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  1. Speaking of experiences as a new player, I also wasted some time with the LFG feature, it got quite a few blank stares from me, I spent time studying its options and queueing, until I learned that it was useless. Then there was also the simplest thing like looting. After getting used to it, it may seem weird. But as a fresh player, it was confusing and frustrating me for a while. For example, almost all quest items are auto-looted and go straight into quest loot section. But there was a quest in Chetwood where you were told to kill bandits for some item, and that item went into loot queue instead of getting auto-looted. I killed a ton of those bandits until I saw that my loot queue is full of quest items. And in general, most loot gets queued, but if you click a crafting resource or a chest in the world, you get a separate loot window. And if you open lootbox, everything gets auto-looted. If you craft, it gets auto-looted. Simplest things, you get used to it, but for a fresh player it's not intuitive, so drop after drop it takes away from just enjoying the game. It may sound silly to an experienced player, but I think a lot of stuff needed streamlining or removing, including skill bloat, especially at low levels, including LIs, LFG, FMs, and lots of other stuff. With HD, I think they did make a few good changes. But overall, unfortunately, they mostly missed the opportunity. I think it's still way too clumsy for new players, and they annoyed old players too.
  2. While revamps weren't executed well in a lot of ways, I think intentions made sense, they just didn't have quality staff / money / time / ability to listen and adjust to feedback. My perspective is as a newer player, I started playing some time before HD, maybe 3 months or so. I think that skill bloat maybe didn't cause many (any?) long time players to leave, but I think it probably did scare off newer players from joining, and result would be pretty similar, most older players leave in time, that's how it always works in every mmo, and you need new players to replace them. The problem wasn't that it was too complicated or whatever. But it was too tedious. I started as a burglar, leveling was super fast, a few quests, level up, new skill(s). Plus class traits, race traits, virtues. By level 20, I had gotten a bunch of skills and had to deal with these other systems. I just wanted to play the game, enjoy my skill setup for a while, do quests, explore, listen to all the hobitses, since that's the strong side of Lotro. But whenever I started to relax and enjoy, I would level up, get new skills and had to sit, read new skills descriptions, bind new skills, rethink my rotation. It's... nothing terrible at once, but drop after drop, it takes away the fun of the game. I wasn't there to read skills descriptions every 10 minutes, I wanted to just play. Maybe if they just moved many of those skills to higher levels instead of giving most skills (to burglar at least) at low levels, where leveling was super fast, it would've been more fun. Plus, most skills just seemed unnecessary too, most skills could've been combined into one button instead of 3 very similar ones. Back when I played WoW something like 5 or 6 years ago, I loved their design of vanish for rogues, equivalent of burglar's HiPS, but with many more functions, depending on situation. It could be used to evade an aoe, to add damage, to get improved stealth, to lower incoming damage, to regen energy, to drop aggro, to just hide, probably something else, I don't remember much after such a long time. You had one button, on a pretty long CD, with a lot of situational use, and you had to be smart about how and when you want to use it. If you use it for one thing, you won't have it for the other. A newbie might use that skill to just hide from a mob; a more experienced player will realise that there's much much more to that skill and will slowly master it. Lotro went in a bit opposite direction, where they gave separate buttons almost for each situation, and gave a lot of them at low levels, at least to burglars. For a new player, that's too much time spent reading new skills instead of enjoying the meat of the game. Besides that, at various levels you had to get acquainted with a bunch of other systems, some of them outdated and not really necessary but new player doesn't know that. Like fellowship maneuvers, class deeds, skirmish soldiers and their traits, legendary items, relics, mounted combat, picking war horse type and traits, and so on. Choosing a block of vocations -- I like that system now that I'm used to it, plus I have multiple characters to compliment each other, but choosing one block gave me a bit of a headache at lvl 10... it took me longer to choose a vocation than to actually get to lvl 10. Basically, none of that is overcomplicated in itself, except maybe relics and LI system, and skill bloat was just part of overall issue. But all together, as a new player, I would spend way more time figuring things out and deciding on something, than I would just playing the game, enjoying the Shire or some instance or whatever. It was tedious. I'd bet that lots of new players complained about it and got tired and quit in large part because of it. Lotro was and IMO still is a game that's more enjoyable on second playthrough. So I think their intentions to simplify everything were fine, they just weren't good enough to pull it off well. Not to say that the whole trait system had to go necessarily. Maybe it would've been enough to just take most skills out of first 20-30 levels where characters leveled quickly and got new skills very often, and put them in later; plus remove / simplify most of the other, often unused system like FMs, LIs, etc. Merge some skills that do practically the same. They did remove some skills at low levels, but they upset a lot of older players by remaking the trait system, and they kept most of unnecessary, clumsy systems in the game, plus added a new one (big battle traits) and then another one with essences.
