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  1. Well, Pistorius will be out of jail in less than a year... As much as I hate to defend this muppet's actions I think 9 months in jail is over the top...I don't think he is a danger to society and I doubt he deliberately made his mate film it.... I honestly think getting kicked off your degree course + a google history is enough punishment for his actions... He is undoubtedly a twat but I doubt if a 9 month jail sentence will benefit anyone.
  2. Old school, subscription-based, hot-key, MMORPGs are dead.... Sad but true... I think Wildstar is the last big-budget 'WoW clone' we will ever see. RIP
  3. Well what choice does he have with the rise of UKIP? What would your response be out of interest?
  4. For comparison sake Pistorius got 10 months for shooting someone... Just saying.
  5. While I'm not a big fan of lad/banter culture I can't help but feel that 9 months in the slammer is a bit harsh for what this idiot did... Will let you read the article and comment with your opinions: http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/22/university-student-jailed-after-slapping-woman-with-his-penis-while-she-slept-4917036/
  6. Lets face it, Turbine are a nobody when it comes to gaming... The last game they 'released' was LOTRO back in 2007 (not counting expansions... ermm I mean quest packs).... Infinite Crisis is still in 'beta' and even then is just a MOBA re-skin of a much copied genre.... What the fuck happened for a company that used to employ 300-500 people???? Resting on their laurels is an understatement... What is the last original thing to come out of Turbine? I can't think of a single thing How could a company be so unproductive? I just don't get it... Seriously I look at the size of Turbine and then consider what they have achieved and I'm like WTF dude, WTF.
  7. Strange as it may sound, I actually think WoW is going down the exact same path as post-Moria LOTRO i.e. less content for more cost, ingame monetisation, and gimmick features. By the time the WoD content actually goes live it will have been 14 months since the last content update... If you had been subscribed that time you would have paid close to £140 just to be able to keep playing the same content and now have to stump up another £35 for the expansion. For a game that generates the amount of money that WoW generates this is a pretty diabolical return and a real slap in the face to its loyal customers. I wonder what % of the WoW revenue goes back in to the game and how much has been used to fund development of Titan, hearthstone and Heros of the Storm. Regarding content, I also understand WoD will only feature 6 dungeons which is a historic low for a WoW expansion, how many did TBC ship with? As for Garrisons they sound like a classic 'gimmick feature' which became a mainstay of LOTRO. I'm actually surprised WoW hasn't lost far more subscribers post WoTLK.
  8. Pretty well written article and sums up the current state of the game... Sad but true I suppose.
  9. Twin Peaks is easily my favourite TV series of all time... In fact, I go out of my way to watch anything by Lynch but he hasn't done much since Inland Empire other than a couple of music albums and some short films. Mixed feelings about this.... I think 25 years was probably too long to leave it before going back... If this had happened 10 years ago then maybe. Still, I'm sure Lynch can work his magic and make it decent. *Edit* I realise there is a '25 year' significance in relation to the story but still
  10. Seems to be getting very good reviews... While I take all reviews with a pinch of salt it certainly looks like it doesn't suck badly.
  11. I think the MMORPG bubble burst a long-long time ago... The reason they initially became so poupular was becasue they gave players a world which generated a sense of wonder and excitement about being part of something special, a massive community, something that was more than 'just another game'. The 'golden age' of MMORPGs will never be repeated, not because a company can't produce a decent game but simply because times have moved on. Why? Social networking, ease of communication, changing consumer habbits, quality of life gameplay etc. The boat sailed long ago I'm sad to say! MMORPGs are fast becoming a relic from past age. I think Blizzard realised this and they will continue down the Hearthstone (MtG for the masses with with a warcraft theme) and Heros of the Storm (Simplified Dota with a Blizzard theme). Why be innovative (and risky) when you can produce well-polished clones of other games that will make lots of money?
  12. As an Englishman I hope the yes campign wins (although I suspect it won't) purely because it will be interesting to see how things pan out if Scotland leaves the UK.
  13. I dislike that the 3d glasses darken the colour palette of the picture.
  14. In that case it's probably better to just imagine playing the game instead of logging in. Regarding 'grabbing ghost models'..... I remember the final boss in Hall of Mirrors put a dread debuff on players which included an animation of ghost type things surrounding and grabbing at the character (albeit black/grey ghosts). Maybe they could just re-tune/colour that animation? There is also the oathbreaker debuff animation which could be modified a bit.
  15. Well then you could argue they don't need to play the LOTRO client at all and should just RP in a chat room or something.
  16. bhoris


    Same, got a beta invite this morning... I really hope I like it so will try to give it a fair chance.
  17. I smoked around 5-10 a day and most enjoyed it when coupled with a beer. Managed to give up by getting a really nasty bout of flu (the type that makes you wish for death) coupled with gastroenteritis. Never started smoking again after getting my strength back.
  18. Hero of the Free People Because.... I never got it and now it is impossible to get
  19. I wanted to like it, I really did.... Unfortunately after playing for for an hour of beta I knew it wasnt the game for me.
  20. I always assumed Steefel had left Turbine after his LOTRO tenure ended... I wonder what he was doing between being removed from LOTRO and taking on Infinite Crisis...
  21. Reminds me when they changed the goblin combat noises in LOTRO to be more 'screamy'. Someone on the OFs posted that it could trigger 'flashbacks' for vets who had served in 'nam or the middle east!
  22. bhoris


    I disenchanted Deathwing when I got it (sort of regret it now)... You can do some nice gimmicks with it like trying to get it out on turn 3 with an alarm-o-bot (plays a random minion from your hand but doesn't trigger the battle-cry) but such things are very unreliable. It can be be an ok card in arena maybe if playing top-deck wars with your opponents but doesn't really fit in to any constructed decks I can think of.
  23. Didn't he do the same thing for the lotteries? I wouldn't be surprised if the intention was to get rid of them all the time and he 'spun a yarn' making out he was a hero getting them ported to the new website, after which they 'conveniently' got broken by a lightning strike! Did anyone else find this course of events hard to believe?
  24. This bucko chap makes a lovely replacement for Brrokk, albeit slightly more shouty, and considerably less insightful. Nice to have you here!
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