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  1. I think this is on the cards but I am genuinely curious as to when I.C. can officially be declared as a car crash game.... Are there any steam figures etc such that we can gauge the extent of the playerbase? Or will we have to wait until Turbine starts sacking more devs before we know is has bombed?
  2. Seems this has been squarely aimed at the 'moron' demographic; devoid of any originality, character and novelty but with an excess of cliche and 'copy paste games design'. Almost certain this will be on Steam sale for £5 within a year or so, I pity the person who is willing to pay full price for this. Not really sure of the last 'middle earth' game that 'did well'.... I guess guess 'Guardians of ME' and 'War in the North' may have been moderately profitable but I doubt if they made much money for WB.
  3. Not sure about this... From my memory, it is almost always the lead-dev responsible for the content that tends to reply to the forum posts..... I can see why you may think in such a way as JWB only replied concerning the rewards, however, most of the responses were concerning either bugs (+ balancing) or rewards... It is much easier to explain a reward system than hold your hands up and admit content is buggy/unbalanced as hell.
  4. Nice to see they are maximising JWBarry's talents now he isn't needed for instance/raid design!
  5. What a pathetic roadmap, it is more like a spectacular car crash. All the producer can do it seems is to name-drop places from LOTR lore in the hope it will keep the 'Tolkein plebs' happy... The new class sounds like an absolute debacle, I don't really care about lore but seeing players shape shift when they get 'angry' will ruin any degree of immersion that may have still been left in the game. There is absolutely no rationale for the 2x5 level increases and they simply exist to make people run scaled instances and skirmishes again (if they haven't given up already) along with extra store sales/logins that level cap increases tend to bring. No mention of a new cluster or raid means LOTRO will probably never see a new raid again.... Woot! a new big battle, will probably be tied to character advancement to 'gently encourage' people to participate in this wonderous system
  6. Turbine is far too late to the MOBA party. All Infinite Crisis really amounts to is an inferior re-skin of other games which have been around much longer and brings nothing new to the table. While a company like Blizzard can get away with it (Heroes of the Storm) with its large fan-base, polished products, and popular franchises the pull of the 'super hero universe' is simply not enough to attract your average gamer. How can a company as large as Turbine lack any degree of creativity or innovation? Honestly it really boggles my mind that if you discount IC, LOTRO is technically their 'newest' game.
  7. My rationale: No terrorist organisations have claimed responsibility... Not a peep Why fly south away from all radar coverage? Normally terrorists try to create a scene to bring focus to their cause via taking hostages, crashing or flying in to a building The disabling of the transponders seems very deliberate and not in response to a mechanical failure.If the transponders were disabled due to a fire (or other problem) why change course so drastically and fly south? The flight path change was pre-meditated and not in response to an emergency, the pilot knew exactly where he wanted to go (and conveniently avoid all radar) Without the 'pings' (which the pilot did not know about) the south Indian ocean would be the best place to crash a plane without it ever being found (search efforts would exclusively focus on the flight path) with the investigators having little information to go one. According to some 'sources' the pilot was in no fit state to fly due to his wife leaving him and feelings of political injustice. Here it what happened (IMO) Captain waited for switch-over radio communication and then ordered co-pilot to leave the cabin (maybe he asked him to get a drink etc) Captain locks the cabin door preventing co-pilot re-entering Captain climbs the plane to 40,000+ feet, oxygen masks deploy in the plane but hypoxia renders everyone in the plane unconscious except for the captain in the cabin who has deployed his oxygen chamber. With everyone except the Captain incapacitated and not appearing on radar the plane can now be fly towards its final destination i.e the place it is least likely to ever be found... It eventually runs out of fuel and crashes killing all aboard, Well that's my logic based on the evidence given and the various theories floating about.
  8. Must agree with LV, all the evidence is pointing to pilot suicide which is just makes me feel sick to the core. He clearly wanted to create a mystery that may never be solved and would perhaps have accomplished it if the planes position could not be estimated from the satellite pings.
  9. Can't really blame the Oculus guys for selling out when FB came knocking with their cheque book, I would have done the same. Maybe the acquisition will have a positive influence on Oculus... I did hope the same thing about WB buying Turbine and look how that turned out!
  10. Still log in, but to say my heart is not in the game anymore would be an understatement.
  11. I would say ATI have slightly performing cards (for the money) while Nvidia have better drivers. There really isnt much in it
  12. Turbines track record with 'new and innovative' mechanics has been horrendous... Legendary items were a decent enough idea but not exactly implemented well (at least initially, arguably ever). Skirmishes had great potential for scalable (both in level and difficulty) and repeatable content, they also solved the problem of providing group/solo options for epic book content however Turbine never managed to get the reward system for fellowship/raid skirmishes right and there was little incentive to run at T2/T3. How many new skirms have we had since Mirkwood, 3 is it (not counting the converted Moria ones)? And don't get me started on soldiers! Mounted combat was unfortunately something that had to be done but was also destined to fail, the creaking engine and horrendous lag/rubber-banding poisoned people against them. Turbine really did try to promote RoR as best they could (see the absurd live action promo video) and I'm sure they hoped mounted combat would bring many new players to the game, they were wrong. So that brings us to HD and their final 2 gambles, namely class revamps and big battles. You can see where they were going with these; class revamps effect everyone who has ever played the game regardless of level and so would encourage old (and possibly new) players to log back and and check out the changes, beyond the first couple of weeks they didn't. So that leaves big battles, 'alternative' end-game content which is accessible to anyone over level 10, so everyone has a reason to buy the expansion, but they didn't. Even the loyal fans were now no longer willing to give Turbine the benefit of the doubt and instead used Turbine points to buy the expansion.
