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  1. Wrath of Winter

    Other MMOs?

    Came to this thread in search of some recommendations, as other have before me... Strangely, feels good to have my suspicion confirmed that MMO market seems to be ailing and there haven't been any standout titles that didn't fall into the same old predatory milking cashcow formula. Perhaps the MMO phenomenon is reaching the end of its shelf life, having only been successful when it was a new experience to the now-veteran gamers. That sense of adventurous innocence of early MMO gaming era, once trampled on by developer/management ineptitude, can never be restored or replicated. This may sum up why the well of MMOs has dried up. Imagination and critical thinking are becoming such damn perishable skills in these days of 1.6-second attention spans and compulsive smartphone clicking, the mainstream is not even catering to anyone with average/above average comprehension levels. I know the whole ´generations getting dumber' trope is as old as time, but both tech and tech addiction are accelerating so fucking fast it's like watching the crowd get progressively dumber in real time, now at accelerated pace. Who needs content with intellectual complexity when you can shit out pixel-clickers that charge real cash for interacting with their fandom logos? For every intelligent gamer (who would immediately see through this bullshit, thus not worth marketing to), there's several dozen no-ones shambling through their non-lives who would excitedly pay to become co-dependent on mindnumbing content distracting them from their issues, interpreting consumer abuse as token of attention and marketing exploitation as love. Case in point: Users orgasming at the mere premise of paying more.
  2. Wrath of Winter

    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    What has been ailing Rift (the game) to put it on the potential cutting block? Haven't kept up with its happenings since way back in 2014, when it was still getting much praise and recommendations from some forum users here who no longer post. Which means it was either shilling....or Rift managed to somehow fuck up the golden goose that was handed to them on silver platter. Tried Rift myself back around that time, found it water-thin and lacking as far as storytelling but it left a good impression for pure mechanics and gameplay (shitload of variety of things to do, live dynamic world events, etc). Granted that was my only other MMO experience apart from Lotro, so it goes without saying I was easy to impress. Would welcome a scoop on how Rift devs and/or management sabotaged what they had going for them.
  3. Wrath of Winter

    12 Year Anniversary Failure

    The fact that 12-year reward actually includes the character title of... "Abundantly Sublime" (no, I'm really not joking)... says all there is to know about SSG's direction and their target audience.
  4. Wrath of Winter

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Thanks for a wholesome laugh, for real though. Before that sideshow came on board a year ago, Cordovan's streams at least contained bits and pieces of relevant info (like, actual content that draws people to tune in, who'da thunk?). I'm no media user but even I tuned in sometimes just to hear what's cooking. Stopped watching the moment that sideshow took over, I mean can that WASP nasal accent get any more abrasive? Damn, my ears. If SSG team had more intelligence, I'd be tempted to see this luring in of "streamers" as strategic diverting of attention onto random nonsense, letting themselves off the hook for giving any kind of real updates/answers - but obviously this is too much mental gymnastics for the likes of Cord and Sev, so I'd just chalk it up to the irresistible feel of saffron lipstick on their obese glutes. The more I read blue name replies on official forums (even MoL is picking up on snark, team spirit must really be rubbing off), the more I see the entire SSG operation as mere clueless bravado of a bunch of nerdy cucks who think "owning their own business" equates failure immunity and automatic omnipotence in all business matters - they really do think the sun is shining out of their asses. I've never owned my own biz so obviously can't judge, but when a noob like me gets a feel they're committing every single mistake and walking into every single delusion trap a business noob can possibly commit and walk into, the actual bullshit must really be exorbitant. (I still miss some posters here who were sharing some pseudo-corporate observations on Lotro team's ineptitude back in 2013-15) Maybe that's the saddest part (sad as in just sad, not even haha sad). It's no ulterior greed, no masterfully manipulative business model, no elaborate fleecing schemes. Just a bunch of unwashed nerdy cucks who own a share in their own company, entangled in a pathological kissing fest with their Cluster B personality-disordered customers and feeding off each others' narcissistic supplies. Each side literally bloating and feeding off each other to own advantage. It's a fucking mental health hazard. This toxic psychological shit is for real. (Edited to add: After writing last lines above, being on this forum is starting to feel like being a fucking survivor of emotional blackmail/narcissist abuse/whatever, it's all there is to that whole official Lotro "community" circlejerk. Looking back on earlier discussions here starting with post-Helms Deep beta and onward, hard not to see it in those terms, especially when freshly-banned newcomers arrive to gain some mental clarity and closure. Mental health is real and mental hazards are real. No hobby gamer in their right mind would suspect what ill convoluted mental shit is being enabled by Turbine/SSG/CM's behaviors, and by the time they find themselves personally affected (after denials, dismissals, brushing off, all staple coping patterns) it's hard to rinse and purge. Really not much of exaggeration to have called this forum a support group between 2013-15, so damn much there needed venting and airing. Reading up on borderline/narcissistic personality disorders and behavior patterns really puts much in perspective. Certainly makes one spot it from a thousand miles off.)
  5. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

