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  1. So it was much ado about nothing really? I'm happy enough with their model. I'm pretty damn casual these days anyhow. I have farmers that I will log through and make a couple gold. I play the mini-ebay game now. Kind of got bored. Still think it is a great MMO but these days my gaming is traditional 4X where I can leave it for several hours with no notice and no guilt of abandoning a team.
  2. The best I can make out is existing players will have to buy the expansion if they want it, but those who purchase it get the base original game with it, plus I believe if they pre-order they get a character slot or something. Not sure how the tiers and timing work. Lots of butt hurt over this and I am failing to see it. People seem to want to speak for me and tell me I am getting ripped off, but I have already reaped the rewards of playing since launch. I've gotten so many of the scarlet rewards that may never return, the whole living story for free, over 2 years of playing, and while I will not pre-order anything and doubt I will ever be motivated to pay the initial price, I still may get the expansion. The only real gripe I can understand are those new players who recently bought the discounted original and have now found out that they could have waited (until August?) and gotten both at an overall discount. Sort of.
  3. ​Are frowned upon. Don't type like a history major.
  4. Maybe it is because of their continued focus on consoles? The bar is lower, sequels can be just overpriced DLCs and hardware specs aren't as robust or made to the same dynamic. If a good chunk of your customer base is made up of filthy console peasants with money, you can afford to treat them as such, right?
  5. http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/unused-audio-commentary-by-howard-zinn-and-noam-chomsky-recorded-summer-2002-for-the-fellowship-of-the-ring-platinum-series-extended-edition-dvd-part-one CHOMSKY: And here comes Bilbo Baggins. Now, this is, to my mind, where the story begins to reveal its deeper truths. In the books we learn that Saruman was spying on Gandalf for years. And he wondered why Gandalf was traveling so incessantly to the Shire. As Tolkien later establishes, the Shire’s surfeit of pipe-weed is one of the major reasons for Gandalf’s continued visits. ZINN: You view the conflict as being primarily about pipe-weed, do you not? CHOMSKY: Well, what we see here, in Hobbiton, farmers tilling crops. The thing to remember is that the crop they are tilling is, in fact, pipe-weed, an addictive drug transported and sold throughout Middle Earth for great profit.
  6. ​This guy had the moustache and everything, except he was bigger around, and had more gear on him. But the segway sealed it. I have never actually seen one using these before. I guess it did give him a height advantage for seeing over the crowd, but 300-400lbs scootin' along looked like an accident waiting to happen.
  7. crap sorry that is the best I can do in my current multitasking state. The backstory is over a decade old, google "mall ninja".
  8. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=blart+mall+cop+2&view=detailv2&&&id=131F4FCFD6FF5AF927805D5ADA24C81AEEBE0EEC&selectedIndex=30&ccid=%2fM5EJqYE&simid=608013034357328914&thid=JN.JorJ3GnyGCVYVXICBQ0VEw&ajaxhist=0
  9. No $h**, we went to a large mall here to get some plates and there was a 300lb mall cop riding around on a segway. I shouted "You get those bad boys, Blart!" and cracked up. So did my wife, then she hit me. A couple other people laughed too. The guy seemed to try and ignore it, but all eyes were on him at that point. This is why we need google glasses dammit! I could have frontpaged imgur with a gif of that.
  10. ​With this (and only this really) I disagree. In my opinion Rick's move was a long term plan brought to careful fruition. Phase II started in earnest the Friday before the weekend when all the porn spam hit the boards, at which point he pretty much had it in the bag. He was gone and he knew it was just a matter of letting things come together.
  11. Would anyone want to pay for something advertised as beta testing access to a new antivirus program? The term has different meanings for different environments. I don't know of any environment other than the marketing of games where it is intended to denote a sellable product. But I don't buy a lot of software either. Maybe the cool kids use it to mean something else
  12. ​No I disagree, when it was a paid user license it was a product that dynamically changed to serve the user base, and the user base drove those "upgrades". It was a model that has been successful in the market for more than games. Anti-Malware is an example. But eventually the engine behind the product couldn't support the needs of the client base, and instead of introducing a new version and revising their network they started giving it away in order to market the paid features. Anti-malware is still an example here too. Now they have reached the furnace. They never planned ahead for the move to 64-bit desktops and what that means. They can't even make use of the massive amount of bandwidth available to them; that dwarfs what they had to work with 10 years ago. They control the name now and what fandom might bring, and hope they can branch into something else to shift losses. Again, like a certain anti-malware dinosaur. Which just got renamed. Off topic but wasn't Warner Brothers going to do a biopic or something on that John McAfee guy?
