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  1. Someone has been reading my posts here, it seems: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?683093-New-Mini-Expansion-Pack-quot-War-of-the-Three-Peaks-quot-announced-normal-collector-s-and-ultimate-edition&p=8039117#post8039117 How very ironic to see the very same person who's tirelessly latching onto my OF comments to lure me into entanglements, is copying my thoughts point for point nearly verbatim. And how well it explains this user's parasitic urges, deflection, and reactive mirroring techniques when facing her own truth. Imagine the self-loathing it takes to be so willfull
  2. My favorite part is that those who were orgasming, white-knighting, and pissing on others three years ago pre-Mordor are the ones crying and ass-hurting now. I love karma. Watch the coordinated alt-account insider shills showing up to stoke the fires of the "support / complain SSG" binary, once more distracting from the very telling level of marketing confidence this Daybreak subsidy is operating on. That "recommended" tag next to ultimate edition shows who their target audience is (nope, not the cosmetic whales, these have been discarded).
  3. Watched it. No hot takes to offer, only tepid room temperature takes. Trump looked like he expected to wing it but was rattled his opponent came more prepared than anticipated. Biden strategy was obviously to minimize Biden's verbal stumbles, resulting in him sticking implacably to pre-formulated talking points even when those didn't address the questions directly, making himself sound vague and slippery like the politician he is. Looking into camera addressing people at home was a cheap copout from actually engaging those present at debate itself. Overall, a calculated emphasis on r
  4. Decided to revisit this year's Producer's Letter from April to compare how this update is described. This caught my eye: "In the fall we will see a new type of mega-update, the War of the Three Peaks, which will provide new content for characters of all levels. " So the shift to monetizing forthcoming updates (undoubtedly distinguishing them as "mega" to justify this) coincides with the decision to open up the entire game for free. Re-branding "mega update" as mini expansion" doesn't look like a panic move (and they're still hiring too). If I were to speculate, I think they're o
  5. Damn well guaranteed to have been pilfered out of Doro's post. Lotro o-forum forecast: a pronounced increase in shill activity in repeated attempts to generate public "excitement" from the ground up. Releasing Three Peaks bundle prices without any details, and releasing new Bullroarer build without Three-Peaks-specific details (patch notes do actually say "coming soon") is a stroke of marketing genius not dissimilar to a narcissist's psychological mind game vis a vis attracting fresh victims: be emotionally unavailable while dispensing bread crumbs and they'll be hooked. The funny part
  6. The "take my moneh" fanboys are understandably predictable, but much more entertaining are the ex-"take my moneh" fanboys who got shat on so hard for so long they're now binge-posting in butthurt betrayal rage. The delusional naivete of thinking their "customer complaints" are worth a damn... the same Karens who yell at Starbucks baristas for taking too long with their pumpkin spice lattes or demanding to see the manager at Target when their brand of cat food is out of stock, all the while not realizing they're one little egg-laying hen among billions in an egg$$-farming industry game played b
  7. Uff da. You open a job ad and another job ad posted under "Careers at Daybreak Game Company" and find... "Our Standing Stone Games Studio is looking for a passionate content designer [...]" "Our Standing Stone Games Studio is looking for a passionate Game Engineer [...]" I'm really bad at .gif reacting, but what a dedicated effort by a tiny indie company to keep giving us more content, of course they have to make money to survive and everyone should keep supporting the little guys, they work so hard and sacrifice so much. Unexplained server instability? It's just a
  8. A preponderance of dummy alt accounts over there, fanning the flames and starting positive threads. Both strategies generate forum activity + lightning rod baiting. If not for these coordinated efforts, OF would be mostly stagnant by now. Looking closer at syntax, many of these dummy accounts sound very similar, to nobody's surprise. All deflecting attention from anyone thinking in the direction of "real" questions. (In other words, the "incompetence" narrative = red herring plant) 100% can't unsee SSG being a front. The amount of NDA and legal repercussions must be immense: complete s
