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  1. From what I have read in this forum there are more people holding a grudge because Turbine had so much potentinal, and yet fucked it all away just to make an extra buck or two under the dictatorship of WB. Have we all forgotten the worst and most heinous thing that Turbine did? How about when they changed their billing software and it kept charging credit cards or debit cards until the account balance was 0...not to mention the over draft fees due to the account being totally wiped out, did Turbine pay back their customers and their over draft fees for that? And people still defend this
  2. This is the pot calling the kettle black on every level. Well Sapo whatever helps you sleep better at night to justify you being the worst liar of them all. Its like the devil himself....wait let me put this into perspective.....
  3. Time-Warner, wait Warner as in Warner Bros????? Ummm see where this is going.....
  4. So at 1:27 starts where Rick Heaton does everyday when he perma bans people from HIS forums...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAo5GgaJmsA Yes people here at Turbine where you the customer are OUR BITCH!
  5. I'm using the respec in the store option as heavy sarcasm only to foreshadow that the respec will be in the store soon, just another cash cow and yes I will look into my crystal ball and call it cash cow/ingame store then off to free to play. Or they will nerf the stats on the horse just to sell a IN GAME STORE HORSE THAT IS FASTER! ummm now where I have I seen that before.......
  6. Ah yes and in order to get the horse riding skill you had to take one of horses at the stable and get a proficiency with it as long as you beat the time. Now on to the cost of mounts, why are they making this a pyramid type scheme IE well if you wait 10 days give your horse this food, go farm the food then it will be just the same as a 250,000 gold mount when you only paid half of that. My answer to this is OH LOOK AT THE STORE JUST BUY THIS WITH REAL MONEY and you can have this UBER MOUNT NOW!!! WHY WAIT!? And for the respec, umm make it like SWTOR if your a subscriber you get to resp
  7. I started my account Aug 2007. I have reminisced the long nights, frustrations and accomplishments from SOA, Mine of Moria, Mirkwood, all the way up to ROI. ROR I played a few days did mounted combat and did not log in since. And lets not forget the ettenmoors, oh yea the rage of people flipping to QQ after you ganked them or how much of a BADDIE you or they where. Despite the imbalance and the F2P model I really wanted this game to go on but my kinship left the game a long time ago. I loved Moria, the art design of that place was amazing! Easy to get lost in some areas, and LOTRO
  8. Ok heres a question if this game goes F2P how will that impact the console version? Would it be the first console game that you can have F2P? OH WOW! that would be edge cutting technology to provide a F2P game on console!!! *Heavy sarcasm*
  9. Ok so this needs to be said because what I am about to say IS A GOD DAMN FACT *from my experience and from the beta forums* How many fucking stress test beta's do they need before they get the MEGA SERVER under control to fix the issues like lag, log it times, black screen of deaths. mobs not respawning like they should, targeting system, camera angles, *especially when swimming* since they started doing betas for ESO. They have done nothing to improve on any of this...the stress test is irrelevant to the importance of fixing all the mechanic fuck ups, if the game mechanics is shitty the
  10. On this thread there is a video showing and explaining how THEY IMPROVED combat and targeting and questing....and now the truth comes out from what Tribulation and other posters have said...reported bugs, nothing done about it...and launch is a month away.....glad I am saving my money.
  11. Yes but ANYTHING is better then David Letterman!!! That fucker only talks about himself during any of the interviews he does UNLESS ITS GEORGE CLOONEY!! And the top 10 list is the worst!!! BTW David has a man crush on CLOONEY...its the only possible reason why David will talk about George while he is interviewing other Celebrities.
  12. LOL! But the big question is....will you be playing this weekend?
  13. Even with this video, not going to pay 60 bucks and a sub....still not impressed enough.
  14. Well because I am going back to school and money is tight ATM this is the card I have chosen, I haven't bought it yet tho. XFX Double D FX-787A-CDFC Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card.
  15. Ok guys next question I have...and by the way thank you for the input thus far you guys are great! My processor/motherboard I think, lol I am not much of a computer nerd...is AMD A8 5600K APU with Radeon HD graphics, so getting an ATI card would make it more compatible vs a NVIDIA card? And what is Mantle? LOL. Oh yea as a benchmark for the games I am playing....GW2, SWTOR, and RIFT.
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