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  1. Having been burned by LOTRO and now SWTOR with the game suddenly being made Hello Kitty easy overnight, I'm now in the market for another game. Yes, I know I said in my SWTOR gripe thread that I was done with MMOs. But there's just not that much out there that is coop AND not an FPS. We were thinking of playing Torchlight II together. However, I suspect blowing up skeletons hour after hour in roughly the same ol' cartoony scenery might get old real fast. The demo was fun, but I don't think the longevity is there. That doesn't mean if I play yet another MMO, that I'll ever trust the company. I am willing to lower my expectations now and am fully prepared to log in one evening to find my spell-casting elf/hunter character turned into a Smurf because some executive thought it would make more money. Anyway, I did play ESO during the open beta, but I had felt that a $60 box plus a sub was asking too much for what it was. Now that the sub requirement has been dropped, I'm more open to it. Does ESO in its present state offer enough difficulty for two (or possibly more) people to level together from start to finish without feeling too tiresomely easy? Are there any caveats I should know about? Also, any pluses that would help me decide in favor? If it helps to give you a point of reference, I had felt SWTOR offered just the right amount of difficulty and interesting combat. Not too easy for two people, but obviously still soloable. Required me to press more than two buttons. Well, it had been that way until companions got super-boosted with 4.0. Now my player character is the sidekick to my overpowered companion. But I digress. The bottom line is, I don't mind a game being somewhat easy some of the time. Just as long as I can't kill a horde of orcs wearing nothing but my toon's underwear and armed with naught but my Mathom Society frying pan. Or, alternatively, watching my SWTOR companion wipe out everything before I have a chance to fire off one of my own skills. Thanks in advance!
  2. He's pretty much the same as any other companion, but with different animations and voice. They stripped him of his skills. He now has heal, tank, and DPS modes just like the other companions. His assassinate skill is gone entirely. You basically did all that Easter egg hunt quest chain for an HK skin. I'm sorry for your loss. Shame you couldn't enjoy him before the change went through. He was awesome. By far my favorite companion, both for combat and witty conversation.
  3. Yes, it's true. EAWare has pulled an NGE / Helm's Deep on us with the latest SWTOR expansion. Crafting. I don't care to go into everything for that, but suffice it to say that many of the professions are now useless. All of them have to repurchase ALL the schematics, costing roughly 7.5 million credits if you are a craftaholic with each profession. Companion crew skill crits/bonuses have been removed, so crafters handed out companion gifts to these bonus-offering companions for nothing. Companions. Their armor is toast. Now they're just clones of each other. Including the ones people spent real money on to unlock--Treek and HK-51. Their affection cap has now been raised from 10,000 to 250,000. No, I did not make a typo with that last number. That's a lot of companion gifts you'll have to stand there passing out. And if you start the new expansion story, they will take away your companion characters, sticking you with new ones for the story arc. So if you were a crafter and were relying on their past affection to get you better crafting results, too bad. You can earn your companions back after completing chapter 9 of the new story arc, via a terminal that hands out quests to get them back. Naturally, the terminal is bugged, and no one can even pick up the quests. But even if you could, one companion is locked behind a world boss that you have to kill, and another is locked behind doing 20 PvP warzone matches. Once again, there's no new group content or warzones. Just a few short chapters of story that will be over with in a few short hours. I could go on and on. Needless to say, these changes were so radical that not only has my family cancelled our subscriptions, but we didn't even feel like logging in to actually play the story. We were just fed up. I've never seen so many "I quit" threads on the SWTOR forums before. Just like in LOTRO, of course, there are the thoughtless, airhead fanboys who jab, "Can I plz haz ur stuff?" In the meantime, many of us, myself included, have been trying to get refunds in Cartel Coins for the companions we paid for, who are now missing skills and are clones of the ship droid. Yes, that's right. Treek and HK have lost their signature skills, and play exactly like any other companion. Customer support merely gave me an automated message telling me to write a bug report. But this change was intentional. This is no bug. Just thought I'd let everyone here know about this, in case some of you have gone on hiatus from SWTOR and were thinking of returning. Don't waste your money. Unless you want to be raked over yet again, just like with Helm's Deep. I gotta tell ya, I'm sick of MMO companies pulling this. These games just cost too much for the developer to suddenly shift directions somewhere radically different. It's just a poor investment. I think I'll get into coop action RPGs instead, supplemented with single-player RPGs for when I feel like a good story.