  13. ​Agreed, although the pressure (as it appears to me) being put on turbine from the associations and Steam make me think they see a tinge of bait and switch in Turbine's hype. Hopefully gamers as a whole are learning.
  14. ​I agree, and consider "seeming" to include that as they "seem" to be worthwhile, even if it is just a weekly rim job at particular meetings. ​In the world of large corporations seemingly important turds float through takeovers too. Which brings us back to the state of the WB cesspool and the turds currently poking above the surface...
  15. Seems they are refusing founders pack refunds as per Celestrata, "because those players played longer". Players are not happy. https://www.infinitecrisis.com/forums/showthread.php?21687-Turbine-is-lying-to-refuse-refunds-to-founders https://www.infinitecrisis.com/forums/showthread.php?21944-Demand-refunds-thru-a-class-action-lawsuit So you con the small base into crowdfunding your effort, use them for QC, take their money and then cut and run, with the extra slap in the face of reimbursing the latecomers and acting as if they did the early people a favor. Whatever anyone may think of the game or turbine in particular, this is a textbook example why you shouldn't pay to test anything, and don't pre-order anything. This is the new normal and it only gets worse when people feed the early access machine. Here is the official word from the CM herself: That’s mostly it. Because Founders got to play for 2+ years, you guys were well outside our refund window. We really do thank you for supporting the game, as it was your support that kept us going. Make no mistake about that. But, they guys who just bought their elite pack or starter pack from Steam, they didn’t get to play for as long as you guys. (bolded for emphasis) Knowing more than a little bit about online purchases and the banking associations, I think Steam may have given them an ultimatum and the associations threw their weight behind it. I have a hunch Turbine was offered a deal they couldn't (financially) refuse. Doing so could have cost them far more in fees. The key here is this idea of a refund window. Good overall article on this: http://mmofallout.com/top-5-lessons-we-should-learn-from-infinite-crisis/
  16. I was concerned that it would be like M&B, because that takes some practice and even then the controls are in no way compatible with turbine's interface. Which reminds me, I have a warband I still haven't even gotten to F&S, having a little warband that has been sitting idle for over a year probably wondering where I am. Got to play that again just for fun.
  17. I deal with one right now who's favorite word to misuse is "Systemic". At a level where that person should have a half dozen direct reports, and each of those a few more, I really thought they would get the golden boot when they lost their staff several years ago. I've always felt that the concept of tenure, or longevity, is to blame for most of this.
  18. imagine snorkeling someplace like San Diego where the water is pretty muddy and coming across that. You wouldn't see it till you got right up on it.
  19. ​True, but "deposing King Andrew and his favored court" was their rally. And the Democrats had made the ideological jump, however ironic, to eliminate the idea of the professional statesman in favor of backing placement among the populace. Their suffrage plank is a great example. After all, "it isn't fair that these many veterans have no say in government, they are war heroes after all" ...
  20. ​I think most people overlooked what Las meant as the "meat" of the OP:
  21. ​I didn't mean it as an affront. I've been doing some reading on early 19th century America for unrelated reasons, fascinating time in history. But what I said is true. Period literature and quotes back that up. The Whig party was formed as a reaction to this very mindset you describe, along with Jackson's policies. The Democrat party started as a statist movement, and was very willing to elevate veterans to hero status for support. It was probably inevitable that the policy remained to be exploited, this isn't a condemnation just an observation.
  22. Fundin I don't know how you could avoid lag even in PvE, unless you stay almost completely in the less travelled areas. I remember reaching Galtrev and not even being able to speak to the vendors due to lag (when that was a major hub), and there are the infamous Sap runs to Isengard that (in my opinion) he purposely did to document the lag as a little going away present. Actually the more I think about how Sap handled the whole gig, the more respect I have for him as a devious little troll with a master plan. Think about it; actively court your future employer by getting your current company to back his silly charity idea, quietly push all the ire onto Turbine for not correctly supporting his pet project, stir up the forums to the point of disgust, put out youtubes showing just how crappy the engine is, and then leave knowing his "community efforts" had insured that no one could take over and make him look bad by fixing things there. And leaving with a satisfactory work reference to boot. In a Dungeon Master sort of way, that is so magnificently evil evil, I bet he laughs maniacally on a weekly basis just thinking about it. Probably while skinning live puppies. Or it could have all been coincidental incompetence coming together just so. After all, RNG is RNG...
  23. I still can't fathom why people play this game with the amount of lag it has. Even AoC PvP, which is not smooth, and the same age engine, is better than this. About the only thing you can do in this game is craft and RP, why not do that with facebook and a phone game?
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