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  1. Wrath of Winter

    Questions asked and answered

    Your assessment is spot-on. Take a look at one of the Lotro devs' twitter feeds (this is from DrOctothorpe, who was laid off in early December) - scroll down to his three posts from October 17. https://twitter.com/DrOctothorpe Come to think of it, might be those posts are part of why he got the boot. tl;dr: nothing we didn't know before, but hearing a former blue-name call it out just puts a cherry on the shit pile. . . . Meanwhile, the dev formerly known as DeviledEgg (who mangled LM and Mini in HD beta and was MIA on beta forums after promising "changes" that never came) is still employed at SSG under new moniker FriendlyHat (who mangled the Mini even more this spring and was MIA on beta forums all the way through). Wouldn't be surprised if this same person was "tasked" with "burglar changes", and if she is a relation/girlfriend/"secretary" of some upper management.
  2. Wrath of Winter

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Wait, who was it that left? Haven't kept up with their carousel for a long time. Sounds dire indeed.
  3. Wrath of Winter

    New Raid

    Hey kickman, nice seeing you here. But on subject: the advanced slayer deeds in Dunland and Rohan now grant 5 LP instead of 10 LP as previous zones. Not sure if it's always been that way, or if this carries forward into all content released since then. Quite daft to phase out LP farming in such little undocumented changes.
  4. Wrath of Winter

    New LotRO Store coming

    Perhaps indicative that VIP-memberships aren't selling so well anymore, and instead of trying to lure more players into subscribing Turbine opted for targeting the entire player base. What really surprised me was how cheap these crafting stations are (495 TP each), I'd have expected them costing several thousands at least. If the game was doing better financially, maybe their cost wouldn't be as low. Really sounds like they're desperate to meet their quarterly financial target by the year's end, hence the whole "sell more now for less" thing with crafting stations, Yule decorations that should have been festival rewards, etc. Oh, and there was a 50% off sale on all store steeds simultaneously with the "double the bonus points" TP sale. Desperate times indeed.
  5. Wrath of Winter

    Silmarillion Movie?

    Blatant clickbait. It's only a book on a table.
  6. Wrath of Winter

    Update 17 - What is it?

    Anyone lurking here long enough would see this forum as no less diverse in opinion and information than the other one, with the added benefit of telling it straight and not sugarcoating company spin. Maartena might just have an axe to grind after I "outed" him here a few months ago in another thread, when he was playing for authority and entitlement all over the World Transfers thread on the OF.
  7. Wrath of Winter

    help please

    Removing the currency cap so you could have more than 2 gold on a free account? It costs 395 TP in the Lotro store, listed under "currency cap removal". If you have several alts, you can grind out that amount of TP by feeding them reputation items (going from neutral to kindred gives you 50 TP), though the recently implemented level requirements to use reputation items make it more of a grind than it used to be. There is also an item called "premium wallet" in the Lotro store, which previous posters referred to. It's entirely worthless IMO especially given its cost, its only advantage is allowing you to store various barter tokens/trophies in your wallet instead of your inventory. But since all craft ingredients now stack to 500 managing inventory is less of a pain than it used to be.
  8. Wrath of Winter

    Update 17 - What is it?

    I'll take back my own words: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7473224#post7473224 Oh, that was me.
  9. Wrath of Winter

    Update 17 - What is it?

    It's interesting to note what has been said - and not said - by blue names (OF dev tracker) over the course of this week since U17 launch. All mostly just minor and specific comments by QA folks. Amid all this, silence concerning the status quo of fixing crashing issues, silence concerning transfer updates, silence concerning that other Bullroarer testing event that was coming 'soon'. At this point I think they added that "known issues" section to patch notes (including crashing) precisely because they are not intending to fix this anytime soon, all their priorities being on datacenter drama. Acknowledging these as known issues is stalling for time, and a preemptive measure to have a "right to remain silent" about it. Maybe in December, in a patch that updates the Yule festival, there will be some fixes to this, but with the other hot mess they're in I'd be surprised if anything came earlier. Some on OF mentioned possibility that WB forced a hand in releasing U17 earlier - I just can't buy this. One, WB pressure would not have arrived at such last moment, and two, even an intern at WB would know that if you want to compete with other games' updates you don't prematurely release a broken crashing beta mess. Nah, I don't think they're gloating over it. It's so f'ing embarrassing just to watch, I can't even imagine what it must be like to have an active hand in making this happen. Poor Lotro. At this point this whole Turbine thing is like some kind of warped reality show. Sometimes I rail at their incompetence and inability to set things right, sometimes I kinda feel sorry for them for their incompetence and inability to set things right. Only the background laugh track is missing just to make the scenes even more awkward for both characters and viewers.
  10. Wrath of Winter

    Update 17 - What is it?

    Forgot to clarify, I wasn't the author of the linked post with the screenies. Might ride by those places to see if it looks the same to me.
  11. Wrath of Winter

    Update 17 - What is it?

    Now I no longer need a tinfoil to think Lotro will be taken offline not due to WB cuts but simply due to Turbine breaking their own product beyond their skill level to repair by doing stuff like this. A couple scenic screenshots of how Middle Earth looks like in u17: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?580929-Not-listed-known-issues-U17&p=7470592#post7470592 Does anyone know how to post images in this new forum formatting? ('insert media' at the bottom times out and never loads) I'd have posted a pic of that new puerile splash screen. It's not even an intern-level job, it's a 5th grader messing around with Paint in computer lab. If their artist hasn't been laid off, someone clearly stayed up late last night to have this ready by 8am.
  12. Wrath of Winter

    Frelorn turning into Sapience?

