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  1. Is the spring festival the one where you get an hour to run around picking flowers?
  2. warspeech

    Reclaim Moria Bundle

    Thanks for the information! I don't have quite enough points but even so I don't think this is for me even if I was still playing. (I'm holding on to the points I have in the off-chance that they'll add something to the game that'll get me to come back.) I maintain the upkeep on my house in part because it's full of things I earned in the game as I played through the story and did festivals. All that stuff reminds me of the experiences I had playing through the story and the zones. The only house decorations I paid money for are the dormouse with cheese/singing birdcage that I got with a Moria Collector's Edition I found for cheap on Amazon back when I started playing. I'm happy for the people who like this and I'm glad SSG saw sense and made some items available separately. The pet goat is really adorable and is the only thing I'd want to have.
  3. warspeech

    Moria soon on LS?

    I don't get the candle thing at all.
  4. warspeech

    22 Hours

    They're not even trying to do anything for people who have lost interest in the game. They should give everyone the compensation, and send an email to all accounts to let them know about it.
  5. warspeech

    22 Hours

    Having to use an old password is a very bad sign. They're definitely hiding something.
  6. warspeech

    22 Hours

    My favorite of these latest Twitter responses: "I was there, Gandalf. I was there 3000 years ago, when the servers were up"
  7. warspeech

    22 Hours

    The "send cookies" thing is particularly insane. I remember that. He was trying to simultaneously claim that the issue wasn't their fault, but also that they (turbine) heroically fixed it. Asshat.
  8. warspeech

    22 Hours

    I hope somebody live-tweets it.
  9. warspeech

    22 Hours

    Agreed. The "no chance to say goodbye "scenario would be a massive epic fail. Legendary, even.
  10. warspeech

    no connection after DL

    Adorable, isn't it?
  11. warspeech

    22 Hours

    I'm starting to think that this is less of a simple move from one room to another and more of a "we got kicked out of our datacenter and are desperately trying to find a new home" type of move.
  12. warspeech

    22 Hours

  13. warspeech

    22 Hours

    I love reading through the responses. Best so far: "When you get the Burglar dev to handle the server move."
  14. warspeech

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    You can keep up the mockery here, Mac. I'm a fan of your posts. Welcome. 🙂