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  1. Wrath of Winter

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Dude calls himself (and lets himself be called) 'the Tolkien Professor" like a self-brand. Y'all heard of the Professor Tolkien, now get ready for... um... some random who basically claims the same exact iconic name with words rearranged. How does one measure an ego that size - in light years or in millimeters? Don´t look now but sounds like he and Druidsfire are a match made in... what´s a sad mediocre no-name equivalent of heaven these charlatans go to... an obscure unnecessary self-congratulatory gaming convention. Disclosure: I never checked out Corey Olsen's output in depth, my take is purely from my impressions. But those impressions are precisely why I never checked him closely. He may well be a nice guy who smiles nicely in photos. Like, ya know, Druidsfire may be a nice gal if you give her a ton of money and power. So I´m damn unrepentant when I tag both as attention-whoring ego-feeders. The only difference, he's got a more classy cover/face as the audience he's courting is higher up the food chain than Druidsfire's fodder. Let's take a closer look at Olsen. PhD from Columbia U (about the only thing it indicates is he could afford it and was railroaded well). Assistant prof at Williams College for a few years - which means tenure track; he left this position - which means he didn't get tenure and was let go. Tough break for humanities disciplines, especially 'English lit" profs that are a dime a dozen. Indicatively, didn't have anything to stand out from the crowd. Instead of pursuing academia, he leaves it and founds a for-profit business venture under the banner of Signum University (whereof he is now president), one of the countless online degree factories whose claim to attention is the literature-medievalist-fantasy-myth focus. a.k.a. where academia rejects go to lord it over the unwashed masses who are easily impressed by titles like "professor", who are easily intimidated into covering up their own ignorance like nakedness by holding everything that falls out of the "professor" mouths as Indesputable Big True, and who will relentlessly kiss every PhD ass in sight / on sight, so that these magic powers of knowledge will transfer from holy rectum unto themselves. In short: breeding ground for sycophantic circle jerks where education is commodified and "knowledge" is fetishized. This is not to piss entirely on situational merit of online learning resources. But to put it more tactfully, Signum and its Mythgard Institute (did you know, all you have to do to become an "Institute" is to call yourself by this label) tends to attract much of the same crowd as Weatherstock and its Lonely Mountain Band groupies. In other words, lore-jocks who are so unimaginative and untalented they have to tune in to those "Tolkien Professor" podcasts to know what to think about Tolkien. Did I mention English literature (yes, this includes modern fantasy and Tolkien) faculty and college courses are a dime a dozen? Druidsfire's link with Olsen is unsurprising and very intuitive, as both cultivate similar groupie followings, each in his/her own way. The audience they share is exactly the same. Low-self-esteem middle-class ($$) passive-aggressive "American Beauty" types who, in neverending quest to stuff inner emptiness with quick fixes of self-importance, would keep donating to the Druidsfire parasite to pay her through life, or buy online courses from academia rejects because it's "lore knowledge oooh". Same ones who then spend massively on Lotro because we already know why... and then spew their toxic sludge all over the official forums because any hint of Lotro criticism reminds them they are not self-important. How many academic faculty in the US teach Tolkien courses? More than one might guess. To be meticulously fair, let's exclude "adjunct," "lecturer," and "reader" titles and leave only the tenure-track or tenured faculty. I can still think of at least a dozen tenured (or emeritus) faculty with full academic affiliations who would qualify as "Tolkien" professors. But the temerity it takes to claim that tag as if it's a personal name brand... is astounding. (In the US, the title "professor" necessitates tenure: i.e. associate professor. Assistant professor denotes tenure-track, i.e. faculty on temporary contract under committee review, their permanency pending). He's a very successful business man who knows how to build himself up, and he does tend to cater to the slowest student in the room, i.e. enabling mediocrity to self-perpetuate, not challenging for upward growth. His Tolkien insights are what anyone could find there - if they stepped away from the damn screen and opened a book and trusted themselves enough to know their viewpoints are valid without any "credentials". Imagination and creative thinking are activities that don't require a PhD. The poor Lotro-types who buy into him/his institute/his online degree factory thinking they're buying lore wisdom, are deluding themselves. And selling themselves short, but that is the premise of his business venture and target demographic. If DF's driving his traffic, he probably won't distance from her. Both are podcasters first (whatever else they claim to be is second or third), they feed on the same livestream viewers. Of course, if he is tolerating her antics, he is getting something beneficial out of it. The instant it stops serving him, the axe comes out.
