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  1. The high cost of content has been a common complaint of new players for a long time now. People in game have been talking about this all evening, and it's going over really well.
  2. Bullshit. If that was never its intended use, they would have limited the shared storage transfers to only be from closing worlds to remaining worlds, and made it a one-time only thing. They posted more than once about shared storage transfers being free between worlds, effectively advertising this feature to be used exactly the way people used it.
  3. Shared storage transfer was free the whole time till they shut down transfers with no warning. I used it several times to move gold from one server to another.
  4. I've been wondering if they're doing some kind of data collection under the covers that they're making money off of somehow. No idea what it could be, but it did cross my mind.
  5. It worked for me, I've been playing every day since they announced this, working my way thru Mordor and Minas Morgul. I never purchased either of these expansions and I'm actually having a lot of fun with them. Before this I hadn't played for literally months and had no plans to return. I see a lot of players running around in these areas at all times of day.
  6. I'm seeing reports that he's going to stop showing up daily at the briefings and will be limiting his appearances there to brief prepared remarks as needed.
  7. There are complaints about lag on the official game forum, and lately with more people trying the game the lag has gotten worse. It's not just you.
  8. I was really surprised to see gyms included in Phase One as being able to open assuming all other criteria in that phase are met. Then I saw an article that POTUS had a call from one of his donors who owns the SoulCycle/Equinox gym franchises and it all made sense. It's not about safety or science, it's about who sucks up the most. I miss going to the gym most of all the things I can't do right now, but there's no way I'm going back even if they open here. It's like walking into a giant petri dish.
  9. Side note with a positive virus-related thing that just happened to me this morning: The owner of my apartment complex notified me that they're rolling back the rent increase that was in my lease renewal for the next year. My rent isn't going to go up this next year after all.
  10. I heard from my friend today. He tested negative for COVID-19. He has been really sick for over two weeks now and today was a day he was finally feeling well enough to talk on the phone for a few minutes. I could tell from his voice how weak he still is. My immediate area has just under 1000 positive cases and the last I heard there were 11 deaths. Our stay at home orders just got extended to the end of the month.
  11. We need a test for antibodies to the virus ASAP.
  12. I'm a little north of you, don't know anyone who's tested positive, though one of my friends did get tested last week and was waiting to hear back. I haven't heard back from him since then and will try to get in touch again later this week if I don't hear from him before then.
  13. People are conjecturing that he got the 38 million figure by misinterpreting the elevation of Seoul (38 M) listed on the wiki page as the population (taking meters to be millions). People are also saying that by going on the attack immediately he effectively avoids answering the question. He does this a lot.
  14. I'm doing that with Mordor, just to see the story. I'm way over-levelled for it, so I just kill stuff to get task items to turn in for rep. You can use it for the factions in Dale, Erebor, and Mirkwood.
  15. Still no producer's letter, so this buys them some more delay time for that too maybe?
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