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  1. Hi there! Before telling what happened today, I'd like to apologise for any mistake in this post: English isn't my 1st language and also I didn't know if this is the area to post a complain. From time to time, I like to buy a subscription (one or two months) and venture in Middle Earth. I like the scenario and, even beeing dated in many aspects, i enjoy aspects of the game: the Landroval community, festivals, exploring new regions,... Last time I've played (more than a year ago), I've asked a prohibitive number of times to undelete chars. Well, I didn't know it had a limit of requests and, as my number of max chars was 7, I've made the requests to cycle between them. By that time, a GM told me that i had exceeded the limit to ask for that service and I've never asked again. Today, more than a year after that warning, I've asked to undelete a char, and the GM +Geneva+ was extremely rude. Really, she was very unprofessional. Fearing that she could suspend my account if I told anything. I've kept silence. However, this kind of abusive behaviour could happen to other players and I've came here to share and ask what could i do in this case. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'd like to see how it goes when you reach Angmar or Moria, just auto attack everything there!
  3. I don't mind quest trackers, i'm more troubled by quest design than trackers. "get X of some ramdom stuff" wears me out.
  4. Welcome! If you ever play on Landroval, add Thorgrond, Andraith and Wisebert, so we can run some quests together
  5. This is very, very bizarre. I've even said that to a lot of friends in the past few weeks. Are you having some extended vacations in US? I've played until october, then i've come back in the middle of jan and BAM! Players everywhere ^^ If you have told me this in october, i would agree tho...
  6. I have characters from level 10 to level 100. I see a lot of players in every map i'm in. I didn't before, so, as i've said, i see more players now. Last week, i saw 03 bands playing in the Shire and 03 in Bree, i've even talked about it in the /world. Even my kinship has more active players now (not that much), of course, pre-HD there was much more active players around... But this is what i see, if there was more players in the last couple years playing, they should have been hiding
  7. As i have said in other post, and this is my point of view based only in Landroval population, i see a good number of players around, more than in the last couple years. In the last weekend i've gathered a group for Helegrod - it was almost impossible last year.
  8. I've seen more players now on Landroval than in the last couple years.
  9. My only hope is that SoM gets a lot of modders (as skyrim) and we could have a middle earth open world to play. Atm i won't buy it. I'm waiting for the new heroes of might and magic 7 instead...
  10. Is there any number for Landroval? I had no trouble finding groups for Moria with my captain on Landy. Last week, i've formed groups for quests in Evendin with my rune keeper. The way i see, there's always some people doing quests, all around.
  11. And when i think it can't get any worse, "meet ratbag", your new orc ally and comic relief
  12. mordredrs


    Is there lvl 100 crafted armor?
  13. This / I'm also playing skyrim, x-com and battle for middle earth 2 (with high res support)
  14. Thanks! I'm going to check for sure
  15. We use 2nd edition scenario and 3.5 rules. Baldur's gate 1 and 2 and Icewind Dale 1 and 2 are all set in 2nd edition, that's why
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