  4. ​Just thought I'd pitch in, even if I'm a bit late. My family and I have been having a good time all in all in SWTOR. As said previously, it depends on what you want out of it. The landscape content is definitely more challenging than LOTRO's, enough to keep even two people teamed together entertained. We do heroics to keep ourselves challenged, sometimes even heroic 4+ with only two people. If you get HK-51s, you can probably pull off some flashpoints with only two people, provided you are well-geared and cross heal a lot. (We've pulled this off before. Fun!) Yes, there were class revamps, but things still manage to be fun. But whatever you do, do NOT roll a vanguard. They really messed them up in the class revamp. I mean, maybe you'll like it okay, but a lot of people seem to be unhappy overall with certain skills going missing. But unlike LOTRO, it wasn't overall a complete throw-in-the-towel-I-quit moment with the revamp. Some classes feel mostly the same, some are a little bit better, some not so good but livable. I wouldn't get too attached to the PvP, simply because so many people cheat so badly. It gets kind of old. But if you get in a good match where both sides play fair, it can be fun. The space combat was also fun until someone figured out how to one-shot people from stealth without there actually being stealth ships in the game. Then I quit that too out of disgust. I mostly queue for PvP to get XP if I'm falling short. It's nice to be able to do that, unlike in LOTRO. Overall, despite some changes I didn't like in SWTOR, they've managed it fairly well. Nothing has been catastrophic--at least, no more so than at launch. Of course, if it's just you and your wife and you don't care to be super social, you might try an ARPG instead. I've been reading reviews on Torchlight II, and I must say, that looks like a lot of fun. I may turn to that if SWTOR ever starts going in a disagreeable direction. That's the beauty of non-MMOs--the game company can't shove lousy content down your throat and mess up your class.
  5. ​So true, but at least it's a bigger map, so you can go farm slugs somewhere if you get sick of it. Of course, at that point, you might as well just go PvE, which is just reason #368 why I no longer play LOTRO. It's painful enough when you already did your PvE grind to get all your maps and goodies. When you have those things and finally want to actually PVP, and you still end up compelled to PvE because you're sick of camping, well....
  6. Out of curiosity, are they getting rid of the original Ettenmoors map? I see no reason why people would want to voluntarily stay on this tiny new map and camp each other if they have another choice. But I could be wrong. All this audacity and now essence armor grind reminds me why I don't care to come crawling back yet again, no matter how bored I get with other games. Shucks, they just finally lowered the price of all the quest packs to $19.99, and I still don't care to bite, not even to relive my old SOA experience for nostalgia's sake. These people have taken so much of my money over the years, and done nothing burn it on class revamps, skirmish soldiers, mounted combat, big battles, nerfing the landscape to be too easy, the store, and other epic failures. It will take a lot for them to rebuild trust, starting with rebuilding the entire game to resemble SOA and the better parts of Moria/Mirkwood again. They don't have the staff to do what it takes, so no amount of good will on the part of the current management will change anything. The best they can hope for is to keep the current player base from hemorrhaging further. Sorry for the random rant. Back to SWTOR. Even SWTOR is more challenging and fun than Hobbit Dress-Up Online, as ugly as the landscape is.
  7. Well, Patience's job as CM was to report whatever was told to her by management. It doesn't mean she knew what her management's true intents were. She was just there to relay the information. Most employees at the bottom are just mushrooms kept in the dark. (I should know--I'm a mushroom at my own workplace). Odds are, Patience didn't even know her management's true intentions. She just conveyed what she was told. It's Turbine management that lied to us. The CM is just the messenger.
