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  1. Two expansions, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. I got them both for just under $38, that price is good thru June 8 - check the GW2 twitter from last week for the promo code and the link to buy them. You need to use that link to get the promo code to show up, at least that's how it was for me. Still buy to play, no sub. Don't know about the steel bikini, so not sure what to say about that. I'm only level 18 so far. I got two level 80 boosts as part of the standard version of the expansions. Lots of people around, the zone scaling seems to work really well, and if you're in an area that doesn't have a lot of people, they ask you if you want to go to a more populated version of the area and just zap you there if you want to. There are mounts in the game now but I think that comes at the higher levels. Chat is active, guilds are recruiting. At the very least it'll be a nice change of scenery for me for a while. Yeah, in LOTRO two of my 100+ chars are blue hunters and I'm not up to figuring out all the changes. Maybe later in the year (but probably not).
  2. I'm enjoying GW2 a lot, so I went ahead and bought the expansions on sale today (standard versions). I logged in to LOTRO today to see what things looked like after the class changes, and I think I'll wait till the dust settles, people don't seem too happy with things and the classes I tend to play the most seem really messed up. If I'm going to have to learn how to play a class all over again, I'd rather learn something completely new in GW2.
  3. I'm looking for a new game to spend time in, so I decided to resurrect my Guild Wars 2 account and see how it plays these days. It seems like they're getting a mini-surge of new players lately. They're running a sale on their expansions till June 8, you can get 30% off either one or both together with the promo code "WelcomeToGW2" Their twitter feed has the details and store link. @GuildWars2 I'm going to try it this weekend and If it feels like I'd want to start playing this over the summer, I'll go ahead and buy them both on sale.
  4. warspeech

    The Latest Debacle

    I think they've added a few new hires for store-related things recently. It could also be a case of the new people thinking that putting those meta deed mounts in the box was a really good money-making idea, and either they ignored anyone else telling them that it was actually a very bad idea, or the vets decided to let them experience the player backlash first-hand. So SSG cluelessness and/or malice could be motives too.
  5. This weekend on the OF a lot of people are reporting sustained gold-seller spam on all servers at the same time, clogging up World Chat. That made me wonder if the gold sellers are trying to get every last thing they can before June 5, in case this potential customer base dries up one way or another?
  6. Interesting indeed. Thanks for the updates!
  7. warspeech

    Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    I had to laugh at the one person asking for a reduction in the giant heads plastered all over Dol Amroth. Good luck with that.
  8. I don't play LOTRO anymore but I'll be watching this one too.
  9. warspeech

    Bullroarer Update 22 (Build #1)

    Thanks for all the screenshots, the area looks beautiful. I never bought Mordor, I knew it would be depressing as all get out, so I wonder if having Mordor is a requirement to be able to access the new zone?
  10. warspeech

    Happy New Year

    We made it though another year! Happy New Year, everyone!
  11. I agree with you and berry. I think they really believe that being the only Middle-Earth MMO lets them get away with anything. In fact they pretty much confirmed that that's their attitude when they talked about the "ultimate fan" edition of Mordor. Look for the video of that stream if they still have it up, it's amazing how upfront they are about it.
  12. Yeah, this one hit a nerve with a *lot* of the people still playing. LOTRO is giving away 50 mithril coins per account, with code MORDORMITHRIL. Good through October 22. Gotta keep on SSG's good side in case they ever send out more lootcrates to their volunteer PR staff.
  13. This one brought out people who rarely post on the OF at all to add their "WTFs" to the uproar. You know, the ones who are happy with everything and just play the game. They're not happy now. They have a "Whatever. You know you can't get Tolkien anywhere else" approach to development now. As long as money comes in, I don't think anyone gets dinged for screwups like this nowadays. They probably all just laugh at the end of the day.
  14. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someone at WB thinks they can turn AC into a media franchise with books, movies, and even an "extended universe". None of those pesky problems with authors or estates objecting to your stupid ideas like with Harry Potter or LoTR. They could be looking at the international success of the Warcraft movie and saying, "Hey, we should get in on that, do we have anything?" (Yes, I know the Warcraft movie tanked domestically but I'm pretty sure the international total made sequels look like a good idea to someone, haven't looked into it recently though. And it's WB. Not the brightest bulbs in the box, but boy are they greedy.)