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  1. Ive seen quite a few of the US series, never seen the Aussie original. Apparently the same guy plays Wilfred in both. I quite like it, and would probably loved it 20 or so years ago when my attitude to life was quite similar to the dog. In fact I liked it enough to name my new dog Wilf. So far he hasn't lived up to his namesake.
  2. They tend to shut down the forum during patching and give updates via twatter. They are prone to making fuck-ups with just about every patch. They are incredibly incompetent all round. I figure they are down to 1 man and his dog dev team, more and more mistakes are happening. Its sad really, BW were a respected game company but they really dropped the ball with this; possibly the biggest IP in the world. From start to finish they have made the wrong choices. Whether it was arrogance,ignorance or simple stupidity, they have made a laughing stock of what could have and should have been an absolute goldmine. At times they make turdbine look almost professional.Almost.
  3. Hi all, long time lurker occasional poster here. Just to give a different side to the wild animal remaining in the wild argument. My job is that of a falconer, ie training caring for and displaying raptors or birds of prey.I care for over 20 birds ranging in size from Burrowing owls up to a Golden eagle. All are captive bred and have been for generations, obviously if you go back far enough, wild birds were captured in order to start breeding projects. What many people fail to see is the number of species that would have died out in the wild without the use of breeding projects and re introductions. For example , the Red Kites in the UK. Californian Condors in the US. Our birds are not forced to do anything they dont want to do and fly freely daily. We do displays, educational visits and train those interested as a hobby. Sure there are some bad apples in falconry, but that can be said of anything really. But falconers generally put the welfare of the bird before themselves. Falconry is somewhat different to whales and zoo animals in that we release our birds daily. Literally free as a bird. The proof is in the pudding, if they are not happy with us, there is nothing to stop them flying away. If I do my job correctly and keep them happy, fit and well, there is no reason for them to do so. I love animals, detest bull fighting, fox hunting etc and find the ongoing badger cull an outrage. Im just saying not all of us who keep animals are cruel sadists, besides which, where do you draw the line? do you stop keeping cats, dogs etc? they were all wild animals once upon a time. Anyway, ramble over.
  4. @ Mmo Troll, check out Star Citizen. Chris Roberts new venture. $8.3M raised by Kickstarter and fan funding so far. A planned single player/ co-op game plus a persistant universe to explore too.Not out for 2-3 years but if you invest enough, you get access to alpha and beta modules.
  5. Forget housing revamps etc, for 5k TP Id want "The One Ring" + godmode accountwide.
  6. Its perfect timing for me.I will patch, log in and run thru the Epic book,I played it in beta and its quite enjoyable.Im not really bothered about the instances. After that I will hang around chatting with my kin, say my goodbyes and log out.That will take 2 hours tops. Im hoping to be in early access for TOR from the 13th so no reason to go back to LOTR for a long time, other than to say howdy to my friends who have stayed behind. The guild I am in for TOR is made up of EU players from LOTRO,Rift,STO and WoW.I think pretty much all MMOs are gonna take a hit,whether its sustained is another thing.
  7. I played for nearly 30 hours over the weekend and thought it was excellent.I played on a US server and had no queues,no crashes and no lag.Other than a few minor bugs and a bit of tweaking I think its good to go. I played a jedi consular and chose the telekinetic sage- totally awesome! I levelled up to nearly 21 so gained my lightsabre, 1st companion and ship.I played mostly solo, but by setting up the companion right,it was like being in a duo.I play a LM in LOTR so im used to having a pet around, but these companions are so much more than that.Pet is insulting really.They can really turn the tide in combat,craft for you and can be sent off on missions alone for rewards One thing no one has mentioned,only a little thing. Currency is credits but also on each planet u earn commendations and there are various other tokens.TOR keeps all of them in a seperate wallet away from your bags or vault.And it works, unlike the failed attempt in LOTR. Im def getting a 6 month sub and see myself spending a long time in a galaxy far far away.I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this game, in my opinion its great and with a few tweaks will be excellent.
  8. Hey Cossie, if you go to the SWTOR forums there is now a spoilers section which is full of vids,links, etc. The NDA is down so most info is now available.
