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  1. I've always thought its a bit of a catch-22 with the license... Why would the owner of the license not renew it for LOTRO if no other game is available to take its place? Conversely, why would a developer start work on a middle earth based game unless they have rights to the license? Despite the popularity of middle earth, given the state of the MMORPG market, I hardly think developers are going to queuing up to make another LOTRO... So basically it is mutually beneficial to both sides if it gets renewed... The license holder will obviously want to squeeze as much out of Turbine as possible while Turbine will play a game of brinksmanship to see how low they can push it. In the end it'll probably get renewed
  2. So, I came back to the game just before Update 18 after only playing somewhat sporadically over the past couple of years but usually logging in for the updates/patches. Now, I think we know the LOTOR dev team is pretty tiny compared to what it has been in the past. Also, as mentioned in another recent thread, it is no secret that the old game-engine is creaking at the seams and probably at the root of a lot of performance issues people have. Also, while I have had no extra lag issues due to the server migration I realise many have, and I believe it is still an ongoing issue. When taken as a whole however, I find myself thinking that the amount of content the devs have managed to put out since Helm's Deep is really not such a bad effort. Indeed, when the server consolidation and migration is also factored in the devs have actually been pretty prolific. Now, I realise there are still many things somewhat broken in the game such as instance balancing and loot; moreover, I realise some of the released content has pretty much fallen flat on its face (New PVP zone as an example). We also can't ignore that the 'questing' in LOTRO, which is a large part of said content (as with most MMORPGs) doesn't consist of anything much beyond 'go', 'click' or 'kill'. Despite all of this however, and perhaps due to my low expectations, I have actually enjoyed a fair part of the most recent update, I was surprised to get another instance cluster (a reasonable one at that) so soon after the one released last year with Osgiliath. While the writing is a bit cheesy in places and the performance abysmal, they have certainly put a great deal of love in to telling the battle of Pelennor and visually it exceeded what I thought possible in the LOTRO engine. Managing to weave some instances in to the story without it feeling overly forced or contrived deserves some kudos too. A new raid is due to arrive in 18.2 which while unlikely to be as good as previous classics, is something many players never thought they would see again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the game is perfect, but most of the servers do still seem to at least have a reasonable community (in comparison to many other games). I can certainly still feel the appeal of the game still, even if it will be forever looking through rose tinted eyes. I can't imagine Turbine has been the best place to work over the past few years so as the title of my post, I think the devs at least deserve some credit for keeping the ship afloat.
  3. Seems a bit harsh, it may not have been him that implemented it and even if it was then it was over 5 years ago so can't blame him if he has forgotten exactly which mechanic he used. For most players it was pretty much insta-death as as soon as they realised they were taking damage it was too late. I assume a Captain could survive if they used last stand?
  4. I might pick this up for something new to try. Am a bit put off by what I hear about the levelling being essentially mob grinding and the lack of PvE endgame.
  5. While there may be some inaccuracies in my post, to say it is 'the opposite of the truth' is short-sighted at best. The basic message of my post is that WoW has been on a downward spiral of more $ for less content for quite some time now.
  6. Currently playing through U17; 30 minutes every night or so. I think the world builders probably did just about the best job they could have done with Minas Tirith and if anything it actually exceeded my expectation. Unfortunately the performance of the game is just absolutely dire and the graphical lag (especially when mounted) really ruins the experience. I don't really blame Turbine for this, it just seems that their very dated engine does not scale well as more art assets are added in an attempt to make the game look at least reasonable. Without knowing anything about game engines I suspect it is having to render many objects which are not visible to the player thus making it horrendously inefficient.
  7. WoW is most certainly going down the LOTRO route albeit in a slower, more controlled, less incompetent manner. The signs are definitely there that the game is being squeezed to maximise profits and minimise development costs. To look at some of the evidence: Less 'free' content patches... 14 months in between patch 6.2 and 7.0 is disgusting for a game that is probably generating over $50 million per month. WoD was a new low in terms of content introduced by incremental patches. A move to 'more frequent' expansions... Turbine were 'clever' in realising that an yearly expansion resulted in good returns from sales and boosted numbers when people logged in to see what was new. More cost for less content. Legion will be more expensive than other expansions and contain less actual content. 4 levelling zones is an all time low Increasing reliance on the store items and 'boosts' to generate revenue. 'Scalable content' such as time-walking dungeons and the ability to 'choose your challenge' Legendary weapons.... OK I agree Blizz will probably do a better job than Turbine but it sounds like the customisation will be limited to just being cosmetic. So what's the point exactly or is it just an extra 'timesink' to give players extra 'stuff to do' once they reach level cap. A new 'gimmick system' with each expansion (class halls, garrisons etc.) Holding back promised content to make deadlines and give them stuff to release during patches. See Tanaan jungle which was supposed to release with WoD. Reminds me of the infamous RoR Instance cluster double u-turn from Turbine. A 'couldn't care less' attitude to empty realms as they make so much cash from people transferring Blizz claim that the WoW development team is 'bigger than ever' but I just don't see it in terms of the amount of content that is actually trickling down to players.
