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  1. Laid off with Frelorn, summer 2016. Found her to be genuinely open and communicative (a.k.a. non-asshole), even if not fully competent in practicalities, more a PR engagement type not fitting exec producer role. Her forum presence was frequent enough that the long period of silence leading up to July '16 generated waves of alarm among official forum monkeys; iirc Frelorn stepped in to confirm she was still with Turbine but working in mobile gaming dep't (ultimate irony, right before he got booted himself). Of course being tacitly reassigned to mobile gaming is putting lipstick on a layoff for someone who's been EP just prior (like Sapience "leaving" on his own, nobody's fooled). Just when one thinks it can't possibly get any more in-bred than that at SSG... it sure does. (Restaurant). And this is only the publicly visible, Eru knows what other crossbreeding is going down behind the scenes.
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