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  1. Are you effing serious? It's starting to sound like that other forum.
  2. The original topic was audience seeking. Any topic post is audience seeking.
  3. Change the topic title to reflect this. I'm with Doro on this one though.
  4. It was maddening the first time I accidentally hit x without realizing it, until I figured out what happened I never have bothered to bind to another key though.
  5. Today was the first day I've logged in since last weekend. Was on my RK riding my horse when I noticed an odd occasional up and down motion. I swung the view to the side and noticed my horse's feet were below ground - about knee level and after a few seconds would pop back up on top of the ground and then back below. I don't ever remember seeing that glitch before. I haven't noticed a camera problem. Still experiencing lag though. I'm not aware of any update, except an adjustment to lootbox drop rate for lootbox weekend.
  6. Yes, as much as some of the previous posts.
  7. I hardly think that knowing the definition of html is a crucial tech matter for the "average American" (whatever that is...I have my personal definition). I'd like to know the details of the study...I'm sometimes rather unimpressed by a lot of polls/studies and their pronouncements.
  8. Mines of Moria Box - $ 10.00 1 month VIP - $15.00 Rise of Isengard Expansion - $20.00 6900 TP - $50.00 $95.00 total since 2010.
  9. Hello Ifreborn and welcome!
  10. Solus


    Hello Tui and welcome!
  11. Could be due to my many characters on Crickhollow. lol Seriously though, that is the only server I play on, though I have lowbies on other servers. I had a new champ in Archet in early December - there were lots of new players at that time.
  12. Sap closes another thread when the conversation steers towards the license renewal length ambiguity: Originally Posted by Frisco: "No, Sapience said they "planned" to develop the game for years to come. I make all sorts of plans. I have plans for what I'll do when I win the lottery, but I don't even buy tickets. Word choice is a key, when you don't want to lie but don't want to or aren't allowed to give the actual truth. Sapience probably wasn't allowed to say that the license was only renewed until 2015, just that it was renewed. Responding again in that thread that the "agreement" (and not the license) ran until 2017, when we've known that the agreement ran until 2017 since 2008, was telling. But clearly some people are unfamiliar with doublespeak." Sapience: "I planned on leaving this thread alone even though it's been answered countless times now. But, some people just can't take yes for an answer. So, that's the end of it." https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?539952-No-Expansion-Coming-This-Year&p=7084464#post7084464 No it isn't the end of it. Yes we know the license was renewed. We want clarification as to the length of the renewal.
  13. I AM very interested in knowing if the license was actually extended to 2017. Hence my posting of this thread. Cute attempt, but Sap still never made the renewal length clear.
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