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  1. Meh, more like alcohol poisoning and explaining to dipshits that every religion on earth plagiarize each other and came from astrology. It's not new year yet by the way, year of the sheep will begin on February 4th. It's still nice to celebrate a regular midnight though.
  2. Darmokk is happening I've noticed a decrease in quality conversations ever since he came to power. Pre Darmokk moderation was perfecto. Many good folk lost interest and left. Some for good.
  3. He was rude when he's been disagreed with. I'm not talking about this thread. I've seen his really angry and immature posts (was very fun to watch) when I wasn't a member here. When he is being called on his rude comebacks his usual response is to say he is sorry, that he was angry, tired whatever. Funny thing is he only does that when he is called out on it. Care to follow? Oh wait... Wait, wasn't this the right address? I'm confused...
  4. This describes Brokk perfectly, "No, the game is fine... Bitch". *snip* He was almost always rude on his comebacks too, so good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
  5. Uh huh. Let's see if you can do any of them without depending on your kin. 'My kin, my kin, my kin' lol that's just admitting the game is so dead, you can only play kin runs. By the way, I know an abandoned amusement park. I will go there with two of my friends. Bring yourself and your kin so we can prove to everyone that place is in fact alive!
  6. Awesome topiuc here https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?549916-Merge-the-Servers-Good-Grief! Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken!
  7. Lol, I told sHe was going to dry out very soon and sHe did. Worst of the worst people from sap forums hang out at this snake pit huh? But we can easily laugh it over because sHe is banned from sap forums as well
  8. Uh huh... I'm sure that's what happened since you said and never mentioned you told them to ban you up until now
  9. There again, asking for proof when sHe has no comeback
  10. Leave 2 dollar trollstan alone! or not > sHe will dry out very soon anyways. Manstan, I give you 2 dollar, we say you bye bye. I know your ban on that precious forum hurts like hell but it tastes very sweet here! Happy trolling wherever you go next! Ps. whining about very small and stupid things is not the same as being critical with turbine dear...
  11. Just remembered manstan was the lvl 58 player who was always on pvmp and endgame related threads to annoy people. 2.4k posts and very little knowledge of the game. If your goal was to reach 10k posts eventually, now it's game over. Which makes your ban much sweeter
  12. Sorry, I've been a bad rabbit... But manstan was really a pain on that forum. Dismissing people at its finest... After the horrible class changes, we saw an improvement. She focused on critisizing the game instead of putting down other people. I'm gonna miss seeing manstan at every thread over there, not!
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