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  1. I'm slow, so I'm going to get ARR first to get that month game time, then get the expansions/game time after that. Good to know, thanks!
  2. I just now hit 35 on my free trial. I'm having a blast and I'm very impressed with this game. I'm definitely going to buy ARR to keep going, and Shadowbringers after that.
  3. Thanks so much for the Steam info. I am really enjoying the game and want to continue with it, so I'm glad to know all this before I buy.
  4. Nothing wrong with stingy. Where would I look for a $5 deal on ARR?
  5. My download is almost finished! Free trial for now, but looking forward to checking it out.
  6. Does FFXIV have any kind of free trial? Now that I've got a better computer, I'm interested in trying it out.
  7. My old potato laptop finally died last night, and I went out and got a new one this morning. I'm currently downloading LOTRO only so that I can keep up the maintenance on my houses. I have them all set up with decorations I earned from doing the epics and various festivals, and it's a nice reminder of all the years I spent enjoying the game. I may log in and ride around to see how the 64-bit client performs on this machine, but I don't see myself ever seriously playing again. I don't miss it at all.
  8. Yech, that guy. ? I have a memory of being told that he's really into feet. Like really REALLY into feet. But I don't have any other knowledge. If I was to speculate, I'd be speculating that maybe his ERP sessions are recorded and passed around to people. Top people. Maybe.
  9. I know it's Tolkien's design, I still have my little sculpture of Minas Tirith that came with the extended edition of The Return of the King. I loved Minas Tirith every since I read the books and was so looking forward to getting there in game. The quest design exploited the architecture of that beautiful city so much that just about every quest chain led to exasperation. Turbine's use of MT as a quest area was one of the most bitter experiences I ever had in that game. That's what I was trying to get at, like Doro was saying about how Volume one made you run back and forth from Rivendell to the Ford and back, and all over the Trollshaws, etc.
  10. Very much so. It's the path from Rivendell to the Ford of Bruinen mapped onto a city shaped like a traffic cone(*), with each level accessible via ramps that are located on the opposite side of the cone from the one you were just on. The ramps are all switchback-style too except for the very last one at the top. So it's find the ramp, start up the ramp, turn around to go up the rest of the ramp, then ride across the level through a tunnel to get to the other side and find the next ramp, etc. And it's not always a straight line thru the level either, you have to weave thru the streets to find the right way. * each level is called a Tier, so you can also picture one of those big wedding cakes. To make it more fun, each Tier is has a descriptive name like Players Tier to make it harder to figure out which one you need to get to for a quest.
  11. Have fun with Forlong the Fat.
  12. Cordovan definitely is in over his head dealing with forum permissions.
  13. Wildermore was always a very buggy area, very laggy too. I remember the frustration of trying to do mounted combat and getting hurled off the side of cliffs. Fun times.
  14. When I had trouble like this with quest items that didn't respond, I generally logged off while next to the quest objective and restarted the game. It seems like sometimes things didn't load completely and got stuck, especially when I was playing for a long time, and restarting cleared that up. That's the only thing I have for you to try, unfortunately.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for posting that. I can't wait to see how people try to polish this turd on the OF.
  16. I'm currently playing GW2 as my main mmo and I enjoy it very much. I did pick up both expansions on sale about a year ago so I have access to the mounts, which makes it a lot more fun.
  17. As a lifer you have access to all the regions, don't you? (I hear VIPs frequently being upset at not being able to take advantage of quest pack sales b/c VIPs can't buy them). So I think it's just the expansions you'd need to purchase with TP. And after MT that's just Mordor for now.
  18. For me, pre-battle Minas Tirith was noticably less laggy than before. In fact, it was a lot less laggy and full of stutters than Bree was, at least when I was on this afternoon. I didn't think to try Rohan, that's a good idea, I'll try that too if I get a chance.
  19. I joined here after the Helm's Deep beta, and you're right, it really did serve as a long-overdue, much-needed sanity check for me. As to the grating vocal qualities of the stream sidekick, maybe that's why the folks who try to post text recaps of it on the OF have been giving up after a few weeks.
  20. Good to know, saves me the trouble of downloading it then.
  21. She's "a little surprised no one did this yet" ? No one watched your stream, sweetie, get over it. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672505-Tidbits-from-the-Devs-on-the-12th-Anniversary-Stream&p=7930115#post7930115
  22. I've been thinking about it, because by the time I started playing, the new-player experience of the world was very disjointed. There was so much cut out and rearranged from all the various expansions that I never did get a sense of a coherent story that unfolded logically and sequentially.
  23. My main was a minstrel and just reading this leaves me incredulous. Is there any chance that she never re-specced after the last time they reset traits?
  24. GW2 announced a while back that they would be moving from Living Story 4 right into Living Story 5 without an expansion between them. That was before the big employee purge. Now they've said they're focused on GW2 instead of being spread across all those unannounced, now-cancelled projects, so maybe they will decide to work on an expansion for the future. Living Story episodes are free to everyone who logs in while they are current, so they only bring money in for people who missed the login window and want to play them. And now they've been running a "return to Guild Wars 2" thing where they're giving away the Season 4 episodes one each week leading up to the release of the final episode soon. So they do need a money-maker in the pipeline soon. But I don't think it's in a death spiral yet. Also I do WvW zergs on occasion and it can get laggy for me, but my laptop is ancient and it's nowhere near as laggy as LOTRO is in normal open-world questing. The zergs are a lot of fun! Edit: voted for Secret World Legends.
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