  3. Brandywine had an established community of Russians before this thing, so I guess it was a big consideration. I used to see ~20 or 30 Russians on Brandywine on their channel, plus they had a few kinships, so I guess there were a couple hundreds who played occasionally. I never met any Russians on Snowbourn, although maybe there were some. I did notice a lot of rubberbanding in the Shire and freezing over the last few days. I don't know if it's related to this migration or not. (I hardly played this year, and came back and started a new character a few days ago)
  4. A few days ago someone offered me to join him in Plane of Water to do rifts (and powerlevel). He was under 50 and he was already there. I didn't go there, and I don't know how he did it, but it must be possible somehow.
  5. Kirmis

    RIFT store sales

    Yep, I like the motorcycle too. Mounts in Rift are too hard to get! I only have 4 mounts right now. At least they look and move quite differently. But I'm even missing my tablecloth horses from Lotro! I'd gladly trade my Christmas deer for 50 types of horses!
  6. I didn't really need more bag slots, but it's nice to have those earring and water unlocks. I don't think I would've ever unlocked them otherwise. I wasn't going to buy the edition for cash, and I wasn't really saving void stones either, I was spending them on fluff. I don't know if I really need those unlocks, but since it's for platinum, why not! This expansion has been kind to me when it comes to platinum -- I bought 7 REX and still have some 4k plat. I wasn't doing anything special, it's mostly all from minions and from selling some nightmare rift drops. But yep, I'm not making much platinum anymore and I really don't see how I could make it from my professions. I picked apothecary, and potions are even cheaper than mats. And there don't even seem to be any special recipes to buy for daily currency, unlike for other professions.
  7. Sure, I played WoW, did the endgame. But it was all the other elements that burned me out. There were other big factors like my guilds disbanding and people disappearing, but ultimately I was just doing too many repetitive tasks on too many characters that somehow helped me with raiding, via reputation, dailies, or via gold, or mats. I think it's great that a game has a lot of things to do. But I think it's a bit dangerous to build any feature in a way where altoholics would feel compelled to log in each alt each day. That said, I haven't played WoW for 4 years, I know that lots of features have changed and I don't have the full picture anymore. Maybe it all fits perfectly, and this farming feature is way more fun in reality than it looks to me on paper.
  8. Thanks! I bought some REX and the edition. It kind of sucks to spend platinum on something as dull as unlocking gear slots instead of something cool, but it had to be done. Not that I will join any raids and get decent gear anyway, but at least I will know that I have no restrictions.
  9. That's a shame. So if I understand correctly, they made this gathering separate for each character, instead of once per account. That sounds like a good way to get some people burned out quickly. Some people might genuinely enjoy such farmville type activity, but I imagine that many would jut feel compelled to log in each character for free goodies each day. Log in, harvest, log out, log in another alt, harvest, log out, etc, that seems like a sure way to get some people burned out.
  10. What happened to gathering professions? I guess you can hire miners and such and send them on missions to bring you stuff? Or something else?
  11. Turbine has added new stats tomes in the last update, and they drop like candy (X and XI). So lots of people have those sitting in their vaults and can't use them because they lack old tomes. Also, stat values from all the tomes have gone up significantly. Not to mention, it all also coincides with beornings, a bunch of new characters. Maybe tomes aren't necessary, but Turbine found a way to create some demand for them. And now they'll put them on sale. Pretty smart. Fine with me, I've sold off a bunch of old tomes that I had, some of them at like twice the usual price.
  12. Well, $20 would get me both 2014 quest packs. $20 = 1600 TP, each quest pack was at 795 TP. So if I'm only after those quest packs, it's clearly better to buy TP. Besides, TP gets discounted, quest packs get discounted too, so $20 is very much the high end scenario. I think subscription makes sense for the handful of hardcore PVPers who still play the game, since everyone else has to pay 20 MC (~$2) for an evening in the Moors. Why non PVPers stay subscribed, I don't know. I've seen this topic come up on world chat sometimes. I think some people just don't care to calculate. They have their entertainment money, they spend it and they don't want to think about it too much. But I've also seen people turn it into a moral subject along the lines of "if you play a game and don't want to support the developer, you are bad." I've seen this on Rift forums too, "$25 for earrings? Developers deserve support, I supported them, you all are freeloaders." It's like some people see these gaming companies as Red Cross / charity types.
  13. Never might be for the best. I don't know if their devs are qualified for a music system change. They didn't improve it over all the years while they were a bigger company and Lotro was their flagship product. Now they only have a few devs who spend their time writing quests and building cosmetic pets and landscape, and they are going to improve the music system? The whole thing seemed to be pushed by the ProductionMalfunction (with alternative spelling) person, who was a new manager, new to lotro and new to managing. He probably did this because he needed to establish himself before the layoffs. But obviously a new management guy shouldn't be dabbling with something like this, and the devs probably had no expertise for such a change either. It looked like a bad idea from the start.
  14. Yep, I'm not sure if they didn't see it coming or maybe they did see it coming, but they wanted to make a strong first impression and sell lots of minion slots and minions for credits short term. I think dimension and artifact markets would've been ok if these items were rare drops from some of the other missions. But with separate missions that bring 10-15 of those items most of the time, those markets had no chance. And yep, notoriety missions are kind of the opposite. It might take a decade to max out rep from those missions. At least they give attainiums sometimes.
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