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  1. Finally remembered who Sapience reminds me of..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEolSjlcqng#t=0m08s
  2. And this is where the problem lies.... Sapience may say that '3 player groups are most common and that's a fact'. But what does he mean by 'most common'.... Does he mean that there are more 3 player groups formed than any other group size? Or does he mean that statistically a person in a group is most likely to be in 3-man group than any other size i.e they are most common by participation.... For example, if there are 1.5 times as many 3-man groups as 6-man groups, the 6-man would still be more popular by participation (by 50%) but you could still say that 3-mans are 'more common' The above reason is why the 10% of 'players' being 'raiders' is meaningless without a definition of a raider (or indeed a 'player'!). Him using the term fact is pathetic in such a situation.
  3. Sapience aka 'the fact master' is squirming so much I almost feel sorry for him.... Turbine really should put together a dev diary explaining the data they have collected over the past 8 years and how the analysis of that data has lead them to the decision to stop development of raids and instead concentrate on crap-battles, endless item/stat overhauls and a full blown class-revamp. Perhaps they can also explain why the decline of the game has mirrored their inability to create an exciting and vibrant endgame experience.
  4. Might actually attend the next shield run to pose a few zingers about raiding!
  5. Anyone dare post a link to our uncensored 'rival' forum before Sapience wakes up and shuts that thread down?
  6. While I wouldnt say Radiance fractured the community it did give less flexibility in terms of which characters people could bring. It also made raiding less accessible for the 'casual raiders' e.g. I'm sure we all used to know kinnies who were not necessarily stalwart raiders but would always 'come along' if you were short of people and really needed their help.... Thats why I think Radiance should have been a softer gate such that it was a disadvantage to not have it, however, not a deal breaker if a few people in the raid did not.
  7. Glad my account got banned so I can't suffer from a 'moment of weakness' and bother to reply to this witless fool and his diversionary tactics.
  8. I liked that Radiance gave a real incentive to run instances. 6 armour pieces from 6 unique instances made a lot of sense and stopped the masses spamming the same instance over and over again. Unfortunately I think Radiance was too much of a 'hard-gate' in that unless your character had the required minimum you were unable to fucntion at all in the raid. I would have prefferd a much softer gate such as putting acid mitigation/resistance (for the watcher example) on the instance armour. Let's say your character took 10% less damage if you had 4 pieces of the watcher set; you would still have been able to enter the raid and perfrom to a decent degree, if non of the raid had the instance armour the raid-wide damage would have probably been too much for the group, however good groups would probably be able to accomodate a few people in the raid without the instance armour... Perhaps even the very best groups could complete the content without the need for the instance armour at all, but then the best groups are almost always me meticulously prepared so would all be equiped with it as minimum anyway. I think Radiance was simply too much of an all or nothing thing.
  9. I think you could make a relatively interesting lair raid without too much developer time, I don't think the LOTRO 'raider' is going too demanding in their expectation for cutting edge and novel raid design... You could probably just combine a few well-known raid mechanics such as a DPS-race, adds, tank switching, positioning, distributed damage, debuffs etc. and come up with something relatively easily. I wonder exactly how much developer time the turtle raid took to create?
  10. I honestly get really ****ed off every time one of the OFtards brings out the 'raid content is the most expensive produce' quote'.... It is completely unquantifiable because what are we comparing with what? Lets say we are comparing raid content with landscape content; are we talking about a lair raid (turtle) or a multi-boss raid like ToO.... Likewise how big a questing area are we talking about exactly? For example I doubt if the Orthanc cluster cost more to produce than the combined landmass of the Isengard expansion..... Unless we have any basis such as a $ per raid boss in order to compare to $ per km of questing area (or $ per 100 quests etc) then saying raid content is the most expensive to produce means absolutey nothing.... Yet Sapience once said it, so of course the OFtards wheel it out EVERY bloody time (without fail!) that someone starts a thread about raiding. /Rant over... have needed to vent that one for a while.
  11. I'm wondering if the Turbine janitor is gonna start posting on the forums and asking how he can save the game with his mop and bucket!
  12. Am quite enjoying playing through 'LOTR:War in the north' which I got for pennies as part of a Humble Bundle... Will probably have a play through of this when it is around the £2 mark.
