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  1. I'd love to see that happen, but don't have any hopes that it will. The only thing I could see as a very long shot is maybe selling it to the GOP as a way to redeem themselves from refusing to even look at the evidence the first time. For all the ones who will try to distance themselves after the fact to salvage their careers, it could be a life-preserver. You know, the "I disagreed with him in private" types. But again, it's extremely unlikely.
  2. So prove it tough guy...have Ivanka meet you at the White House entrance and give you a big ol' sloppy kiss. Later: OMG he got back to the White House and took off his mask to get photos of him standing there looking all strong and leader-like, and the closeup video shows him very clearly having trouble breathing, like he's needing to gasp for air and trying to hide it.
  3. He was bored and demanding to go back to the White House, so the doctors gave him the joy ride as a compromise. They can't sedate him even for his own good without invoking transfer of power to Pence, which the paranoid ass will never allow, so they have to let the raging shitgibbon keep acting out.
  4. At this point I bet the folks at Walter Reed Hospital are just counting down the hours till they can get his ass out of there and let him be the White House's problem again.
  5. And it was only thru the work of a reporter from Bloomberg News that the info about Hope Hicks' diagnosis came out at all. The White House didn't release that info until after it was made public by other means. There's no way he comes out of this unaffected. Even if he recovers enough to get back to the White House, the potential for heart/lung/neurological/fatigue after-effects is very real.
  6. It's looking like the event celebrating the new SCOTUS pick was a super-spreader event, and the debate prep sessions after that came into play too.
  7. Whatever the outcome, you can bet that either he or his survivors will be dropping lawsuits all over the place for years over his getting it.
  8. $150 Ultimate version incoming...
  9. I think you're right. That person is having a fit in a thread about Rohan housing in the Suggestions forum too.
  10. They used Fortunate Son again last night in Nevada. John Fogerty put out a statement basically saying "are you fucking kidding me?????"
  11. Did you see that they used this exact song to bring him out during his last airplane-hangar rally? I kid you not. People were wondering if his own staff was trolling him.
  12. The thing that struck me was this new concept of "missions" that will be playable by one-two people for levels 20-130. New system, people! (*) THIS time, it'll be great, we promise! Also no mention of whatever the epic story is called now, and whether that will be free, or behind this paywall. (*) new opportunity for store items, like 'mission masteries" or some such - the new promotion points.
  13. Nice game you got there. Shame if something would happen to it... We need you to do us a favor tho...
  14. Wasn't there some intrigue quite a while back about ties to unsavory people in terms of ownership? Questions that were sidestepped, info that was scrubbed from websites, that kind of thing? It could be that when you accept funding from shady types, eventually the bill comes due. They might be getting pressure of some sort that they never saw coming. That would be upsetting for sure. The word "environment" doesn't necessarily mean the hardware...workplaces are described as "environments" too.
  15. So not the extended horde of ex-wives, adult kids, kids" spouses, and grandkids. Barron I guess will qualify until he's of age? I wonder if he'll still insist on them paying to rent rooms and golf carts at his properties at jacked-up prices, too, or if new laws will be put in place to limit what can be charged for these services. Assuming he qualifies for the protection, of course.
  16. I'm pretty sure his family gets the security protections too. Not sure if it continues for them after he kicks it tho.
  17. Don't states have budgets already allocated/approved that they have to adhere to tho? Do they have a process to adjust spending on the fly, or do they just spend whatever and figure it out after the dust settles? (must be nice if so)
  18. I don't think it's ever been confirmed, but this person showed up after Nymphonic stopped posting, and they do sound very much like the same person. It seems like a reasonable assumption.
  19. The Postal Service just informed states that the cost to mail ballots to voters who request them for vote-by-mail is now the first-class rate of 55 cents, rather than the bulk rate of 20 cents that they had been charging for them. States are struggling with revenue shortfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic, and their requests for federal aid to deal with it have been refused so far. This just about triples the cost of providing mail-in ballots at a time of increased demand for it.
  20. $25 to regrind all your race traits again! Sign me up!
  21. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682139-The-Extra-Monetization-Of-Rohan-Housing-( get out the popcorn
  22. I used this to figure out the Allegiance/daily system: https://thebeardedminstrel.blogspot.com/2017/08/allegiance-demystified.html I get 200 motes per day by running the dailies. Gear that you can barter for in the Allegiance halls using the tokens/relics can be disenchanted for motes also. Apparently he's a "fan favorite" 🤪
  23. Yeah. I like to use my warsteed while doing the Mordor dailies, but the rubberbanding is so frequent that I find it's better to just use a regular horse now.
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