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  1. Excellent! Oh yes, I can see it now.... 'We've listened! No L105 cap-this year! Typical Turbine to announce something that is universally not-wanted and then say it won't happen..;. but look "We've listened!" While a post U14 level cap increase isn't wanted it actually saves Turbine doing a bunch of development work... So once again they will try to credit for doing less work! Typical Turbine mentality (See recent IC dev letter for further evidence) Of course the OFtards will lap it up... I expect a glut of 'thank you devs! threads from the usual suspects. Another underhand tactic to manipulate the state of the OFs.
  2. Yeah, if I still had OF access I would have posted in the off-topic sub-forum about how glad I am that IC is failing. Anyone care to give it a go?
  3. Is there something surprising coming in the letter He thinks there are at least 3 pieces of information in the letter that will make the majority of players happy. Well that rules out PVMP or instances/raids as they only make up a small minority of the player-base. Let me guess: 1) Legendary item/relic revamp 2) More cosmetic pets 3) Additional character slots
  4. So they have put new content on hold and are going to 'work' on balancing and bug-fixes.... Something Turbine have a great track record at addressing right? Am I missing something but aren't all MOBA developers constantly working towards the ever perpetual battle of 'balancing'? The producer even admits the game crashes a lot which he says 'sucks'. What he should say is that it is simply not good enough and may explain why they are failing hard in a competitive market place. It's also comical they are advertising a bigger forum presence as a positive... I bet the 'vocal 10%' on the IC forums will be getting threads deleted left right and center! Once again a Producer's Letter that basically says nothing! Great job Turbine you pathetic wretch of an organisation!
  5. I wonder if 'our very own' Robbie1435 received an infraction for a similair post (albeit slightly brown-nosey which Sapience probably enjoys): https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?551412-Sapience-Killing-Me-Man!
  6. These days 'open beta' is just an excuse for devs to release a unfinished product and be able to defend the number of bugs by saying 'hey it's beta!'.... The only difference you will see when the game goes from beta to full release is removal of the word 'beta' from the client etc. If anyone was excited by IC or considering playing it they likely would be doing so now (or have tried it and quit) See the dead parrot sketch for my feelings on the game....
  7. Lord Of The Rings Online: Jared Hall-Dugas - Oh, a-Raiding We Will Go tim turner | 14 june 2006 6:59 pm In this edition of the dev diaries, Jared talks about Raiding: We've done it! We've discovered the formula for fun: [(x * 2.342) + (y * 2) + z4] / 24 = FUN! Um, what? (See? You should have paid more attention in algebra class...I'll come back to this in a moment.) Raids... Yes, we mean raids. The same raids that weren't originally planned for our game (see "Friends Don't Let Friends Tank Balrogs"). This isn't so much a philosophical change in our game, but rather an additional gameplay dynamic we have decided to include. For some members of our community, this means much rejoicing, but for others, there's a bit more concern, even fear. I'm here to give you a little more information about our raid plans to help alleviate some of those fears. So does this mean no more soloing? Absolutely not! As LOTRO moves forward in development, we've taken a very hard, long look at endgame content. One of the many proven-successful elements that we came up with was raids. This will be a very important dynamic for kinships and players who enjoy grouping. We recognize that different segments of the gaming population like different styles of gaming. Solo play, being one of those primary styles, is still very much alive and well. We're not attempting to replace solo play with raids and other group content. We are simply increasing your options, augmenting our previously announced plans with a whole new facet. Players who prefer not to raid will not have to do so. We feel that it's important to have endgame content that reflects the players' many different play styles. Oh great! 40-man raids that I'll never be able to organize and maintain? Not quite. The currently planned maximum party size for our raids is 24. We understand the challenges inherent in organizing fellowships in any MMO, and that these challenges multiply exponentially the larger a group gets. We chose a number we felt would provide that epic grouping feel with a more manageable group size (more on that below). So what do I get out of raiding? Raiding is about having compelling, fun experiences. As we've worked through these instances, it's been great fun trying to create memorable moments. Raids allow us to go over the top and shoot for the moon; we can create moments that you talk about with your friends for days and weeks after they happen. We've already had some of those moments internally as we've played through the content! The other objective of a raid, obviously, is loot. Loot in our raids is unique, but we won't limit good loot to just those areas. Again, we are not forcing casual players to participate in raids; there will be other places for more casual players to hunt for good loot. You'll also be experiencing part of our endgame content plan. Raids are one aspect of what we plan to offer the players when they reach the higher levels. More details to come on those "other aspects"... So what exactly is a raid in LOTRO? Raids give us the ability to create more difficult encounters, more challenging puzzles, and more exciting gameplay moments. We split ourselves into small teams of individuals and work at planning all of the aspects of a raid together to create a well-crafted, hand-sculpted experience.This starts with creating an area which is uniquely beautiful, whether it is on the open landscape or in a dungeon. We want players to come out of these raids with fun memories galore. Once we come up with a biome (the environment, lighting, atmosphere, and so on), we then work on populating the space with monsters, décor, and surprises. The