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  1. oh god you guys are killing me XDDD ! things have gotten really that bad huh ? from the way it sounds,turbine have become the new villain of middle-earth (sauron who ? ). at least there are some companies that listen to their fans (winks at Zenimax studios online)
  2. you know, an old school mmorpg would be fun too. how about the 4th coming ? there's also a new mmorpg called "gloria victis",it's a work in progress but looks promessing.
  3. ROFL XD !!!! but it's kinda sad at the same time,oh well. any other good mmorpgs that may be good ?
  4. it's been a while dear gamers. well i just had some free time not long ago and decided to finally subscribe and enter lotro's realm,but i was stopped by some error like the one described in this link:http://support.turbine.com/link/portal/24001/24001/Article/468/Your-submission-contained-an-error-Please-try-again-Code-FTxTTCM6KOP-and-Your-submission-contained-an-error-Please-try-again-Code-FTx-FTx8YHNAQW0-FTx3BW7RECF and did the instructions in that page to fix my problem.yet i been waiting for a response from turbine but nothing so far. hope they'll fix this soon
  5. thanks for the info guys,it's a true shame that the game went downhill. i still remember back before it went to f2p that it was considered to be one of the best MMORPGs out there with an awesome/serious community of gamers/rpers. nevertheless,i shall try it out,i've always liked the atmosphere that game had (my preferate place is that place called the dark forest,or whatever it's name was) and for your info guys,i'm far from being a casual/noob gamer,i like only good RPGs with good game mechanics and story (kotor 1 and 2,the gothic trilogy,the elder scrolls, the witcher series and the risen series),basically for hardcore gamers. i also played online games in general but nothing really made me stay: -runes of magic -allods online -league of legends -path of exile (the one i liked most,but kinda got old like the others because it's story was dull,and not a fan of hack and slash,might come back to it though) i'll probably try LOTRO whenever i can,but the fact that the community there is almost dead makes me sad,because after all,one of the fan parts about an MMORPG is ofcourse it's community and being able to join guilds,team up,duels...etc i'm thinking about trying neverwinter,it's apparently a good game with some potential,especially with it's quest maker,we may get some crazy fan made quests like in the elder scrolls,namely skyrim
  6. wait why is it a good thing to download the game via steam ? what would it change ?
  7. lol thanks all for your enthusiasm guys ,i'll keep it in mind.
  8. very well thanks for the advice,i shall try it whenever i can and shall post my thoughts concerning it.
  9. hey folks,i'm new here ! i've been interrested in playing LOTRO for quite a while now,but never had courage to play it fearing that the passage f2p might kill the experience and the game with it. however i've heard good things about the game lately and that the devs reviewed the restritctions,so i may play it soon and be part of the community (which i find the most interresting thing on the game). so i have these couple questions: 1) did the game truly improove since it's passage to f2p ? have the abusive restrictions been reviewed ? 2) if i get all the game add-ons,will have i have access to the full contenant of the game ?(or at least the most of it) 3) will this game last for more years to come,and should the servers shut down,would there be a possiblity to keep playing the game offline or on private servers ? thank you all for your time and take care
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