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  1. Some instances have multiple cut scenes throughout. I got told off and left behind when doing The Praetorium because I was watching a cut scene. After that I had to skip every one of the succeeding ones. A few other players got locked out of bosses because they watched a cut scene, got left behind and then could not catch up as no one would wait for them because most of the players were not doing the instance for the first time but were simply grinding it. I did not have a clue what was going on from a story perspective and it ruined what was supposed to be the climax of the main game storyl
  2. I played up to level 50 but got sick of it. Thought the story was too campy, unepic and lacklustre. Hated the small environments and mechanical animations of the mounts. I found crafting to be a boring grind. Fates were good at first, but got boring very quickly and I hated the fact that they needed to be grinded over and over as the quests themselves did not provide enough experience in the later levels to reach cap. I thought the group content was very well designed, but hated the fact that they were incorporated into the storyline so that one had to complete a certain instance before y
  3. I've noticed that too and it has changed my mind about purchasing Mordor. Did some dailies at North gate around Minas Tirith and I crashed to desktop whenever I ported. Lag and warsteed rubberbanding was the worst I have ever experienced. I purchased a swift travel to Mordor with a Mithril Coin and crashed to desktop before I even got there. The auction house on my server is barer than it was before the server mergers. I eventually had a look around Mordor. The landscape looked better than I imaged, but there were very few players around which indicated to me that it has not sold very well.
  4. To be fair to Turbine with regards to the difficulty, they weren't the only company to do that: everyone pretty much has made their MMORPG easy. Secret World has just relaunched as Secret World Legends with a drastically reduced difficulty level. WOW became incredibly easy years ago. Even the main quest content of Final Fantasy XIV is very easy. SSG need to have a subscription only legacy server of Shadows of Angmar. I imagine they would make a tidy profit from it, but I think they have said that it would not be possible as they no longer have the code.
  5. Personally, I think my elf looks better with the updated avatar system and I am very happy with the end result because I expected the update to be worse than it is. My elf does, however, look completely different and I think the new hair looks very odd and too smooth. I don't look too closely at my avatars' faces, nor do I use moods and emotes, so the weird facial expressions do not affect me. Yes I am personally happy with how my new avatars look, but overall, I can see that the update is poor, rushed and a joke. a professional company should not have a released something so amateurish.
  6. I think it is interesting to see so many people on the official forums complaining about the pricing and content of this EP, with lots saying they do not intend to purchase it yet. I find it odd that so many genuinely seem surprised that the quality of the EP is poor and the content minimal. What were they expecting? Mordor is classic free2play LOTRO. They've been churning this kind of quality out for years. I think the past 6 months or so have definitely shown that the developers are actually the ones to blame for the mess that LOTRO became and not WB. The developers don't know how to
  7. Seriously is that it? Why bother doing an interview?
  8. I'm not surprised they have some mega expensive bundles. I kind of expected it, as they will need to rake in as much money as they can from the expansion pack. I don't really see it as shady business - a desperate cash grab, arrogance etc. - because a game with a small playerbase is going to have to charge a lot of money to stay afloat. Most things in life if they are not very mainstream and popular are priced at premium - they wouldn't be available otherwise. The people still playing obviously enjoy the game and if they want it to continue have to face reality that they are going to be
  9. Same here. I reached end game and there was literally nothing to do but grind group instances over and over. I just wanted to follow the story. I think Square definitely are missing out on customers by forcing the group content. Just got Final Fantasy XII too. So far I am loving it, which I'm finding odd because I remember being so disappointed with it at the original release.
  10. I'm really looking forward to the DLC, and I agree it is much better than FFXIII. I'm feeling very positive about the FFVII remake and looking forward to Kingdome Hearts 3.
  11. Was going to comment but changed mind.
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