  8. Interesting point regarding the lag and combat changes that launched with Moria. Things certainly did become laggier, even for PvE. However, I do remember a whole lot of other issues contributing to the general dissatisfaction with PvMP at Moria launch. In particular, I'd like to challenge your statement (in bold above) that it was the most balanced creeps and freeps have ever been. It wasn't balanced, except sort of kind of maybe for small fellowship vs. small fellowship. It was largely a disaster, so much so that the playerbase has used it as a measuring stick for every PvMP update since. Maybe it seemed fantastic in beta, but let's face it: Turbine was never known to test PvMP extensively before shoving out the changes. I recall many of the following general issues and class imbalances that caused many players to leave: DPS criticals for freeps went through the roof, especially once they got their 1st age weapons. Creeps (especially wargs) were given bleeds that couldn't compete. The creeps would blow apart before the freeps ever bled to death. Some creep healing didn't scale well. (Rallying Howl, I'm looking at you!) Not that it mattered, since creeps would often be dead before anyone could throw a heal anyway. If you don't believe me regarding class balance, let me bring up that many decent freeps flipped to creepside out of sympathy. They didn't have the heart to one or two-shot the creeps. I myself just about retired my hunter from the moors, except for soloing wargs. I quit group play (what little there was) and certainly quit the solo zerg. Even Jeffor, who has largely praised Turbine's direction in his role as Player Council member, saw the imbalances and joined creepside in sympathy. Due to infamy/renown reward changes at initial Moria launch, grouping, and especially raiding, was discouraged. Solo DPS classes could get more infamy/renown simply by solo zerging. As a result, grouping became obsolete for several months, leaving those who wanted to raid or group feeling left in the cold. Many people began to log out. We lost many raid leaders. On Brandywine, Savage Fangs as a warg tribe died out. Orzossk left, as did Zamamee. Roktata (the Savage Fangs leader) stopped logging in consistently, and eventually disappeared entirely as well. The entire large group playstyle pretty much died out for many, and it certainly wasn't due to the lag. (We were already used to it from SOA.) Since minstrels could now use war speech, those freeps wanting to group had a hard time finding a minstrel that would actually heal. Minstrels now prefered to solo zerg for their infamy. Due to freep DPS, long, drawn out fights were a thing of the past. Even though group vs. group was more balanced than raid vs. raid, creep leaders still had to use hit and run tactics to draw out a fight on purpose. Otherwise, the fight would end too soon, and the two groups would have to spend forever trying to find each other on a large map. Let's not forget many famous multiboxers popping up on various servers at the worst of all PvMP updates. Brandywine had its own six-boxing hunter that made life miserable for many. As usual, Turbine didn't care. Let's also not forget many breakages in classes. Warg disappear skill was bugged for a long time. Whenever a warg caught NPC aggro, popping disappear wouldn't shake it. To add insult to injury, Turbine spent resources fixing "important" bugs like the goat lamps not lighting up in the Moria caverns. Yup, they fixed the goat lamp, because it was so urgent. Players waited months just to get acknowledgment that there were serious issues with PvMP. Some quit while waiting for a response from any Turbine dev. When the devs finally got to fixing things, it was too little, too late for many. Some creeps even sent cookies to Jaelessa and co., but that wasn't motivation enough for them to return to us the SOA infamy/renown rewards. Raids still didn't award enough to be worthwhile, and so the few who enjoyed raiding and still remained eventually trickled out. Even after the fixes the devs added, and through Mirkwood, entire tribes/kins began to purchase server transfers, as many servers had degraded in quality of play due to players leaving. Brandywine and E became the hot new destinations, but that only caused severe population impalances on those destination servers, making groups (especially creepside) even harder to get into, since they were already full. What little the destination servers had going for them quickly disappeared, causing even more players to leave. In short, Turbines inaction and misprioritization caused an upheaval in the PvMP population. How many subscriptions did they lose? Sure, PvMP players only constitue a minority of players, but they are a steady source of subscribers between content updates. Even though I continued to sub for PvE, the experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. When my freep's home server (Silverlode) experienced a large population drop after Mirkwood launch, punctuated by my kin disbanding, I left shortly after F2P, never to sub again, except for a rare short burst here or there. The reason? Too much that I had loved about SOA had slowly been taken away. I could no longer even casually group for an instance due to radiance gating. I had to do the 3-mans first, which really irked me. All that was left for a casual player was playing by myself, which I did until the F2P store got in my face. Then I figured, meh, I'll just go play a single player game. I doubt people would have unsubbed over a goat lamp, or over small annoyances like we had in SOA. But people do unsub over a much larger game system. Whether that be PvMP, raiding, small fellowships, soloers, etc., all playstyles need to be cared for. I'm sure each subgroup constitutes a minority, but when you add it all up, it's your entire playerbase. Each group is a pillar in this game. If you remove too many pillars, the house tumbles down. Which is what we have happening here. Turbine has removed too many pillars. It largely began with PvMP and bugged instances in Moria, but it's now hit critical mass. Even the solo players are noticing the bugs and lack of quality in their solo quests. What's left after the solo play degrades? Nothing. The game shuts down.
