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  1. Bit of a ridiculous viewpoint, this is the kind of thing that should be taken on a case by case basis (even if there probably wernt far more ruinous things happening). It is poor design on their behalf though and theyve had the better part of a decade to sort it out. Oh i bet they still have the bug where a character would - after travelling for some indeterminate amount of time - become unsynchronised in their movements between themselves and the mount they are riding, bobbing up on the saddle at the wrong moment. Would really get on my nerves. That's been around since about 2007-8.
  2. World of Tanks since about 2011 on and off; enjoyable with the chat off. Elder scrolls games, Morrowind recently. I don't find MMO's as appealing as i once did.
  3. "It seems the game starts out before the war. You then (somehow) wake up 200 years later in the familiar Fallout world." All the Fallout games (literature generally) adhere to rules that constrain the plot; i presume the gap between the start of the game being played out pre-apocalypse and the post apocalyptic time will be explained by the protagonist being bundled into a vault and 'sleeping' those years away in suspended animation (having been demonstrated in previous games) then awakening in North America's present ruinous state with the obligatory awe inspiring view as the vault door opens
  4. Given that the writing of data to a SSD is one (and certainly the one that gets the most exposure; and was the main threat to the endurance of first generation devices) limit to a drives operational lifespan (ive no idea what the others might be, i havnt read around on the subject, but i havnt noticed any other major factors, or how much of an issue they may be) makes the below conclusion impricise. "Worrying about the endurance of modern SSDs makes no more sense than worrying about the endurance of the spinning drive you use now." I worry about the reliability of my mechanical hard dr
  5. I doubt the subscription model will ever dissappear entirely. Plenty are of the opinion that if the games good enough, they will pay a subscription to it. It does have to be in the top eschelons of whats on the market though. The top 5% say. *Shocker people willing to pay for quality product.* The f2p model offers an alternative to those games that launch as a subscription model but dont reach greatness, those that dont quite make it. Id say ESO falls within this category, it's an extremely well made, stable, well optimised, graphically pleasing, with (mostly) excellent voice actin
  6. Ah so hes doing the livestream and so therefore would make decisions regarding who will and will not be working for the company in the future, got it.
  7. What possible reason could Sapience have to talk to him. "Im in charge of HR." No you're not. "Uh yea... hes my best mate." Try again. "Im.. im a very imp...important person" Good for you.
  8. Its possible that because of the way Rift has designed their in house software development kits or whathaveyou they do make a big difference in the costs/speed associated with creating new content (bit of a stretch probably) They always seem to have frequent high quality content updates, wheras lotro update schedule ive always described as being glacial and the quality has been all over the place and the quantity has been up and down but normally on the low end. Perhaps Trion just has better people. I remember reading an article how one of Trions developers created a minimally functional w
  9. Outstanding summary of lotro's recent history and the attititudes of the people that have driven the game over the edge. Gives me no end of pleasure (now) watching lotro being destroyed. Cmon inifinite crisis lets see you flop.
  10. Firstly what hasnt been really highlighted here is that this 'report' before we even discuss whether its credible or not is talking about revenue and not profits. So profits are going to be a lot lower. Who can guess at what is actually required to generate that revenue, staff costs are probably the biggest one, they might not have as many developers working on the game, but theres probably technical staff, and i know they have a whole store sales team - probably shared between lotro and ddo. Point being there are costs incurred in generating that revenue that we can all only speculate abo
  11. That's not a new problem, it afflicts every MMO out there, apart from ones that have some sort of player generated content to supplement their content stream. It happens all the time. Look at LOTRO, it has a glacial update schedule long before free2play existed as a popular MMO business model/concept and its updates were still few and far between. Remember the whole codemasters legal wrangling, EU servers didn't get a content update for about 2/3 - 3/4 of a year it was ridiculous. No new content let alone new solo content there. Stating an MMO will go f2p sometime in the future is like sa
  12. They look credible from the outside. Short of debunking some of the more outlandish criticisms that are around online with first hand experience one at a time (which im not doing) i dont see a way forward.
  13. Ive got to chime in on this one, i do really think ESO gets put down far more than it should for fairly minor things given the stupidly ridiculously large scale of the game. (makes Lotro's game world look modest) The horse issue: It isnt an issue if you can't afford one, there is no need to buy the imperial edition. Its no hassle getting around, there are quick travel options around the place as well. As with lotro, currency from completing quests increases as you level, this is missed by most people. Public dungeons: Are not instances, they are not the end-game encounters. You'll like
  14. Im finding it particularily hilarious that they are incorporating an idea which hasnt been entertained at all, until a popular competing game comes along which has it.Then all of a sudden its top priority to get it into the game. The first occurance was the commendation currency system from Star Wars the Old Republic that made it into the ettenmoors, not all that remarkable apart from the name. The second is Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) use of siege weapons. The main point being, it wasnt asked for (to any degree), and yet there are a host of other unsatisfied ways to please existing
  15. By routine that method is used to find out which tower is closest to you and should therefore serve your device.
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