    20 minutes, isn't it? Still crickets, so at least another extension forthcoming. From what was spilled over livestream, they had to get external contractors involved for cabling issues so now it's all in the hands of union fellas who won't be pressed for weekend overtime and successful resolution of whatever the hell is on that "list of issues with some checks on them" is contingent on SSG's place in that external service queue. Edited to add: Ah, seeing Doro's post now. So Monday it is then, if then. Heading offline for a peaceful couple days, enjoy your weekend everyone 😊
  6. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

  7. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

    So. Watched a bit of this pile, and compared to the last Cord of the Rings I've glimpsed from as recently as last summer, the overall change in Cordass's demeanor is morbidly vivid. Clearly discernible physiological side effects that come with receiving all those official-forum fellations from mental health hazards over there, and from working a dead-end job blocking for his bosses's imbecility and putting on a desperate online act to convince the internet this nobody is a somebody. Smarmy tone, insecure body language, condescending and even spiteful demeanor towards his audience (everyone despises ass-kissers, even the ass being kissed). All mixed with the obviously scripted lines he's being tasked with delivering in as nonchalant manner as possible, betrayed by his tiny furtive glances off-screen and sweaty bottled-water-guzzling. Petty little politician who knows he's bullshitting through his empty suit but hoping his audience is too distracted to notice. Is this why they call it Twitch? Nailed it. A few verbatim word salad dishes (all smeared in contrived, smarmy tone) : "We are making progress and have made quite a bit of progress particularly in the last, let's say, 14-ish hours or so? And are much closer to re-opening than to... the other side. So... we're making progress." "We are gonna be working through this, obviously. You are gonna be suffering through this, for those who are suffering." "Datacenter move is the reason. We've had a bunch of hardware issues that are not insignificant that have not impacted any character data or anything like that, nothing to worry about, there are backups of backups of backups. But a lot of unfortunate hardware issues, both things in and somewhat out of our control, those in our control we've worked through, those not in our control are being worked through if not already solved. And somewhat kinda cabling issues and stuff." On why the delay is happening: "I don't wanna get too specific, but we are doing work at our datacenter to, I believe, move hardware and move our physical location to largely the same complex; now, I believe it's sort of a big shared complex, so there's lots of companies renting space here and things like that. And we're doing this big datacenter move, which initially we were hopeful we could do in a day, which is why we had this 22h downtime, but some hardware issues have been cropping up that required us to be in position that we can't open the game worlds, and until we can do that, clearly you can't do that. Some of the issues we have been working through reestablishing those connections and troubleshooting along the line, and engaging in, I think we're calling some contractors engaging these issues, and we're much closer to opening than we were, there is a big check list and there's a bunch of checks on that. So.. we're making progress." On getting a lot of questions from players about server up time, etc: "We are working on getting all those questions answered and in singular place for when we re-open, gonna be a FAQ [sic: yes, he did deliberately say "fuck"] kinda to answer some of these questions that lots of people have. Because we are not yet open it's best not to set any expectations or deadlines or dates or anything like that, wait til we actually re-open and we'll have all the information for you, but we will have that information for you." This is a whole new genre.
  8. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

    Not new, same post as in last screenshot. The amused anthropologist in me can't help but notice the heart and laugh reacts have been entirely retracted. My bet's on the collective ineptitude of what's left of their team causing them to track/hunt down the now-laid-off engineer vet or two who's got a modicum of clue on how to fix whatever hardware mess they've obviously run into. If said vet(s) are no longer in Boston area, cue in clumsy conference calls, game of telephone, possibly more issues as they screw up while trying to follow verbal instructions, possibly more delays if said vet(s) have to physically drive or fly in - on whose money? - bonus suspense for bad traffic and road conditions (which are more manageable overnight in time for 2am, eh). I see at least one more extension through 8am, but why stop there might as well make it 12pm and pretend it's the regular end time for usual maintenance.
  9. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Welcome Macdui, and honestly a big fucking loss to what was left of the official-forum community dregs there. Bans of zipfile, siiperi, Hejaza_Arkenstone, Kickman, (a few more I'm forgetting) and now you, pretty much seals the coffin on posters actually knowledgeable about their classes still invested enough to speak out and clarify issues etc. Weird consistency in these recent bans going after a very specific player demographic. Even a year ago the forum ratio of opinion diversity wasn't half bad; all it took was a few months of Cord's fatass nerd banhammering rampage to turn the place into 2.0 of Sapience playground. Must be the saffron lipstick on the ass kisses...sure is addicting. Btw, your old forum thread on Anniversary year-quests with tips for lowbie alts was hugely helpful, back in the day when I still cared to play it - cheers for gathering and sharing all those tips. Keeping up the irony in banning players who actually contribute constructively to game community, while sheltering narcissistic cluster-B personality disorder case studies who post such turdlets as "why I hate grouping" and other gems that sure create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.
  10. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