  2. Wrath of Winter

    Are we being hit 600+ online

    Some bot spam attack attempt? Or just the stat calculator messing up. Just days ago, "most online" stats were showing Sept 29, 2015 as busiest forum day (makes sense, server mergers at the time). But a few months ago it showed Nov 2013 as most active (HD launch, when OF were offline). Does it toggle between multiple high-activity days to display? Now it shows Sept 7, 2019 as most online. Nothing explosive happening thematically to warrant higher traffic. (Doubting the Twitch "stalkers" number in 600+, let alone 900+. But if that's what's bringing more traffic here, the subject's a hotter issue than aforethought.)
  3. Wrath of Winter

    US Elections 2020

    Not picking on you, just thinking out loud re: above idea. Sounds beautiful on paper, but what gets lost entirely in such idealism is the practical reality of differences between US and European countries. Apples and oranges. The sheer size of US and its population makes it incomparable to the socialism scenario of relatively small Euro countries. I've lived across both US and Europe, just my own observations. Why does it work so well for Euro countries? Small size. Less population to regulate = more noticeable QoL changes it gets. Closer to "community feel", not least due to Euro countries' cultural heritage. All those Euro socialism ecosystems are very localized. It is both attractive and socially advantageous to buy into the communal "we" when both country and population are relatively moderate in size, so it really does give impression of collected effort. US? It is so damn large, and the current systems are so deeply ingrained through its entire fabric, there is no way to massively change anything without massively breaking something else. Mass dismantling will have mass ripple effects. Universal health care and free college sounds totally tits, but how many years will it take to practically implement? Across such a massive population, with all its glaring income inequalities and widening gaps between "middle" class and middle class, if you get my gist? More than 4. More than 8. The country is too diverse, and with too much income/social inequality, for the transition to work as intended. Redirecting the funds one way means cutting them somewhere else. There's hardly any room left for any communal "we", it's all special interest groups and lobbying for favors, both sides. The only times "we" sounds convincing (to its target audiences) is when it's co-opted by smaller interest groups. Keyword smaller. US politics is all cliques and patchwork communities vying for validation, in a system too large and centralized to accommodate them all. Would've loved if US had remained a union of individual States, with each state governing its own destiny. Local. More community-oriented in broader sense. Easier to manage. THEN the comparison with European countries would've been more valid, as far as size and population numbers. Apolitical here, allergic to hysteria on "both sides", so I've no stake in the subject. But gonna say one thing. Expanding systems of intrusive governmental "income redistribution" attract fucking sleazy, power-hungry megalomaniac "administrators" like flies to shit. I gotta shake my head at those trusting such types to "really care" about human elements in universal health care, free education, etc. Such evocative, emotion-laden trigger words, how can anyone not care, right? Especially with all the billions and funds at fingertips. I promise all your dreams will come true if you vote for me today. Think of the children, the elderly, etc. I cringe the masses are still falling for same old opium.
  4. Wrath of Winter

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Keep ballin', intrepid one. Archiving post: What if you are a restaurant critic with an online blog. You have some weird tastes and the Restaurant management feels the pressure to cater to your needs for favourable reviews. All other critics have long since written off their culinary offerings only "The Fat Duck" name has gotten them any covers for years. Do they continue making Teriyaki Burgers dripping in fat or maybe get in Gordon Ramsay who might turn it around?
  5. Wrath of Winter

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Cheers, you've spotted me on my 'main'. Interestingly, as soon as these points started getting traction, a blue name magically materializes fellating everyone for feedback. And not a moment earlier. Getting angsty there over the premise of cancelled subs. /out before everyone in there starts orgasming how SSG "listens to us", entirely oblivious of what it took to elicit such prompt attention. Smoove move to shut me down, red panda. Pulling blue strings is fun. (as an aside: recognized your toon name from sig, some years ago I asked nooby guardian questions in world chat, and you sent me a /tell linking a cross-trait-tree setup, back when guard dps was shit - thanks for that, had fun with that build and used it a lot!)