  13. By my calculations the game has been running an almost identical amount of time in F2P model as it has non-F2P model.... So if the revenues were 4-5 times increased just how did Turbine manage to balls it up so badly? Why did the content get less and less (and lower quality) for more cost? Compare the 'free' updates in SoA to those received during Riders of Rohan... Alternatively, lets compare the Moria expansion compared to any expansion released under the F2P banner. Moria had so much more content than any expansion since it really is night and day in comparison. Even Mirkwood which was sold as a 'mini-expansion' had more content that Helms Deep (actually Mirkwood had great content when you include Skirms but Turbine never did get the reward system right for fellow/raid skirms). While F2P may have massively increased revenues the investment in the games has just been all down hill. Actually when I hear how many people Turbine employ (or did employ) I do wonder exactly what they all did... LOTRO was the last 'new' game they produced and that was back in 2007... hardly prolific eh? Sounds a bit like 3D Realms syndrome with LOTRO now getting the squeeze because of many years of poor management of Turbine resources... Or maybe we can blame the Harry Potter MMORPG which Turbine were supposed to be developing but got cancelled
  14. If you keep an add alive from each of the first 2 waves then no more waves will spawn for the entirety of the fight. Seems like you did it (extra) challenge mode
  15. Oh, I'm sure Rick is a great guy to have round the office; hard working, always doing favours for people, the first to get the beers in at the bar etc. Unfortunately we don't see any of that (well there is his charity work I suppose) so can only judge him on the way he conducts himself on the forums, which is what tends to get people's backs up. That said, he is probably just following the mandate from the top so isn't entirely to blame. Would you care to comment on how you think Kate Paiz has performed as executive producer? Were you around during the Steefel days? How do the two compare?
  16. It is as I have thought, the game is has gone in to a coma and is just being kept alive (if you can call it that) via life-support. It seems like the business model for 2014 (and onwards) is going to be 'The fluff IS the content'... So sad.
  17. Thanks, won't bother risking it then. That said, having my game account banned would not be so much of a body-blow these day.
  18. Am I allowed to start another account to post under an alias or do I run the risk of having my game account banned if I continue to post on the forums?
  19. Turbine have absolutely no interest in listening, this has been demonstrated time and time again. They even went to the length of forming the player council so they could put up a smokescreen of pretending to listen but without actually taking anything on board.
  20. Sapience would probably claim people has better computers and faster internet connections back in those days! As for the question of was the game ever great? Maybe, maybe not, but i do know I have had the greatest time playing LOTRO than any other game, something that will doubtless not be repeated.
  21. You have been banned for the following reason: Repeated violations of the community guidelines Date the ban will be lifted: Never Thought I had gotten away with it!
  22. Correct!!! and I had too much free time on my hands today.
  23. See if you can guess the movie/scene which was used as the basis for this quote: "Now Turbines got Warner-Brothers as a partner. Any problems, they go to Warner-Bros. Trouble with the Tolkein Estate, they go to Warner-Bros. Trouble re-negotiating the licence, Saul Zaentz, they can call Warner-Bros.... But now they've gotta come up with Warner-Bro's money every quarter. No matter what. Store Sales Down? Fuck you, pay me. Oh it's summer? Fuck you, pay me. Your data center got hit by lightning, huh? Fuck you pay me.... Also Warner-Bros could do anything they want. Especially reallocate development money at LOTRO's expense. And why not? The players don't want new raids or instances anyway. As soon as the money comes in through the store, you move the money out back to Infinite Crisis. You take a twenty dollar expansion and sell if for fifty. It doesnt matter. Its all profit.... And then finally, when there nothing left, when you can't sack another dev from the team or monetise another feature of the game, you shut the thing down. You turn off the servers...."
  24. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the original post. The game has been horribly eroded over the years, sometimes in small bits, sometimes in large chunks, but we are now left with something that contains little opportunity to provide me with a enjoyment, a wretched shell of its former glory that should be put out of it misery for the sake of good taste. The most recent expansion has felt like a 40+ year old prize fighter returning to the ring for one last shot, only to get get brutally knocked out in humiliating fashion; or maybe a one time platinum selling Diva, now too far gone on drugs and booze that people are talking about when she will be found floating in a bathtub as opposed to when her comeback will be. I used to think relatively highly of Turbine as a developer, but over the past few years that support has turned to concern, then to sorrow, then to anger, and finally to a state of absolute apathy... I have no doubts that the large number of lifetime subscriptions coupled with the large cost of the LOTR license have crippled LOTRO's development budget but Turbine have really squandered one of the best IPs out there and (what once was) a great and loyal community. I suppose I should be thankful for all the fun times I have had over the years, nothing lasts forever and it wasn't such a bad run.
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