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  1. Thanks Aylwen, these are really awesome pictures. Exploring could be so much fun if they wouldn't have put in the invisble walls and Archet barriers...

    My favorite so far is the "pvmp prototype area". Though they are probably unreachable forever, i would really like to know where unused places like this are located. Are they very far out of the map or just a bit behind the teleporters/walls, hidden behind a mountain or something? Are they on every server or just on a testserver? And once created, do places like this stay in the game forever, abandoned, or do they get deleted when they no longer serve any purpose?

  2. That's fab, l found this on properties available in middle earth,,, pretty cool huh? http://www.anglianhome.co.uk/goodtobehome/fun/homes-of-middle-earth/#.VFs-o_msWVN


    You're sure this is about off-map experiences? ;-)


    To add something to the topic, here are a few old ones i have still around, haven't played in a while. Not all that awesome and i'm sure most of you know these places.

    Above Rivendell


    Behind Great Barrows


    Isen Valley




    If anyone knows how to get to the place in this video i would really appreciate a PM ;)


  3. -Started with F2P release in october '10. missed the "glorious early days"

    -Immediately became hooked, immediately became VIP for almost 2 years, never played a mmo before, was total noob but loved it and was online for many many hours each day, joined different kins to find "the right one", tried to bring friends into the game.

    -Played one char to the max., 65 at that time, started two toons

    -Already felt a difference in quality from SoA content to MoM content to Mirkwood/Enedwaith content

    -Was a solo player most of the time, but really enjoyed group content as well, even most of the time it was random PUG's, liked the idea that some things are only rechachable in groups

    -Was bored with all the 65-75 Isengart content i did with only one char

    -Was even more bored with all the 75-85 Rohan content i did with only one char

    -Didn't do any more boring content and left all my chars were i had parked them...

    -Hated that they always had to change existing systems like the LI system, chars and their skills, or the trait trees and so on which always forced you to relearn your character from scratch. A very interesting new way to "create content".

    -Tried mounted combat, found it crappy but found out that the new horses are great for reaching previously unreachable off-map spots :+

    -Left the game after that, never played another mmo game, logged in every few weeks just to see all old friends and kinnies left the game as well

    -Log in to pay housing costs every few months, don't even know why, then log off for weeks again

    -I just logged in a few minutes ago for the first time in weeks after patching forever to see the following:

    29 people in glff! Ok, it's 2 a.m. here right now, but even three years ago during that time of day there were at least 300+ players online on Vanyar, the most active german server besides Belegaer.

    -After about 5 minutes in-game i am "frozen" and get the message "the connection to the server has been lost". Great!

    -Hates what the game has become, but is still not able to abondon it completely...

  4. They only fixed flying because it was able to occur in the moors, to both freep and creep.


    Turbine really does pay some attention to that place despite the complete lack of significant updates, it's really strange to try and describe. Surrounding the entire ettenmoors is a gigantic killbox and whole fucking armada of invisible walls. Any exploits (i don't mean overpowered creeps) in the moors are fixed pretty fast compared to the rest of the game.


    It's probably because they realize that once you ding 100 you have literally nothing to do except grind your gear and PvMP. Gotta atleast make it playable.


    Turbine is only quick in fixing bugs in the moors because they realized it's the last remaining reason for people to stay VIP :*)

  5. eventually i was able to retreat to the graveyard (was stuck, then incap)


    this was south of the lonelands, said satans swimming pool was the river between trollshaws & ll


    it was some scary shit

    Glad to hear that you were able to save your char.

    I have been swimming in there too, but haven't had any issues.

    Did you swim downwards to the south to check out how far you can go?

    This may be a reason, maybe you have crossed the line where you get teleported away when you're on land-based terrain, but maybe the game acts different when you cross this line while in beeing in the water. Or do you know that you have been far away from said "teleporting-line"?

  6. friendly reminder to all explorers


    water that you may find out of the matrix is not friendly water


    try avoid swimming in it, you may get swallowed by it and fall through the world and/or insta incap.


    i call it "satan's swimming pool"


    this information was figured out barely 20 minutes before making this post

    Sounds horrible, sorry to hear this.

    What happened then? Could you rescue your char? Or did you contact a GM?

    Where did this happen (just to make sure i won't get trapped the same way)?

  7. I am not 100% sure, but as everyone noticed you can't do nothing about invisible walls, but fix me unassigned area that ports you to starter are, supposedly you can enter it with some bug, and then you won't get ported.. at least that is what someone told me.. there are numerous areas where there are less walls and more fix me areas so it's worth trying, you never know..


  8. In case someone here doesn't know it already, there is a great thread in another forum that is exclusively about off-map-exploring.

    It's a long abandoned fan-forum, overtaken by spambots and such, but that one thread is somewhat still active, with only a few active members left, sometimes not posting anything for many months, but mostly whenever a new add-on is released they come back for a while just to do some exploration in the new regions.

    They're mostly people that have moved on to other games a long time ago but can't let go of the game for that challenging little exploration game.

    The thread goes back 'til 2008 and is about the most compiled info about exploring in lotro you can find on the net. Of course, in all these years, many exits have been locked by turbine, and many great screenshots from awesome off-map locations have expired from the imagehosting sites they have once been uploaded to.

    However, it's still fun to read even without the screenshots, i have it bookmarked since many years and check in there for news every once in a while.

