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  1. Sweden is hopeless ... http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item.2476/exposed-code-291-the-swedish-police-code-to-keep-asylum-seekers-off-the-news.htm
  2. Would buy it ... ... but only if Turbine was no longer in charge of Lotro
  3. Reading the whole thing and all I thought was ...
  4. Ever since the Arya vs. the waif episode I'm really starting to lose my faith in that show. Wasn't the fact that no main character was safe the reason GoT became so successful? I'm not saying I was looking forward seeing Arya die, but she gets stabbed several times by a trained assassin, nearly drowns, runs through the city, kills the waif ... and survives all that? Come on, really? Same thing happend at the second battle of winterfell: the cavalry comes out of nowhere to save the day. Hope this season ends with a bang, otherwise I might not even bother watching season 7.
  5. Quick summary of the recent movies I've seen: Deadpool Batman vs. Superman
  6. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. At least there were no lense flares
  7. @1:04 mins: Wtf? Is *he* playing Lex Luthor? Why not go ahead and hire Nicolas Cage? Also, terrible pun is terrible. Sorry, no money from me.
  8. Are you VIP? Which questpacks do you own? If you have never been vip, the late lvl 30s would be the perfect time to start thinking about it, since this will not only unlock permanent perks for your character (as well as any character you'll create during your vip time) but also give you access to all areas during your subscription.
  9. And now ... Civil War: Is it just me or is there zero excitement in this trailer?
  10. Let's just hope it wont backfire, like the Xindi plot from Enterprise ...
  11. Looking back at season 1, there were a lot of weak moments. Shame we'll never know ... since she wanted to quit and have her character killed off. At least she said farewell to her fans, which was pretty damn cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZXAAwooVOA (Watch as the door closes)
  12. Voyager had the most unlikeable crew ever, not to mention the show made the borg appear far less threatening than they were in TNG (and First Contact) As for the new show: I hope & pray it's not set in the new nonsene universe that abrahms came up with. It could be based around the Enterprise - B though, since there's not a lot of information about that ship (let's just pretend "Generations" never happend, ok?) /Edit: Why did you hate Tasha, Spiteful? I liked her (although Worf soon became my new favorite character)
  13. I wish they would have made a 5th season of Enterprise ... Earth-Romulan war would have made a great setting.
  14. It would be fitting though: None of Abrams films made any sense in the past, so why would star wars 7 be any different? When I first saw the trailer I felt like watching a polished fanmade trailer for star wars 4. Why? Let's see: - A battle over a planet that looks a lot like Tatooine - Crashlanding on a desert planet - Main character lives on desert planet - Escape from Tatooine with the help ot the Millenium Falcon I'm pretty sure by the end of the movie the phrase: "I am your father" will be there somewhere. Take my word for it, it wouldn't be a Abrams movie if he didn't at least copy one iconic star wars quote and butcher it like only he can.
  15. Imagine turbine still had the money and the moria developers ... Minas Tirith would be mindblowing.
  16. I thought H1Z1 got swept away by this huge shitstorm?
  17. I like how they're still trying to sell dye in the shop after all these years.
  18. No worries: All the items people missed will be in the lotro storeTM shortly.
  19. Once enough people are fed up with lotro and finally decide to leave, there will be less lag (:
  20. You can now get Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 + Yuris Revenge for free on Origin. https://www.origin.com/en-de/store/buy/c-c-the-ultimate-collection/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition All I can say is:
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