  6. Wrath of Winter

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Yeah that's the "original" name of getinmyVanyaIhavecandy's early-2017 forum account. The very early posts from that account were articulate and were purporting to be helpful (trying maybe too hard), that plus the name could easily suggest an impression it was yet another of Landroval trailer-trash RP groupies - blending in quite well. Was obviously cultivating a new forum persona and fishing for new "reputation." Impersonated a female on the forums outside of any RP, even before slipping into the usual pathological word salad. The username was picked to further that female impersonation. In one of his earlier posts, he mentioned getting it from the Quenya word "ninquë" (white), making it diminutive in a hobbity/cutesy way as befits a small creature. The only reason I cite this diarrhea is it points to yet another sphere in his predatory activities. Thought the "elf goddess amg" too elite for lowly hobbit peasants? Who wants to bet there's a stable of fully fleshed-out hobbit toons on a RP-heavy server, feasting on their music/scene/RP/hobbit fetish? It's no less wonkers in there, just replace Sindarin gibberish with bad English grammar poorly spelled as that's obviously how hobbits talk. It's the easiest thing in the world to blend in there and stay anonymous. An elf fetishist couldn't possibly be a hobbit fetishist, right. Targets are the same, players not toons. It's incredible how closely he reminds me of another (male) player I've had some dealings with in-game years ago, who had toons of every race (all female), impersonated a female player in out-of-character interactions, and preyed upon people/toons of all genders, creeping on them, violating boundaries, emotional blackmail, etc etc. Would've almost sworn it were same one, if I hadn't seen Vanya pedophile's mug shots and known he's from Croatia. Literally same communication style in both cases, same toggling between different personas, same syntax even. So clinical psychologists got it right, some categories are the real deal. Speaking of mug shots. Despite obvious repulsion, glimpsed a bit of his live stream once to get visual confirmation. Sure enough, there it was. (All that mental shit has neurological basis and thus leaves physiological traces, the pattern of similarities is impeccable). Hollow drained face; lifeless "dead" eyes like empty holes; when excited or animated, eyes appear glazed and slightly crossed; instead of giving off fresh energy by own presence, generates a morbid sickly feeling of siphoning. Unmistakable, pathological NPD. You ever get to know one and you can spot them all in seconds.
  7. Wrath of Winter

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    That V-pedo has multiple forum accounts, who knows but he might've been stirring the pot in HD closed beta under a different moniker. His current account and "forum persona" only goes back to 2017, but ranty gibberish aside he's fully capable of putting out articulate sentences and "blend in", so to speak. Was likely found out and abandoned whatever previous account/persona he had, putting on a new mask. His account's already been through 4 name changes since '17, so Cordovan is very much aware and involved (takes a CM to change forum handles). Current moniker translates as "Vanyamotherofgod." *passes barf bag* I'm sorry. Speaking of Cordovan's involvement: A year ago I was exchanging messages on OF with forum poster Decrepify (friend of zipfile, who passed me photo/video evidence of Vanya rank-farming that I linked in other thread). This was shortly after I received an infraction from Cord for making a post warning others not to feed a Vanya-made troll thread, as did several others who attempted to call out that troll. Decrepify was coordinating a group effort in-game to get V-pedo banned by GMs (collecting evidence, etc). He told me he received a forum message from Cordovan warning him to get off Vanya on the forums, allegedly all because an "investigation" was already in process and in the meantime they didn't want anyone engaging/interacting with V-pedo until it concludes. Which sounded like a bogus circular logic excuse exactly in Cord's bumbling style. The result? A few days later Decrepify happily messages me with news that V-pedo was banned from the forums (can tell by viewing forum handles, banned posters have several command prompts missing). Sounds good, right? Now we can all drop the case and go back to normal, etc. I was thinking, too good to be real, you're being played. So what happened next? Just wait a week or two. Sure enough, the Vanya pedo was back on the forums, under a new shiny name. Same 2017 account, same forum signature link to photo porn starring himself. Takes a CM's direct action to authorize a name change and approve active users. Funny how that works, isn't it? And in the meantime, I notice Decrepify being perma-banned. Because "accusations, abusive words, name-calling", all directed at this poor new user with a new name. Can't have that on the forums, not at all. So my educated guess, this Vanya pedo was one of Rick Heaton's favorite ass-gnawers under a different name/persona, and probably a very substantial donor to Heaton's Extra Life posturing. I mean, he obviously loves kids, right. And a cosmetic whore can't pass