    Let's stall more and call it "Progress" .
  11. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

    Actually reading them in order of progression puts the olive in my martini glass... Watch the progression of react-emojis top to bottom and you can practically hear the cracks in their hollow little hearts. And I'm not even a sadist, I swear. *drinks an Old Fashioned* Who needs Angostura bitters with all those tears.
  12. Wrath of Winter

    22 Hours

    I see a drinking game opportunity with every new "update". Or a betting game. At least two more downtime extensions, says my Gentleman Jack glass tumbler. Who's in? (I could imagine how excruciating this Chinese torture is to the sycophantic monkeys. But then again I'd rather not 😊 ).
  13. Wrath of Winter

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    Wait... what? Really...? I'm so done I'm out of reaction .gifs.
  14. Wrath of Winter

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    el. oh. el. So this is why it took all this time to "write" and seek committee approvals. It is, indeed, an art form to spin so much nothing into a page-long document under illusion of details. The least substantive producer's letter in many years, reads more like a sketchy politician's campaign rant and just as full of convenient loopholes. Yet phrased in such a way that makes it appear as though it is chock-full of stuff. Let's break it down. Notice the glib reframing. Instead of outlining any planned deliverables in 2019, he's spending the entire letter sketching vague-ass "goals for the game" as he calls it. Whatever that means. What it most likely means: "this is what we'd love to do, look how much word count this fills up! Now whether we have enough resources to do it, is a whole other matter, but we are not talking about deliverables or any time table, we are talking about our goals for the game!" The fact that it's already end of February 2019 and he's still talking about "our goals for the game in 2019" a quarter of the year in, raises a big red flag middle finger. These four lines "are" the Producer's Letter everyone's been waiting for all those months. What should have been a page-long letter outlining actual roadmap for 2019 new game content in concrete detail, is instead cutely packaged as "our most important goal" (notice the singular, not plural, as a catch-all tag). How many updates? Will they be quest packs? Will there be a full Expansion? Will the level cap go up? Notice complete avoidance of these subjects. And notice the lowercase "e" in "expansion." The phrase "our next expansion" may as damn well mean "any new content" because arguably any new content is an expansion to current game content. And yes, I have seen this brain-dead logic being used on the official forum by Turbine/SSG brown-nosers when talking about "Expansion" vs "expansion". I am not expecting Severlin's level of intelligence in wielding English language to surpass such logic. This is why the letter was delayed, to go through all those proof-readings at obscure approval committees, right? Bottom line: what "should" have been the central hype train anchoring this letter (Vale of Anduin and Minas Morgul Expansion, if it's even gonna be that) is instead tucked into a tiny corner under the label "Story". Quarter of the year is already by, and Lotro Executive Producer is still not hyping an upcoming expansion in his hallmark missive. Which leads to believe a) it will not be an expansion, or b) glib sketchy language allows SSG to staple whatever shit together and roll it out in whatever poorly put together state, letting themselves off the hook. But hey, it's "our most important goal for the year" and the heading says "Story", so all those solo RPers will eat this non-hype shit sandwich right up anyway! I'm torn between wanting to eat popcorn as this circus of a letter unfolds, and wanting to stuff this glib asshole's face in a full bowl of it. Kudos to the letter's approval committee, an invisible ghost writer's craft is evident in such artful spin. What a way to make zero-effort office deadbeating sound like a whole new goal and game direction, let alone under the premise of "challenge". So the glib spin is "continue to balance the challenge of the game", given as "our second goal for the year" no less. Notice he is only EVER talking about intentions and wishes, again with zero actual deliverables. Uses of language: "our goal...", "we will be looking to...", "we want..." , etc. If wishes were horses, eh. This is from the "Executive Producer." In a letter meant to outline 2019 game plans. With only three-quarters of a year remaining. What this section actually means: "That new game mechanic we introduced with Mordor? Forget it, we're letting it rot - like every other new mechanic we ever introduced! But instead of actually developing it further, or creating something new, we're just gonna inflate the instance mobs' morale pools even more and call it tier 4, 5, or even higher! How exciting, right - balancing the challenge of the game is our goal for the year!" Just take a moment...and consider how ridiculous recockulous is the merest idea of introducing "tier four, tier five, or even higher." Just take a moment and consider. SSG would make more money for the game if they put this clown's face into a cardboard hole and monetized sponge throwing instead of