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  1. I agree with this. Eastern Rohan(RoR) was far from being Turbine's best work, but it still wasn't nearly as bad as Western Rohan(Helm's Deep) was. Trying to climb the Beacon near the end of RoR was the first time that I suspected that the devs might be fucking with us. Helm's Deep made me really start wondering if that was the case considering how absolutely tedious and uninspired so much of it's content was. And don't even get me started on how bad Epic Battles are. Between the release of RoR and HD lies Wildermore- A completely extraneous lagfest with a stupid, nonsensical story. And then after HD came Fangorn, which was nothing more than a thinly veiled reputation grind with hardly any content to speak of. And after that? Arguably the single biggest missed opportunity in all of LotRO- The Paths of the Dead. Just a simple run through where you fight a few stray mobs. Back in the MoM era we all assumed that PotD couldn't be anything other than a truly epic raid cluster... I spent nearly a year away from the game due to my discontent with how bad this game was in that era. But for how bad all that content is, the moment you step out of PotD into Western Gondor, the game actually gets good again until Minas Tirith's epic fetch quests.
  2. I don't have empirical data to show, but it's quite evident nonetheless, IMO. Most of the big IPs have been tried. Most of the successful MMOs are getting long in the tooth. There aren't any "big"* MMOs currently in development, and none based on an established IP- at least none that I'm aware of. The industry is mostly focused on retaining customers in the games that already do exist. It should be telling that the investor class has finally stopped trying to fund the mythical "WoW Killer"- that boat has clearly sailed. * Subjective, but I doubt that Crowfall is going to be the next ESO. If your go-to example for 2D Isometric is PoE, then I feel that it's my duty to pimp the Baldur's Gate & Icewind Dale games to you.
  3. There's not going to be another LotR MMO. The MMO industry is in definite decline, and the IP's peak in popularity has passed. There were other factors at play that made the prospect of a second Star Wars MMO look appealing: SWG was handled poorly, and people like to forget that it was a huge deal that BioWare(the RPG powerhouse that made KOTOR I & II) was making their first foray into the MMO genre.
  4. Don't be so defensive. In a recent thread about WoW, I mentioned that a lot of people constantly hate on WoW's art style(which I personally adore), but that it's a perfectly valid reason which keeps them from playing or enjoying WoW. That's my exact situation in regards to FFXIV. It could quantifiably be the greatest game ever made, but that art style is a complete turnoff. It's nothing at all like your hypothetical American objecting to English spelling in LotRO. That's not really an issue of "taste", but an intention to remain true to the conventions of the IP's creator. No American that's read Tolkien could possibly be xenophobic enough to give a shit, regardless of how pointlessly antiquated we find the spelling of words like "centre" to be. The occasional word spelled in a different manner is seen only rarely, whereas a style of graphics is seen literally every second that you play a game. TL;DR: You can't debate matters of taste.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I just have a visceral negative reaction to virtually everything that's anime-ish. That said, I only hear good things about the FF MMO.
  6. WoW has always been a very good game. Sure, sometimes they do shit people don't like(Cataclysm, pandas, garrisons), but they hit far more often than they miss. There's a reason why they've always been substantially more successful than any other MMO. But with that level of popularity comes a lot of negativity from some quarters. I hear a lot of people say that they hate WoW's graphical style(which I love). That's a completely legitimate viewpoint to have, but it doesn't make WoW a flaming pile of shit just because you personally don't like it. I still think everyone needs to check out one or two of the better, more established private servers just to see what it was like at it's peak quality(Vanilla through Wrath of the Lich King).
  7. ^^^ They're almost making it sound like there's going to be another expansion coming out for Mordor. The cynical side of me assumes that it would be an extremely sub-par cash grab shortly before the lights go out for good, but who knows?
  8. I'll pretty much guarantee you that the game will be up and running through at least Dec 31st, 2016. After that, who knows?
  9. I'll hate to see LotRO close down, but this is a pretty clear indication that things are starting to wind down. We'll see The Black Gates, and maybe something in Mordor itself. If we're super lucky, we'll get The Scouring of the Shire.
  10. Even if they do lose the license(which I'm leaning towards "yes" on), I doubt they'd have to shut the servers down at a given time. Someone here once said that losing the license would only prohibit them from making any new content, and I agree that that would likely be the case. The servers will stay up as long as they see actual profits.
  11. I agree, it's a good map. Btw, you left off Wildermore, Fangorn & Paths of the Dead.
  12. Making a mad dash to Mordor is a slightly more recent decision that's heavily influenced by business and licensing concerns. Detours through Southern Mirkwood and the inexplicably huge amount of time we spent with the Dunlandings were decisions made on someone else's watch, and in a far different business climate. There was literally never going to be a scenario in which players didn't at least pass through both Rohan & Gondor.
  13. Looks like another person just found out why RP servers are always the best ones to roll on! I also play on Wyrmrest Accord, although I haven't subbed for 13 months. I know a lot of people around here have a major stick up their ass about the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval, but let's not let those anecdotes detract from the larger point. In every game I've played, the RP servers are always the friendliest and they're always among the very biggest a game has(WoW may be the exception to this). But the vast majority of people playing on RP servers(80%+) don't actually roleplay at all. RP server players tend to be a little more mature, and trolls are almost nonexistent. It's sad to see people switch from MMO to MMO continually rolling fresh on miscellaneous little backwater servers that will always be among the first to die or get merged. Whenever I try a new MMO, I always research the server situation before rolling, and I have never once been disappointed.
  14. That's likely due to the game's playerbase being reduced to the true diehards that aren't going to abandon ship for any reason whatsoever. Turbine can count on people like Nymphonic and Bango being there until the end of all things. And they know it.
  15. The fact that this post is still up is quite telling unto itself: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?594793-Official-New-Server-Hardware-Thread&p=7534686#post7534686
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