  9. Looks like the store was underperforming without chat channels, seeing these got re-enabled after all. Expected a new monetization scheme hitting live servers, wasn't disappointed. It's substantially more nefarious than their previous cash-grabs: Advertising "horse mount displays" as main feature of premium Rohan housing, for years Opening beta "preview" of Rohan housing, complete with ability to display mounts Both beta release notes and live Update notes mentioning "horse mount displays" as main attraction of Rohan housing Players excitedly rush to buy Rohaus
  10. Accurate. One look through Red_Panda's replies in the o-forum's Dev Tracker shows what the priorities are. Note promptness and punctuality pertaining to anything store-reated. Which leads me to think the current broken "limited live servers" situation is not from SSG's ineptitude but a deliberate testing ground. When something is a priority, it gets treated like a priority. When something is not treated like a priority - then the priority is elsewhere. Who's to say they're not using this datacenter fuckup as a chance to see how the store sales figures compare in a severely limited game
  11. They've kept a few servers "open" (a.k.a. on life support, feeding tube) while taking others down. No chat /channels, no mail, no auction house, no friend-list functioning. Put another way, keeping the addicts who cannot function without being plugged into the game on life support/feeding tube. Interestingly, in this unstable server environment, the $tore has not been disabled. I've logged in a few days ago out of curiosity, to check out the new festival in what (I thought) would be a less-laggy environment due to new restrictions. Result: extremely choppy movement, massive rubberbandin
  12. Now that you mention this, these two threads (both locked) and Cord's replies are looking quite fishy. Or phishy. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?679990-Data-Breach-February-2020 https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?680011-Data-Breach-February-2020 Different threads with same title. Note the stark absence of usual bumbling clueless Cord, these articulate replies are carefully crafted. Complete with a red herring blaming it on something from as far back as 2013. If nothing to see here as claimed, why hush it up and lock it up.
  13. You answered it. Must be this. I was amazed they extended it, seemingly without any incentive to reneg on their original deadline set for the April offer. So of course there was incentive. What's more, all the deeds in all the "opened" regions still award LP. I logged in for the first time in half a year just to check whether this was so, and was surprised the LP earning hasn't been deactivated for the duration of this "free open game event." In effect, SSG is allowing everyone to farm LPs without any restrictions, throughout the whole entire game. SSG management is thick but this is no o
  14. Interesting public gesture: https://www.lotro.com/en/friends?fbclid=IwAR30AbfEgKB0E76wjFpfgiDMYew614I7ER9mjyRF7oPNlsIm1o36XBvZ6Js (and very savvy marketing) An Important Announcement From Standing Stone Games, LLC. 'I wish it need not have happened in my time,' said Frodo. 'So do I,' said Gandalf, 'and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.' Here at Standing Stone Games our goal is to bring joy to everyone through
  15. Laid off with Frelorn, summer 2016. Found her to be genuinely open and communicative (a.k.a. non-asshole), even if not fully competent in practicalities, more a PR engagement type not fitting exec producer role. Her forum presence was frequent enough that the long period of silence leading up to July '16 generated waves of alarm among official forum monkeys; iirc Frelorn stepped in to confirm she was still with Turbine but working in mobile gaming dep't (ultimate irony, right before he got booted himself). Of course being tacitly reassigned to mobile gaming is putting lipstick on a layoff for
  16. That ILI revamp SSG has been promising? Plot twist: The "catch-up" ILI boxes and pay-to-buy ILI packages *are* the revamp. Say no to grind.™ There is literally no way in Halls of Mandos any existing implementation will be altered after such thorough monetization, unless replaced with another method of monetization. Just waiting to see how they spin it, but I'm sure they keep Jeff Libby on their payroll for more than soapy quest storylines.