lootboxes. The only concrete deliverable in the entire word salad of a letter, for the entire 2019. Absolutely nothing new and everything as was already known and promised, but why not prattle on about it again with more redundancy, it sure does add to the word count and make the letter appear more substantive. While at it, let's also add two spaces after each period and triple-space it, that will surely add even more volume and impress the nimwits. Ooh juicy: Crafting. Here's a system we've been neglecting for too long. Time to monetize it! "One of our goals with the expansion...." - Pardon, what expansion? You mean the upcoming, whenever-the-fuck-that-happens-IF-it-happens sketchy-ass vague "expansion" that was never formally introduced, without a timetable? Months in the approval committee pipeline and this is the level of proofreading we end up with? "We want players to craft exciting, fun, and powerful items..." - You cannot make this turd up, this is the degree of his ignorance towards a game he is the "executive producer" of. "We want to make Crafting changes that are even more significant and interesting...." - Imagine, Lotro players waited a whole 1/4 way into 2019 to hear this degree of detail. "We want players to have ways to interact with the Crafting system as they play through the content without making Crafting a requirement to play through the story." - What the fuck is this word salad and who cooked this bullshit of a sentence? Just reading through it once physically contorted my brain and I need to soak my head in a warm shower. "The sad truth is, we have nothing new to offer in 2019 apart from the measly four sentences we cutely packaged under the header "Story". (Everyone loves stories!) But let's take a system that was working just fine and didn't need to be tampered with, and let's tamper with it just for the sake of creating the illusion of something new! (Everyone loves stories!) In fact, this is such a senseless and redundant thing to do that we simply cannot allow ourselves not to. Why didn't we think of this sooner? It's like trait trees, only it requires no thought and no logic at all! But wait... these changes will allow players more choice. Everyone loves choices! What a talented brainstorming committee session, this calls for a treat on company pay." - say they as they high-five each other with greasy donut-stained sweaty palms. Fanboys will see the "kinships" tag and get busy changing their pants in excitement, completely oblivious of the word choices present: "We are looking into...." , "we like the idea of...." , "would..." . This paragraph has to be seen to be believed. Here it is. Writing to the intelligence level of Lotro's remaining enthusiastic audience. "smaller guilds... larger guilds..." - Hey what game are we talking about again? Didn't the header say "kinships"? How many pancake-lardass butterfingers did this ass-wipe of a letter go through? At this point, who is even still reading this diarrhea? The only ones still reading are gaping so open we can shove literally anything down their eager mouths. Grouping sounds like a good catch word, let's make a redundant zero-substance paragraph about this too, makes the letter appear even longer! Bet they'd never catch on that we're only rambling about what "we want to provide", not what we will provide. And it's completely safe to excrete this steaming pile in their faces: they are just as ignorant of the "instance finder" as we are, and it's such a useless clunky turdlet that any pretense to give it more attention will be mistaken for actual new game content. Never mind the fact we have no idea what we're actually doing... no one will either! "Lessen the need to send frequent LFF chat requests" --- Because ERU FORBID this actually forces players to socialize and play the game with each other! This must be stopped at all cost. Let's break it it! (Everyone loves stories). Dude wait, the letter is already over and what about the Legendary Weapon Upda...- - - "nope, legendary server!" - - But wait, didn't you promise there will be something about Legendary Weapon Upda... - - - "nope, legedary server. Players can expect to visit Moria in the near future." - - - Dude when are we gonna hear about Legenda... - - - "we want to make improvements to the game as the players on the Legendary servers march forward." The end. As in, the amount of wet farting and window fanning in SSG offices will be vigorous and sweat-inducing. I want monetary compensation for having subjected my eyes and mind to this glib excrement. But the joke is on the official-forum monkeys who waited months and months and are now dancing circles around it circling the drain with the rest of it.
  15. Maintenance mode? More like a "fuck you" mode. LI grind too much? Fuck you. Why are these last class changes not documented in patch notes? Fuck you. Where are the burglar changes we've been promised to get in previous update? Fuck you. Why didn't we even get to test any of these new changes on Bullroarer first? Fuck you. Hey when are the festivals gonna be this year? Fuck you. Hey where is the Producer's Letter that was supposed to be delivered back in December last year telling about this year's plans? Fuck you. Hey what's this new "Skirmish event" we can't find any details about it at all? Fuck you. Maintenance mode is so 2014 - 2017. Welcome to fuck you mode.