    Just in response to OP... I really think the only reason Frelorn locked that thread was due to that personal dig at him in the last post - and nothing to do with thread's subject. As I've been lurking more on the official forum lately keeping up with transfer information, I saw the thread where Bucko's forum "signature" developed (the one being referenced) and must say that it's really been taken out of context and Bucko's spinning much more drama out of it than the original moment was even worth. Here was the context: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?577411-Server-lag-is-a-disgrace&p=7446187#post74461 Recalling Bucko's posting style using "typical turbine" as his trademark phrase in everything, I didn't see this as anything more than a friendly jab back at him. From keeping up with CM posts in dev tracker over the past year, Frelorn sounds to me like a genuinely easygoing fellow with a sense of humor - nothing at all like Sap, no sarcasm-dripping-venom-ego-snark. Just a gamer dude. All of a sudden, Bucko gets butthurt that someone made the same joke back at him that he makes in every post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?577411-Server-lag-is-a-disgrace&p=7446212#post7446212 So apparently it's in his signature now, minus the silly face emote that was meant to indicate it wasn't serious. Like a kid picking a fight, getting attention, and suddenly pissing his pants at not having anything to say back. Suddenly it's all "boohoo community manager backtalking meee", while Bucko's own original posts weren't exactly phrased like he was contributing anything "serious" either. Regardless of the thread subject, the way someone brought up Bucko's signature in that post pretty much guarantees a lock to prevent that from escalating into unnecessary interpersonal drama and mud-flinging. And it's already prone to exaggeration/misinterpretation, that quote out of context. It's a shame this had to happen in this particular thread, as the discussion was very interesting while it lasted. Really think it's just a coincidence though. Consider the fact that Bucko's account still exists on the official forums even while bearing that little quotation (in an inciting way). What would Sap have done to him in the same situation? Nope, Frelorn's no Sap. _______________ Edit: What I do find very peculiar though... is that I can't find anymore the thread on Landroval official subforum with the name "Thanks for making my choice to not go to Landroval easy" - I linked that thread earlier in the "Finding a new server" thread here. That thread started by Kickman about his negative experience on Landy, and a hoard of Landy divas jumping back in defense, circling their wagons and spewing venom at anyone who touches "their" Landy. It was 13 pages and many posters commented there that looking at that thread, and the kind of reactions new transfers to Landy are receiving, makes them not want to transfer there. Has this thread been deleted? Or simply moved somewhere out of sight? It's simply gone from the forums. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?574580-Thanks-for-making-my-choice-to-not-go-to-Landroval-easy In which case... it is rather revealing to what extent some "owners" of Landroval are still able to apply some Turbine-pressure to make themselves look good. A thread criticizing Turbine only gets a lock, accidentally perhaps, but it's still there. But a thread criticizing Landroval server... poof, whoosh, never happened!
  13. Wrath of Winter

    Finding a New Server

    That player's own thread where he explains his situation is https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?578336-Laurelin-killed-the-Gilrain-Star I understand forced renames on toons with generic compound names, but "Ardbeg"? This is entirely too much in personal aesthetic territory of individual GM preferences than any "objective lore" (objective for whom? even Tolkien kept revising his own visions...)
  14. Wrath of Winter

    Finding a New Server

    How different is "Mango" from "Mungo" or "Bango" or any other such Hobbit name? Or was it a human toon? If Lotro has room for cowboy hats and 19th century Victorian-style Yule outfits, why can't a guy from Breeland call himself a name that happens to end in "-ango" and start with "M-"? Or was it a dwarf toon? Has anyone ever seen dwarves using their genuine names in public? Now that would be lore breaking... Or was it an elf toon? Tolkien's "Laws and Customs of the Eldar" spells out that names and nicknames among them accumulate and may be used situationally to hide identities rather than reveal them. Or was it a beorning? Isn't it lore breaking to have so many beornings running around Laurelin server, why isn't anything done about halting this class from transferring there... (Nothing at all against you Iordariel, just quoted your post to comment on the name above. I respect Laurelin and know it's an officially designated RP server with stricter rules. Just sad to hear that its world chat now is reaching "Landroval style" turbulence and drama over names as inane as MangoFox). As much as I love Tolkien and immersive roleplay, it just seems that "lore breaking" is a tag too often used by "lore police" types who aren't imaginative enough, or secure enough, in their own inner vision of Middle Earth and need everything spelled out and laid along the rails and set in stone as "canon". Else they feel threatened when something (or someone's else's own inner vision of Middle Earth) doesn't align with their own. Then again, I've never been a "fan" of "fandom". Playing on non-roleplay servers I've come across many "MangoFox"-types who, as it turned out, were just getting into fantasy/Tolkien and were enthusiastic in learning more but had no idea where to even start, or were put off by the "lore" strictness in certain circles. Sure some of them may just be twitchy gamer kids with silly names, but even these have a fair amount of imagination, I mean we're all playing around in someone else's head who came up with this whole other world. They're quite capable of attending lotro concerts and responding to light RP, whether it goes any further is anyone's guess but I've known some that started off with ridiculous names and ended up getting more into Middle Earth, making their characters a part of its environment and even changing their names of their own accord. How different it'd be if they were just trolled-off from world chat and maybe stopped playing at all due to backlash. No one's trampling on anyone's imagination here... but sometimes "lore" die-hards forget that and trample on those who don't imagine everything the same way they do.
  15. Wrath of Winter

    Update 17 - What is it?

    Aloha reputation grind The very design on this iconic landmark presents an opportunity like no other to redefine rep grind by extending it to truly epic proportions. It's literally tiered up and "gated" on each one. Poor Minas Tirith, how I hoped to see you one day as a crowning jewel of an expansion, with details within details within historical details. And now you'll be just another quest hub. It was certainly a telling sign a year ago when the devs and/or Frelorn emphatically tried to downplay the size of this city (in a livestream I think? when someone asked about MT) reminding not to expect anything big or grandiose.