him a bit buffoonish during his Apprentice days. But when I saw the media going crazy, I decided to look into things a lot more closely, and saw just how irrationally deranged the media has become against Trump. I'm sure if he simply had a (D) instead of an (R) and nothing else was different, the media would still be in love with him. They act like bitter and twisted ex that feels betrayed. For the record, I do not find Trump an embarrassment for the US at all. On the contrary, my opinion of him and the USA (divisive leftist outrage mongers excepted) is the highest it has ever been in my lifetime.
  2. Bohemond

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    Bypassing grinds - either by cheating, or being a whale - makes them less likely to be addressed. In any case, if the grind is too much, I'd much rather quit than cheat.
  3. Bohemond

    64-bit gossip

    I'm sure we'll see plenty of stockholm syndrome suffering addicts waxing lyrical about how much better everything runs on the 64-bit version without realising they're still running 32-bit
  4. Bohemond

    Be Virtuous!

    I had a quick look at the new virtues on bullroarer and most non equipped virtues gave a modest morale bonus. It looks like the sort of system that could have been fun if it was well balanced and supported by a foundation of engaging gameplay. Since neither is true any longer, I'm sure it will just be a hideous grind. I've always been steadfastly against account wide virtues - I've enjoyed played alts as their own separate characters, especially during the 50/60 caps when virtues provided "something to do" to progress characters at cap. If I haven't actually done X on one character, I don't want credit for it. In any case, my main objection is that if a system is so horrible that it requires external fixes (account shared, store, etc) then I'd rather see the system be fixed instead.
  5. Bohemond

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    I'm one of the few it seems that is still enjoying this last season despite its many imperfections. Most of these I can put down to the last 2 seasons being very rushed. Pacing is definitely off, and if it were a movie, I'd be expected an extended directors cut to come out to patch up a lot of the problems later - of course I can't see this happening with a TV series. Jon, Dany et al are certainly making some stupid decisions - but I don't see them as necessarily out of character decisions. Neither are experienced military generals. Of course - they should have some experienced officers under their command, and given better pacing, we could have at least seen them (foolishly) overrule such officers. More time could allow for other, more sensible strategies to be attempted and fail, at least excusing less intelligent strategies as a necessary last resort. I really think the main problem has been living up to expectations since the Red Wedding - which has to have been some of the best film of any kind I've ever seen. From this point on, not only was the audience expecting bigger and better twists, but the fact they were looking for them makes them harder to catch off guard. The writers are then left with either silly twists that make no sense, or "surprises" that have enough of a setup that they are worked out well in advance. As to GRRM''s writing - I enjoyed the books, and once finished went online looking for something similar and was directed to Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen. Once I got into that (and it's definitely not the most accessible style) everything about GoT - characters, story, world building - felt very simplistic in comparison.
  6. Bohemond

    World of Warcraft "Classic"

    I played the original Warcraft RTS back when that first came out but I've never actually played even a second of WoW. Somewhat considering giving classic a go if it means a relatively challenging landscape for a duo.
  7. Bohemond

    64-bit gossip

    I stumbled upon this "Official Streamer" a while ago which helped it to finally sink in just how embarrassingly low the competence bar is at SSG: * Clicking skills * Struggling with -5 level content * Obliviously clicked "continue quest" even though she had pulled adds - either she didn't know it would activate the quest sig, or assumed she could handle it + the adds * No situational awareness. The marksman shoots her 7 times - and she even has it (automatically) targeted for 8s once the barghest goes down - and still doesn't even know it's there until it moves on screen into melee. * Random panic once in trouble - didn't see any attempt at any "oh crap" skills. No idea whats possible now - haven't played RK since 65. I do remember a short AoE stun. A single target mez. A long snare. The real kicker .. despite such comprehensive incompetence: at 2:08:07 "I don't die very often in this game"
  8. Bohemond

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Yeah sure looks that way when I suddenly get 2 infractions for 3 week old posts. Yeah that's one way of handling it... But I've been sorely tempted to post this instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag43uW4AOFc
  9. Bohemond

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Sap banned my main account in 2009 out of nowhere. I even have an old email I naively sent to Turbine complaining about an absurd infraction from him before I knew what a sociopath he was. Now it seems Cord is heading in the same direction. Earlier I received a warning for telling Maartena "It's interesting watching how many knots an SSG apologist can tie himself up in defending absolutely everything and anything." Amazingly, I've (so far) managed to avoid any infractions for that sock puppet thread, but curiously enough today I've suddenly got 2 infractions for posts from Nov 23 Both, in what I am sure are just amazing coincidences, are responses to Palentian. Neither even remotely worthy of an infraction.
  10. Bohemond

