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  1. Didn't Turbine create an April fools quest where you had to run a chicken from Grams to GV? You even got the 'fool' title from it. I think they had to close it down due to 'server lag' though and possibly griefing of people like they Heydts.
  2. Wasn't the point of yesterday's patch to 'improve' the music system?... I logged on and tried out a couple of instruments, they didnt really sound any different from what I remember however they sounded much quieter... Seems like another waste of developer time, I wonder what percentage of players 'actively' use the music system... I wonder if it is more than the 'less than 10%' of raiders and PVPers. Now the 'improvements' have only gone and broken some other content. I'm sure this will be used as an excuse to 'delay' the U16 'instance cluster' while they fix what they broke with a pointless update.
  3. From reading around on the subject I think it depends on the size of the aircraft as to if 'at least 2' people have to be in the cockpit at any one time. But I believe it is procedure on some aircraft for a member of the cabin crew to come on to the cockpit if one of the pilots has to leave (toilet break). In this case I am unsure of what the procedure was and if it has been followed. The chance of the incident being caused by the lone pilot in the cockpit 'passing out' is almost zero. Firstly, if he had passed out the plane would have remained on autopilot (human control would 100% be required for the descent pattern undertaken). Secondly, if the pilot was unconcious then the 'lock' on the door would 'time out' after 5 minutes. To keep the door locked for longer than 5 minutes would require a concious pilot to keep resetting the lock. Most likely scenario. Plane reaches cruising altitude, one pilot goes to the toilet. Other pilot keeps him locked out and deliberately crashes the plane in to the mountain.
  4. +1 for 'monster of the week' style episodes.
  5. Same for me.... I still specifically remember when people were discussing the possibility that RoI might not ship with any instances or a multi-boss raid... Sapience chipped in withn his "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" quote when he must have know full well there wouldnt be any traditional instances or raids at launch. His 'get out' would of course be that it contained plenty of solo instances so he wasn't technically telling a lie. Anyway after that I stopped trusting Turbine for the most part and just started to see their communication as 'spin'.
  6. Draigoch was originally planned with anniversary update in 2011 IIRC but it didnt really make sense to release it so soon aftwer OD (itself probably delayed) so it was shelved until RoI release as ToO wasnt going to be ready for launch. I think the reason given for the delay from Paiz was they wanted to get Draigoch to 'lip-synch' properly to make it more super awesome.
  7. I thought Turbine had to (pardon the terminology) 'sub-contract' a lot of the systems and code required for the store.
  8. Aylwen: Regarding Turbine's stance of 'raid content is too expensive to develop'... While I can appreciate that a multi-boss dungeon instance with numerous and diverse trash packs will be expensive to develop and test; surely Turbine could have still put out a single boss lair raid every 6 months or so to at least give the raiders something to log in for every week. It wouldnt even have to be anything too graphically complicated like Draigoch or the Erebor instances... Just a big, dumb, mob in a room with some basic raid mechanics to be worked out. Realsitically how much dev-time would it take to throw together something like the Turtle (Filkul) raid? Lets assume the art assets are already in place i.e rehashed from elsewhere? While I wasnt a huge fan of the Turtle raid, it was at least something anjd was quite possibly Turbine's most succesful raid by participation.
  9. Aylwen: During your time on the LOTRO team and from what you heard from other devs, what would you say was the single biggest development disapointnment? This vould be anything like a new area that was considered but never realised, an innovative feature that was suggested but never made it, or simply something that didn't turn out to be half as good as it should have been.
  10. Orion was still very active up to (and after) the release of RoI... I remember his work in revamping the champ and minstrel was very impressive. What do you mean by target swap mechanic on the Watcher? If you mean alternatly killing 1 tentacle every minute to prevent Watcher heals then I believe that still exists although it has been long since negated by massive DPS.
  11. Thanks for the great posts Aylwen, they make for fantastic reading. I always assumed JW Barry was the 'brains behind' most of the instance/raid content that came out post Mirkwood such as Ost Dunhoth, Orthanc and the Erebor cluster... I always had him down as one of the more talented devs.
