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  1. Still hoping for a dwarf/Moria film
  2. Would never have believed there would come a time when I might not even bother watching a SW film. Unfortunately it has arrived.
  3. I don't think there will be a winner.
  4. How does the DDO offer compare? I actually don't think the LOTRO offer is too bad. Someone crunched the numbers on its value on the OF and it isn't a blatant rip off like the Mordor mugs edition was. Obviously rubbish compared to the original lifetime offer but things have moved on a lot since then. Still I think $150 would have been a better price as it's likely lots of people will already own some of what is included.
  5. Will be interesting to see what type of MMO they are actually working on... Probably something like a Destiny re-skin?
  6. Strange they have decided now is the time to roll this out when, especially as U23 further broke the low level difficulty such that L50s can now solo Uru/CD. Also strange that this completely came 'out of the blue' without really being hinted at any point. If I was really cynical I'd say that perhaps the legacy server 'perpetual rotation' system is one of the ways SSG intends to maximise profits from store sales once the game goes in to full maintenance mode i.e no further content to be added.
  7. I've said it before but I actually think the devs are doing a great job with the shoestring development budget that LOTRO has to run on. New instances, raid cluster, nice epic book progression and a Mordor expansion on the cards.... I'm surprised we have made it this far after the failure of Helm's Deep.
  8. Rohan was always going to be difficult for the devs. Unfortunately by the time we got to Rohan, the solo questing experience had been so dumbed down that landscape mobs pose no threat... Beyond the three basic quest archetypes of 'kill', 'click', 'go' what else can they really do? With the trivial nature of combat they had to flesh the L75-L85 levelling process out with lots of running around, NPC dialogues and solo 'instances'. I suppose it sort of fits with the landscape of Rohan and I didn't mind it at the time but doubt I would have the patience now. That said, I did think the Fangorn area of East Rohan represented some decent story telling and questing. For what its worth I found West Rohan much worse so you may find that even more of a struggle. FYI my my favourite region in the game is probably the Great River, I love the transition as you enter from Lothlorien vineyards. Stangard was pretty great for a first glimpse of Rohan although has been done to death now.
  9. My problem with WoWs implementation is that (for the most part) it is just a bunch of passive bonuses (mostly damage) that you get to skills with no real customisation or choice. Basically they have just stripped away power from character skills you have at L110 which you then regain from maxing out your legendary weapon.
  10. Have had a chance to play around with the Legendary Weapon system in WoW and actually find it worse than LOTROs.
  11. I expect the next expansion will probably not be purchasable using TP initially. Regarding the license, the question does still remain if it isn't renewed for LOTRO then who will it go to? Why would someone actively be developing a LOTR online game without the license? Conversely, is someone was interested in developing a LOTR online game it'll take at least 4 years to get it to a state it is releasable. No point in LOTRO not having the license during the development period of a new title... If LOTRO were to be shut down I'd expect a scenario like star wars galaxies and ToR where galaxies was shutdown just before ToR came online. As there are not even any rumours of a new LOTR online game I don't envisage there being an problems with LOTRO remiaining running.
  12. Classic example of Blizzard taking something from another game and polishing the hell out of it. It's really not that much different from LOTRO implementation and at its heart is essentially a way to further increase the power of your character once you have reached level cap. Some people will like it, some people will consider it a grind, especially as you have to do an artefact weapon for each spec.
  13. Looks like more bad news for Turbine based on those revenue estimates....
  14. To play devil's advocate, my account was un-banned last night. I think I sent a request a couple of months ago admitting that I went a bit far and asking for another chance to contribute to the game. Which I now intend to do. For the record I think my ban was fully justified and yes I probably was a 'dick' although I didn't resort to swearing or insults... Maybe my last few OF posts even got preserved on here somewhere. I'm pretty sure the straw that broke the camels back was accusing Sapience directly of having contempt for the player base.
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