  9. Hey Tribulation, Your post is so dead on. But you know, it's not just the customers who get slapped in the face when management won't listen. As your own life story so aptly pointed out, it's the worker bees, too. How many Turbine developers were told to work insane hours to meet a fantasy deadline due to some manager's incompentance? How many employees might have spoken up, and have now or long ago been axed for daring to warn their management? All that hard work, just be laid off because those at the top have cotton stuffed between their ears like Winny the Pooh. All management cares about is their schedule. "Is it done yet? Just say it's done! Hurry up!" They don't want to hear about problems. That pops their little fantasy bubble they live in. It's very frustrating to be on the other end of that. I feel very sorry for all those developers at Turbine who have probably been worked to death only to lose their jobs anyway.
  10. At work we're no longer allowed to use any tools under a GPL license, because our lawyers aren't sure if the license means that any software or other artifacts (images, documents, etc.) produced as output of the GPL'ed tool are supposed to also become GPL licenced, or if we can actually sell what we've made. There's definitely confusion over linking to GPL libraries. Incorporating GPL'ed code is obvious, but can we even link to a prebuilt library without having to GPL our own code? There's so much confusion, we just stick with BSD, Apache, etc., or just buy commercial. On topic, I doubt we'll see much of anything Kate Paiz promised. How can she possibly keep her promises for this year, when so many of the developers who have traditionally worked in those areas have been laid off? There's just too much in her letter to produce at a quality that meets anyone's satisfaction, and not enough people left at Turbine to produce it.
  11. Not surprised they gave SWTOR an F for PvP. There is so much exploiting and botting in the warzones that me and my family finally gave up on it and decided to stick with the PvE. Of course, I doubt that's why they got the F, though I wish more games would be reviewed for their exploitability so that decent players can be warned to find something else. Thankfully, the SWTOR playerbase doesn't seem to have yet figured out how to exploit the new PvP space combat. I've actually been having some fun with that. Anyway, more on topic, my condolences to those at Turbine who have lost their jobs. It greatly saddens me to see so many laid off during such economically difficult times. You guys didn't deserve it. Your management at the top did, but not you. I know you did the best you could with the cards dealt to you. It must be so frustrating to work so hard just to lose your job anyway.
  12. Try logging out again from the LOTRO forums and then clear your cookies/history. That did it for me.
  13. Not anymore! No more threat with EOB. Just the uber heal. For threat, you're just supposed to spam Goad over and over. Yup, just a 2-icon gambit, over and over. Very exciting stuff. Not. Tanking is dead in this game. Might as well go DPS. Not that it's so exciting to watch the wet noodle mobs evaporate if I so much as breathe on them. Still better than my hunter, though.
  14. Agreed. Rather sad. Especially the changes to tanking. When I compared old guides on how tanking used to work with the Warden, I couldn't help but feel sad at the complexity I'll be missing out on, now that I've rolled one post-Helm's Deep. Still, compared to my now retired hunter, I couldn't help but feel like the Warden, even in its present state, is a last refuge for anyone that would like to use a few brain cells pushing more than one or two buttons. Granted, that assumes you can even get the more complicated gambits off before everything is dead. The game is still far too easy for any complex play. I have yet to get my first finishing skill off, even when I pull multiple mobs. Perhaps when I head to the Great Barrows instance on my first run, I'll pull a full gambit chain off. Not getting my hopes up, though.
  15. Yup, your Adobe Reader is displaying it right. Helm's Deep removed a stance. Wardens only get two now.
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