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  1. I thought this was amusing. "If I can help...please let me know." Anticipated Response: You've done enough.
  2. I'm a little bit in shock. Like many, I suppose. Aylwen did come across as an exceptional individual. In both public and private discussions he was unfailingly positive and enthusiastic. I think many of us felt something of a kinship with him based on his love of the game and his open communication. As was said before, this was not how I expected this thread to end.
  3. Seldom has someone invalidated themselves AND their opinion to so many with so few words. The Turbinefreude aside, your posts are not what you obviously hope them to be. If you felt confident about what you said, you would not feel the need to mention Brokk or the anonymous private messages. (Brokk, by the way, is a good soul who would never have posted such lame attacks. Someone such as yourself trying to use him to validate your insults is somewhere between amusing and just plain invalid in its contradictory nature.) Coming to a place you rarely post to attack others? It's a sign of insecurity, not confidence. When I thought LOTRO was 'great'? I was rarely on forums. I was in game. Your little posting spree here is no different than the other occasional forays by blindly loyal Turbinites. You've cast your wide net, gotten a few responses, and will soon go away to boast of your accomplishments to a few like-minded individuals. You're not fooling anyone. You will no be so well read by friends of people on this forum.
  4. I think a guy named Aragorn once said something very similar to this...
  5. I ran around for a little more than that. Maybe 30 minutes. Tried to log back into the regular game but after 10 to 15 minutes there, knowing my captain was going to die an unavoidable death, the entire feeling of the game was gone. I logged out and started looking for a new game. After 7 steady years of playing LOTRO.
  6. Ultimately, players who are caught breaking our rules and disrupting EQ2 live server gameplay will be flagged for this server, and no others -- ever. And let me say, unless Daybreak is more aggressive than they used to be in my EQ days or much more than Turbine was, it will be a laughingstock. I'm sure we all saw some pretty horrendous forms of abuse in LOTRO, clear harassment and attempts to disrupt others gameplay on a regular basis, and GMs often said there was nothing they could do about it. Is Daybreak going to use the same criteria for moving people to Drunder as they once did for banning? Are they lowering the bar and making Drunder a place to go if you have committed acts that fall somewhere below the traditional banning level of offense?
  7. I think banning them might be better. Do you think those 'sent to prison' will continue to pay enough to make this a profitable move for the company? I am saying I don't see it being an effective way of earning money or continuing to have those 'abusers' be a moneymaker. Would it not be more cost effective to ban them? You will spend money on the server, money on the manpower to transfer them, handle the appeal process, etc etc. These people who repeatedly are abusive to others...do you think they won't just flip SOE the bird and not give them another cent? Don't get me wrong here. I'm not advocating for the abusive/rude rulebreakers who go out of their way to cause distress to others. I've seen too many of them over the years. As far as I'm concerned, they can go jump in a lake, with a helping push from Daybreak. I am simply wondering if this is going to be a net gain or loss from the company from a resources standpoint.
  8. My point is you are dedicating a server to them. Manpower to transfer them. Any appeal process for people banished to the Siberian gulag? I just don't understand this, to be honest. In general, games do well by accentuating a 'good game' and rewards to those who play it, not punitive consequences.
  9. Drunder? It's a prison colony. Call it 'Australia'. If you banish someone to this server, how likely are they to continue playing the game or keeping up their account? There are too many games out there for this to be effective, in my opinion.
  10. No need. Some things are self-evident. You can draw safe assumptions about people who say things like "LOTRO is in a great spot IMO", "The World is Flat", "The Sun revolves around the Earth", and comparable estimations of reality.
  11. Anybody looked into this game? Had some thoughts on it? https://www.pantheonrotf.com/ Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMORPG based on challenging gameplay and open world high fantasy, with a strong focus on group-oriented content.
  12. I see I didn't articulate my position well. I'm not really trying to defend anybody. Dalthalion is capable of fighting his own fights. It was more about the statements than the target of the statements. We most of us here game rather seriously, with a degree of variance, of course. Gamers telling gamers to 'get a life' just caught me off guard on a forum about gaming.
  13. I'm a little surprised at these insults. It's an old game that encouraged roleplay. Over 7 or 8 years you develop a lot of characters for various activities. For some, that character might only represent a month or two of roleplay or dedicated time with a small group of people, but still have great personal value as a result that one does not want to lose. Is what Dal is asking a bit extreme? In my view, yes. Not sure it warrants the personal insults though. I recognize this is the Wild West and we spit tobacco juice on each other's feet and throw down at the drop of a hat, but we're gamers and usually we respect various playstyles so long as others do the same. I would speculate the problem with any such compromise is the amount of time it would take to implement it. Someone has to sit there and press the buttons and the requests that would flow in when a policy was made public could be quite large.
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