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  1. I can't believe the audacity of Sapience to tell people that they actually didn't enjoy the Rift raid as much as they think they remember. I find such comments rude and insulting I appreciate rose tinted specs and all but is this a new tactic by Turbine to deny good things that they may have done in the past in order to promote the current state of the game as being 'better than ever'?
  2. Speaking of complete wastes of money, does anyone remember the ridiculous live action trailer they put out for RoR? I think even the 'actors' were cringing at themselves!
  3. Turbine were always on for a 'hiding to nothing' regarding MC, with an engine creaking at the seams and a skill based game there really wasn't much they could do without MC feeling like a side-game. While I am not the biggest fan of MC I do believe what we got was about the best we could have hoped for. It was never going to be a game changer and as a consequence would always feel slightly gimmicky. Despite this, I feel it was relatively well integrated in to the expansion as a whole, and Rohan would have been much worse without it. The same goes for Big battles. Again I am not a huge fan but I do think they have done about the best we could have hoped for. They seem to do a pretty good job of telling the story and and the experience does feel someone authentic (at least to me). I don't think they could have done this with a simple instance or skirmish. Unfortunately the amount of bugs really detracts from the experience as does the randomness of the rewards. Turbine's biggest problem is simply not having the resource to deliver the quantity and quality of content traditionally associated with a MMORPG expansion. As a consequence their yearly expansion was always going to feel poor value for money and leave a sour taste in the mouth.
  4. I doubt they will manage a release every 3 months The housing update will be a big let down PVE will still not be balanced well. PvP will most likely be worse I think the 'surprise' could be cosmetic weapons/shields The new landscape content will be fairly well done No new group content or raids. Certain posters on the official forums will continue to annoy me
  5. I think the business model has suffered from a couple of things that have lead to the situation of the current state of the game. 1) Firstly lifetime accounts have really hit the profitability of the game. The die-hard LOTR fans who would have paid their monthly subscription through 'thick and thin' purchased lifetime accounts straight away. While this generated an initial surge of cash, it has been hurting the game's revenue generating potential (heavily IMO) for many, many years now. 2) Upon transitioning to F2P the offer given to lifetimers was again simply 'too good'. Did it really make good business sense to offer every lifetime account 500TP a month just for logging in? I think the number of people who bought HD with saved TP was very high for this expansion. When the game went F2P lifetimers should have essentially had permanent VIP status minus the TP monthly allotment. 3) We have no idea just how crippling a financial burden the license places on the development of LOTRO. It will not be a trivial sum of money however and would probably have been able to provide a lot of money for the features that Turbine are now unable to include in expansions (raids, instances, etc.) People complain about Turbine's greed w.r.t. the store but are they really being greedy if the game is struggling to make any sort of profit? I expect Turbine is looking to re-negotiate the terms of the licensing agreement to something much more favourable, I cant really blame them for this. They should be in a relatively strong position as one would presume there are no other LOTR MMORPs currently in production (why would you develop one without a license?). So if it is not re-newed for LOTOR it will probably be 3 or 4 years before a new online LOTR game could be released which is quite a log time for the license to be dormant and not generating money for the holding company.
  6. Hello everyone I just signed up to the forum after getting banned from the Turbine forums. I have been a long time lurker here since Rhyaehar set the forums up after CM closed down and having subsequently been pestered by Raedwulf to join. Anyway, I have had enough of the official forums and honestly don't have the heart to post there anymore. I think it is sad that Turbine show such a lack of empathy with their fan base and would rather try to 'rule with an iron fist' than engage their players. I think we are all pretty realistic in out expectations from LOTRO and don't expect miracles to be performed for the most part. Turbine should realise that a little hummility goes a long way and instead of trying to confront/ban their player base simply their your faults/mistakes and say sorry (it really would go a long way!)? I cant help but throw in a (semi) quote from star-wars to express my feeling about the way Turbine police their forums.... The more you tighten your grip, Sapience, the more loyal players will slip through your fingers. Bhoris (Culler/Laurelin)
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