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  1. The makers of the game can't even adhere to those rules. Renaming that character was utterly ridiculous, and predictably, the wankers have shown up in force on that thread.
  2. Yes that's true, but I was responding to the OP who was questioning the sanity of Isildur for bringing the rock to it's present location, presumably based on how big it is in the game. In the game it's enormous and, assuming it's igneous and solid, it would weigh 100's , or more likely 1000's of tonnes. You'd have to build something extraordinary to transport that. As it's described elsewhere (12 feet in diameter) it would weigh about 70 tonnes. Still a pretty stupid thing to put on a ship and cart inland, but a bit more 'realistic'. But hey, fantasy. Yeah, I don't have a problem with it in the game. Bad-a-boom, ching!
  3. The Stone of Erech as portrayed in LotRO is much, much bigger than it should be. It's described as being 12 feet in diameter, half buried, so standing as tall a man. Not the behemoth in game.
  4. Hi Wulf It's been a while, eh, mi amigo? I've not been playing much in the last year or so, but I checked in on the kin website and there is at least a pulse with regards to server transfer. It might be nice (but probably futile) to try and get as much of PoME as possible on a new world. Who knows, we might even be able to rebuild it if there is enough critical mass. Landy could be good... I'm willing to give it another shot. Mith
  5. Reminds me of the Red Dwarf book, Better Than Life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Better_Than_Life
  6. Most certainly this... And also this. Messi wasn't even the best Agentinian player at the WC - that honour belongs to Mascherano IMO. Also as an Englishman it pains me to say it, but Germany were by far the best team at this WC. Deserved champions with more to come.
  7. Ah, Bastian Pigraiser. Great name; great player. I'd be very surprised to see anything other than a Germany win. The 3rd/4th playoff is utterly meaningless (though usually a good game).
  8. This one? Originally posted by Shumzuda: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?551097-Continued-discussion-from-SHIELD-transcript-RE-Raids-and-the-future&p=7190388&highlight=#post7190388 Originally Posted by Sapience I'm really sorry guys, but it is what it is. Since I've laid out the facts in the most honest way possible and you aren't willing to hear them or believe them there is really no point in our continuing to address the topic. Below I have compiled a progression in what the customers have been told with regard to new group content and second in terms of raid scaling. Let us analyse the claim: I think anyone who has been paying attention knew this long ago. Our message has been very clear for more than a year that classic raids and clusters were not coming. - Jun 2014 In Oct 2013 jwbarry seems to give a different impression (see below) and in Feb 2013 which would be just over a year ago a dev says that there was 'no shift' in the design philosophy of Turbine towards raiding. I can't find any reference more than a year ago of you or any dev saying there was no classic raids coming (what kind of time frame is that dealing with anyway?). I also think that the comments on raid scaling give an equally misleading impression to customers. New Group and Raid Content Feb 2013: Q21 Alyselle - Is there any multi boss raid (like Orthanc) planned in the near future? #LOTRO A21 JWB - Currently, the instance team is working on prototyping the Helm's Deep experience. #LOTRO Feb 2013: BQ4 Bastiat1 - In contrast to the last four raids (DN, BG, OD, Orthanc), the coming raid is three isolated single encounters as opposed to a multi-boss progression raid. Does this signal a design philosophy change at Turbine with respect to raiding? If not, is there a multi-boss progression raid on the development list for the future? If so, when? If not, why? BA4 JWB - Not a shift at all, for this story and location having 3 separate encounters fit better. The story of the cluster being made drives the structure of that cluster and raids. Oct 2013: Q4: Bedalin: Will future expansions and updates have more Big Battles or will we see more traditional Raids? A4: jwbarry: Likely both. The type of story we’re telling and the location we’re telling it will greatly inform whether instances, raids, skirmishes, big battles, or some combination is the best gameplay mechanism to utilize. Mar 2014: We'll consider new group content where we can fit it in, but the team's priority is definitely moving the story and growing the world. Update 13 is the close of Volume 3 of the Epic, meaning yes... Volume 4 is on the way. Apr 2014: You mentioned resource instances, what about other types of instances will we see any scaling of instances like the Rise of Isengard instances, or maybe a new big battle, what can we look forward to from a group content standpoint jwbarry – Cue disappointing music; there is no group content in U13. Jun 2014: Any idea if any new raids are coming; I know you guys said no new raids? Sapience - So that question is kind of answering itself, pretty much. As Rowan said in the roundtable and as they have been saying for the better part of a year, or actually a little longer than a year now, there are no raids in the foreseeable future. Instance Scaling Dec 2012: Q7:Lathius-Are we going to scale Rift/CD anytime in the near future? A7: JWB -They're on the list. There's a lot of nostalgia and love for those spaces, so we're taking our time and treading very carefully. Jan 2013: Q9 Brya - With the DG & ITA clusters both getting scaled, are you planning to regularly scale more old content in future updates? #LOTRO A9 Eldorudo - We're always looking to go back and give old content new love and you can look forward to seeing more of this in the future. #LOTRO Apr 2014: Rowan – There are active plans for a new epic battle, coming out with U14, so that’s one thing they are digging into pretty deeply right now, and he feels good about. He’s not committing to it but he feels good about it right now. He doesn’t know about how jwbarry feels about scaling other stuff, he knows they haven’t committed to anything just yet. May 2014: Do you have any plans to scale any of the traditional instances this year, like Moria or Isengard? Rowan – Right now no plans. That’s a whole area they need to look at carefully and review. He’d like to find ways to (unintelligible). Of course they are doing a lot of work right now to improve the experience of epic battles. Jun 2014: Will the Rift ever be scaled No. If they did scale it, it would no longer be the raid you love and you’d just be mad.
  9. The offending post in full: Like mentioning Group Content or the Massively article, questioning the mass deletion of threads will result in punishment.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I got some infraction points and a temporary ban again, but at least I deserved it. The OF is becoming more and more ridiculous and it's becoming a massive joke. No doubt deleteing all those threads has given somebody a doubleplusgood bellyfeel.
  11. I don't know, but it's been around for years. I might check it out while I wait for Europa Barbarorum 2 (August finally!!)
  12. According to Sapience - do you see a potential conflict of interest there? Define 'raider'. Annnnnnnnnnnd round and round we go...
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