  8. Nice to see you pick up on this thread Tim... While SoL will be quite a different game to how LOTRO was during its prime I think a lot of the things that caused many hear to fall out of love with LOTRO are common to what SoL opposes. A big turning point for me was the solo-ization of the so-called 'epic-book' stories... When the game launched it was common for parts of the story to require a decent group of 6 players in order to progress. Actually completing one of the epic books felt like you had achieved something worthwhile and special. Likewise, there were instances that often required completion over multiple nights by groups of players. Now its's all 30 minute in and out jobs along with the ability to solo to the doorstep of Mordor.
  9. WoW is practically going the way of LOTRO since F2P..... More money for less content.... Actually I'm staggered at how poor an expansion WoD has been in terms of content delivered. If you compare the development budgets of the two games Turbine have actually done a decent job; or Blizzard have just been horribly inefficient one.
  10. http://sagaoflucimia.com/ An old-school, 'niche', PVE-MMORPG, being developed by an small indie team in their own time. Sounds crazy and destined to fail right? Well maybe, but if you are interested in challenging group-based content that goes almost completely against the the trends of MMO developers since around UO or EQ1 then it's certainly worth checking out. The design philosophy is very interesting and the web-site contains a nice FAQ and blog-post which are generally very well written. Will be keeping an eye on it for sure.
  11. I would have thought a 20-something actor would be better. The guys being mentioned are around the same age as Ford was when A New Hope was filmed. Also... Who to play a young Lando?
  12. Cant access Turbine forums at work... Can anyone post highlights?
  13. The thing that really allows the 'rich to get rich' is property and real-estate land investment. While 'housing bubbles' do occasionally burst, the opportunity to make money from housing is without comparison and with an ever growing population demand will only ever increase. The more houses the 'rich' are able to buy the more it pushes prices up for those who would like to buy a house to live in... Consequently this makes 'poorer people poorer' as they need a larger deposit which must be saved for and higher mortgage repayments which reduces their disposable income.
  14. Tried one of the new 3-mans with a burg providing the DPS element... It was an exercise in frustration. They need to add some AoE options to the Red line I think.
  15. I think it was probably related to wanting to open up the 'HD experience' to L10 characters and the related level-scaling.
  16. I thought Ken Burd (who you have spoken highly of in the past) was responsible for the stat changes with RoI.
  17. Game looks interesting... Shadow of Mordor turned out ok from a gameplay perspective so maybe there is hope for this.
  18. Perfectly written... Such a shame thatas the game has meandered closer to Mordor Middle Earth has become easier and less dangerous... When I was a new player I repeatedly tried to solo the 'save the sheep' quest in the shire but despite my best efforts was unable to keep the little fella alive... After gaining a few levels, getting a better sword and buying some regen food I came back and finally managed it. I bet is a similar quest were introduced now the Hedyts would be straight on to the forum to complain about the difficulty and demand it be made possible.
  19. If they wanted to overhall the LI system they should have at least done it properly.. The system is still very clunky and non-intuetive for the new player. While these changes may well make it a better overall expereince they are certainly adding an additional level of complexity. I think this was a missed opportunity to really make the system good and more streamlined. If they could have also introduced cosmetic weaposn for imbued LIs it would have given them a nice opportunity to monetirise the system without haveing to resort to exponential grind increase in order flog scrolls in the store. I'm not really a huge fan of cosmetics but would gladly folk over some mithril coins if I could play around with different apperances.
  20. When I was a kid I used to think Aliens and Predator(s) in the same movie would be badass. When I was an adult I got to watch the outcome of such an amalgamation. I think I grew up a lot on that day.
  21. I wonder if a synopsis of the imbuing system was run by player council for feedback prior to going in to full development?
  22. Scaling is so out of whack now with all the class changes, itemisation and stat adjustments that have taken place since they dropped stat caps with RoI. I don't think Turbine would be able to balance scalable content if they tried (which they wont). Indeed to try to 'balance' content with mechanics designed for L65 (2009-2010) characters is basically impossible without changing the nature of the fight. I wonder if people would still attempt these broken encounters if they had a reasonable loot table waiting for them after completion.
  23. I know a good few people who havent read or even dislike the books but still play LOTRO. The article smacks of a desire to write something about LOTRO without having a compelling reason and so then coming up with a premise to flesh out in to a feature about the game.
  24. So you could theoretically now enter the instances and solo them as a L100? Although I presume your hunter never left Moria so is too low level to contemplate it at present.
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