    Legendary™ Servers

    Looks like the essence grind is starting earlier than I had expected. My highest is only 20, and still enjoying it so far (partly due to the now fixed DoT that made things slightly dangerous for a little while). Most of that is duoing with my cappy and my partner, first her LM then a guardian since she suddenly decided she hated inductions. Anyway, being only 20, I'm not too sure what stats are like at 50, but I'd guess those essences (especially if teal gear drops with 4 slots?) will make for some incredibly broken (pointlessly so) OP builds
  11. Bohemond

    Legendary™ Servers

    Yep I started playing on the legendary server fully intending to stop well before any essence grind. I'll most likely get to 50 (no rush, 19 now). Possibly stick around for Moria if they manage to sufficiently un-neuter it from its horrible revamp. Tiny chance I'll be around for Mirk. At a huge stretch I might be able to endure RoI to enjoy Great River. Zero chance I'll be around for Mounted Combat or the grindy garbage beyond.
  12. Bohemond

    Legendary™ Servers

    Just because something could happen doesn't mean it has or will or is even likely to. I've been away from the game for a while now, but even when I played, I don't remember ever seeing 1500+ players all using the stone of the tortoise to remain 1-50 (oh hang on, that's because it has never happened) I've barely posted here since my auto attacking champ thread, but from what I've read from you, you appear remarkably bitter and disdainful towards any players who don't hate SSG with the same burning passion you do. You also don't seem to be very bright: I'm getting a very strong Dunning Kruger scent from your posts. That's not your fault I suppose, you can't helping being who you are. That said, I'm enjoying the server and knew full well what I was getting myself into: except perhaps the OP bleeds which were definitely an added bonus that increased difficulty enough to add to my enjoyment. I've been the last one to mindlessly accept all the rubbish that has been released since the decline began back in SoM. I still hate the trait trees and always will, but they are more bearable on a 50 cap server without the boring battles or do every single quest in west rohan grind to get them all. As a founder, I lost nothing by trying out the legendary server. I'm certainly not a whale - but without going into too much detail, I'm financially comfortable, run a successful business, and am debt free. Once I found I enjoyed it enough, I had no problem subbing for my partner for 3 months. The fee is a pittance. And I really don't care if the server shuts down before it gets to Moria, or if the minimal challenge is nerfed tomorrow, I've already got enough value for the single tiny payment I've made.
  13. Bohemond

    Legendary™ Servers

    I feel very similar. It's light years away from the early SoA legacy server I'd prefer, but it's closer than anything else they've come up with for years. I'm enjoying the slower pace and have only just hit 15 on my champ and 14 on the cappy I duo with my partner. With such a short distance from 1 to cap, I'm not feeling any rush or impatience to get there. One side effect of no PvMP I hadn't anticipated was that it gave me one less reason to hurry to cap. I'd definitely prefer well balanced PvMP (such as late SoA or SoM) but no PvMP at all is preferable to poorly balanced rubbish. I'm quite enjoying the weird challenge of OP bleeds and discovering the new scaling gear. Knowing that I don't have a massive LI grind looming above me helps with enjoyment dramatically. Even then, there's a chance I might stick around for Moria if they can manage to make it able to handle a large population (I have my doubts given how utterly gutted it was during the easifying revamp a while back) Very unlikely I'll stick around past Moria though, unless they enable PvMP and accidentally manage to balance it well.
  14. Bohemond

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    True for some, I'm sure, but a bit of an over generalisation. It'll never happen, but I'd love to return to an early SoA difficulty when I sure as hell wasn't king anything. In the early days, I floated between my hunter champ and burg. I remember once when I was back on my early 30s champ, after playing burg for a little while. A little rusty, and spoiled by my burg's avoidances, he pulled a couple too many worms in the ram duath, messed up his fervour gen and with N/A for BPE was shredded in no time. That is the kind of time I'd like to go back to.
  15. Bohemond

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    This sure does seem like a troll thread. I'm hardly the biggest fan of lotro these days .. but there's nothing wrong with Vastin's post. Especially in the context of the handful of whingers on the forum making repeated assertions with nothing to back them up. I was actually following the blue hunter whinge fest closely enough to debunk some of the entitled easy moders' absurd claims. No surprises, but I found the new supposedly "broken" blue hunter still wrecked its way through landscape like a hot knife through butter.