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  1. And then they take it further by setting up alt accounts for their kids, paying for those too. While game companies definitely target gullible children... The hyper-focus on kids in all those news stories could well be a projection screen for their game-addict parents (the interview sources for such reports) too stuck up their own ass to admit their own issues. How thinkable is it for a kid to pilfer a parent's credit card? Chances are, if kids resort to such behaviors, their parents are (a) enabling them (b) absent and not giving attention/a fuck (c) both at the same damn time. Wouldn't be an issue in the first place if those same parents didn't plug their kids into tech devices to shut them up, which of course frees up the time to...plug themselves into the same devices like the mature adults they are. Just the mindset to hook their kids on the same pill, then point fingers to deflect responsibility. Of course, the news reporters don't ask "where were the parents" because underage gambling addiction gets more clicks and outrage points than the basic vanilla kind. The real "RPG" in Lotro is all those stagnant cucks roleplaying functioning adults. I cringe at the premise of making game accounts for (no shit) six-year-olds, or at the thought there actually are upper teens out there who've been plugged into that game by their parents since age nine because same parental figures don't wanna be alone in their misery and "play as a family." Some people shouldn't reproduce.
  2. Wrath of Winter

    Apparently in the US... only feminists give a shit about Soccer?!

    Ah, a long known truth of life... feminism, with its varied guises of other 'liberal' -isms, is but a social platform for histrionic tantrums, micro-aggressions, and macro-resentments, tailor made for, and by, borderline personalities on antisocial rampage because they weren't luvved enuf in their formative years or whatever. As ideology, it's entirely vacuous and as empty as their own suits, premised on tearing down others instead of building anything up - existing solely to give meaning and expression to their destructive urges. It's nothing else than a set of manipulative strategies of self-validation, re-coloring these pathologies as socially virtuous. Its doctrinal posturing of enlightened clarity attracts the weak and insecure eager to up their social rep, whereby its genius as a pyramid scheme: it is driven not by altruism, but by angst and fear, perpetuated by fragile egos too terrified of others' opinions of themselves. Expecting logic or reason out of this pyramid scheme is like expecting Cordovan to fart diamonds. Its whole attraction lies in being a refuge asylum against logic and reason, whose adherents can mask their intellectual deficiencies in critical thinking by lining up to get their pats on the head and virtue stickers for their profiles, clutching feel-good vibes like alcoholic clutches a bottle to distract themselves from their depression. It's why they get offended by everything that contradicts or disagrees: it reminds their pathological safety bubble may burst any moment, and fear of their negative thoughts getting in triggers that frantic shrill defensiveness. Just another symptom of same toxic mental disease. As is immunity to facts. So much easier to avoid when adjusting expectations accordingly.
  3. Will find it interesting to see how free or restricting is their licensing stipulation concerning degree of creative freedom they can exercise in a LotR "universe." Does the Tolkien Estate still protect the virtue of such things, or did they slacken up after CT retired? (But then, there was that LotR-ish game with a wraith ranger, so if that could get greenlit then just about anything can.) If the new MMO emphasizes dynamic gameplay environment and mechanics, that may just leave all the Tolkien lore snobs clusterfucking around LotRO. Not a bad filter. That panicked scurrying sound coming from SSG office closet cubicle this year (easy to hear amid cricket silence) might be their awareness of a door closing fast on their Tolkien monopoly. The tone-deaf lootbox cashgrabbing, the alleged "expansion" allegedly coming in a few months with 0% hype, no sign of LI revamps, Cord half-assing through livestreams like he doesn't wanna be there, the "producer's letter" so inane it took three extra months to "write" -- kinda wonder if all this deflated demotivation is linked with looming shadow of competition growing over their shoulder. Realizing they will lose, so cutting losses and myopically focusing on "the story" in a last-ditch attempt to retain at least the "lore snob" player demographic. I guess this is why no effort is made to invest in gameplay systems and they're intentionally left to stagnate. SSG: willing to sink their ship just to keep themselves afloat. If SSG doesn't employ those third-string adult gamer nerds with no life skills, nobody else will. It't not even schadenfreude-sad, just embarrassing.