  9. The site just crashed on me again. But no worries cos I got the final email earlier. Im in phase 1 from 4.00pm UK time on Friday. So, I got a choice- the autumn festival again or a whole new universe to explore.Hmm tough one that. Big queues and endless crashes with occasional lightsabre action or the Haunted Burrow and Fashion Maven??? Sorry Turdbine, you just didnt try hard enough (again). If TOR is half as good as I hope it to be,then its bye-bye LOTRO, and Im not the only one.Lean times ahead for Turdbine I think.Shame. LMFAO.
  10. The big weekend stress test beta is now available to download
  11. Ok,here we go. Dec 2011.- The delayed instances will be released on Dec 20th, in a vain,desperate and ultimately futile attempt to keep players from starting SWTOR. Jan/Feb.- Player numbers will drop like a stone as TOR fever spreads like wildfire. March.- Server consolidation begins with a 25% reduction. April.- Hacked again. June.- LOTRO free update:- Shiny new 3D store and 50 lame quests involving fetching wood,mopping tables and gathering flowers. Aug.- Lil Ricky declares himself emporer of the internet and bans its use by anyone except his elite guard of sycophants.The great internet wars have begun. Sept.- The truth is revealed, all the hacks were done by ricky himself for giggles.Further server consolidation. Oct.- Release of another store exclusive halloween mount.Glows blue this time !!! Nov.- Release of new expac to general apathy from remaining playerbase.Brand new 3D shopkeeper in brand new store.Oh, and some quests. Dec.-TOR releases expac1 and dances on the grave of LOTRO, laughing like a drain.Lil Ricky is replaced by Elmer Fudd and is last seen drowning in his own tears whilst choking Kate Paiz. WB announce the game will end in June 2013.A single voice says "so what?" from a galaxy far,far away.
  12. Thats what I found disappointing with this expac- the largely unheroic nature of the quests. Postman/errend boy have been mentioned,later on you become more of a skivvy,almost a slave.There are too many "fetch me/find me" type quests and not enough heroic ones. The maps are ok and the scenary is great but I feel the quests are monotonous time fillers.Almost as if they have been written by a trainee.I dragged a char thru beta and was underwhelmed.Im going to take my main thru to lvl75 then park her up till something worthwhile is released.My alts are gonna have a holiday. To me, the game has lost its direction and appeal.Its not fun anymore,just an ever growing grind. Sad really, it used to be cool.
  13. Finally got connected at 11.55pm last night. 20 mins later in game. I didnt stay long, just completed the next tier of guild crafting. Then out of curiosity; i clicked on the store. And it didnt work! Glorious. All their new shiny tat unavailable HA-HA.I dont know if its working now, but that made my night after the appalling updating saga. Bah,now its saying that the store is back open but i cant connect to check it out. They really have made a right mess of this update.
  14. One day soon, we will log in and find all our chars bags have been converted into shopping baskets. Maybe the next store exclusive mount will make people smile. Its a giant shopping trolley that you sit in and get pushed around by a shame faced troll. The grind is getting worse, the new expac has numerous rep grinds to wade thru. Or you can buy scrolls from the store to speed it up. The grind and the store are so tightly linked now simply to squeeze more money out of us.
  15. I said I hope BW dont screw up. Im not worried about the gameplay,although I doubt it will be as groundbreaking as some might hope.Im worried about BW community relations.Sounds familiar? Im not saying they are forum divinitys like sapience thinks he is,theres no Disappearing of people there.But their advertising promises are falling like nine pins. The bold "Simultaneous global release"was found to be false when folk from Australia/NZ/South America/Africa and parts of Europe tried to preorder and couldnt due to them being outside the release zone.They became known as Redzoners Next, Europe found it would be behind the US due to the traditional shop restocking days of Tue and Fri for NA, EU respectively.Follow that with the closed beta testing which everyone was encouraged to sign up for over a year ago.Turns out pretty much only NA have been in there too. There has been an absolute shitstorm on their forums about it all.Its calmed down a bit now since they finally decided to post a few replies on the official forum instead of Twitter.Mind you,Turbine announced the NDA drop on twitter 1st.It was over an hour before it was posted on the forum. Maybe community reps are in a secret,shadowy union and all meet up at game expos andlaugh at us all. So yes Im gonna give LOTRO a rest and try TOR.But it seems like "new game,same old shit" as far as community relations go.
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