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  1. Well... you do dual wield battle axes... bigly battle axes at that. lol a new Kaby Lake 7700k overclocked and SLI 1080ti... yup... that is what LOTRO needs!!! For those playing and enjoying LOTRO = good for you! I would like to play as well if I had the time... But don't rag on those who simply can't endure the OBVIOUS and MULTIPLE issues LOTRO is burdened with in it's current state.
  2. haha... well... yes I read it as being a jab at the withdrawn health care legislation... and therefore a "loss" according to you. But... that legislation was terrible and not really a "loss" IMO that it didn't have the votes as it would've proven a true loss in the midterms if it had actually went to a vote and passed. So, for me, the withdrawal really was #winning. Perhaps even resulting in Ryan being replaced as speaker = more #winning. #fetchquest #winning ... oxymoron? I agree Fundin = repeal. I believe that there are "some" areas where "limited" government involvement health care could be advantageous.
  3. #winning? Obamacare is #winning? Yup... you truly are a #fetchquest warrior. Trump should never have gotten on board the Ryan Care trainwrek. Bannon... Bannon Care FTW! Edit: I should expand... There is enough data out there on socialized medicine to determine what is cost effective and what isn't. A piecemeal process that delivers the most benefit and also saves money? Why not? Prescription meds cost a fortune in the USA so I would start by reaming the pharmaceutical companies up the rear with a "single payer" form of pharmaceutical supply.
  4. I haven't done any gaming in ~18 months or so. I log in occasionally and I would play (buy a sub to boot)... but I don't have the time. My kin is dead as well...
  5. Parliament terror... Stiff upper lip, lads. Find those responsible and give 'em some Rule Britannia right up the ass... Allahu Akbar indeed...
  6. Naw... nothing so nefarious... a gamer geek ... A gamer geek who has just been through a few boss fights and gained a ton of experience and kewl lewt that will help in future raids...but I do love the snowflake tears of those who whine that they want the ability to craft raid lewt or just eliminate raids altogether in favor of more "fetch quests". Who are you?
  7. hehe... actually a lot of my goals were accomplished in the Dutch election as well. Sure I would've liked to have seen PVV with 50 seats instead of 20... but... the mainstream political parties also took a thumping and Rutte is going to have a bugger of a time dividing up the juicy cabinet posts and keeping a coalition happy / intact. We'll see how functional that coalition looks a few months from now. Meanwhile... Waiting patiently for the next nail in EU coffin.
  8. Yup Viking snowflakes kittens... rue the day they are unleashed on the world! ... *shudder* ABBA apocalypse!
  9. Disappointed... looks like I will have to be patient for the global decent into anarchy. Slow, painful death for the EU it would seem as it is also unlikely Le Pen will come out on top of the second round in France. Economic migrants... financial collapse (Greek or ???)... populist revolutions... the catalysts are lined up.
  10. Big vote up for that as I also see both Brave New World and 1984 as alive and well... Brave New World aspect actually scares me more, surprisingly, as I see it in the much hated (my hatred) progressive movement. I don't find it particularly strange that both visions manifest concurrently, however. Your chocolate ration is increasing to 7 grams from 9 grams! Rejoice! Burn it down! Burn it all down baby... that even bigger fires may result!
  11. "fake news" like "Trump didn't pay taxes for 18 years"... MSM speculation based on very little evidence and presented as news = lolz now! I haven't followed the microwave stuff but it seems an actual microwave oven was suggested as a spy tool? The microwave electromagnetic spectrum "is" useful for surveillance purposes... and a camera or microphone can be added to just about anything... your cats butt could be wired for sound . And here we enter the realm insidious adding a grain of truth into a shit-load of disinformation. Orwellian! On a brighter note... Go Geert!!!
  12. I am so very sad to read this Spiteful. I just said a prayer for you. I don't know if it means anything to you but hope you accept it in the spirit intended.