décor falls to the Worldbuilders, and monsters are the task of the content designers. Our main goals for raid design are to space out encounters properly, have a good mix of tough encounters and unique moments, and make sure that monsters make sense and act in a way that players can figure out strategically. We want you to be able to learn from your party's defeats and not make the same tactical mistake twice. Raids should be hard but not impossible. After all, we do want you to get to the end... eventually! So what's with that formula? As I stated before, raids = [(x * 2.342) + (y * 2) + z4] / 24 = FUN! You know what the 24 stands for already (max size of people in a raid), so let's look at the rest of those variables (our deepest apologies to any math teachers reading this): Let's talk about "x", baby. First off, we wanted to look at bosses. While we discussed what skills we could give to bosses and what nasty surprises we could build into encounters, we also wanted to make sure that they were tough enough. We needed to create a new monster classification tailor-made for the raid dynamic, and so we did just that. This enabled us to be sure our bosses couldn't be taken out by a raid group of twenty-four damage-focused characters in mere seconds. So we took it up a notch.We increased the hit points of our raid bosses, as well as the number of skills and special attacks they could make. This makes the raid bosses hit harder with attacks that you must defend against differently, thereby increasing the difficulty. "y" in the world would I do raids? Answer: To see incredible areas and fight astonishing monsters! To be one of the few in the game to say that you have defeated the greatest of foes in Middle-earth! To prove to everyone that you are a great hero and deserve great riches! Yep, one might say we took it up a notch. Raids are a particular type of gameplay that many people love. The sense of doing something as a team in cooperation with twenty-three of your friends is very fulfilling. The ability to gain a sense of accomplishment and a reward for that accomplishment is wonderful as well. We want our raid system to be about more than a grind for loot; we want the experience itself to feel like a reward for those who are going to experience it only once or twice. Really the question is... why in the world would you not want such an experience? "z" - fighting to the fourth power? There's a big difference between non-raid, single-fellowship combat and fighting as a united group of four fellowships. It is not simply a matter of four times the action, because buffs stack, firepower increases, healing becomes easier, etc. So...we took it up several notches. We felt that having four fellowships (not 5, not 3, etc.) allows us to give a good large raid feel to the encounters but also keeps it small enough so that players don't feel like cogs in the machine. This is important. We've played some of the larger raids out there and while the chaos of such a massive battle can be fun, that's just not the experience we're after here. Pressing a button seventeen times in a fight does not a raid make. In LOTRO's raid system, monsters come in greater numbers, difficulty is pushed up so that the players are facing much tougher mobs, and tricks are multiplied so that players have to constantly be on their toes, thinking strategy and tactics.We wanted players to have an experience they remembered, be it their first time in the instance or their tenth. We think our raids will accomplish this, and are looking forward to your feedback after playing them! So you want to know about me, hmmm? I'm a content designer for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. This is my first job as a video game designer and wow, what a treat it has been to work on something so close to my heart. I started as a QA tester and joined the LOTRO team in October, 2005. I am, of course, a life-long gamer and avid fantasy / sci-fi reader. I finally got a chance to go to video game school at DigiPen and went for two years before getting my job here. It is truly a dream come true for me! My first computer was one of those old Radio Shack machines that attached to a keyboard and a tape cassette player. You would put in your Frogger, Asteroids, or Moon Lander and play away on your black and white screen - quite some fun for a six year old! I remember growing up and going to the Nintendo championships that were held near my hometown. I went and tried to become the next wiz kid, but to no avail (although I did get to the second round). The Lord of the Rings series were the first real books I ever read on my own. While I am nowhere near the lore-master that some here at Turbine are, I do love the books dearly and they founded my love for the genre. I'm currently reading Melanie Rawn, Tad Williams, and George R.R. Martin - and waiting eagerly for their next books! What else? There is so much more that I can not squeeze into this profile. Feel free to ask away and if I have time, I will be happy to answer! I, like you, cannot wait for this game!
  8. This sums up Turbine's (WB influenced) business model in a nutshell... If Infinite Crisis had been a great success and captured a decent slice of the MOBA market then fair enough, it would have worked... Surprise surprise however, IC has failed just about as badly as anyone could have predicted and Turbine's remaining games have been so badly drained of resource they have had to be put on life support. Its really just a case of 'how long' before WB pull the plug on Turbine... As IC will be their first game in over 7 years I don't see them being able to support the development of anything further. Why would WB invest money in a business that is already failing badly?
  9. What? They (the numbers) prove absolutely nothing if there is no explanation as to how the numbers were obtained .... Just how you can equate being able to 'prove' absolutely anything with anecdotal evidence makes me wonder if you really understand the concept of proof (at least to a decent degree). I will give you the benefit of the doubt and take a stab that what you were trying to say is: "Sapience has been able to 'selectively interpret' his data in a way that he can make such claims while being able to convince himself that he is technically not lying."
