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  1. I've stopped playing the game seriously a long time ago but came back from time to time to see if there was any new activity in my favorite thread, the Exploring 56k thread: https://lotrocommunity.com/forum/topic/2080-explore-middle-earth-56k-warning/?tab=comments#comment-47748 R.I.P. my favorite thread, how often did i log in just to see the new awesome screeenshots others had postet here from hard / impossible to reach places and how jealous i was when i didn't know how to make it there. Yeah, jumping on rocks for hours to get up on that sterile green plateau that led out of the game world somewhere into the nothingness was way more appealing to me than killing another 300 wargs for another trait point during my last years in the game...
  2. She's shaking because when she hears the hymn she gets reminded of all the millions of people she betrayed and the country she destroyed, for zionists sake. I wish her a slow and painful death, may she forever burn in hell!
  3. I wouldn‘t be surprised if SSG comes up with LTAs for the legendary servers as soon as population starts to dwindle to milk the last penny out of their stupid lemmings. And i can already imagine the excitement on the offical forums from the usual suspects.
  4. I wonder how popular the server would be if it would be a real classic server. With VIP only and no store, and everything like in 2007. I think that at least 95% of the actual playerbase would switch over there, as well as thousands and thousands of players who had left would return, for old times sake. This way they could cash in like crazy, but the actual legendary server will be dead in no time.
  5. Thanks, at least it is still there (but for how long...). Can't believe what they did to southern Ered Luin ?
  6. Those places would soon be gone forever or at least gated out of the gaming world anyway it seems, so this last attempt by some players to save them won't matter. Over the last years screenshots of off-map places on the OF would have been a really bad idea, now maybe they see how much love people feel for this places...
  7. Jadis, since you are on Bullroarer, did you already find the abandoned camp 2.0 in Andrath ? Is it worth seeing it? What about the oldforest cemetery, is it still there? RubenRyb aka Yao, an old explorer from the old Lotrolife hobbit&squirrels thread has commented on the OF about the updates...
  8. Uhm... what?? Think i have seen enough, if this will come i'm done with the game. Content has already been very poor over the last years, the only thing that still stood out were the old regions, even when they reworked and watered down the quest content there. But even just riding around there gave me that nostalgic feeling from days long ago again. The old areas were unique, each one for itself. Can't believe how all the douche bags in the OF celebrate that copy/paste bullshit.
  9. Whoa yeah, this sucks hard. Hate how all the butt-munches in the comments are whining "thank you for this and welcome back blabla", pure cancer. When will this shit go live? Because i haven't played seriously in a long time anyway, but when i am finally no longer able to reach the off-map places in the old regions, i will be completely done with this crapfest that has once been a great game.
  10. While browsing the offical forums the other day i came up with a completely random thought - has anyone ever been out exploring and having Erebrandirs Horseshoe equipped? I doubt it will have any effect, but who knows, this thing sometimes changes little things in the game, like giving a buff, changes lines in quest texts or spawning extra NPCs. They never said what all of it's effects are... I equipped it and tried to visit hobbit & squirrels but no luck, invisible wall still wouldn't let me pass, and escaping in the southern lone-lands towards the hidden village still resulted in a port. Anyone tried this also in other places? I know it is a total crazy idea, but hey, who knows...
  11. The douche-bags at Standing Still Games ruined this once so cool place for explorers, the ruins in Haudh lin in Ered Luin. They made a real jungle out of this place Before, until a few months ago: Now, after one of the last updates: What a senseless change...
  12. Nice pictures Pontin, this is also one of my absolute favorite places to go, but i prefer the old forest cemetery, did you go there too? To add something, this is also a spot i really like, pretty nice views from here. It's above the festival garden in Duillont
  13. Thanks to the help of my friend Jadis i was able to find this real cool place in Moria, in The Old Silvertine City. You can get behind a building there, and upon further exploring... well, just see the pictures Behind the building Up the hill, looking down After jumping down, you can see the plain green plains we explorers love so much to see. As soon as you enter these, the game colors change Steep walls everywhere, but when getting closer, you can see through them and look down to a strange looking Zelem-Melek End of the journey, as usual, in a perma-fall, but as always, "stuck" got me out Happy exploring everyone
  14. Nice pictures, Pontin, i love to see some new posts in here! The shire offers a lot of cool places to visit. There is a river, a bit east from your spot: Up on the hill in Frogmorton: Mathom house from above: Behind the gate to the far downs: I'm on Belegaer-DE, if someone is interested in having an exploer adventure together
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