  4. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Just for disambiguation... Autism is a neurological condition marked by sensory disregulation (of which its mildest form was known as Asperger's Syndrome until 2013, when it was reclassified as part of autistic spectrum to account for multimodalities and variation in its expression, per DSM-V). It's not a disease. Lots of pejorative ignorant stereotypes still circulate, unfortunately, so wanted to clarify. The oft-stereotyped "social handicaps" originate not from any mental deficiencies but from increased sensory sensitivities (leading easily to sensory overload) wherein cognitive processes that for most people are automatic require conscious effort to operate. If anything, it is a systems-based logical thinking capable of hyperfocus, excelling in pattern recognition, and requiring predictable structures to comfortably function. (The give-and-take of social banter is of course anything but predictable or patterned). This is as contrary to a manipulative mindset as it gets. Often leading to too much honesty for one's own good. This inability to grasp others' intentions or read between the lines can make autistic folks (even adults) prime targets for naricssists, abusers, etc. That being said... The Vanya creep is obviously a mentally ill sociopath, but please don't lump autism into this psycho shit. Just a toxic and fucked up personality. Interestingly, there's a trend among borderlines/narcissists/antisocial-personality-disorder-types to self-diagnose themselves as "autistic" then come online playing victim, because autism is received with more sympathy in today's culture than the toxic pathological BPD/NPD mental disease shit. Can see through these from 1000 miles away. Has nothing to do with any real actual autism, and all it does is contribute to negative stereotypes as they bring their toxic borderline/narcopath bullshit along. Social posturing and attention-seeking is as opposite of autism as it gets. (You can tell these fakes apart by their persistent self-labeling themselves as "Aspies", obviously ignorant of the fact that this term was clinically retired years ago and has since been replaced by level 1 ASD. Anyone claiming an outdated colloquial term for attention is a red fucking flag.)
  5. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    That puts a different color on it, with efforts having been made to purge him however futile. Intimidation, perhaps. Just the type to hold others hostage with emotional blackmail of twisted illogical allegations. If he's overseas (no local lawyering up) I wonder what SSG would fear, some kind of international action? It's an interesting perspective, SSG washing their hands of him rather than shield-walling. Then all the bans and infractions are to discourage others from engaging, divert attention from his existence, and stomp out fires before they escalate. If so, they must be terrified as hell. Wonder if he's got something on them, or claims to have got, that he threatens to publicly release if ejected from game. If he's been buddying up any GMs or alts of SSG personnel and implicating them in his fetishes before any of them realized how deep the well of sickness runs, that would be more than enough. Damn, he doesn't even need to have anything on them. All it takes is a threat to go public across social media with full disclosure of using Lotro as a cushy platform for "something else". For years. Even endorsing it in that regard. Almost certainly would ruin the company overnight. PR nightmare, not to mention condoning it for years as all the previously silenced reports would resurface. Loss of license from Tolkien Estate guaranteed. And then all the class-action lawsuits from self-entitled Lotro RP music 'scene' on finding out their insular safety was compromised all that time. SSG's most prized demographic. These ones really can afford layers. Unverifiable guesswork, but might've hit on a grain of truth. Just the kind of full-on malignant narcopath that would seek to destroy what it feeds on without batting an eye, if wronged. He's got them wrapped around his finger then, almost feel bad for clueless Cord and Co. who make SSG look bad just by bumbling around without even trying, any misstep and shit may blow up in their face.
