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  1. It's been a long while since I visited this forum since there isn't really a reason for me to do so anymore (lost all interest in LotRO by now, even rumors), and I still play Rift with a friend, though work and my current lack of a proper gaming rig prevents me from gaming all that much. Last bit of news I'll drop in this subforum is the producer's letter that describes the past 5 years and their future plans. I haven't been entirely happy with a number of Trion's decisions, but nothing has been make-or-break for me (yet). 5 Years of RIFT – New Producer’s Letter From
  2. Well, this is interesting. The CrossEvents channel will now be moderated and everything.
  3. This is apparently a 5GB update so I guess I'll have to start it overnight. Patch notes
  4. The real takeaway about endurance from the study is actually SSD "normal use." I have a couple tablet computers, and typically people will say "you should never torrent on it because you'll wear down the SSD!" The point is that under normal use, even heavier computer-geek use, people don't need to worry about wearing down an SSD outside of manufacturing defects. (In consumer-grade devices, we end up upgrading after 4-5 years anyway, so I would worry only if you really plan on keeping something for a much longer time.) Darmokk, what are you blabbering about, again? All the drives gave warnin
  5. Oh my goodness, yes. Complete boot times, application start-up, data transfer speeds are all significantly faster. Game load times while accessing all the textures and data, significantly faster. For long-term usage, HDDs are still best (I mean over a decade), but SSDs are pretty standard now for anything else. No noise, no moving parts to break, and with the latest data indicating they're pretty darn durable for any consumer use, there's no reason not to get one. Besides having a super old system or the price, I suppose. What I usually do with my desktops is have a smaller SSD for the OS
  6. And finally, they're all dead (March 12, 2015): http://techreport.com/review/27909/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-theyre-all-dead If you wonder why this is important, PC World explains:
  7. I can't even be exasperated/incredulous/surprised by this sort of thing anymore.
  8. At level 3? I don't know, that's like judging an MMO in the first 10-20 levels, though I was actually happy my party was wiped by a bunch of angry pigs at level 3 on default difficulty setting on like the 3-4th overland map. I haven't even gotten to Defiance Bay yet. The dialogues are between BG2 and PST so far, but what I'm really curious about are the reputation splits instead of just "good/evil." I'll figure out where the storytelling sits once I get through Defiance Bay, at least, but BG2 level is fine with me and would be better than what DA could manage. Dragon Age was a total failure as
  9. If you're only used to and enjoy current cinematic 3D games, this type of tactical party game definitely isn't for you (that's the reason why it had to be crowdfunded, because no publisher would take it, though they might regret that now with Steam/GOG numbers). The progression is on-par with Baldur's Gate 1, which is what the backers asked for, since this is going to have sequels. Basically only people who enjoyed the old IE games would appreciate this. The vast majority of negative user reviews I've seen were complaining it's too old-school.
  10. Lotro is "great" strictly if you enjoy Tolkien fan fiction. I see the books as "inspired by" or "based on" source material for all the spin-off products. As a game, it's not competitive in the MMO landscape.
  11. Fair enough. Just so you're aware of LMB's poor reputation around these parts, our discussions of Weatherstock 2014 are an indicator (being used as a mathematically falsified political tool by LMB/the miscreant Sapience and whatnot). If any of your members have negative feelings about group content, PvMP, or even any former solo player who hated Helm's Deep and quit (like myself), just don't let them advertise it. Good luck otherwise.
  12. Congratulations! Wow, New Zealand. Jealous. Glad to hear you're doing well, Whart. You've been missed.
  13. I rather doubt it's any real influence by the PC, since there were certainly people who argued for group content in the first HD-concurrent one. The changes in ED? But Lotro has to compete against WB's broad directives on where to spend their budget, with a whole lot going to Infinite Crisis (maybe that part is "done") and now the new GoT mobile game. So what talks is money. Maybe WB-Turbine thought they could just continue on a plateau for Lotro as with DDO or something. But enough player population leaves over Helm's Deep, and maybe someone on the chain is smart enough to ask why. Except the
  14. They're squirrel mounts that eat nuts like acorns. Supposedly.
  15. I thought this was just an April Fool's joke announcement but not something Trion was going to actually sell:
  16. And yet we can all be certain that nothing will substantively change, just as the whole concept of the PC did not substantively change anything important in the game. Serious Pv(m)P and raiding populations both rely heavily on working, largely balanced mechanics. If Turbine never fixed PvE mechanics since 2013, they sure as heck won't be starting on that aspect in PvMP now. I'd bet on a new PvMP class for TP.
  17. By the way, whoever starts the 2014 NDA-drop thread, could you link back to the previous PC-NDA thread(s)? I'll bet there will be a lot of cross-referencing and stuff. Hi Beanie! Sorry I mistook you for someone else at the beginning there.
  18. Wow, the new guy. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/31/arts/television/trevor-noah-to-succeed-jon-stewart-on-the-daily-show.html?partner=socialflow&smid=tw-nytimes&_r=0
  19. I binged on Rift for the entirety of yesterday (for the first time ever, my gaming partner got far ahead of me in an expansion by 4 levels), and the expansion would be worth my money if it was a traditional release. Rift was Trion's first game so I hope they maintain it as their flagship; it seems to me that Trion's Rift team knows better how to run that game than the other teams for games in their "diversification" portfolio. I mean, there was no other reason for Trion to do Defiance (FPS) or AA (Asian grinder) or now Trove (voxel) except to diversify, so these gambles could always fail in pa
  20. That's AA. The second one is the topic of this thread. So, what would Turbine do, if they made the initial mistake of gifting over $100 worth of virtual goods to returning players?
  21. Depends on the definitions used as well, which are changing all the time. The problem is that so many of these psychological diagnoses require symptom lists with hit-or-miss psychiatric treatment; then neurology is still very, very far behind in identifying activity pattern and other biological models that could be mapped to various things in mental illnesses. And then on top of extreme prejudice and taboo in most cultures, progress is very difficult (just look at all the hate that spawned with Robin Williams), where individuals are very pressured to hide and hope it gets better. I've seen fir
  22. Besides the fact that depression isn't merely "sadness" like so many assume, I read somewhere (probably around the time of Robin Williams' suicide, I'll see if I can find a cite) that depression symptoms can frequently include aggression and violence especially in men. That probably explains why men are far more likely to be successful in suicide attempts than women, and often choose more violent methods. So if this is major depression we're talking about, it could be just that. (Edit for clarity: Theoretical. AFAIK no one has reported at the time that he was actually diagnosed with depress
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