  10. Another one that seems to get used excessively (especially by Horse Dev) is 'prototyping'.... I especially remember it being used a few times in relation to the housing update. I think Turbine devs like it because it covers all manner of sins and sounds like they have done quite a bit of development work. In reality they could have just writtem a single line of code but by saying they are prototyping ideas they technically arent lying.
  11. bhoris


    Always thought Rag was a bit too strong... Maybe the damage from his fireball should be reduced to 6 as opposed to 8... Or the effect could trigger at the start of the players turn to make it a much slower play.
  12. Nice, made me smile and nod my head!
  13. bhoris

    U14 Beta

    I don't understand Sapience's reply... Turbine passed information to 'the press' yet it was 'the press' who were the 'original source' of the information? How does that work? Surely Turbine were the original sourve of the information if they passed it on to the press?
  14. Didn't Guardian's of Middle Earth try to do some similar (different subscription model and not produced by Turbine) and flop just as badly as this is doing?
  15. This sums up one of the main reasons the game is no longer fun for me... Middle Earth used to contain certain areas that were 'off-limits' to a person playing solo, sure you could try to reach them but you'd pretty much be signing your own death warrant. Remember fighting your way to instance entrances such as Carn Dum etc? The mere feeling of actually reaching The Rift of NG was epic (even if you did cheat and have a hunter port you) because the place felt inaccesable and surrounded by danger. That feeling of danger associated with the world is long gone and will never return... As we move closer to Mordor and the destruction of the ring our aventuring should be getting more dark and dangerous, not less! The paths of the dead would be a perfect opportunity to introduce somewhere dark and dangerous back in the game but I fully expect it will be a solo zone where we get sent to kill a few ghosties etc. Arguably SoA was the pinacle. Moria (pre-revamp) was not too bad with some of the instances/zones (especially in the Foundations of Stone) having a degree of challenge or danger associated with reaching them.... Mirkwood tried to circumvent this by claiming that the armies of DG had yet to arrive but I must admit it felt pretty hollow being able to reach barad Guldur so easily and with such little resistance... I realise the argument would be that the enemies were cleared out by a skirmish (which could be scaled to 12 thus making it 'epic') but it still felt hollow. The biggest anti-climax for me however came with the release of RoI when, on the day of the patch (L65), I was able to run all the way to the door of Isengard solo getting barely more than a scratch in the process... Pretty much since then the landscape has fellt strictly non-lethal, Great-River was nice and I don't think its necessary to have every zone as a death-trap but they should have made the Brown lands more hostile. Of course inaccesable areas would not appeal to the current demogrphic who just want a sight seeing tour of middle earth.
  16. These days I am shocked that LOTRO is even nominated in such awards!
  17. All IC ever had going for it (arguably) was the license.... Turbine (really WB) was far too late to market with a game that offered zero innervation, bad net-coding, and was essentially just a poor re-skin of games that played so much better than their pitiful effort.... This game is little more than shovelware and it is sad that the company who gave us SoA and MoM are reduced to such a joke of a developer... I bet the serious players in the MOBA business are laughing hard at Infinite Crisis... It has got EXACTLY what it deserves. I really take pleasure in Turbine's failure.... I feel sorry for the Turbine employees who will lose their job but they must have known sooner than us how 'rotten to the core' Turbine has become.... Anyone with any degree of talent would have jumped ship ages ago (sometimes difficult if you have an established family in the area but gotta see the bigger picture). I wonder if/when WB will shut Turbine down
  18. Many years ago I read that Turbine hired a number of temporary staff to work on MoM with their contracts coming to an end when the game shipped. No idea if there is any truth in in.
  19. Every time i have the misfortune to click on a Nymphonic thread I have to reach for the sick bag.... While I find some of OFtards amusing in their absurdity I genuinely find his posts nauseating.
  20. Considering the amount of coverage LOTRO currently gets I wouldn't be surprised if an announcement of closure fell very much under the radar of almost every gaming site... Sure a few would probably have a 1 article page but it would hardly send any ripples through PC-gaming or the entertainment industry as a whole.
  21. Maybe someone who fancies a ban could post over on the OF to let them know that this is a more active forum. It doesn't even have to backed up with data as we can just rebuke any counter claims by saying we have the 'facts' of the matter so no discussion is necessary.
  22. The lying about raid content actually started with the RoI cluster when questions about what instances/raids would be inluded were met with silence. That was until Sapience was finally pushed to say something and came out with the infamous 'Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence' line.... I even started a thread demanding an apology on it at the time once they had to cave in and admit the there were no instances. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?415154-Absence-of-evidence-is-not-evidence-of-absence Unsurprisingly the thread where Sapience originally said it has long since been deleted.
  23. Careful, you can have game accounts banned if the mod team find you have posted from multiple forum accounts.
  24. This includes re-posting a thread or topic which has been previously closed or removed by the Turbine Community Team. How the fuck are people supposed to know if a thread has previously been removed??? Also, are new people to the forum (or those who don't constantly keep up to date with trending topics) expected to trawl through months of historic documents to verify the topic they are interested in discussing hasn't previously appeared in a closed thread? His community rules have more holes than Turbine's business strategy!
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