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  1. They will have crunched the numbers. If they think he will bring in more additional revenue in his position that his total cost of employment then they can justify hiring him.... It's a lot like the decision making process for adding content to LOTRO. Wouldn't it be ironic if the LOTRO store was based on the business model of a charity?
  2. The trouble with scaled instances and raids are that the class changes (specifically aggro changes) effectively trivialised (broke) a lot of old content.... It took some kins/groups many months to be able to effectively control Durchest's aggro but the threat mechanic can now be negated by just having a guard use a single skill as soon as it comes off cooldown. An extreme example but the continued buffing of our classes has made old content a waste of time.... Oh I realise they may have increased difficulty a bit recently but when you had 6 months of face-rolling an encounter or instance the raid-space loses something of its excitement which can never return.
  3. Maybe a year or two ago I would have been all over the essence system, discussing the best strategies to obtain the essences I want and min/max my character(s)... Unfortunately with activities other than 'landscape questing' being redundant I really don't see the point of even bothering. What exactly are we gearing up for? What great fights can I improve my performance in by getting new gear?
  4. Anyone read it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Ringbearer Have a long(ish) plane journey coming out and I usually just read something for pretty much the entire time. Is it worth a read?
  5. I have no doubt he will win the CM of the year. Lets see: He hasn't won it before It will make a nice news story for the rewards about the outgoing CM going off to work for charity. Smarmy slimeballs always seem to end up smelling of roses.
  6. Yeah and Dol Amroth manages to make my current graphics card cry while Annuminas would run fine on my one from 3 generations ago.
  7. While it must be nice to do work for a charity, I assume he isn't doing it for free and will still be getting his monthly pay cheque etc?
  8. Agreed, skirmishes were a fantastic system that were scalable by group size, difficulty, and level all combined with a random element. I was lucky enough to be part of a raid group that regularly ran raid skirmishes at L65 (for fun) and T2 and above were highly challenging with certain combinations of Lts. being almost a a guaranteed wipe. Unfortunately Turbine really dopped the ball in terms of rewards and offering insentives to run them as raids and at higher difficulty. Over the years the difficulty has been eroded (anyone remember the original Priestess of Flame?) and our characters buffed to such a level that they are very much face-roll... Also while the system was initially very good it has long since been neglected and basically forgotted about. I always assumed most epic books would contain a skirmish so those that wanted 'epic grouping moments' could do so while those that wanted to solo it could also play through the content. It seems Turbine preferred the 'NPCs in a solo instance talking to each other' route for the epics unfortunately.
  9. Expansion content would again have to be Moria. Non-expansion content would probably be the Great River.
  10. Not sure what the rule has been in the past but from now on I'm pretty sure it will be a case of "If people are pointing SAMs in to the airspace and looking to shoot down aircraft then it's not a safe route"... I believe the weapons used was from the early 80s so its not exactly state of the art equipment needed required to down a civilian airline flying at its cruising altitude.
  11. Don't believe the $104 million revenue for a second. Divide it by 10 and I bet it would still be too high!
  12. I really liked the Timeless Isle 'sandbox' concept.... Such an area would probably have worked nicely in LOTRO as an 'endgame activity'.
  13. Would you want your logo associated with those two jokers?
  14. I don't see why... When I used to play LOTRO seriously I was often inspired by other people to 'raise my game'; likewise, I would have no problem admiting I was an inferior player to others or when I had made errors... It does seem the typical approach amongst those that are finding things 'too hard' is to go straight to the forums and complain about difficulty. I always wonder if they have truely put the effort it to achieving their goal or have just given up after a couple of attempts etc and made no effort to improve their character or refine their strategy. You will find posters like Castorix on pretty much every game related internet forum on the internet when you make a post regarding difficulty, it is your choice if you let his exploits rub your up the wrong way or not.
  15. I expect the decision to make the Beorning was based on it being a piece of 'content; which they thought they could justify charging every subscription level to buy... I expect it to cost 500 mithril coins
  16. The trouble with the new essence system and the announced LI revamp is that people have really stopped caring about gear and LIs because of the lack of end-game content. Previously, I think people tolerated LI, virtue and gear acquisition as an acceptable grind in order to maximise the performance of their charcater in a genuinely challenging (i.e. raid) encounter... Why should people give a stuff about such things when all they are going to be doing is trivial landscape content?
  17. If they were really 'listening' they wouldnt have started development of the new class and instead focused the time on some lair raids or instances.
  18. There was no way Wiggins could have made a challenge in the general classification for the tour this year.... The year he won it the route was about as tailor made for him as it could be with lots of time-trials and comparatively few tough climbs.
  19. Which is exactly why he should look to get clarity on exactly what data or metric has been used to flag an account or character (important distinction) as being a 'raider' or 'non-raider'..... Surely it cant be too hard to find out and post that information right?
  20. Nicely written and really sums up how I felt about the game for my first year of playing. Prior to LOTRO I had only really played UO so still hadnt quite got my head round the fact that it is ok to die in some online games without losing all your armour/weapons/gold etc... This lead to that permanant 'heart in the mouth' feeling when adventuring in the more dangerous places such as barrow downs or fields of Fornost.... I was still a complete newb at this point so did the usual stuff like trying to solo in fellowship zones, buying armour from vendors and also spent ages doing grey quests in the Shire for little/no XP reward (before the days of quest-helper!) I think Fred touched on some points that made the LOTOR experience so magical in that I had never even seen a screenshot of the game prior to playing and hadnt really experienced a 'hot key' style MMORPG. I think the genre has become far too refined now with sat-nav solo questing and all the convenience of knowing exactly where you should be and what you should be doing (hand-holding), you can even sell stuff remotely and open mail while adventuring these days! Unforunately I don't think an old-school style MMORPG would be successful as people have come too accustomed to quality of life things to make gaming easier. It seems people's tastes have moved on but I still genuienly believe that frustration (within reason!) can eventually lead to satisfaction and having stuff handed to you on a plate negates this unfortunately. The way games are covered in the media these days also means people know exactly what to expect before the game is released with every detail about the game being known and established. For better or worse, this reduced the level of mystique relating to new games which is a shame.
  21. Indeed, and if the unvocal (mute?) majority aren't complaining it must mean they are happy right? Or maybe, just maybe, they quietly go about their business and move to a different game?
  22. I don't think HD 'sold' badly per se. I expect however that (in the past) the people who had been prepared to buy the pre-order with cash, instead ignored the pre-order and opted to use there stockpiled Turbine points instead to purchase the expansion.
  23. Come off it you pompous prat! We're talking about a few posts on an internet forum, not beating up old ladies in the street!
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