up all those extra perks Heaton was throwing around for high-end donors. Gotta keep them donors on good terms so they keep propping up your ego and your "community stature", showing off how grandiosely "altruistic" you are. Do any forum twats still believe it was a "charity" drive for "kids"? Heaton was running a pyramid scheme of publicity stunts as transparent as it gets. Remember his entire clique showing off on forums how "generous" they all are? So many ego points to go around. And after he actually "transitioned" to a full time "job" at Extra Life, how mysteriously silent everything became - on Lotro forums AND the fucking Extra Life forums he was purportedly "managing." Where'd all those generous donors go? Oh, the mystery. Plot thickens. What's astounding is this is no mere guesswork, it's all becoming damn substantive. Cord and Sev have been around with DDO during the time that Heaton was with Lotro. Sharing same office space, coffee breaks, gossip-mongering etc. BFFs 5evR. When you're appointed to management role in a game/community you've no experience with, wouldn't ya go to your veteran best bud for tips and advice? How did Cordovan magically know to put so much trust in Druidsfire to begin with? Who tipped him off on protecting the Vanya sex offender on forums, going against the grain of 100% player consensus reports for multiple harassments and CC violations? Remember the "original" Cordovan in 2016 who came to these forums trying to be open and learn from the past, fresh in his new CM role? I still believe that really was an honest effort, guy was in over his head and looking for tips and pointers from literally everywhere. And then as time passed, the curious 180-degree paradigm shift that spread like cancer until official forums became a toxic sludge as if Sapience never left. Well fuck, he never left! If it looks like old bullshit... and smells like old bullshit... it's clearly a new fragrance from Chanel. Both Snook and Heaton still live in same area and they're not just staying in touch but actively sharing Druidsfire in their threesomes. Rick Heaton such a good guy he hooked up his bud with all the sycophantic perks he's been enjoying before getting the boot. Who's to say this isn't all a payback on Heaton's part, as far as his controlling megalomania and propensity for pulling the strings? Wouldn't put it past him at all. Targeting and marginalizing the same exact player demographic that was responsible for driving him out of power (a.k.a. anyone who isn't an ass-eater and actually plays Lotro as a game). Favoring the same toxic personalities while pissing on/banning productive contributors. "Hey Jerry, here's a list I made ya of players you can trust, anything they say let it go because they keep ya relevant and make your job easier, don't listen to anyone demanding accountability or feedback, ban that shit keep the forum nice and positive. Here, put Druidsfire on your show to indicate the attitude we're endorsing, anything else can fuck off, and stay away from raiders they're out to ruin you, your rep, and your game with their trolling." Explains this mind-numbing (and frankly old and tiresome) "anti raider" bullshit Cordovan is endorsing, all without anyone catching on it's a fucking bogus label strategically used to discredit and to marginalize. Oh Jerry, so many people pulling your strings, what a naive padawan you are.
  8. Wrath of Winter

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Good thing you posted those snippets. All those linked posts have been deleted by the time I went to check. Who was it, Ballie? That one's got some balls (hence the name?) to be upfront in that circus clusterfuck. Couldn't possibly fathom the tenacity of Druidsfire's attention whoring in SSG-endorsed spotlight, until this new plot twist revealing Rick Heaton ties. Well damn, indeed. Not only the same toxic pattern, but they're all fucking inbred with each other. And have been, before it was as visible as now. So DF didn't "gain" a foothold on SSG streams, she's been their chronic ass-eater all along with tongue inserted so deeply it does qualify her as an "insider". Usurping the role Frickenmuck made vacant and improving on it by fellating two dicks with one Druidsmouth. (Funny, not a hint of Frickenmuck ever since Sapience went bye bye in 2014. I hope that toxic cunt choked to death on her own vomit.) Reading about Druidsfire's eBegging scams, honestly not surprised. Lotro players/SSG fanboys co-dependent to pathological extent and gullible with money? Hell, it doesn't take any smarts to start taking advantage of them and milking them for all it's worth. Cash flows easily from the tits of chronically imbecilic. She's not even camouflaging her parasitic predation and they keep clapping and giving her more. It's like some fucking Bruegel painting from the Renaissance, showing decadent charlatanry in full swing to convey the apocalyptic lows humanity has fallen to. The officially endorsed, public media face of Lotro/SSG, can't make this up. The social parasite will leech them bone-dry and move on to greener pastures. As she is, indeed, already appearing to be doing. Leaving worse PR in its wake than SSG's incompetent bumbling idiocies combined. The latter shit is visible only to the Lotro-aware, the former steaming pile is broadcast worldfuckingwide.
