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  1. Wrong. You need to read that last line more carefully, since you patently did not understand it. (Emphasis added to help comprehension)
  2. That Trump is racist? I'm quite sure a lot of the TDS sufferers here believe that, despite the lack of any evidence to support it. Where did I say anyone here has said that?
  3. Media: Wuhan Virus. Woohahn Virus. Chinese Coronavirus. Chinese Wuhan Virus. Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus. Trump: Chinese Virus comes from China Media: Orange Man RACIST! Trump wants travel ban, so racist won't do anything. *10 minutes later* Trump so useless, too slow in implementing travel bans Trump is useless, there's not enough testing! *testing increases* zomg! Orange Man so bad, infection rate skyrocketing! Media: looks like masks and hand santisiers are being stolen from hospitals Trump: looks like masks and hand santisiers are being stolen from hospitals Media: zomg Orange Man is accusing doctors and nurses of stealing from hospitals. How dare you! This, and more, is the level of disingenuousness propagated by the Media and mindlessly gobbled up by the TDS sufferers within this thread and elsewhere.
  4. I simply said it was important. Everything else you have argued against is your projection and imagination. I have no idea how you can possibly come up with this interpretation from what I said. I never suggested there was any magical causal link between the cases in Australia and UK, and those in China. I wasn't even discussing coronavirus deaths in that example. Your argument is that cases per million doesn't matter. I was simply making the bleedingly obvious point that if the normal proportional deaths per year in China of about 10 million was replicated in the absolute in a much smaller country, the effect would be vastly different. This neatly illustrates that cases per million does matter. 10 million is a rounding error for China. It's more than 1/3 of my country. That's right. Which has been my point all along. If the proportion is different between one country and another, then the country is overall in better shape at that moment in time. I haven't even brought up the reasons why this might be the case.
  5. Addressing points made as you requested: Straw man. I never said nor implied any causal relationship between cases and population. Another straw man. I've never even remotely implied that I thought the virus had stopped spreading. Yet another man of straw. Never said they were. Man of straw number four. Never said nor implied this at all. I reiterate - you are welcome to reply to something I have actually said if you'd like. Otherwise, you might as well just type out my posts for me and counter those. Saves us both a lot of time.
  6. I don't recall anyone suggesting anything about it spreading faster with a higher population. That smells like a giant moronic straw man to me. The latter is true however. I'm surprised people can't understand that. Take two countries with the same number of deaths and infected. One country has far more population than the other. That country is almost certainly going to be less impacted overall. Just look at China's normal annual mortality rate in 2018: 7.13 per 1000 . https://www.statista.com/statistics/270165/death-rate-in-china/ https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/china-population/ Out of 1.427 billion people that works out more than 10 million deaths in a normal year. You're insane if you don't think the same 10 million deaths in the UK or Australia wouldn't have a very different (i.e. catastrophic) impact.
  7. It's certainly relevant to the spread within a particular region, or an individual's chance of contracting the disease, but your discussion of that chart had nothing at all to do with population density (nor would one expect you to, given there is no such data anywhere within the chart). My point was simply that your comparison of different countries was based on total cases irrespective of their percentage of population. Population density isn't even a reliable point of comparison between countries since it varies so much internally (urban vs rural, etc). Australia for example ranks something like 226 in the world for population density - but given how much of us are concentrated in capital cities in practical reality our density is much greater.
  8. That last column is pretty important.
  9. Nice cherry picking in that video - even then, it might have actually made a decent point in that early on he perhaps erred in his messsaging too far on the side of not creating a panic... Except it kind of loses credibility ending on the debunked lie that Trump called the coronavirus itself a hoax.
  10. Taken at face value that's not a good look, but it's all so typically vaguely worded and anonymously sourced it doesn't really make a strong claim. The Guardian is hardly an unbiased trustworthy source anyway. Given China's not so subtle threat to deny pharmaceutical exports, surely it makes sense for the US to do something to get ahead of that.
  11. I don't recall saying everyone in that video thought that way, but thanks for the straw man + ad hominem, says more about your intellect than mine.
  12. Nice video. Neatly shows how morons deluded by socialism have been duped into thinking the pie is always the same size, and that everyone always remains on the same plate.
  13. The fact you seem to think this would make Trump look bad says it all really.
  14. One of the most implausible things in this whole joke of a partisan impeachment is that we are expected to believe Trump is actually worried about Biden as an opponent. hahahahahahahahaha you poor deluded little thing. That was you screaming at the sky after 2016, wasn't it? So much TDS in just one page. Too funny. All those unhinged loonies calling Trump a fascist, claiming he won't leave office peacefully, etc ... know full well that none of that is true. If any of it were even remotely true, you'd be too afraid of being disppeared to speak out.
  15. So much Dunning-Kruger in this thread. Or maybe even a Poe or two. I'm starting to think Amenhir is a pro-Trump parody account that's just trying to make the anti-Trumps look even more unhinged than they actually are.
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