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  1. The main thing you can do to reduce latency, especially if you intend to join another 24-man Raid is to lower your Graphics even more I have, what I consider the best PC I could afford, and even with a 6-core, and loads of ram I still drop my settings from Ultra-High to Medium in the Big Raids 6-man and 12-man are ok, but a 24 man raid there is way too much activity on screen at higher res's
  2. Got my 500 pts today, sent a ticket just under a week ago The auto reply stated that tickets were being dealt with as and when. You will get your points, just depends how many peeps sent a ticket in before you
  3. It turns out that the EU servers are still not incorporated with MyLotro Apparently they started fixing the MyLotro site yesterday (for the Migration and such) and it messed up Once you start a toon on a US server it sorts itself out. But any toon you have on the EU servers will not show in MyLotro
  4. Found the solution It is definitely a bug to do with the MIgration I just created a new toon on Dwarrowdelf Server and now have FULL access to MyLotro, New toon is showing in the Character List, but not my EU toons
  5. Well I've cleared my browser cache, flushed dns, reset and rebooted router and modem And still the page shows the error message Even in game, clicking the MyLotro icon shows the same thing
  6. Well I'm with Virgin as well Have been getting the same message for over 3hrs now no matter what browser I use, It shows Lotro Player Portal is down
  7. Tried IE, IE9, Chrome and Firefox Still nothing
  8. Well just shows how professional they must be doesn't take a genius to add a new sub-forum adding a sub-forum wouldnt crash the whole of the MyLotro database
  9. Either that or they are finally enabling it for us EU players to use Loadscreen
  10. Tavern has been shut since the F2P Beta finished and all created toons got reset. I am currently levelling my beta toon at lvl 19, in no rush at the mo to get there They may open the Tavern in Isengard Beta, but there has been no mention of it. But it is looking like we will be able to transfer a Character from Game World to Beta when it is ready
  11. Not to mention that when the store came out we were told that we could use Points to BUY any future expansions This is obviously NOT the case. Although I would assume that this is just a pre-emptive strike on Turbines' part, to get you to part with MORE cash The Legendary Pack sounds great, but for a Lifer/VIP it is not worth it, as you already have access to the BONUS quest packs It will probably be available as a Store purchase AFTER it goes live and without the extra goodies... and probably the same equivalent price in Points
  12. It's not actually re-downloading existing Splash Screens Turbine tend to put out a new Splash Screen at every chance they can get At codies we used to get a new SS for something important eg new update coming, At Turbine they put a new SS up for anything. But 99% of the time it's for a Store Plug
  13. The question should be Do you think we will have reached Mordor in 50 yrs
  14. I've not played Sins for a while Used to have fun making my own galaxies and stuff Even made one using the Map from Freelancer, now that was a lot of galaxies, planets and wormholes When Im not playing Lotro, I tend to have a run on my old favourite AvP (Aliens versus Predator) Got the new version, gameplay is great, visuals are stunning. Just wish they hadn't messed with the controls Only downside I found so far, is playing as Predator.... every attack you make brings you out of stealth Which is wrong. Original game you could Run > Shoulder Cannon target > Run without breaking. Only attacks with Speargun would break stealth Or if your power ran out Also try Battle For Middle Earth: Conquest (and i do mean TRY) Now I got my new system running smooth I can have a bash at games that wouldn't run before (Conquest , AvP, Dark Prophecy) But downside is.... Most of my old games wont run on the new system
  15. Woot, Just got my Turbine Points instated Added to the ones I earned while waiting 9365 Now jyst need the 500 for June and MyLotro to be activated
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