  6. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    (Since official-forum dweebs in connection with forum bans were discussed in this thread before, gonna put this question here. Something that's been on my mind to ask for many months, but don't wanna make new thread to give this creature the visibility it thrives on). Anybody here familiar with "Vanya" from Gladden (and now, it seems, Arkenstone too)? Previously known as Ninky on o-forums, changed to Vanyalanthiriel or some similar Elvish gibberish a year or so ago. The puzzling thing about this user is its apparently untouchable status, both in game and on the forums, with the total protection it enjoys from GMs and Cord, in spite of a huge list of harassments, trolling, and other "community guidelines" violations that would be banworthy if coming from anyone else. What's more, other players' attempts to shut down/call out this user for all its violations leads to infractions or bans (!) on anyone who touches it. I say 'it' because he (and it is male) is obviously pathological in non-metaphoric way, hence posing real hazard to in-game environment and hence all the more curious to see SSG's inaction. Just a small sample of its achievements: Plays only female Elvish toons, randomly solicits players for erotic RP. When turned down, starts sending abusive word-salad walls of text mixed with Elvish gibberish. Spams /world channel with said Elvish gibberish and communicates stictly through this one-sided "role playing" persona of whatever female toon he's logged on, complete with all the hormones, pheromones, estrogen, you get it, it's that sleazy and obvious and practically dripping it everywhere. Documented sexual harassment of a minor (14 years old) in game. When kicked out of Gladden facebook group, proceeded to harass group moderator who did the kicking. On official forum: trolling posts filled with condescending scorn and aggression towards whoever it disagrees with, which is "masked" and "justified" as "immersive role playing" because it always stays in-character, always impersonating same sexed up Elvish chick. Just to give examples: when Mordor pre-order launched and players were criticizing exorbitant costs, it jumped in and started derailing multiple threads with transparently mocking comments like "Rohirric peasants can't afford it!" - I reported multiple posts and zero action was taken. Included a link in its forum signature to personal imgur page with half-naked photos of itself. Captions in same psychotic Elvish gibberish style about being "Feanorian sex lord" and other stuff that makes you wanna wash your eyes with soap. Actively tries to "groom" new / fresh forum posters or Lotro newcomers by extra-flattering responses contrasting to its usual toxic attitude on forums. I myself got an infraction (!) for "name-calling" when I made a post warning another player to get out of its thread. As if all that isn't enough.. it is a documented rank-farmer in PvP, yet despite the evidence and efforts to get multiple GMs involved, it never gets banned, its account is fully active, and the only ones getting banned or silenced are the players who point it out. Video evidence of rank farming: here (this info brought to me by Decrepify, a friend of zipfile. Says zipfile got banned not for criticizing SSG on forums, but for trying to bring down this creature. Also admits to getting an infraction for calling it out, like myself. This was in a PM exchange last year.) With all the above points in place, its account is still active and it keeps posting/playing like nobody's biz. So. Anyone know why this insect doesn't get flushed? I mean, this would be sad and pathetically funny if it weren't for targeting minors and flashing sexually abusive content. Used to be a rumor it's maybe related to someone in SSG, but it lives in Norway (by its own public captions) so any direct links are questionable. A massive whale that maybe keeps SSG's business afloat by spending assloads of cash on its Lotro-licious narcisstic supply? Dollar's weaker than Norwegian krona, eh. No use speculating though, would be cool to hear if anyone knows any more details behind all this. Would give this fucked up situation a bit of closure.
  7. Wrath of Winter