  13. Haha... Been watching the "deep state" news lately and the "leaks" about Trump to MSM types? Is it beyond the realm of possibility that there is at least one or two deep state leakers that didn't worship Obama/Clinton types? Ever think that Trump now has access to all the dirty laundry of Slick Willy and Obama? Would have to dig through the records but I have read somewhere that Bannon (I believe) has had teams of devotees doing exactly that. Watch Breitbart and Drudge and... for some "scoops" in days / weeks to come. hehe Oh how I'll love it when someday a little spark turns into an establishment firestorm.
  14. CIA Wikileaks... burn it down and scatter the ashes to the wind. Perhaps more ahead and form other agencies as well? Put the fear into the intelligence community and the whole rotten to the core globalist swamp. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/776066/Vault-7-what-is-Year-Zero-release-latest-WikiLeaks-Julian-Assange-announcement
  15. Haha... with Warner and Jackson in the loop the Perfesser (Hobbit spelling) need not fear his wonderful world will be raped / exploited.
  16. Well, yes, you did say that really as the Hypocrisy charge requires some sort of comparative equivalency. If Hillary had only used her private server for those 33,000 deleted "legitimate" cake recipes *cough* nobody, including Pence, would have a problem with that. It was what that private server was actually used for, and it's vulnerability / illegality for that purpose, that made it an issue. Pence did use his private server for work purposes so equivalency could be determined on an innocuous level but there is no equivalency, IMO, between the type of National Security information made vulnerable on Hillary's private server which is the actual basis for the condemnation against Hillary. Lock her up!
  17. Y'all have changed my mind. Exposure of Russian, Chinese, Iranian, military... intelligence is exactly the same as exposure of Indiana National Guard deployments. Good thing Hillary deleted those 30,000 cake recipes or the Rooskies would have those as well! Damn you Pence! Bingo! Evil bastards and their email vulnerabilities!
  18. Pence was Governor of Indiana... Clinton was Secretary of State and former First Lady... see any difference as might relate to National Security issues? Step up your game cossie. Those dang Rooskies dun gone and hacked the Indy 500 emails!!!111!!!! Nuke the pinko bastards!
  19. And it seems Obama is responsible for leaving this information as a poison pill for Trump by spreading the info as far and wide as possible prior to inauguration. I hope it can be proven and tracked all the way to Obama but his "Consigliere" (read "The Godfather") would have to turn over... or perhaps he laid out his plans in an email to Hillary? hehe https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/01/us/politics/obama-trump-russia-election-hacking.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0 Edit: Doah... I had read Almagnus post earlier but before he had added his own edit and link.
  20. What a bunch of whiny bastards... I got me a boil on my butt older than you. Baby boomers! That's were it's at! Now do your job... go to work and pay taxes so you can pay for my health care.
  21. lol "feel the Bern"... But it was bigger than Bernie's or Hillary's inaugural crowd... feel the Bern indeed!
  22. Didn't you take a trip to Japan recently, Doro? There has been much debate over the pros / cons of using the 2 nukes... we will never know which was the wisest decision. I take issue with "holding the world hostage" though. It has been over 70 years since nukes were used and who woulda thunk it back in the 50's? Sanity says a couple hundred would be "enough" for deterrent...
  23. Glad you escaped unscathed Doro. Perfectly illustrates the lunacy of English gun control... what if there had been no bin available for this hoodlum to vent his violence upon? I can tell you now his hate filled, blood shot eyes would've turned on you, some other innocent passer-by or small furry animal. In an open carry society he wouldn't dare! As for the storm = stay safe. In my years I have witnessed the power of wind... truly awe inspiring.
  24. Now, now, play nice assholes everyone. On the bright side... Trump ends federal level Transgender bathroom regulations... progressives say I should check my privilege and I say they should check their bits 'n pieces. and Trump is moving on declaring Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization... Sweetness! More please!
  25. My thoughts exactly... but different. I have posted several times here about "riots" and "violence". IMO the pendulum has began to swing (edit: "turn" not "swing" is what I meant) and those indoctrinated into the progressive mindset, and unable to break free of that inertia, will, if history teaches, resist to the point of violence to the forces of change. I see the same turbulence of the 60's looming if Trump succeeds in implementing his agenda and if Europe continues on it's current pendulum swing as well. I welcome this shift... but I see, potentially, perilous times ahead... who will win?
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