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  1. Brodrick

    Have you voted? ;)

    The Military Industrial Complex would never allow that.
  2. Brodrick

    Hello from Cordovan

    I thought everything was Fredelas's fault.
  3. Brodrick

    Dadi's interview audio and notes

    Can someone post the text....that site is blocked at work....:P Thanks!
  4. Brodrick

    Hello from Cordovan

    Welcome to the land of misfit toys.... You get +25 points for checking in. I think you will find a lot of the actual animosity here is directed at a Mr. Heaton that previously held your position. I know I received a lifetime forum ban for saying that I was never going to play again. Never mind that I was VIP until last month....:P I think you will find a lot of the folks here still play, that we do love the game, and want it to succeed. Just a lot of the time some Turbine/WB decisions leave us baffled.
  5. Brodrick


    I am so freaking bored with LOTRO that I just this very minute decided to do a perma-death toon. Has anyone here managed to cap a perma-death toon?
  6. Brodrick


    Canadia will join the North American Union.... http://fusion.net/story/236131/canada-to-lift-visa-requirements-for-mexicans/
  7. Brodrick

    Update 18 Release Notes

    Yes, and apparently there is a raid coming with 18.2
  8. Brodrick

    Update 18 Release Notes

    Thanks Tinker, The "controlled" forums are blocked at work....:P
  9. Brodrick

    5 Years of RIFT – New Producer’s Letter From Archonix

    What is up with Trion's money grab? It make LOTRO's cash shop look like amateur hour. I am so fed up I removed RIFT and probably won't go back. Minion's now have missions that cost real money, the last world event had patron only quests (they did have a free patron weekend so I am sure they are just conditioning the player base),artifacts can now be bought, and the store pop's up first thing when I log in. But the Producer says every thing is great!! Not so much.... And on top of that Glyph is corrupted every single time it updates.... Back to GW2 for me.... Rant over.
  10. Brodrick

    The Rage Corner

    That is because California is like "Escape from New York"....all the responsible people left along time ago.....:P As a Idaho resident and gun owner I have never once had the urge to shoot up a church or school. Add me to the list of "responsible" gun owners that you have never met.....
  11. Brodrick

    Paris Attacks

    Ding, Ding, Ding!!!! You win the internet!
  12. Brodrick

    Update 17 - What is it?

    ....actually there is an investigation of a secret cult.....
  13. Brodrick

    New Star Trek TV

    ...and apparently they only have one season to choose from... If I see "Masks" one more time....
  14. Brodrick

    Update 17 - What is it?

    I start Big Battles, go play Rift, come back 30 minutes later, and reap the harvest of stars of merit......;) No effort, good reward.....
  15. Brodrick

    Frelorn turning into Sapience?

    Damn Forum...:P I tried to quote Pollyanna up there and ended up quoting Castorix, don't know how that happened....