  9. Wrath of Winter

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    "I can't wait for LS to reach 85 cap I could roll a new toon and play the imbecilic RoR instance cluster at level 20!" "I can't wait for LS to reach 95 cap so I could relive the nostalgic memories of rage and PTSD associated with HD launch!" "I can't wait for LS to reach 100 cap so I could start the imbued LI grind just like on live servers, only for a monthly fee instead of free!" Guys, we're really missing out.
  10. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    You have received a warning at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: ------- Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. Don't use loaded words to insult a group of players: The use of the words, "fanboy", "fanbois", "cheerleaders", "haters", or similar-meaning language, is insulting and not okay. ------- Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7955902 Originally Posted by icefriend Cord mentioned it on his stream a few hours ago. Lol, can't make this up. I guess the product is so underwhelming they only dare mention it to a an auto-cheering clique of fanboys rather than run a promo campaign to increase awareness and hype. It is almost like a concentrated effort to suppress the hype. Oh wait.. Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow. All the best, The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Did you know, "hater" , "fanboy", and "cheerleader" are now infraction-worthy "loaded words to insult a group of players". Because "vocal minority" were not loaded words to insult a group of players in 2013 and 2014, not at all.
  11. Every time I "almost" feel bad for this Tolkien sim, I bring out a vivid little memory from last year... Beta in early 2018: Some players spotted undocumented change that wasn't in Bullroarer notes: a new [pick-a-mount box] added to lootboxes, containing steeds from raid meta-deeds. (Like the Steed of Many Colors, and other ultra rare steeds earnable via challenging game content). I started a thread about it, which quickly filled with so much player rage (rightfully so) that DrOctothorpe came in, apologized, and promised to remove these raid steeds from lootboxes before it hits live servers. This was done. Summer 2018: Another update hits live servers, and some players spotted undocumented change that wasn't in live release notes: a new [pick-a-mount box] added to lootboxes, containing steeds from raid meta-deeds, such as the Steed of Many Colors. But wait!... This horse has now been renamed as Steed of Shifting Hues, so nobody can ever claim or prove it was the same steed - per SSG logic. And sure enough: multiple rage threads over the broken dev promise got infested by the full army of SSG brown-nosers with their usual derailing, heckling, and ad hominems claiming this steed is "different" and "obviously not the same". This is on live servers, btw, so by the time the shitstorm brewed some idiots have already spent cash on lootbox keys to "buy" this steed, so it's a massive legal mess on top of an already PR disaster. It was getting so damn ugly, Severlin was obliged to insert himself into the thread giving some bullshit shady words like "oops this was a mistake we don't know how it slipped in there, we're seeing what we wanna do." No bans or infractions, of course, on toxic turdlets openly attacking/ridiculing anyone expressing indignation over the whole thing. A week later: The "promised solution" arrives. And what is it? A new steed is added to the Isengard raid meta-deed. And how does it look? An exact copy of the Steed of Many Colors, but repainted in shit-stain colors that alternate in a brown shit-stain smudge. I am not joking. What's more, the horse under this shit-stain caparison is an exact copy of Forochel reputation mount - again no joke. And a terrible eyesore of color mismatch. Hurray, now you get this "new" shit-stain steed for completing the raid meta-deed. While the actual, original, Steed of Many Colors was basically stolen and trivialized by becoming just another lootbox item any fat idiot can buy without playing the actual damn game. You'd think they could've shoved this new shit-stain horse into the lootbox, while leaving the raid meta-steed alone, but nope. So every time I get nostalgic about Lotro, I think of this and nostalgia instantly dies. I also think about the time and effort spent earning the original Steed of Many Colors, which was my most prized steed (I did the content on-level). All those good memories of raiding with friends, now re-painted in shit stains. What kind of company fucking hijacks their own game content *and* shits on its players to this extent, all at the same time? No better cure for Lotro nostalgia. Ironically, the only way left to "preserve" the Lotro legacy is for SSG to croak before they mutilate the game's earlier (more 'classic') content even more. Btw anyone who was following along with the above drama, and yet still gives them money after all that, deserves a lobotomy.