  17. Her 40s level range suggests Trollshaws and Misty Mountains, the zones that were brutally raped by the so-called "region revamps." This was in the spring of 2014, still under Turbine. (Which of course makes no difference, same shit different turd shapes). Yet it brings to mind what an insidious precedent this has set, something that has sailed entirely under the radar when it happened and whose magnitude of damage to the game can only be appraised now, in light of everything that has followed since. Having repeatedly alted through (and loved) the original Trollshaws and Misties pre '14,
  18. Since this thread got a rez, on the subject of original post: I seldom check my OF PMs, but found this gem waiting for me there: You have received an infraction at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. ------- is fellating his university title ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7954125
  19. I picture him more like a Grodbog drone (lvl 1, 50 hp, from Skumfil instance) mind-fused to one of those bratty bare-ass goblin mini-bosses (from the brainless RoR Goblin Town instance) who pretend they're king, which is super easy to do when you're surrounded by nothing but lickspittle. How do you troll a cancer like that who wouldn't go away and must always get the last word? I monetized him. I made a bet with a Lotro-playing friend, then posted some questionable "lore" content in a general-discussion forum thread, counting on Radhruin_EW to take notice and get hooked into a reply-barr
  20. If the part about acting as liaison between players/SSG and creating a document list with questions is even remotely true... Wouldn't Ballie's thread have been the most ideal venue to bring them all up ? Especially in a calm, weighed reply to the original post questioning Druidsfire's competence and community engagement. If she indeed did all those things as she later claimed, why launch that entire lowbrow tantrum tirade - on a gaming community forum, whose members she claims to serve? After all, if the accusations are untrue, one would remain calm and unperturbed. Emotional reactivity and de
  21. Wowzer. I was reading the paragraph and thinking, 'Olsen probably didn't take well to having his grand assertion challenged.' But to actually block someone for contributing to discussion with a different viewpoint - damn that's rich. Admittedly, after I typed my earlier long post about Olsen, I was almost hoping to be proven wrong. Turns out he's even scummier than I thought. Who the fuck puts a gag on creative interpretations in a class presumably devoted to literature? Oh, a small-time academia reject incapable of creative interpretations himself, that's who. Sounds like all he does is regur
  22. Dude calls himself (and lets himself be called) 'the Tolkien Professor" like a self-brand. Y'all heard of the Professor Tolkien, now get ready for... um... some random who basically claims the same exact iconic name with words rearranged. How does one measure an ego that size - in light years or in millimeters? Don´t look now but sounds like he and Druidsfire are a match made in... what´s a sad mediocre no-name equivalent of heaven these charlatans go to... an obscure unnecessary self-congratulatory gaming convention. Disclosure: I never checked out Corey Olsen's output in depth, my
  23. Some bot spam attack attempt? Or just the stat calculator messing up. Just days ago, "most online" stats were showing Sept 29, 2015 as busiest forum day (makes sense, server mergers at the time). But a few months ago it showed Nov 2013 as most active (HD launch, when OF were offline). Does it toggle between multiple high-activity days to display? Now it shows Sept 7, 2019 as most online. Nothing explosive happening thematically to warrant higher traffic. (Doubting the Twitch "stalkers" number in 600+, let alone 900+. But if that's what's bringing more traffic here, the subject's a ho
  24. Not picking on you, just thinking out loud re: above idea. Sounds beautiful on paper, but what gets lost entirely in such idealism is the practical reality of differences between US and European countries. Apples and oranges. The sheer size of US and its population makes it incomparable to the socialism scenario of relatively small Euro countries. I've lived across both US and Europe, just my own observations. Why does it work so well for Euro countries? Small size. Less population to regulate = more noticeable QoL changes it gets. Closer to "community feel", not least due to Euro countri
  25. Keep ballin', intrepid one. Archiving post: What if you are a restaurant critic with an online blog. You have some weird tastes and the Restaurant management feels the pressure to cater to your needs for favourable reviews. All other critics have long since written off their culinary offerings only "The Fat Duck" name has gotten them any covers for years. Do they continue making Teriyaki Burgers dripping in fat or maybe get in Gordon Ramsay who might turn it around?
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