    Be Virtuous!

    Adding Virtue XP to festivals would be too sensible a measure to mitigate the VXP grind... So SSG, with their cranial-rectal-inversion-syndrome, added Virtue XP to festival wrapper quests *only*. So a toon can get very limited VXP, once per festival, by grinding daily festival completions to get the quest completions count up to 10, then 10 x 3, then 10 x 5 just to get a few crumbs of that "extra" VXP festival bonus tucked into the "complete five completions of ten festival dailies" quest reward. Hence upsetting both regulars and festival fags, who have mastered the skill of crying and swallowing at the same time.
  8. Wrath of Winter

    Be Virtuous!

    Damn that's brutal, when was that? What was the will stat originally? And does anyone know what stats are in new "wit" virtue? My guess is probably something universally useful that got stripped off existing virtues, just to spread the grind across as wide a margin as can be.
  9. Wrath of Winter

    Update 24

    I felt this way about West Rohan when I finally made it there after all those years. Only thing making me play through it was more of anthropological curiosity of "can this quest design get any worse", and comparing observations with all the justly given criticism HD has received. This doesn't feel like questing. This feels like something designed explicitly to keep players "busy" in a manipulative way that forces them to adhere to strict pre-charted linear paths instead of playing for fun at their own pace. Then it dawned on me this same manipulative time-sink "busywork" quest design will persist til 120, and all the mass-quittings made even more sense. "Let's forget about system grinds and just play the ga--- oh wait they turned landscape questing into a fucking grind too." I miss this quest style so much. Part of what made the early game such a nostalgic experience, just simple simplicity of that questing design. All the alt-o-holism prevalent through that early content just goes to show how imminently replayable it is. That busywork railroaded questing design started with Dunland though, before there were MCs. Calling this quest style "immersive" because it "puts you inside a story" is like asking other people to chew your food. Felt like an insult to player's imagination, to be taken by hand and tasked with runarounds transparently designed to keep players from playing at their own pace. How brain-dead an average "Lotro Tolkien fan" has to be to give up one's own creativity and passively swallow this stuff through a feeding tube because "omg story". Re: Helms Deep, even the "quest story" was designed to appeal to sycophantic tendencies of their "fans". Hardly anything original, but you get to rub your ass on Aragorn, Legolas, etc. And get to see badly scripted derivative adaptations of book scenes that you already know. Plus the neverending daytime soap opera with Horn and that Dunlending chick that's outlived its welcome fucking years ago.
  10. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Welcome. Lol at being singled out for "being abusive" when any forum poster who makes a critical thread gets swarmed with hecklers flinging feces at OP instead of disagreeing on points - but yeah, to speak out against those hecklers is "abusive" and ban-worthy. On second thought... those Bullroarer gushers are exactly the kind of pimple-ass small-cubicle incels who would get mortally exasperated over receiving a brown nose joke over internet. They'll probably bake Cord a pie or some shit like that for keeping them "safe."
  11. Wrath of Winter

    Be Virtuous!

    Don't recall this being mentioned here, but almost all virtues got a stat re-shuffle and no longer grant the original stat combos that made players grind out those virtues to begin with. (No morale/phys mitigation bonus from Zeal, no tact/phys mitigations bonus from Innocence, etc). Thankfully I stopped caring long ago, because this is unreal. Who doesn't have stories of saving up deed-accelerators (or even buying them in the store) to specifically grind out specific virtues because you want those specific stats. Replaced now with all kinds of random crap (Zeal gives might now, or some situational bullshit like that, good luck to clothies who ground out every Zeal deed for protection stats). Stat re-shuffle never got mentioned in beta notes or release notes. Of course purposefully so. And so few players give enough damns to still run some beta, that it barely even got mentioned in player-made threads either. Inevitably, those who still care to test Bullroarer are already inbred enough into SSG's "community" to swallow every cock shoved in their throats. But the re-shuffle of course points to the real motive behind fucking with virtue system to begin with. It's not for improving "quality of life" or "gameplay mechanics", it's to reset everyone's stat assets and make 'em grind again from 0. What a fun game!
  12. Wrath of Winter

    Update 24

    Re: graphics difference with 64bit In-game textures have been receiving little tweaks here and there for years in ongoing fashion, tucked in random updates. Like the update to the cosmetics textures from very early assets, that used to look real blurry when zoomed in - a few years ago they attained the same meticulous texture detail as the later post-Rohan assets. Part of what made old player avatars look real dated - even back in 2012/13 the original avatars looked great in their context, but overall graphic textures weren't as detailed as they later became. Before server mergers, population on Riddermark was so sparse I could actually play with ultra-high settings on everything, and when playing slowly just for wandering around and immersing, those little graphic tweaks were really noticeable. Had to turn down my graphic settings after migrating to Crick, and kept them low ever since (maybe because with massive disappointment in SSG, I didn't wanna be reminded how visually nice this game still is, and only dunked in and out for practical stuff like keep in touch with some players or help with raids - easier to treat it as "just a game" on lower settings). All of the above is to say... the compliments coming in about Lotro's incredible graphics are of course well deserved, but folks who really did work on them got laid off long ago, most likely. Nothing to do with new client, just the contrast between lower settings and high/ultra high. Same with new avatars, ultra high settings + new avatars gives it a real impression of newness. But it's been this way for a long while already.
  13. Wrath of Winter