  12. In their myopic 'vision'... DDO seems to be that. I admittedly know zero about DDO, never followed it, never checked it out. I've only become cognizant of it due to SSG pushing it and shoving it in my face in fucking Lotro channels. Yes, communication channels reserved for Lotro discussions get clogged with DDO updates, DDO previews, DDO hype - ya know, the kinds of things SSG is utterly silent about when it comes to actual Lotro. I was flipping through a recent SSG interview transcription - "by Lotro fans for Lotro fans" - and at least half of that content was fucking DDO-related. Quite extensive developments too - when compared with Lotro development standards. Not to mention actually talking about tangible, pragmatic upcoming things players can expect. It's like these fat management nerds cast a spell of Bumbling Idiot Persuasion and were in danger of actually knowing what they yapped about. But then the moment passed. I don't know how established or monetizable DDO is, but sounds like that's their mattress money and they're just dicking around with Lotro thinking they can get away with anything by these Tolkien IP cocksuckers who put up with anything. Forget "Minus Morgul", SSG misspelled the word "hobbit" in official public communication, for crying out loud. I do think it's no coincidence Made of Lions, still retained on their payroll, is an "ex-lawyer." Someone has to wiggle their incompetent nerdy lardasses out of all the legal nooses over lootbox stuff and other legal implications of their treatment of paying customers.
  13. Some names I recall, and I'm not even that active there anymore. It's been a while since the last run-down, but I see some new and some usual suspects on this list so I'll take a stab at filling some in with own experiences. Arnenna - publicly cancelled her VIP and is critical of SSG, but makes the mistake of engaging (and continuously baiting) forum trolls as if they're capable of honest mature discussion. Too polite and circumspect for a lotro forum, strikes me as genuinely nice person blinded by own inexperience of dealing with toxic personalities, thus unwittingly enabling them, to the point that her (rather substantial) criticism of Lotro management not only loses its edge but is downright hard to even detect, negating the very point of outspoken critical feedback. Bohdb - a self-precious snowflake, immediately palpable by custom pet photo avatar on a fucking game forum. Textbook cluster B personality disorder specimen, whining on forum about whining on forum. Enters threads to distract self from obvious self-resentment and excrete on others' views. Pathological toxic turdlet. Boraxxe - 2013 player council member, in other words a good-for-nothing useless mouth who thinks he's good for everything. Anyone with an urge to insert their own real-life selfies into their online game forum sigs reveals their IQ even before anything is posted. Inane, irrelevant posts with forgettable content, made by a stereotypical extrovert who needs to dump his excess energy at anything that breathes. Self-aware of own mediocrity, hence the idiot selfies in signature to attract attention. Obviously it worked, as it's the only damn reason I even recognize this fucking name. Dinara - no recollection of this one, other than seeing similarly vague generic 'female fantasy' name handles on forum posts that get easily butt hurt over anything that doesn't clap and cheer for SSG. Goes hand in hand with black and white thinking, picking sides, triangulating, and other 3rd grade slumber party bullshit these name types never seem to outgrow. djheydt - pathological narcissist sociopath incapable of basic human empathy or reciprocity. Is only into Tolkien and Lotro insofar as it creates a platform for trumpeting one's own "expertise" - since no other author and no other game generate such promising yield of worshipers. Predatory. Enough was said about this one over the years in these forums. I'm just gonna say I'm glad I studied some psychology and can pull the plug on some forum personalities without garnering them with the same human regard that they lack. dsltn07 - no idea who the fuck this is. Probably some sock puppet account of another name on this list, sounds so try-hard generic it seems contrived. jakeatkisson - never seen this one around. Langie - no recollection of this one. maartena - stopped posting and isn't around on forums, for very obvious reason... things have been quiet and non-controversial lately for the most part, so no "hot issues" to excrete unsolicited opinionated mental diarrhea at. Perhaps licking his hurt oversensitive ego after being taken to task in his Legendary sub-forum thread about "asshole in Misty Mountains". Surprisingly easy to shut up and take down, if publicly catching him at his own inconsistencies. Just a small-office-administrative weasel type, sickeningly smarmy but hilariously soft target. Dramatically losing forum "relevance points" now that SSG moved to livestreamers/twitch as their ass-kissing sources (clearly alien turf to him). Known for giving "personal opinions" on Bullroarer content without actually having logged into Bullroarer to "personally" see and test such content first hand - per his own admission. SSG and Lotro development is standing on the shoulders of these feedback giants, obviously. Mar-Evayave - never posts anymore, and good fucking riddance. Going by how much she was fellating Turbine's management and Lotro's development, you'd think she would be active on forums giving advice to new players, answering questions, posting screenshots and game experiences, etc - Funny how that ain't so, ain't it. Made herself scarce soon as Sapience got the boot. I had a lot of fun trolling her in 2014 by calling out her self-righteous BS, wherein her best attempt at trying to shut me down amounted to resorting to her bogus morality posturing, then curling up into a ball and whining when that didn't work. (Incidentally, that was in a thread started by a member of Lonely Mountain Band bragging about contacting Guinness World Records to count Weatherstock attendance. Which quickly descended into a shit-flinging fest of hurt fragile egos, when this announcement wasn't greeted with the orgasmic excitement they were expecting. Still a fun thread for the lols, reminding how fucking culty and toxic the Landroval RP cummunity really is.) MAWorking - vaguely rings a bell. The only thing I remember about this name is how forgettable it is. Nymphonic - a gloomy self-resenter, as evidenced by forced excited inanities he only ever posts. Never engages in actual conversations or discussions of on-point issues. His contrived mask of pro-Lotro cheer has multiple cracks: such as his own self-admission that he never spends real money on Lotro (all expansions bought with LP from lifer stipend), or his repeated claims that Lotro is just one of several games he's fiddling with and that he'd abandon it anytime it stopped serving his needs and never miss it. You can smell some antisocial-narcissism here, but he's far more emotionally intelligent than Bohdb and camouflages it far more subtly under his cheery hobbit mask. Inserts self into critical threads to shoot down others' opinions/experiences while passing himself off as a winsome exemplar by never actually getting argumentive but trying to overwrite others by sticking to his scripted "well I'm having fun." Looking at his post count, one has to wonder why someone who has so much fun in Lotro spends all this time on internet forums claiming to have fun in Lotro, instead of in game actually having it. Funny how that goes. Radhruin_EU - thicker than a gelatinous soup from Soviet communal kitchens in which cooks wash their feet. Claims to have "decades" of RPG "experience", which gives good indication of his personal life status and demographic he falls into. Imbecilic mind-blind hypervocal turd who gets off on trying to get the last word in everything "lore" related. Pathologically incapable of recognizing difference between his own convoluted interpretations and objective textual affordances, as well as difference between own head and other people's minds. Shits on others' creativity and imaginations, obviously incapable of creating or imagining anything of his own due to being dropped on his head hurled against the wall when born, repeatedly. I hope someone curb-stomps him, what a waste of tissue and organs. The only twat on my ignore list besides the Vanya pervert. thinx - I'm most certain he does not. Trobon - never heard or seen this one. Vanyaerunanethiel - plenty said already in another thread about this sexual predator still running loose and ban-free. Coming soon to a child Lotro player near you. whheydt - still out there in the wild, but posting privileges have been suspended years ago and good riddance. Wolfhelm - no recollection of anything worth noting. YvainBlakhart - never encountered this one, and I'm sure I'm not missing out. Fun group. Lotro official forums are a hoot. So is the game development. "Powered by our fans."
  14. Thought for a moment it was deleted by now , but thread is still open and post-able. The real targets for infractions should, of course, be the shrill toxic idiots swarming every critique like the shitstains they are, but of course that's a nope. If anything, they keep exposing themselves in threads like that, and there's still enough posters with heads on their shoulders (including some in that thread) who wouldn't fail to connect the dots between SSG's bullshit excretions and desperate gaping mouths of those forum cucks. And the dots between supporting SSG = enabling more of this. Making the idea to stop giving them money all the more attractive. It's playing itself out rather well, by this point... The only bad part is that the next upcoming inevitable layoffs will affect the small folks who had nothing to do with this circus-mongering bullshit, while the decision-making "managers" shove more calories up their stagnant asses by inhaling donuts in their D&D circlejerk, all paid for by their forum cucks.
  15. Wrath of Winter

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    And not a good lawyer, it must be inferred, given his scraping at a fledgling gaming studio for a living. Yet therein may be a clandestine benefit to SSG for retaining him on their paycheck.