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  1. Was about to give ESO another try. Looks very like what happened to Lotro. Lotro we had Turbine points, ESO we have crowns. Time will tell as to whether they wreck the game with their shop or just compliment it. Based on previous experiences, I have my doubts, but will hold my breath on the offchance
  2. And yet another example of the lack of integration into the UK, from "The Muslim Law Shariah Council UK" http://www.shariahcouncil.org/?page_id=28
  3. With regards to the above post I made 5 days ago, this video from a Muslim shows exactly what I mean
  4. I don't agree with a LOT of what Doro says, but I fully understand why he says and thinks it. It seems because he is prepared to say what he thinks and why, others feel the easiest argument is to label him some sort of hater. I'm a Christian, I don't think Doro could have been any more clear he hates the Christian religion as much as the Muslim one (and as a Christian, I fully understand why he and loads of others think like that, ) I'm, enjoying this debate, well I was, now it feels like it's been turned into a sort of personal attack, rather than answer any point, lets just say bigo
  5. While I don't agree with everything Doro says, resorting to name calling kind of makes any point you are making, meaningless. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, usually opinions are formed over time for various reasons, many times those opinions and reasons are wrong, many times they are right, many times its how some thing looks to the average person, and we are never totally sure what's going on. But not being able to discuss with others without resorting to abuse, don't care who it is, pro Muslim, anti Muslim or whatever, to me when ANYONE starts down that route, they haven't go
  6. I have to side with Doro on this, although I am trying to be fair as all 3 of the main religions have their highs and lows in my opinion. Based on the UK. based on the FACT that about 1/4 of mosques wont' even let women on the premises, based on the fact that those that do, they are kept separate from the men etc, the simple fact is, the impression the muslim faith gives to the average person ont he street is that they do treat women as second class citizens (as has Christianity in the past etc, but we are talking about today) There is article after article about the treatment of women i
  7. Please don't get me wrong, for every word I could quote/write about say the Muslims treatment of Jews, I could quote/write far worse about the Christians treatment of them. Christians and Jews were still treated as second class citizens though. And if I understand correctly, throughout the Islamic empire, other faiths were ONLY tolerated once the countries had fallen to Islam In other words countries were invaded, took over and became a Muslim state and only then were Christians and Jews allowed to live there, providing of course they paid their special taxes they were
  8. Which as I said earlier (I think, too many forums) could simplicity be seen as if the Muslims hadn't destroyed 2000 odd Christian churches in Jerusalem, the crusades would never have happened.
  9. The simple truth (n my opinion) is it boils down to something all religions suffer from. 1) The congregation not wanting to rock the boat, the congregations not wanting to upset their leaders, usually out of fear of being cast out etc. 2) The leaders using control techniques of various measures to make the congregation not dare publicly question things. Catholics worship the Pope more than they worship God (from what I can see), I know a fair few Irish people and they all say that the priests rule, the people are scared stiff of upsetting them. Christians (in the UK) suffer fr
  10. Actually Doro has a point. It might not be true (then again it could be) , but the impression they do give is that the majority (in the UK) do sympathise. We can only give our opinions based on what we see and hear for ourselves. Of course not all we read and see is correct, neither will all you see and hear be correct. If I or you visit a mosque or a series of mosques throughout the world, there's a big chance most are going to be against extremism, or at lease they are going to imply that to you and me,. That does not really mean that are against it, neither does it mean they are sup
  11. stupid formatting, re-written below
  12. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this. However I want to make one thing very very very clear. From the outset I have tried to say that I couldn't care less what people choose to believe in or not to believe in. I have said what it's beginning to feel like in the UK, and trust me, I am far far far more tolerant than most people I see, if I have niggling worries, others will be talking about getting out their pitchforks. Unlike most, I have little problem with immigration, I am glad I belong to the EU. Racism is something I have never ever ever been able to com
  13. ROFL, reminds me of about 16 years ago, on a stag weekend in Amsterdam, turned out it was a Gay pride weekend and 7 out of 10 honestly had the stereotypical skimpy leather shorts, string vest and flat cap
  14. These quotes from someone else says what I think.(have to be registered to read) http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5147767&page=45
  15. I could easily say "And you presume they do something because ?" Because of the evidence. because of the amount of radicalisation that goes on. Don't forget you live in the US, I live in the UK, two very different places. Here for example is an article (apologies for the length) from the Spectator from June last year . Posted it rather than just linked it incase there's regional restrictions to accessing it. http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9230671/who-runs-our-mosques/ One of the comments
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