  13. Another example of Sapience's lack of candour as a CM. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?550628-Beorning-Is-there-a-description-of-what-the-gameplay-is-like&p=7185506#post7185506 A relatively innocuous thread; someone asks if there are any details about the Beorning class to which Axeny helpfully replies with some of the dialogue from the recent dev-discussion. Instead of Sapience following up with a post by saying that the Beorning won't be ingame for a while yet (which the OP probably thought) and saying that nothing is set in stone at this stage, he goes in to pedant mode arguing that his post (which basically said nothing) is the more correct way of answering the OP that what Axeny had taken the trouble to scribe. He then goes in to rant mode about the community always getting the wrong end of the stick blah blah blah. Honestly, if I was Axeny, I would be asking why I even bother trying to contribute at all if the CM is going to be such a pedantic prick.
  14. It would be interesting to see if the 'RP server' i.e. Laurelin has seen a smaller drop-off in numbers over the past year or so when compared to the non-RP servers. It would be reasonable to assume that Laurelin should have experienced less of a drop off because it contains a higher number of 'RP players' who are (generally) less bothered about the neglected state of LOTRO's end-game and PVP etc.
  15. Honeslty don't see the point of his introductory post its not like he is becoming a class-dev or something or will actually be designing content, if anyone believes Turbine's QA is actually going to improve because his appointment I'd question their sanity. As Doro said it seems he is just after some high-fives from the OF muppets, he probably spent the first day of his new job composing such a 'witty' introductory post. What did the deleted post say?
  16. I actually think Mirkwood was a decent expansion, especially considering the amount of content it added for the price it was sold as. While the levelling zone wasn't huge it was about the right size for 5-levels and captured the feel of Mirkwood nicely in my opinion. The fact that the level increase was only 5 levels also didnt obsolete the L60 instances, epic quests and raids which were undoubtedly made easier and this more accessible to a lot of players but they weren't complete face roll affairs. I still think the skirmish system was a great addition to the game and the fact they could be could be scaled to group-size and difficulty was somewhat innovative for the time; the boss fights and Lts. were very well designed and I really enjoyed the fact that if certain Lts spawned you knew you were in for a world of pain. Doing raid skirmishes on anything above T1 represented geninely difficult content, as stuff like the priestess of flame was a genuine menace to the life expectancy of your raid. Unfortunately, skirmishes were let down by not have a well thought out reward system in terms of gear and character progression. What exactly was the incentive to run raid skirmishes and what was the point of running anything above tier 1? I still think that if Turbine had developed a better reward system for running (T2/T3) skirms as fellowship and raid encounters the system would have seen much more uptake. Other than that Mirkwood had a decent(ish) raid which was let down by the gauntlet-respawn bug/feature along with poor rewards and an ok (if small compared to Moria) instance cluster. As I recall, the daily quests also provided an incentive to re-do some of the landscape stuff and it was nice to get a solo instance with a degree of challenge. The trouble with Mirkwood was the amount of time we had to wait between release and the subsequent content updates i.e. Enedwaith and then the ITA cluster. Tranistioning to F2P took Turbine the best part of 6-months which really made the game lose some of its momentum.
  17. Is the title of your post a reference to the ever so slightly cringey (but not without its charm) trailer for the Mirkwood expansion? Anyway, nice post. The LOTR license gifted Turbine with one of the best (and most forgiving) communities they could wish for if you think back to pre-F2P.... To say that it has been squandered is an understatement!
  18. bhoris

    U14 Beta

    Architecture of the new zone looks so much worse. It's like someone has has put together a parody 'mash-up' of what a Gondorian (sp?) port would look like using LOTRO art assets, deliberatly trying to make it look as ridiculous as possible. Depsite having upgraded my GPU at least 3 times since I started playing I can guarantee the new zones will run worse than anything else in the game.
  19. LOTRO store has probably funded the development of IC (at least to an extent).... If (some!)of the development funds had been put towards a decent instance/raid cluster I think the game would be in a much healthier state.
  20. Wish I could reply to #27 and ask if the game is Infinite Crisis
  21. WB have the license so have to churn out something.....
  22. Yes I realize it is in open beta but these days the transition from open beta to 'full-release' is hardly a case of 'opening the flood-gates'. For this genre especially, the lines between beta and full release are very blurred (For a game like I.C.) if it isn't pulling in people when it beta I doubt if it will do much better when the beta tag is lifted. Its not like Turbine have the marketing muscle to promote it or anything... The one thing I am surprised by is that HoS is not doing much better (comparatively).... I expect when it goes in to open beta however numbers will mushroom.
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