  12. "'Seriously considering' a new PVP map." LMAO it will never see the light of day. I wonder what "seriously considering" translates to in the turbine dictionary. Other than that we already knew about LIs... The move to 'episodic quest packs' just means less content... (think the trip to the dead marshes)..... New instances sounds interesting but the fact they list bug fixes as a feature in a producers letter is a farce. Why move the EU servers back to Europe? I don't get this at all... Even if Turbine are investing in an EU data centre (why exactly?) it still wouldn't make sense. 1.5/10
  13. Has a producers letter been 'promised'? If so when is it due?
  14. *UPDATE* So quite a few developments In response the (prospective) company have told me that 30% over my current salary is 'out of the ball park' and have come back with an offer that is 12.5% above my current salary... Still some way to go to the 20% I would require but getting closer. I sent a note back saying that the minimum I could accept is 22.5% over my original salary and they have some time to think it over and should call me on Thursday COB with their thoughts, FYI I will accept 20% To 'put the cat among the pigeons', today is the day I told my line manager about the offer I have had... He was 'nice about it' (as is expected in science/engineering) and said straight away that a counter offer would be made. However there was a lot of 'scurrying about' and conversations being has between management etc.... I got a phone call from the 'finance director' who asked me to if I could come and see him... I duly obliged... Got the usual questions blah blah blah but was very firm with saying that I would like to receive an offer that reflects my worth to the company as opposed to a straight counter offer (I didn't name a figure). Anyway he assured me a counter offer would be made by Friday but couldn't guarantee it would match my the offer I have... I told him in that case I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't be accepting the counter offer. So will be talking to the other company tomorrow and using the counter offer to get their 'best possible offer' put on the table... I will then wait until Friday to hear from my current company and make a decision on Monday. Maybe such a strategy all blows up in my face however I doubt it as both sides are keen for me to work for them... We will see' nothing ventured, nothing gained. P.S. Darmokk... Thanks for the links, I am an even split between engineers & scientist... My undergrad is chem. engineer but my postgrade was colloid science... After that I did postdocs in formulation science and since moving into industry have mostly been doing unit operations consultancy along with nanotech.
  15. *UPDATE* OK, so HR came back saying they understand the need for a higher base salary and would be interested in the 'range' I would require. I didn't reply with a range, I just stated the absolute top figure that I could reasonably ask for while still being credible. Decided to go in high, as they seem prepared to negotiate... Maybe I'll regret it if they tell me to get stuffed but I won't have lost anything. It was 22% higher than their initial offer. Will see how it pans out.
  16. So by your logic the drinks are on Doro? Cheers to that!
  17. Oh I agree... I am happy to share my salary with anyone who wants to know. I just didn't want the thread to develop any 'willy waving' character where people feel the need to chime in with how much they earn etc. (perhaps I am too used to other forums). I hoped the advice could be as generic as possible. I see you went ahead and ruined it anyway
  18. Not that impressed, nicely summed up by doro.
  19. Thanks for the great post CrankyCat, it is very helpful and I will be sure to read over it a couple more times. The reason I stated percentages in my OP is because I didn't want to state my salary; of course, when negotiating with the prospective employer I will state real numbers. I have dropped the lady from HR a quick email requesting to discuss renumeration at her earliest convenience.
  20. I have yet to tell my current employer that I have recieved an offer.
  21. Am in a decent job working for a smallish company I am relatively happy and enjoy the work; however, I think I need to change job at some point to further my career. I got a job offer from the first interview I went for... It's with a much larger, well known chemicals company. The benefits look good and relocating would be quite a pain but doable. Unfortunately the base salary is a lot less than I had hoped for. It is only a 6% higher than what I am currently on when I had ideally been hoping for around 20% in order to jutify the move. So does anyone have any advice for negotiating a higher salary following an offer. Should I state what i am after or should I request even higher to give me some room if they try to negotiate down. Do companies expect people to accept their first offer? Surely the type of person you want working for you would be the type of person who would negotiate to your absolute limit? Would like to hear others experience and advice. Thanks!
  22. Anyone remember many years ago @L60 (nostalgia sob sob) when Carn Dun was shut off for many months.... I recall the slime of Helchgam selling for 100g or more which was a lot of money back then. Took them months to fix that one but a crappy music system they decide to un-patch it really quickly.
  23. My favourite quote... Really shows how out of touch Turbine have become at 'making games'. Once you have a game developer who don't know how to make games you have a big problem.
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