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  1. It sounds too much like Radiance and I don't trust them to not fuck it up in some way.
  2. How feasible is it to level up solely on the class quest? I know they changed it to where you can, but in the original version some of them were quite tough and you needed fairly good gear to get through it (at least playing a dps shadow like I did). Do you still need to do other activities (quest/instances) to have the stats to get through the class quest or can you just play through the stories and call it quits?
  3. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic with this one. This could very well be because of creative differences between the devs and Turbine/WB. The devs want to make an actual game, Turbine/WB wants to make an expensive slot machine. Or maybe this is just me looking for wish fulfillment. I guess time will tell. I wonder if Standing Stone Games will try to poach old lotro/ddo devs back onto the projects. I wouldn't mind seeing Orion back and actually explaining his thought process. Though this is clearly just me wanting wish fulfillment
  4. Just wait till you get to Northrend! Beautiful in my opinion. My main before prepatch was a hunter but they honestly feel a bit too clunky to me with the changes. I've been in the beta for Legion since May and I'm really leaning toward Demon Hunter for my main. Loads of fun. I do know that there have been performance issues related to some specific graphics cards (and a lot of NVIDIA ones) that the team is looking into. Otherwise I'm not sure if its a bad thing that 10 year old computers are having a hard time handling graphics updates. Though maybe there should be some configuration
  5. I'm at least happy that Arkenstone is staying. It's my home server and I'd hate to get separated from the friends that still do play. I still log on occasionally between content droughts just to talk with them. Though I feel sad for others who don't get this option. Also it seems odd to me that Ark is remaining open. It's had a really low population for quite awhile. Makes me wonder exactly how bad it was for all the other servers.
  6. Yet they seem to be having the opposite problem as of late. *Cough* Helm's Deep *Cough*
  7. I'm just going to say that I'll probably buy and play the next WoW expansion. Warlords was really entertaining and highly polished. I enjoyed the raids a lot more than I did the ones in Pandaland. There were some moves on Blizzard's part I wasn't too happy with, but I think they're a company that's able to learn from their screw ups. Just look at Diablo 3. Though, I will of course reserve my final opinion for when the expansion is out and I won't preorder it. Just in case I'm wrong.
  8. For the current state of the game - I can see your point. From a general game design perspective - I really don't like it. FA weapons don't just require grinding time to get, they also require being in a group (typically a raid but I think they drop from 6 man big battles). It also just screams homogeneous design and that's just boring. I guess I'm also having flashbacks to the times when having a first age was something to be proud of. On the flip side of the coin: if they want items to be truly legendary and that we keep them forever I guess it makes sense for each aged weapon to be on the s
  9. That's... rather stupid. Sinking ship and everything, yeah?
  10. On one hand I would say its a good thing I have a level 100 first age bow then. On the other hand I'm really not sure if I'll ever play through any new content again.
  11. There was a time I would agree with you about lotro having a better style than WoW at one point, but it's aged horribly. Plus WoW has revamped their graphics a few times and are able to put out better looking environments than Turbine now which is a real shame considering that I considered the environments and graphics one advantage lotro had over WoW. So now lotro is outdated in graphics, animation, combat (fluidity mainly), core systems (ew, LI grind), and probably a lot more that's slipping my mind. In regards to the past 2 updates - I think that the darkness is taking away from the la
  12. All I really took away from the screen shots is that lotro is really starting to look dated. Which is a bit depressing considering the landscape was one of the few things the game had left going for it.
  13. I didn't mean as a marketing outreach. But in beta's/patch notes past they've mentioned what content has come so you know what's been added to the game. Like, "new zone: blah blah." True. But I'd like to be able to look through the patch notes and know what the hell I'm supposed to be testing once I get in the game. The only references I could find to give any hint was the known issues section.
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