    Recommended for all my exploring friends  ;-)




    (Check the screenshots in the last post of page 22, this is so awesome! You will never ever get that far off-map again :( Also brings some back nostalgic memories when i see the old map...  : )



  9. Dorf, how the hell can you go off-map in southern lone-lands and not share a picture of the hidden village there??

    Let me do that for you, to raise other ones interest in off-map exploration, the last thing in LOTRO that feels like a real adventure!

    Sadly that's the closest you can get :(




    Dorf, you have already helped me a lot in the past with hints to get off-map in specific places, maybe you can also give me a hint about that flying thing. I already read a lot about it on the net and tried to get it going myself for many hours, but still no success.
    A PM would be fine?! :)

  10. The best times were the SOA and MOM days!


    We played every free minute, and when i was at work i was reading the forums all day long (had a boring job back then) to not miss a single thing.


    Everything was new and everyone was full of enthusiasm, group content- and play was everywhere and all the forum posts were about how great the game was and how everyone was thrilled to discover more and more of this awesome new world. Kins were formed everywhere and lots of fan sites were created on the web.

    I slowly played my char up, joined and left kins and found friends. They are all gone since a long time now...

    After SOA and MOM it went down for me. The new questlines that lead you completly through an area without the possibility to miss a single quest or not discover automatically all places for the discoverer deeds really bored me. I liked it the old way, when quest chains ended with a group quest, or you sometimes ended up with no new quest at all and had to look for yourself for a new NPC to keep you busy...


    Also, so much has changed over the years that took away the flavor that made the game so special. So many little things... If i would think about it there would probably be dozens, but i will name just a few things.

    Remember when named mobs still dropped unique items? It made it challenging to really get this one special mob and added a lot to the flavor to get a critters special teeth, tail or claw for your recipe rather than a boring shard. Yes they were farmed like hell, but i would rather look for hours for a particular mob than run the same old instances over and over again for a few more random coins or marks...

    Glorfindels buff? Today there is no reason to ever go back again to an area which you have finished...

    When quests were fun and memorable, and their rewards were sometimes unique... Everyone here remembers the quest in the Shire were you had to look for the black rider AT NIGHT. And when they sent you out to look for boars in Evendim. And when you had to arrange that wedding ceremony in Forochel. Or the hurt ranger out in the wilds behind Esteldin, which will get you attacked by three Rheuta-lemnä Warriors as soon as you get near him, with him yelling "Run, it's a trap". Snowstorms in Misty Mountains when a rare mob is near you. Today it's only "Kill x something" or "Collect x something else" and a lot of NPC blabla talking in between. Can't remember a single quest i've completed after Mirkwood. Getting a cake or a mail bag for roleplay purposes after completing the cake or mail quest chains in the shire was also cool, as well as Roland Nachtings (sp?) pipe in the northern shire, not that these things are of much use, but at least it's a unique quest reward, something that is missing completly these days.

    There are a lot more, but these are the first that come to mind at the moment. Feel free to add more.


    And now look what the game has become.

    Empty servers, boring grind instead of new content, the forums are full of hate, lags and bugs exist for years, all fan sites are dead and abandoned, faceroll gameplay, soloing everything with one-hitting landscape mobs... yeah, very lorewise. Even the festivals, usually meant to bring fun have became a grind and nothing else.

    I stopped playing with the skill tree stuff. Maybe i would have even liked it, i don't know... It's because i don't have the time to play anymore, i have a fulltime job with working in shifts now, a wife and a kid. And when i only have a handfull of hours a month to play a game i want to play (!), and not relearn all the things i already knew since years again from scratch. Class changes, skill tree stuff, LI changes... Why don't they just leave things as they are? But from what i read in the forums i'm not missing much...


    These days i log in about once or twice a month, to do... yeah, nothing. I can't get myself to play. I levelled three chars, one to 85 and the others are around lvl 60+-. I have seen the old content often enough, and have no need to replay the newer stuff. When i log in these days i mostly just ride around and look for exits to do some off-map exploration, it's sad that the game's fun is reduced to such little things for me nowadays. It's fascinating how busy Turbine is to implement invisible walls whenever a new off-map screenshot appears somewhere on the web, but are not able to fix their bugs and lags for years.


    The game will be dying sooner or later, but it is all turbine's fault. There were so much possibilities, and they made the worst out of it. For example they could have implemented way more areas, middle earth is very big. For example an area like the grey havens, even if there weren't any quests or deeds and just some cities, villages and npcs and a lot of nice landscapes, players would have loved to explore such regions...


    Anyway, i will be there until the end, active playing or not, i have spent way too much great time in this game to just abandon it completly...

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  11. Hi!

    Finally decided to sign up on this forum too just to reply to this thread.

    I really like out of map exploring, though i rarely do it cause i lack the time to play (job and family) and the patience to manage to make the "one deciding jump"...

    Dorf, i guess you already know this thread? Almost 40 pages full of out of map exploration, filled with lots of cool screenshots. Sadly, most of the older screenshots from ~2009, when there were no invisible walls or something, are no longer available :(

    The places that interest me the most are the ones where there is actually something to see. Since i have seen it in the thread i mentioned i so badly wanted to see the abandoned campside and the hidden cemetery south of bree. Were these screenshots you posted made recently? Are these still reachable? If so, maybe you could give me some hints how to get there via PM? I know how to get out in two places in southern Barrow Downs, but are these the right ones and where to go from there without being teleported...

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