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  1. I'm a little north of you, don't know anyone who's tested positive, though one of my friends did get tested last week and was waiting to hear back. I haven't heard back from him since then and will try to get in touch again later this week if I don't hear from him before then.
  2. People are conjecturing that he got the 38 million figure by misinterpreting the elevation of Seoul (38 M) listed on the wiki page as the population (taking meters to be millions). People are also saying that by going on the attack immediately he effectively avoids answering the question. He does this a lot.
  3. I'm doing that with Mordor, just to see the story. I'm way over-levelled for it, so I just kill stuff to get task items to turn in for rep. You can use it for the factions in Dale, Erebor, and Mirkwood.
  4. Still no producer's letter, so this buys them some more delay time for that too maybe?
  5. I agree that it's based on assumptions that may be faulty, and also needs those assumptions to fall in line perfectly to pull it off. Quite the gamble they're taking. (and speaking as one who is both sick AND 60+ it hits close to home). I've got a small supply of food set away and will keep building it over the next week, then ration as needed while I stay in as much as I can. I live north of a growing hot zone and may see travel severely restricted soon.
  6. This thread has a description of the strategy and the reasoning for it/possible risks (I think the thread is about 15 tweets total) https://twitter.com/iandonald_psych/status/1238518371651649538?s=20
  7. OMFG. If they are charging tuition for this, it's criminal. I refuse to give her view counts, but I do appreciate your summaries here, Mac.
  8. I'll take a speech impediment (stutter) that causes you to pause and choose a different word any day over whatever it is that Trump is suffering from.
  9. Also, not pandering to the religious right and their one-issue fixation on abortion, while at the same time cutting food aid to hundreds of thousands of kids and working actively to destroy affordable, quality health care.
  10. I'd be very happy to be proved wrong. The refusal to bring up the election security bills in the Senate and the voter suppression fuckery that's been going on does have me skeptical tho.
  11. I'm honestly starting to believe that they won't let us elect another president.
  12. warspeech

    World War 3

    That film is "Wag the Dog". Lots of people are making that comparison
  13. Happy New Year, everyone!
  14. warspeech


    Aw man, a Spidey thread. Feels like a punch in the gut. Rest in Peace, dear friend.
  15. I have a suspicion that the crafting bags they hastily added to the game are behind this, and are connected to task boards being disabled after the last patch. There were complaints that the crafting bags were hoovering up all the various "task item" things that drop and that you couldn't turn tasks in from those bags, you had to drag them out. SSG said they were going to change things and I bet that there's something in the whole task item turn-in system that got broken so badly that they don't know how to recover from it.
  16. Today's downtime: 1.) 8am - noon 2.) noon: extended to 2PM 3.) 2PM: extended to 5PM 4.) 4:30PM: all worlds are down, no ETA at this time. The OF is fun, the usual stuff.
  17. This guy is having LOTRO dreams of the nightmare sort... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677392-This-failed-update&p=7980725#post7980725 This failed update So ... The great staff of programmers decides to "Fix" one of the instances - the absolute silliest one - and breaks it - so they close it - WHICH MEANS - NO ONE can progress the god damned deed to start the dailies - meaning that there is - literally - NOTHING you can do on those toons - meanwhile -everyone else that got by earlier is progressing just fine - totally outdistancing every other toon because YOU CAN'T FREAKING PROGRESS ... great f-ing job - this entire update is a god damned unmitigated disaster - not a god half of it barely worked and then - you BROKE that ... and THAT means that all those toons can't even do the STORV deed for the "cool gear" either --- .|. it ... 7 of 9 120+s either stuck - of sitting because why the hell even bother ... ... whenever ... He mad.
  18. But wait! There's more... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677294-Time-limted-pets-during-Yule&p=7980521#post7980521 "After some reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I may have taken this too far. Now, this is NOT an apology; I still stand for everything I said yesterday. No, how I took it too far is that usually on these types of threads, I will state my position reasonably and logically and if it continues, I simply laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and go on my way. Yesterday, I allowed myself to be pulled into a debate that was unmerited of my attention. Honestly, I would say it was like reasoning with a stone wall, but I suspect a stone wall would be more willing to listen to an opposing point of view. So. I've come to the conclusion that you all can sit over here in the corner, being grumpy and mopey, while my Hobbit lass jingles by merrily on her reindeer steed, with his festive red saddle blanket embroidered with green holly leaves. And when she gets off her festive reindeer mount, she has her cute piggie pet, with his adorable little wagon filled with presents and good cheer, following her around and making his happy little snuffles and grunt-y noises. She'll decorate her hobbit hole for Yule with her green holly wreath trimmed with a big, red bow, and when spring comes to the Shirelands, she'll put her birdhouse out in the yard, sit on the porch of her hobbit hole, listen to the birds and smoke her pipeweed. To those of you who so vehemently oppose this, though I wouldn't know whether you did or not (or care, actually), I can only say one thing; just know that if you dare to take advantage of any of these extra hobbit gifts, you're one of the world's biggest hypocrites. Oh, you can still get your daily pots/scrolls/whatever, that's fine, but if one of these special things comes up for you and you don't destroy it, you're just hypocritical, pure and simple. No need to virtue signal back at me about how you don't/wouldn't anyways; I honestly don't care. (I actually brought this thread up in WC on my server (Don't worry; I was careful to present all of your main arguments; how you feel it will encourage gambling and that SSG is only doing this for the money), just to get a sample testing of how the majority of players feel about it, and out of the 10-12 people who engaged in the conversation, only ONE took the point of view of the majority of you on this thread. The rest laughed and agreed with me that the hobbit presents are awesome and that this thread's PoV is ridiculous.) So, all this being said, I will take back ONE thing I said yesterday: SSG, I hope you DO continue to do this sort of thing. I LOVE the hobbit gifts and want you to know I appreciate them. I hope you realize that, even though they may scream the loudest, it's the same, small group of people on ALL of these SSG-bashing threads, and that they do NOT represent the majority of Lotro players. So, Happy Yule, SSG, and thanks for the presents. " ?
  19. Its listed as a "possible reward" in the Gold Hobbit present box now too. And of course this is the solution, especially after MoL asked for feedback on what people's dream scenario would be to fix ILIs, but started it off by saying that scrapping the system entirely was off the table.
  20. Trollshaws has you find some objectives by looking for specific markers on the ground. After they went all cut-n-paste happy to liven up the landscapes a while back, there are now rocks, weeds, bushes, flowers, etc plopped via algorithm all over the place that hide a lot of the things you're supposed to be looking for. The roads are obscured by grass/vegetation a lot now too in many places in the world. And don't get me started on the ubiquitous use of the Mithril Coin to ease the way: travel to NPC, reset daily tasks, reset daily repeatable quests, travel routes, ILI tiers...they even have a MC button attached to the "repair equipment" icon that comes up when your crafting tool wears out.
  21. Now even the LP for reputation levels has been nerfed: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677176-SSG-Why-Were-LOTRO-Point-Reputation-Rewards-Lowered-In-the-New-Areas&p=7977969#post7977969
  22. Buyer's remorse regarding the task item carry-all: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677147-Task-Item-Carry-All-problems&p=7977669#post7977669
  23. Another OF thread has popped up: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677092-More-bad-publicity-another-negative-article!&p=7977059#post7977059
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