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  1. Mar? I'm actually unfamiliar with Mar. I didn't know she was that bad.
  2. That's the one I was referring to in the General Discussion boards. Utter insanity. She outright refused to heal anyone? I kinda wish I could've seen that Fellowship chat with her telling her group members that she wouldn't heal them I know the Heydts, but who is the Driveller of Words?
  3. Such a ridiculous thread. Her reasons for want the server name changes are absurd. There was another thread she had going in General Discussion begging them to close down Evernight instead of Snowbourn. Anyone who disagrees is a "hater" or is "bullying" her. I know the OF is bad, but I wasn't aware it had been reduced to this low of a level.
  4. You guys wouldn't happen to be talking about the OP of this thread on the OF, would you? A mini from Snowbourn, I believe. Quite irritating imo. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?573998-Change-all-remaining-server-names-only-fair-thing-to-do
  5. While I see where you're coming from, I have to admit that I feel nostalgic with Ridder closing. In it's prime, Ridder was a fantastic server.
  6. Stickeez, I've never had much of a problem with you in the past. That said, I hope you realize that you're currently living up to all the negative feedback that I and others on here and the OF have said about the PC.
  7. I would ask why Turbine would even consider adding players that were already unpopular with many to the PC, but the word "Turbine" answered the question. As for being thrown under the bus, I feel like something like that happened recently, but I can't remember the exact details. The whole Turbine/PC relation feels like a Palpatine/Vader or a Sauron/Mouth of Sauron type of deal. I don't think that everyone on the current PC is bad. Unfortunately, I feel like there are enough bad apples to really destroy what the true purpose of the PC should have been. I don't recall much of the 2013 PC (I was on one of my breaks from the game), but I do remember there being less baddies.
  8. 100% agree with you and Beanie. The Player Council and the OF Forum Warriors (like Heydt, Khafar, and others) are part of the reason I don't really play the game as much as I used to. You try to give a good suggestion to a company that appears to be either clueless or apathetic, and you get shot down on the forums and in-game by people who blindly support everything Turbine does. I honestly hate what both Player Councils have become. In the majority of my dealings with PC members, I've been belittled and talked down to like I'm some stooge that knows absolutely nothing about the game. (Leixy comes to mind) I understand that having the "PC Badge" does technically put a target on your back, but getting all high-and-mighty with your fellow players while you're representing a company that already has a shaky reputation is poor form.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the info. I'm probably going to end up moving to Landy. Then again, it sounds like a lot of people are having that same idea, so maybe I won't. I'd really prefer to not get stuck in another lag-hole (no offense to peepls on Brandywine.
  10. Surprised that a total of 19 servers are all going down. I expected a lower number than that. A bit depressing. On the flip side, I'm glad to see that Brandywine will be inaccessible. I'm not sure if I misunderstood, or just missed this, but will you be able to transfer off of all servers, or just the one's that are affected by the close? I may want to hop out of Brandywine. They may have barred transfers, but it's still overcrowded.
  11. I agree with you. Partially. The new map is the result of years of feedback....feedback that Turbine technically caused by promising a new PvMP map years ago, and then not following through with it. Many PvPers would've been thrilled with a new map that worked properly and fixed at least some, if not all of the problems that were faced in Moors. Myself and a few others felt that Turbine would not put a whole lot of time and effort into getting Osgiliath to the way it should be. Unfortunately, it appears we were right. I would have strongly preferred that the Moors map had remained the only map, and that all the time, effort, and resources Turbine poured into had gone into fixing Moors to the way it should have been 3 or 4 years ago. tl;dr: Yeah, maybe Turbine caved or panicked and spit out the new map because of the trainwreck PvMP is and how pissed the community is. But rushing out a new map that was clearly not ready was a poor decision. A lot of the PvMP community was willing to cut this new Dev team and Frelorn some slack, so I have no idea why they felt pressured into making a silly mistake.
  12. I had heard about the inbalances, but I had no idea it had escalated from simply overpowered to invincibility thanks to heals. I was afraid it would come to that, though. Moors had been heal oriented for quite awhile, so I guess I should've expected the same or worse from Osgiliath. That's the same question I had, though. If Turbine knew their hardware couldn't handle everyone being concentrated on in one place, i.e. the bridge, why did they design a map that did exactly that? If it really this the final nail, it's a shame. PvP in this game had a ton of unused potential.
  13. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test out much since the update, due to the crippling lag on Brandywine. However, the majority of the feedback on Update 16.2 is negative. Strongly negative. Many people have quit already, and many of the remaining are already extremely cynical. Server populations are low. Lag is bad. It would also appear that the majority of the player base feels betrayed, seeing as how this update was supposed to bring "Creep love" and better PvP balance. I've counted two threads already asking why Turbine didn't listen to those who participated in the open beta. Even the PvMP Player council was a debacle. I think it'll take more time to really tell, but if the overall view of 16.2 ends up being negative, do you think this will be the proverbial nail in the coffin for LoTRO PvP?
  14. The moderation is noticeably different than the type of moderation Sapience did. There have been a lot less deleted threads, as, as far as I can tell, less infractions handed out. I did hear about a few people getting infractions, but until I hear something different, I'm going to assume they deserved it. While I'm frustrated with the direction the game has been going (especially the PvP aspect), I feel for the current dev team and for Frelorn. The previous dev team and Sapience really screwed things up, and they were walking into a trainwreck before they even really started.
  15. That's a good point, and I didn't think of it that way. However, it seems to be as though Turbine would've seen this being some sort of problem, and maybe upgraded their hardware before releasing this map? Lag has been a nagging issue that many players have had for a long time now. Personally, I would have fixed up server-hardware and maybe even got the new transfer system going before releasing Osgiliath. Perhaps that's easier said that done, though.
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