    Trump goes to England, Hilarity Ensues

    Reminds me of a time when Obummer and his wife visited England and presented a stately gift to Queen Elisabeth: an ipod with a bunch of classic British musicals on it. A fucking ipod. To the Queen of England. Funny how this imbecility didn't get any media coverage, I sure wonder why... Trump and Obama are just natural symptoms of the same public syndrome that got both elected. Inverse personalities yet all dynamics are the same. Both condescending entitled arrogant narcissists full of themselves. I actually don't mind Trump (I mean, I don't throw tantrums when I see his mug in media), at least he's not hiding his ego behind a saccharine cutesy public persona like the mask Obummer wore. And it's been transparent as hell most of Trump's public life that he's a power-hungry empire mogul. I guess I like assholes who are up front about themselves. All the cloying duplicity of Obummer's empty suit so avidly fellated by the mainstream was fucking nauseating. On which note... Consider similarities in the Lotro Official forum dynamics and the "political" social media. All the sycophantic circlejerking, all the borderline-personality black & white thinking/splitting into "good/evil", all the logical fallacies, all the hypocrisies, all the cock-sucking, all the rabid blind defending their position and immunity to reasonable dialogue, all the inability to handle criticism because they take it personally because their lives are sad and they are co-dependent on this wonderful supply of validation that feeds them with illusion that they matter, so "You're wrong because I'm right, how dare you attack my favorite thing, this is the only right/ethical/moral way to think/do/act, if you disagree you're a subhuman troll!!1" I really think all this rabid hysterical "Leftism" has nothing to do with politics at all. And nothing to do with Leftism. But is being so portrayed, constructed and manufactured. It's just the same borderline emotionally-unstable co-dependent types, just replace Lotro with "social activism" and voilá. They think they're all about politics... but they don't even have a clue, it's just an outlet to vent all that pent up emo rage. And by the time they get a clue (those with enough intelligence to do some research), they're already so indoctrinated into their own pathological cognitive dissonances they'll ignore facts that disagree with their positions. IMO biggest error lies in reacting to these behaviors as if they "actually" express political dialogue. All it does is validate this social group of borderlines as a legit political stance/position/whatever. For-profit privately owned media is only too happy to market their media content to this demographic. And voilá, all these "liberal" news outlets with clickbait emotionally-charged headlines, all the Trump-tantrums, all the protesting, all the rage-mongering. Political dialogue? It's got fuck-all to do with politics and all to do with rabid fanatics usurping spotlight for their circlejerks. It's not liberalism, it's not leftism - but of course they're happy to claim these labels, it gives their shrill shrieks more visibility. A Lotro Official forum brought to life. Having observed these currents since early 2000s... I kinda still think that if conservative demographic hadn't started reacting to them, and simply carried on their own articulate dialogue on complex sociopolitical issues with reasonable balanced liberal demographic, the crazies wouldn't have gotten such a foothold. Instant media, internet, and for-profit news outlets tailoring their content to their targets' attitudes (goes for both sides) pretty much invented it as a phenomenon. But I'm naive, so politics ain't for me.
  14. Wrath of Winter

    Other MMOs?

    Came to this thread in search of some recommendations, as other have before me... Strangely, feels good to have my suspicion confirmed that MMO market seems to be ailing and there haven't been any standout titles that didn't fall into the same old predatory milking cashcow formula. Perhaps the MMO phenomenon is reaching the end of its shelf life, having only been successful when it was a new experience to the now-veteran gamers. That sense of adventurous innocence of early MMO gaming era, once trampled on by developer/management ineptitude, can never be restored or replicated. This may sum up why the well of MMOs has dried up. Imagination and critical thinking are becoming such damn perishable skills in these days of 1.6-second attention spans and compulsive smartphone clicking, the mainstream is not even catering to anyone with average/above average comprehension levels. I know the whole ´generations getting dumber' trope is as old as time, but both tech and tech addiction are accelerating so fucking fast it's like watching the crowd get progressively dumber in real time, now at accelerated pace. Who needs content with intellectual complexity when you can shit out pixel-clickers that charge real cash for interacting with their fandom logos? For every intelligent gamer (who would immediately see through this bullshit, thus not worth marketing to), there's several dozen no-ones shambling through their non-lives who would excitedly pay to become co-dependent on mindnumbing content distracting them from their issues, interpreting consumer abuse as token of attention and marketing exploitation as love. Case in point: Users orgasming at the mere premise of paying more.
  15. Wrath of Winter

    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    What has been ailing Rift (the game) to put it on the potential cutting block? Haven't kept up with its happenings since way back in 2014, when it was still getting much praise and recommendations from some forum users here who no longer post. Which means it was either shilling....or Rift managed to somehow fuck up the golden goose that was handed to them on silver platter. Tried Rift myself back around that time, found it water-thin and lacking as far as storytelling but it left a good impression for pure mechanics and gameplay (shitload of variety of things to do, live dynamic world events, etc). Granted that was my only other MMO experience apart from Lotro, so it goes without saying I was easy to impress. Would welcome a scoop on how Rift devs and/or management sabotaged what they had going for them.