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  1. I started playing in June 2008. Was a semi-casual raider for a few years. I took my first break right after F2P launched. My kinship moved to Rift because they didn't like the F2P model, but I don't really have any interest in another MMO besides LOTRO, so I did not go with them. I came back to LOTRO after a few months, but the game had lost much of the magic for me. I continued to play on and off for a few years. I had my first daughter in 2011, so my gaming time became severely limited after that. My breaks from the game became longer and longer. The beta for Helm's Deep and subsequent release were really the nail(s) in the coffin for me though. I couldn't believe the disrespectful way the LOTRO Team interacted with the players during beta. And the trait trees killed my characters. When the update went live, I realized I didn't want to have to relearn my characters, so I didn't. I only played my main from then on (never an alt). I wanted to be with the game until the end. I'm a huge Middle-earth fan, but I realized I just wasn't having fun in game anymore. I thought I would at least do all the quests even if I let everything else fall to the wayside, but the HD update wasn't fun for me. The last couple times I logged in I found myself just standing around, looking through my bags and quest log for a few minutes before just deciding to log out again. I think I may have made it to level 94 on my main before I just stopped logging in altogether. That was last spring. Every so often I'll be in the mood to play LOTRO again, but then I remember that I don't like it anymore, lol.
  2. HIPPOing until I have time to go back and read all the pages: What were the results of that Unofficial Survey from the German PC member (can't remember his name). Did Turbine look at it or take it into consideration at all, or was it just another one of Sapience's "lightning rods" ?
  3. Is there anything you'd like to share about your time in the PC Ele? That you couldn't before?
  4. I snorted when I read Frickinmuck's name. Nail in the coffin...
  5. FYI for anyone interested in the revamped zone dev diary. It is supposedly in the process of being posted and Sapience will update the patch notes with a link: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?546323-Developer-Diaries-for-Revamped-Zones&p=7141031#post7141031 That was an hour ago though. Patch notes still aren't updated
  6. Thanks for this link, it just says to refer to the developer diary for info on the region revamps. I can't find a developer diary though. You'd think it would be under the forum labeled "Developer Diaries" but no....
  7. Can anyone tell me what levels the new revamped regions cover?
  8. This was one of my biggest gripes about ESO as well. I only played one beta months ago, but I was so frustrated not being able to tell the difference between players, NPCs, and mobs. It took ages to find my husband.
  9. My favorite time of the game was SoA and MoM. This was my first MMO, and I'm a huge Middle-earth fan. The Shire was beautiful, and it's still my favorite zone in the game. I started playing June 2008, so I didn't get to do a ton of SoA endgame content because I only hit level 50 a few weeks before MoM's release. But I remember lots of Rift and a few Helegrod runs in there. MoM was the Golden Age of LOTRO for me - even with the Minstrel nerf. I was the first mini leveled in my kin so I got to run all the new 6-mans over and over. They are still my favorite instances in the game. There was always something going on. It was always easy to find a group. The story telling was magnificent. SoM was a slight disappointment because of having to regrind LIs and obtain more radiance. But I still enjoyed the instances (mostly - not the prison one, ugh). Still had a lot of great times in SoM though. When F2P hit, my kin disintegrated, and that was devastating to me. A lot of people are commenting on how great ITA and ToO was, but I really didn't get to experience that. Had my kinship still been around, I might have enjoyed the game very much up through RoI. I also really enjoyed the Great River region and Limlight Gorge area. It was so easy to join a PUG and do the group dailies.
  10. This exactly. I was just saying to my husband the other day it's like everyone's been lobotomized over there.
  11. I haven't logged in since January, I think. I purchased HD with accrued TP, and my plan was to do at least all the quests in the new area on my main (I gave up completing all deeds on my main awhile ago). I found myself logging in less and less though, and playing for less time each session. I think I was in Broadacres when I last played - around level 92 or so. I absolutely LOVE Middle-earth, but that's not enough to get me to want to play anymore. During SoA, MoM, and SoM, I logged 40+ hours every week. I remember dashing home after work every day to log in. Weekends were 10+ hour gaming sessions each day. I had 6 level-capped (65), raid-ready characters. My kinship raided twice a week and did lots of other group content the rest of the week. My crafters were maxed. I was in a great kinship from SoA to MoM, and then went to another great kin from MoM to SoM. When F2P hit, my kinship left for Rift, and the game died for me. I don't PUG unless I know the content well because everyone expects you to know instances right out of beta. So I completely missed out on ITA cluster. I left the game for 6 months or so. Came back and found a new kinship during RoI. Started getting back into the groove with Foundry and Draigoch runs. I never played a lot of the 3-mans or much of the ToO raid though. I never got that old feeling back. My new kinship has a lot of really nice people in it, but it still doesn't feel like home. I've never logged in just to chat with kinnies like I had with my previous kinships. Maybe it's me. Maybe I've changed too much. I leveled 4 characters to cap during RoI (75), but only one was raid-ready. When RoR came out, I took another 6 month break. Leveled up 2 characters to cap (85) - neither raid-ready. One I leveled exclusively by skirmishing with my husband. I did a handful of Bells of Dale and T1 Erebor raids. I actually joined two leveling groups last summer. One leveled from 40-65, and the other leveled from 1-35. I had an absolute blast with both of them. It was great playing the old content - especially the old group content. Then I participated in HD beta, and between the skill trees and the hostile attitudes of devs and other players, the game was killed for me again. I would like for my character to "finish the story" and see the game through until the end. But it's starting to seem more of a chore than a game. We'll see what Rowan does. Maybe he can salvage what Paiz left. It's not just the degeneration of the game though. Seeing the decisions that Turbine have made and how they treat their employees and customers has also left a bad taste in my mouth. So the gameplay is getting worse, and I'm finding that I don't want to support the development company... I'm a Lifer, so I'll probably be back at some point. Maybe.
  12. I came here during the debacle that was HD beta. As the official forums became more and more heavily moderated, I just didn't want to be a part of them anymore. Others have described more eloquently than I could the overzealous "fanboys" who rip apart anyone with differing opinions to their own. I appreciate the open discussions here. It's not pc of me to say, but I think Europeans make better posts as well - better vocabulary, well thought-out responses, proper grammar, the use of sentences and paragraphs, lol. I just cringe at the majority of American posts on the official forums, lol. And before you get on me, I'm an American, so I can say it. Edited to add that I've never had an infraction or anything on the OF, and also that I no longer play LOTRO (at least it's been a couple months since I've logged in, and don't have any plans to return).
  13. How in god's name did THAT happen???
  14. So is a USB audio interface and a preamp the same thing? What's the purpose for this? Am I correct in assuming that this is a separate piece of equipment to plug mic and keyboard into, then that plugs into the LINE IN on the computer? So I would record through the USB audio interface/preamp onto Audacity (or something else - possibly looking at Mixcraft 6 Pro because of users rating ease of use). Is this ballpark? I'm trying to Google all these new terms I'm seeing in everyone's posts, lol. I really appreciate all the info. Since I stopped playing LOTRO, I have an urge to pursue some forgotten hobbies
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